Ukraine: Lukaschenko asks for heavy weaponry and Putin offers Iskander-M tactical missile system.. capable of carrying nuclear warheads…

After 4 months of the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine there is more consolidation of the alliance between Moscow and Minsk. There was already deployed and military preparations ahead of the invasion earlier in the year from the Russian army on Belorussian territory. It doesn’t help with the intelligence and proven missiles sent from Belarus targeting Ukrainian territories.

What is happening today isn’t only the begging of better weapons from the Belorussian President Lukaschenko. Russian President Putin is clearly listening and has no issues doing it. This just shows how they are alliances and working together in the war. No one should be shocked by this and it one of the allies Putin can count on.

That is proven by today’s news. Just read these two reports.

““I’m not saying that you will bring nuclear weapons there tomorrow, but we can’t joke, we remember 1941, how we were reassured “everything will be fine, everything is quiet, no one will attack”, and then it turned out we were not ready for it” (…) “So this is a very serious situation for us. This is not the first time I have posed this question to you. I know you have reviewed it at the Ministry of Defense. I would like to hear how events will unfold” (…) “I’m not hiding, I’m raising this question so that we could be ready for anything, even for the use of the most serious weapons to defend our fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok” – President Alexander Lukaschenko (Belarusian Hajun project, 25.06.2022).

Putin on Lukashenko’s request to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus: The Americans have 200 nuclear tactical warheads in 6 NATO countries in Europe and 257 aircraft to use them. I agree with you that we have to take care of the security of the Union State. Therefore I propose the following. The Belarusian army has a large group of Su-25 aircraft, they could be re-equipped and training of pilots could begin. And as we have agreed, within the next few months we will hand over to Belarus the Iskander-M tactical missile systems, which can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both conventional and nuclear versions” (Telegram Channel – Пул N3, 25.06.2022).

This isn’t the first time in the conflict that Russians are toying around with the usage of nuclear weapons. That has been done earlier in the conflict. Putin already said there was a “nuclear option” as early as the 27th February of the war against Ukraine. Therefore, this is a continuation fo that.

Now it becomes even more apparent. As Putin makes it an option for Belarus. This isn’t only escalating things, but showing he operates. As the Budapest Memorandum meant nothing and the Russian Federation can dole it out to an ally instead. An ally that is participating in the war. Because, the Russian-Belorussian war-machine will not play fair. The Ukrainian nation gave up the nuclear option in the 1990s and now another neighbour possibly gets it.

That just shows what they are willing to do. The same Russians who is supposed to be threaten and feel it’s wrong of NATO or European allies to supply weapons to Ukraine. That they are saying is escalating and could lead to an escalation of war. However, the threat of the nuclear option and allowing allies to use it. Just shows what sort of regime that is operating in Moscow.

Kyiv have warned Europe and it’s allies. However, Berlin, Washington D.C. and Paris have been reluctant to give MIG-9 fighter jet or any other sort weaponry that could challenge the air-superiority of the Russians. That’s why this could give further precedence of giving weaponry of another level to Ukraine. Because, why should the West and European allies worry about what sort of arms they give or sell to Kyiv. When Moscow gives a missiles system that can be retrofitted to nuclear warheads. That just shows the difference between the Russian war-machine and what the West have been up too.

Certainly, I doubt that Brussels, Berlin, Paris or anywhere else is getting the memo. The message from Putin and Lukaschenko should be warning, but will they copy? Peace.

Ukraine: Statement by Amin Awad, Assistant Secretary-General and United Nations Crisis Coordinator for Ukraine (24 June 2022)

Ukraine: Russian cronies like Medvedev shows the world why they need to support Kyiv, asap!

I saw a report that Ukraine wants to receive LNG from its overseas masters under the Lend-Lease Treaty, with payment for delivery in two years. Otherwise it will simply freeze to death this coming winter. Just a question. Who said that Ukraine will exist at all on the world map in two years? Although the Americans no longer care – they are so invested in the anti-Russia project that everything else is nothing to them…” (Dmitry Medvedev, 15.06.2022).

The powerful men of Moscow, Kremlin and Duma is showing their heart or sentiments in concern towards Kyiv or Ukraine. Today it’s the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the current Deputy Chairman of Security Council is clear in his message. The ones who believes Russia invaded Ukraine to “save” or stop interference of NATO or the EU. No, it is all about power and imperial goals, which is taking over and annexing former USSR republics.

Here is questions the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine. He says in 24 months that the Ukraine as we know will no longer exist. We know that the rulers of Moscow wants a puppet President and corrupt cronies in office in Kyiv. That’s what Medvedev wants as well.

