Sudan: Forces of Freedom and Change – Political Statement (02.07.2022)

The Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change held an emergency meeting to follow up and evaluate the developments after the June 30 Millions and work with our people to develop the peaceful mass workshops that resist the October 25 coup.

The meeting had mercy on the martyrs of the thirtieth of June who fell as a result of the heinous violence of the coup authorities, which did not exclude even children, and which even included the armed forces in the system of suppressing the peaceful movement, according to the police statement.

After extensive deliberation of the Executive Office of the Alliance, we address the following evaluation and messages to our steadfast and persevering people.

Millions of June 30.. What have our people achieved?

The people of Sudan came out in the cities and countryside of the country throughout its geographical extension, to announce to Daouia that the coup is fleeting and rejected, and that the will of the people remains, and it is the complete civil authority that expresses the revolution and its issues.

Our people triumphed while coming out in the millions, united around specific issues and demands. And he won by sticking to his peace in the face of the brutality and brutality of the coup authority.

The June 30 Millions constitute a qualitative shift in the balance of power in favor of the forces of the revolution, and are considered a painful defeat for the coup authority, which has not been able to break out of its isolation since the dawn of its fateful coup. Millions of June 30.. What is missing from our people to reach the goals of its revolution?

The brilliant victory of our people on the 30th of June should not obscure the shortcomings of our continuous revolutionary movement since the dawn of the October 25 coup. The coup was born weak from its first hour, he would not have been able to continue had it not been for the delay of the revolutionary forces that resisted him in forming a unified civil, democratic front that would constitute a center for coordination and political and field leadership.

The coup authority employed its security apparatus and resources to divide the revolutionary forces that confronted them, its mission became possible thanks to the perceptions adopted by some of the forces of the revolution, which contributed to disrupting its unity and cohesion.

Building a united civil front on the basis of coordination among all the forces of the revolution, is the duty of the hour that we must accomplish now without delay, and it is the necessary condition for the defeat of the coup and the establishment of full civil authority on its ruins.

What after the June 30 million?

The question posed now strongly is what will follow this victorious revolutionary mass movement on June 30, and how can the forces of the revolution continue their path to reach their full and undiminished goals, which we will work for in the forces of freedom and change with the rest of the revolution forces through the following urgent steps:

1- We in the Forces of Freedom and Change will address the resistance committees and the political and professional anti-coup forces, reiterating our vision of building a united civil front, and we will immediately call for the formation of a unified field and media coordination center he undertakes the task of preparing to continue escalating public action and preparing for comprehensive civil disobedience after the blessed Eid al-Adha.

2- Continuing the peaceful revolutionary escalation by all the new and tested peaceful means, in coordination with all the forces of the revolution, supporting all forms of resistance, including sit-ins, processions, and other peaceful means.

3- Sending letters to the main actors in the international and regional community about the developments of the current situation, explaining the demands of the Sudanese people, and mobilizing international and regional support for the peaceful struggle of the people of Sudan to extract their rights.

4- Escalate campaigns demanding the release of detainees, who numbered in hundreds throughout Sudan, and we will work with all human rights, civil and feminist groups to pressure for the freedom of those who are now languishing in the prisons of the coup authority.

In conclusion, we affirm that the revolution of our people is inevitably victorious, and that the coup is defeated and isolated. This will be achieved through our unity, cohesion, tight coordination between all the forces of the revolution and the isolation of the schemes of the counter-revolutionary forces.

Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change

July 2, 2022 AD

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