Opinion: Medvedev better chill…

Russian ex-president threatens missile strike against Hague court after Putin arrest warrant. “It’s quite possible to envision a scenario where a Russian ship… could strategically strike the Hague courthouse with a hypersonic Onyx missile,” Dmitry Medvedev said. Medvedev also used foul language to criticize the International Criminal Court, calling it “shitty.” The International Criminal Court (ICC), which is located in the Hague, issued an arrest warrant for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin on March 17” (The Kyiv Independent, 20.03.2023).

The former President and now close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Dmitry Medvedev have uttered a few words again on Telegram. Which has been intercepted by the press. These words has been written in retaliation of the criminal charges and the investigation made by the International Criminal Court, which has issued an arrest warrant on Russian President Putin. That has hurt the pride of Medvedev, which has resorted in the recent outburst.

Medvedev isn’t a man of subtlety or restraint. No, his man of bravado and a braggadocios demeanour. That’s just who he is, except for being a token loyalist and a fellow crony of the Kremlin elite surrounding the President. He just have to show it and play it off too.

Not like the man has wisdom or any sort of common sense. He is just a high ranking official who comes with empty threats and tries to spread fear. That’s all he does. If it is invading Poland or using nukes in Ukraine. This man has said it and stated it in writing. He just sounds so supreme and ready for war. Like Russia has an army and combat force to take Europe all by it’s own self. That’s the sort of talk that Medvedev is known for at this point.

So, in this regard, that he comes with threats towards the ICC. No one, no one should be shocked or in awe. It is just what he does… and he just create headlines. He scores some brownie points among the Kremlin elites. It maybe gives him credit in the book of Putin. However, he looks like and sounds like a fool. A warmongering fool… and a twisted one at that.

If the Russians was all innocent and had nothing to hide. They wouldn’t mock the ICC or try to downplay the investigation or the arrest warrant. No, they could have fought the case and answered for their actions. Alas, we know that isn’t the case and would never happen. Putin and Medvedev rather bomb and annihilate the court, than answer to it. They rather act above it and say they should be worried. That’s what they are doing.

Yes, Russia isn’t a member of the ICC or have ratified the Rome Statute in their laws. Which means the jurisdiction and the possible ramifications of the arrest warrant is mute. The ICC cannot push or have any incentive to get Putin deported to the Hague. However, other nations might and the signatories of the Rome Statute is supposed to follow through. Though by history and acknowledge of similar cases, former Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir was able to circumvent it and get away. Therefore, Putin would easily access the same leeway in his travels.

Alas, Medvedev is just smoke and mirrors. His a pot of hot-air with additional nonsense. Trying to spread fear and humiliate the West. Not that it’s working. Just like the Russian propaganda isn’t working outside of the Russian hemisphere either. Except for loonies who believes the Z-Apostles of our time. Peace.

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