The ones that reads the Telegram of Medvedev should be aware that his plays into the sentiments of Russian nationalism and imperialism. The Russian Empire is supposed to become great again. Take back territories and become glorious. Though on the alter of that empire is lives and nations that burned. It was massacres, extra judicial-killings and rapes to get there. The costs of doing it is brutal and sinister. Since, no one wants to be a colony of Moscow or be ordered by Putin. That’s only people delusional about his goals and objectives, which is to a Stalin or a Lenin of our time.

Medvedev is just mocking the arms supplies of Kyiv. That the West and allies of Kyiv wants to help the Defence of the Republic against the Russian invasion, which is a righteous cause. The likes of Medvedev isn’t helping his own cause of domination or imperial glory. They are only showing what sort of war-machine is ordered and what they do.

That people shouldn’t blankly dismiss his words, as his an influential person. That’s why his former texts “On Poland” and “On Sanctions” has mattered. It shows what sort of sentiments that are currently in Russia and by high ranking officials. They really thinks like this and he just say it out loud.

The latest invasion started for over 100 days ago and the Russians thought it would only be a 3 day invasion to a total takeover of Ukraine. So, with this sort of statement. The leaders of Moscow is maybe hoping they have the capability and ability to grind the “win” over. As the European and Western allies isn’t quickly enough giving military aid or trading arms with Kyiv.

The European and Western allies has to prove the likes of Medvedev wrong. The Ukrainian army and leadership has shown resilience and will against a superior army. The Ukrainian people and their will to defend themselves should make Europe proud. As they are on the frontline for the rest of the continent. Since, this is the beginning of the new era of a new Russian Empire.

So, if the Europeans wants to stop that and do that without doing to much. That would be to give the artillery, tanks and missiles the Ukrainians need. Heck, give them the fighter-jets and air-defence up to standard. In such a manner, that it cannot only defend itself against mechanical divisions, but they can make the Russians retreat. As they are not only scorned, but beaten to pulp in foreign land.

That’s what the Western and European allies should have done yesterday. Medvedev and his kind only wants Ukraine deleted from earth. When they are thinking like this. This will not be end, but a start of constant wars. Since, the Russians wants more and after taking the biggest neighbour in the east. They would easily assess the possibility to invade another one. We shouldn’t be shocked by and especially not hearing what the Russian high ranking officials is saying or writing of lately.

All we should do is to show more than just blind solidarity, but also give what Kyiv needs. No one should accept this mockery of Medvedev. Instead, the allies should show why we want Ukraine to stay and never leave. That would humiliate the likes of Medvedev… and it would be a righteous cause. Since, the Russians are the villains and the Ukrainians are the victims here. Ukraine need support, help and arms. The time to do that is now and not tomorrow. Peace.

Ukraine: Kyiv City Council repeals the decree of founding Moscow issued in 1147…

When Moscow sneezes, Kyiv spikes a fever’ – A popular saying.

Decree of Kyiv Mayor Volodymyr Klitschko to cancel the decision of Prince of Kyiv Yurii Dolgorukyi on the foundation of Moscow in 1147” (AE UA, 10.06.2022)

In accordance with Articles 319 and 327 of the Ukrainian Civil Code […] repeals the decree of the Grand Duke of Kyiv, founding Moscow issued in 1147, as “a historical misunderstanding”

It has been just a day or so ago since the Russian Duma wanted to revoke their decree of independence of Lithuania. The Ukrainian capital has retorted to the Russian provocation with their own decree. As it states that it was a historical misunderstanding to found the Russian capital in 1147. Kyiv was founded in 482 and we can see the years that had gone since then.

The decree of Kyiv Mayor Klistchko will have no effect or make a standing. Nevertheless, it proves the historical ties and how things were in order. When President Putin wants to speak of colonies and areas of which are bound to not make sovereign decisions. Maybe, he should look into the factors of his “empire” and the creation of the Russian Federation, as it today. Not just cherry-pick the ones to fit his narrative or stories. Because, there could easily be grievances from neighbours back in time. If he wants to play the game of historical connections and who has the rights of a certain area. That could go to Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or the Kyivian Rus (862-1242), which was the latter who decreed the foundation of Moscow.

That’s why in the early beginnings of the war against Ukraine. When Putin claimed Kyiv didn’t have a nationhood or such. The richness of history and such goes deep. Only a fool and a deluded person would deny that. This is why the ones his invading with his “historical rights” too was initially behind the existence of the city of which he resides and holds power in. Kyiv decreed it and the rest is history. The Duma and Kremlin should reconsider their stances. The rest of Eastern Europe and other historical factors could come into play. Which isn’t only fitting the ones Russian Empire, but fits their historial perspective too. Therefore, when you start this game… out will play too.

