28th April 2011: Police Brutality isn’t anything new in the republic…

“Yeah, because when the Minister gave his account, I was civilised enough and I tried to listen. I hope these ministers will at least pretend that they are civilised and listen.  Dr Besigye was brutally hurled into a pick-up, beaten, slapped, tear-gassed under captivity and kicked by Arinaitwe the assassin, the commandos and the mambas, under the command of Grace Turyagumanawe.  The journey from Mulago roundabout to Kasangati took about ten minutes or slightly more. Six people were knocked by the van between Kasangati and Mulago roundabout. The police need to account since the van that was following picked up all the people who were knocked on the way. We want to know whether they died or they are still alive. The van on which suspects were transported was a torture chamber. In that police van were six men in civilian clothes, putting on dark glasses and with their driver, each one of them had two pistols and they had SMGs in the car. They brutalised the suspects all the way to Kasangati, cracking the skull of one of Dr Besigye’s assistants. The torture men in the police van also smoked “bhangi”. We demand that the police disclose who these people are. Dr Besigye was dropped off the police pick-up, as you may all have seen in the documentary. He lay in Kasangati Police Station. For 50 minutes, Dr Besigye was unconscious and nobody was allowed to see him. The Members of Parliament who rushed to Kasangati were not allowed in. One hour later, panicking and thinking that Dr Besigye was dead, they called in his assistant, Sam Mugumya, who was also locked up in a police cell, to check on him. They told him, can you check if he is still alive. And Mugumya checked and told them he was breathing. That is when they called in Dr Olive Kobusingye. Over an hour later! Yesterday, the Minister said I was allowed to go in. I went in two hours later. Since the Minister in his statement has decided to keep quiet about the people who were involved in this operation, it is my cardinal duty to tell you that the one who commanded this operation, Mr Grace Turyagumanawe, joined the police of Uganda in 1981. He was dropped from his position on 2 May 2001 by the then IGP. Barely a month later, he was reinstated” – Alice Alaso (Hansard of 04.05.2011)

Time is a wasting. The ones that are shocked by how Members of Parliament is treated. No one should be. The Uganda Police Force and the Authorities has manhandled and used vicious force against dissidents for years. They have had several of different units used to torment, torture and apprehend civilians who stands up against the dictatorship.

Therefore, the brutality and the state sponsored violence of April 2023 isn’t new. I’m just publishing the Hansard statement of Hon. Alice Alaso, who spoke out against the attack on Besigye and others on the 28th April 2011. The ordeal was on tape and has been online ever since. The man who tormented Besigye have been well known for long, but is still part of the UPF. Just last year he was promoted again and gotten a title, which is either making him a department commander or a police officer who runs a police post. Therefore, he has gone through the ranks in the decade after the violent incident he partook in.

Just to prove how badly the state handled this. Beatrice Anywar asked this question in the same plenary session:

“Another thing that I want the Minister to explain is, when Dr Kiiza Besigye was supposed to be flown out for medication, there was a problem at the airport. They blocked him from being flown out of this country to seek medical attention. I personally made all efforts to even ring my good brother, the Minister of Security, hon. Amama Mbabazi. I made efforts to ring my brother, the state minister himself, desperately looking to somebody to come up and give reason as to why he should be blocked when he is in that sorry state. I would like the Minister to help us explain the reason why somebody who was in the state of Dr Kiiza Besigye, who needed emergency medical attention, should be blocked from accessing his doctors in Nairobi. I also want the Minister to explain the circumstances under which one can access the assistance offered by the Government. I saw and read when His Excellency, the President, was now saying his Government is going to assist the victims of the riots. In what form is this? Are Dr Kiiza Besigye’s bills and his damaged vehicle among those you have arranged for because he is also a victim of the riots? I want this clarification” (Beatrice Anywar, 04.05.2011).

So, it wasn’t enough to treat him violence on the streets. Later when he needed help and sought to get it in Nairobi. The Police and the authorities blocked him access to leave the Republic. They just show their sinister side when it comes to Dr. Kizza Besigye.

That’s why this story needs to be retold. Because the state is repeating these sins. They are not doing to Besigye right now. However, they are doing similar acts to other high-ranking officials or opposition leaders. They are targeting others with similar means. The state has gotten accustomed and gotten used to doing so.

Besigye deserved better. No one should have gotten this treatment. Just like the MPs, Activists or other opposition members should fear for the authorities. However, we know the drones, the arbitrary arrests and the kidnappings are happening to this day. The “safe-houses” are used, and civilians are captured because of their political affiliation. Therefore, we know the acts are happening as we speak. That’s what the Police and Security Organizations are up too. Peace.

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The Final Twisted tale of Kayihura! [Officially detained at Makindye Military Barracks]

Now the General, the former Inspector General of Police Edward Kale Kayihura is now taken into custody, he is charged with the killing of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi from last year. He was taken from Mbarara, the police searched the hotel in Lyantonde and even sent a military chopper to his farm. Clearly, they had planned to apprehend him. The UPDF Statement of yesterday was vague at best and the reality has hit the fan. The kingpin, the man behind the shield is now in custody.

