Dr. Stella Nyanzi sacking and eviction letters; This is a obvious Political Motivated Sacking from Makerere

Stella Makerere Letter 2. 2016Stella Makerere Letter 1. 2016

My two cents: 

This can only happen, because she has showed loyalty to Dr. Kizza Besigye and been open on Social Media for his Presidential Candidature. She as a Doctor would have had the Posistion; if she was a Yellow NRM Party Member and also Stayed silent if she was a Opposition Member. So this here is a Political Move to prove that the Makerere University and the MISR. This can’t be because of lack of work or ethical modus operandi at the University. So this is just a pointless sacking with Political Substance.

The Racketeering has now wings into all organizations, all businesses, all poltical activity get chain-reactions and the ones that tries to defy Don Museveni. Apparently deserves a sacking. This also ends with an eviction from her home with her family. So the Dr. Stella Nyanzi lost her job and home because of her affiliation to FDC instead of NRM. Congratulation to Makerere University for proving that they are on the knees and bending their hands to get more into their pockets from the racket of the NRM. Peace.

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