Right now it is was an answer of the Kyiv City Council. This decree will not change things or make a direct difference. Though it shows there are historical ties, but maybe not in the manner of which fits the narratives of Putin. This instead shows that the “colony” wasn’t always that or the ones under control of Moscow. Could at one point decide its faith. Meaning that the imperial mindset of Putin is screwed, because the same argument can be used against him and his territories. Most likely not something he wants or has sought after.

That’s why the revelation of this decree only shows what sort of political games that can be played. It isn’t only the Duma or Kremlin who can have a say or show historical documents of origin stories. This is what the Kyiv City Council did by revoking the founding decree of Moscow. By doing so they “cancelled” Moscow. Though we know there is more to this and will not make a difference.

Just effectively trolling and showing the Russians that they can only do the “dance” if they have a chance. Peace.

Opinion: Putin’s imperial motives exposed by himself…

The ones that was thinking the war in Ukraine was to liberate or free anything. I hate to tell it too you, but a man who doesn’t believe in their nationhood. Clearly doesn’t value their existence or their rights to self-rule. Alas, we know that Russian-Belorussian invasion, which has lasted over 100 days is about conquering and ruling over lost territories. That is all it is and there is no appeasement of President Vladimir Putin. No, he wants to revive and take back all the lost territories. That’s what he believes in. He believes that certain nations are colonies from the on-set and bound to be that way. As they need to be controlled and cannot make sovereign decisions. This just shows his imperialism and what he believes.

The ones believing that the Russians or the Russian President will be happy with annexation of Donbass region is delusional. The Russian President wants their empire back. He wants to revive the deceased and have control of the nations who broke free after the cold-war. That’s what he wants… he wants the Soviet Republic back and with a vengeance. He believes this territories are destined to be ruled by Russia and from Kremlin. Therefore, the West and the European partners should be aware. Ukraine is just first the target of many. He will walk further and he will not hesitate. The goal of the empire has returned…

Just read here:

The world is changing, and changing rapidly. And in order to claim some kind of leadership – I’m not talking about global leadership, but at least in some way – of course, any country, any people, any ethnic group must ensure its sovereignty. Because there are no intermediate components, an intermediate state: either the country is sovereign, or a colony, no matter how the colonies are called. Now I will not give some examples so as not to offend anyone, but if a country or a group of countries is not able to make sovereign decisions, it is already a colony to a certain extent. And the colony of historical prospects still has no chance of surviving in such a tough geopolitical struggle. And it has always been – I just want to make it clear – not like we are watching what is happening around us and with us, we opened our mouths: oh, wow! Yes, it has always been like this, you understand, and Russia has always remained, was at the forefront of ongoing events” (Putin, 09.06.2022).

Here Peter the Great waged the Northern War for 21 years. It would seem that he was at war with Sweden, he rejected something. He did not reject anything, he returned! And there is. All Ladoga, where St. Petersburg was founded. When he founded the new capital, none of the European countries recognized this territory as Russia, everyone recognized it as Sweden. And there, from time immemorial, along with the Finno-Ugric peoples, the Slavs lived, and this territory was under the control of the Russian state. The same is true in the western direction, this applies to Narva, his first campaigns. Why did you go there? Returned and strengthened – that’s what he did. Apparently, it also fell to our lot to return and strengthen. And if we proceed from the fact that these basic values form the basis of our existence, we will certainly succeed in solving the tasks that we face” (Putin, 09.06.2022).

The ones that believes Putin is on a mission to “save” or “liberate” now is deluded. It is a imperial mission and one of taking over the former USSR republics. The first in line is Ukraine. The others are next if he succeeds. That’s why the ones giving him way or wanting to appease him. They are just giving way to a man who will take it further and will us the powers of the Russian Federation to get there. He will annex land and ensure that he get what he wants.

He is only “taking back what was theirs to begin with” and “pretexts of colonies and countries who cannot take sovereign decisions”. That just says it all. This here story will not end in Kyiv. That’s just the beginning. President Zelensky did warn the West and the European Union. If this isn’t chilling down the spines of the ones afraid of offending Kremlin. They should know that Russia could come closer and continue this far beyond Ukraine. That’s just the mission of returning where they “belong” and make the countries into colonies, which isn’t righteous to make “sovereign decisions” anyway. Peace.

