Ghana: Economic Freedom League – Sakawa Parliament and the Way Forward (01.12.2021)

Ghana: National Youth Authority – NYA Demands that Parliament Passes Agyenkwa Budget (29.11.2021)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – Statement on the Repressive Action against Francis-Xavier Sosu (ESQ) – (11.11.2021)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League & #FixTheCounty – Joint Statement – Bogus Ejura Committe Report has made Incompetent Findings and Recommendations (29.09.2021)

Ghana: Socialist Movement of Ghana (SMG) – Commemoration of September 21st as Ghana’s Founder’s Day by the Takoradi Collective of the Socialists Movement of Ghana (21.09.2021)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – Statement on UTAG strike and other labour agitations (11.08.2021)

Ghana: Economic Fighters League (EFL) – #FixTheCountry demonstration successfully held (05.08.2021)

Ghana: #FixTheCountry – Press Statement – Murder of Ibrahim Kaaka Mohammed (28.06.2021)

Ghana: Economic Freedom League – On the Murder of Ibrhaim ‘Kaaka’ Muhammed (28.06.2021)

Ghana: Health Service – COVID-19: Deadly Indian strain detected in Ghana; Sputnik V, AstraZeneca vaccines not effective against it (22.06.2021)

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