We know they are really gone after him too, as four of his close associates is also behind bars. The men around in leadership roles within the police is now also arrested. That is serious business. Means, that the time of freedom and liberty after ended service is now all gone and the state has started its retribution. This time in the name of Kaweesi.

All of Kayihura and his crew, his farm is sealed off and the ones big-man has now lost all his spark. As he is detained at Makindye Military Prison. Certainly, the arrest of Kayihura is big and many has awaited this. The last 48 hours shows so, as he has arrested many and plenty of petty matters and used political arrests frequently. Clearly, all of the families who has seen their relatives goes punished for being political will get their prayers answered with seeing the culprit behind the matter behind bars.

Here is the new fresh reports:

“Monday night security chiefs meeting sealed Kayihura fate. The decision to arrest former IGP Kale Kayihura was made during a high level security meeting held at State House Entebbe on Monday” (PML Daily, 14.06.2018).

“Kayihura met with the Chief of Defence Forces Gen David Muhoozi at the army headquarters in Mbuya, Kampala. At Mbuya, he was interrogated for about seven hours until around 8:00pm when a heavily-guarded military convoy of military trucks escorted him to Makindye” (91.2 Crooze FM, 14.06.2018).

“Former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has been detained at Makindye Military Barracks. Gen Kayihura, according to Defence Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire, was airlifted from his farm in Kashagama, Lyantonde District” (91.2 Crooze FM, 14.06.2018).

This here is really showing how his fate was sealed. The State House decided that now was the time to set it off and signal him off. Even after many years of being obedient and loyal cadre. He is now an outcast and an outlaw. His rank and profile doesn’t matter, he is no a common criminal.

All of this just settle it. The ones time a favourite of the President is now just old hot-garbage. That will get the same treatment has Kayihura has served others in his role as the IGP. He is now soon giving the same plotted downfall as we have seen with other big-men Museveni want to get rid off. This is certainly, because Kayihura knows to much and has had to much connections. That is why he has to taken down now, before he spiral off and even reveal it.

It is official, he is arrested and detained. Certainly, not what Kayihura thought would be the end of his career. Now he will answer for the brutal assassination of Kaweesi. No one anticipated that, but that is front. Since so many people have been put forward as suspects in that case. This is just the nail in the coffin of Kayihura. Peace.

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The Leopards Anus is now going after the Bean Weevil!

There are something strange going-on in the Republic, the former Inspector General of Police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura is being haunted by the authorities. The fall from grace is magnificent. It isn’t a year ago since he was awarded an award by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and not even a year ago since he was reappointed as the IGP. That after already serving as the IGP since 2005. However, the bucked stopped in March 2018 as the President sacked the former loyal cadre.

Today, the total has appeared, the former loyalists and kingpin, the man who has followed all orders from above is now being searched for by the Police and Military in Lyantonde. We can just wonder what sparked this and what he knows. It is just weird, just as the fall of Abdullah Kiatta of Boda Boda 2010. The fall of Kayihura is sudden out of nowhere.

The Bean Weevil surely has to fly, it has to get enough wings and get away from the Leopard. The leopard is hunting for his prey. I would expect a gazelle or buffalo, but maybe the leopard aren’t that hungry anymore.

We can certainly see that loyalty within the National Resistance Movement (NRM) isn’t worth it. As soon as your used up, get ready to be deemed criminal. The cadre who followed orders and did the needed deeds of the movement is now ready to thrown away like garbage. Because outlaws and criminals, like petty thieves. This being the former IGP of the Republic, who had the role for 13 years and was in the ear of the President. Surely, that should pay-off, instead he loses everything as soon as the title is taken away. That must hurt his pride.

He went from being regarded and respected, hated too, but also a man whose orders meant something. His choices and his appointments meant a lot for the ones who was selected by Kayihura. Now the same people are haunting him. They are hunting him and that is blessed by Leopard.

The leopard doesn’t care, he is just ready for his prey. He is ready to take the bean weevil down. The reports are the Special Force Command of Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the Presidents Guards, who has arrested him and being detained at the Seniors Officers Mess in Kololo, Kampala (NBS TV, 12.06.2018). Clearly, he must be stunned to be captured there. What the police did in Lyantonde. Who knows, but they we’re out looking for insects. So maybe they catch a few ratchet grasshoppers on the way. So that Kayihura doesn’t feel so lonely. Today, on the 13 June 2018, there are verified reports that Kayihura is now summoned to the CDF David Rubakuba Muhoozi. So there is still uncertainty, but that he is trouble, that is for sure.   

What we know by now, is that the leopard has no mercy and not even to his own. He will not leave the wounds open and leave the ones leaving the fold, without some sort of retribution. No one crosses him without being touched. This is the fall, the mighty, mighty fall. Mount Everest and down to Sea-Level.

The Leopards Anus has now taken the Bean Weevil, what is the next move? What will you do now and for what reason will you use? Is he threat? Has he kidnapped the soul of the President? What did Kayihura do?

We can only await, but surely he will not be a cadre anymore, he will be a common criminal in the hands of the authorities. The state has taken by the presidential guards. There is no turning back now. The Bean Weevil are lucky if he can escape his fate now. Peace.

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