Ukraine: Statement from the International Legion for the Defence of Ukraine regarding the recent reports of Russia’s and Russian proxies’ intentinos to execute prisoners of war (09.06.2022)

Ukraine: Putin [don’t want to prolong the war] sorry, he wants Kyiv not able to defend itself…

In my view, all this fuss over additional deliveries of armaments generally pursues the sole objective of stretching out the armed conflict as long as possible” (…) “There is nothing new about that” (…) “These are all multiple launch rocket systems and the Ukrainian army operates similar Soviet-and Russia-made Grad, Smerch and Uragan rocket systems” (…) “What we hear today and what we understand, these are rockets that fly to a distance of 45-70 km depending on the rocket type. The same is true about Grad, Uragan and Smerch rocket systems that I spoke about. They also have the range of 40-70 km and there is nothing new about that” – President Vladimir Putin (TASS – ‘Fuss over arms deliveries to Kiev aims to stretch out conflict in Ukraine, Putin says’ 06.05.2022).

In a recent interview the Russian President who has invaded Ukraine for over 101 days and held the Donbass region captive since 2014. The man who has annexed Crimea is calling the Western support and arms supply of Ukraine a manner of which to prolong the war. This meaning that his not able to bleed out Kyiv as quick. Because, the Ukrainian defence is able to resupply and restructure it’s defence against the Russian invaders.

The Russian-Belorussian invasion was supposed to be quick and brief attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine. The nation was supposed to fall within 3 days, but certainly the Ukrainian defensive has been wise and smart. That’s why the Ukrainian has been able not only to defend itself, but also stop many advances of the Russian invaders.

The Ukrainian defence has needed the support of allies and defence systems from them. The European and Western partners has only ensured that Ukraine is getting ammunition and weapon-systems to defend itself. They haven’t gotten weaponry or military artefacts, which has made it possible to retaliate totally on the Russians. It has just helped them to defend their territory and secure the armies combat capabilities.

However, now that the Western powers are starting to give more sophisticated weaponry. They are just getting additional help to sufficiently defend itself. That’s what Putin don’t want Kyiv to do. He wants to bleed it dry and make a total Russification of the Ukrainian nation. We know that is the aim and that’s what it does in the territories the Russians has taken-over. Where they are getting rid of Ukrainian history and cultural heritage sites. As it brutalize everything and pushes the Kremlin narratives and stories upon the population that’s left. Therefore, the Russian President wants that and doesn’t want to budge.

Putin should realize that his prolong this war. Not the ones exporting arms to Kyiv. It is Moscow that issued the war and Ukraine is only defending its sovereignty, which we know that Putin doesn’t value at all. It is really striking that’s his speaking about in this way now. We know the Ukrainian army has worked well and configured strategies, which the Russians couldn’t foresee. That’s why there is still fighting and things are not working for them.

The Russian President must feel the pressure of the losses and the burden of war. He must have never phantom that the Ukrainian would beat him. They are punishing him for invading them with the help of the weapon-supply. Which is directly used to defend itself.

Putin was said to be genius before this invasion. Now, we are seeing that his strategies isn’t always working. If it had… he would have done it within 3 days, but 101 days later. It is evident that Putin dislike and the same does Lavrov. They have both been critical of all arms supply to Ukraine. This is a continuation of the previous commentary from Kremlin.

We know that Russians hate it and dislike it with a passion. Because, the arms are making it possible for Kyiv to stand strong against the Russian army. That’s why they speak like this. It got to sting and hurt the egos of Kremlin.

That’s why we need to steadily show Ukraine not only solidarity, but weapons. So, it can hold it’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, as the Russians wants to violate that on a regular basis. Peace.

Opinion: Macron is turning himself into an Orbán-Light

We must not humiliate Russia so that the day when the fighting stops we can build an exit ramp through diplomatic means” (…) “I am convinced that it is France’s role to be a mediating power” – President Emmanuel Macron

We know that Budapest and Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is an ally of President Vladimir Putin. That has been shown over the years and Fidesz is preferring close ties to Kremlin and Moscow. French President Macron has had countless of phone-calls and wanting to be a significant player in the war in Ukraine ahead of the polls in France and now after. This is very clear and he doesn’t even try to deny that.

Macron has clearly not seen what sort of means, efforts or the total destruction, which the Russian invasion of Ukraine brings. Neither does he seem affected by the extra judicial killings or the raping of innocent woman. He doesn’t mind the total destruction of towns, citizens and townships. That isn’t troublesome. Neither is the massacres and mass-graves made by the Russian invading forces.

Why do I say that?

Well… Macron is yet again afraid of humiliating the Russians. He is afraid that Putin is looking stupid and dumb. Macron is deeply afraid of how Putin will react or feel. If Putin will feel hurt or suffer, because he waged a war on a false premise. Where he has ensured total devastation and destruction of parts of Ukraine.

Macron in these sorts of statements are more directly concerned with Kremlin and Russia. His not considering the plights, the pains or the suffering caused on Kyiv. That’s where his heart should lay and not consider the costs, which is directly coming home to roost as a consequence of actually invading a neighbouring country.

The war has now been going on for 101 days. The war has been going on from since February 2022. The Russian and Belorussian allies has used all means, tactics and methods of war to win. They have not speared anyone no mind and killed civilians in action. There is nothing that they are not willing to commit or do. That’s why reading to save face of Russians after this is outrageous. It is obnoxious.

Macron is worried about his friend and fellow President Putin. These actions could just be of a man who is associated with Orbán. That’s why I call Macron an “Orbán-Light” like a soda or a beer with lesser calories or sugar. Since, his the diet edition of a beverage in concern to the Prime Minister of Hungary.

The French President is now losing face. His looking like Putin’s little puppet. This is neither powerful nor smart. It is actually foolish. Macron and his European allies should boost the military and ties to Kyiv. Instead, his soft on Putin and Kremlin. That is just disregarding the fight for freedom and territorial integrity of which is justified in the sense of Ukraine.

Macron would easily given away Donbas to Kremlin to buy “peace”. However, we know that is a waste. Because, taking Crimea wasn’t enough. Therefore, Moscow and Kremlin will carve up more territory in Ukraine if they could. That’s why this war was issued and to get a friendly proxy-regime installed in Kyiv. Peace.

Ukraine: Statement by Amin Awad, Assistant Secretary-General and United Nations Crisis Coordinator for Ukraine marking 100 days since the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February (03.06.2022)

Ukraine: Meduza sources claims Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of helping Kyiv

Meduza: Kremlin still discussing attacking Kyiv. Independent Russian media outlet Meduza quoted undisclosed sources saying the Kremlin is discussing a possible assault on Kyiv and even hopes for a full-scale victory by fall. According to Meduza’s sources, Russian leadership is hoping Europe will get tired of helping Ukraine and that bloc members will have to agree with Russia on gas and oil before the heating season” (The Kyiv Independent, 27.05.2022).

It has been 93 days since the Russian-Belorussian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The “Special Operation” which was a war against a sovereign and the integrity of the Republic of Ukraine. Kyiv and the armed forces of the nation has defend the territory with strategic means and wisdom.

The West and Europe has been slow with helping, also been blocked and severely mediocre in their sanctions of Moscow. As it has been a lot of window-shopping, but not sufficiently destroying the economy. Only grinding parts of it to a halt, some businesses getting closed, but keeping the foreign currencies flowing in and profits, as the gas-and-oil industry is still alive. Therefore, Ukraine haven’t gotten a vital help in draining up Kremlin’s ability to wage war. It is still being a trading partner and the sanctions aren’t hitting home.

The military exports and arms trade to Kyiv has been slow. The West and Europe couldn’t endanger it’s protocols with a “no-fly-zone” and not offer MIG-19 Jet Planes, even when Poland was ready to offer their air-force to defend the neighbour in Ukraine. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU) couldn’t muster the courage or be bold enough to support that. Instead giving smaller munitions, javelins and other weaponry, which wasn’t as affective.

The European and Western efforts has been sort of the ones to buy time and get a public support in their respective capitals. While not offering too much or trying to sufficiently arm the Ukrainians as they are fighting a much huger force in the Russian army.

Kyiv has allies and friends, but they have been keeping it distant in some ways. They have come and been part of publicity stunts. While offering only small or too a lesser extent. The ones who has gone far and wide are the Baltic nations or Poland. Slovakia and such has also gone far. Not to forget the military support of Czech Republic. Therefore, there has been well-wishers and proven European solidarity. Though the totality could been even more fruitful and been with a larger support, which would sufficiently given the Ukrainian army an edge.

Instead, the European capitals, Heads of State has seemed hesitant and worried about offending the “don” or warlord in Kremlin. They are worried that Putin will be humiliated or lose face. While his armies are violating Ukrainian territory, raping and killing civilians. This is why Europe should support and continuously. It should be a never ending story of military aid to Ukraine. In such a manner that they feel trouble using it or enough manpower to bring it to the front-lines. That’s because we want them to overcome Russian-Belorussian invasion of their territory.

So, now that Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of supporting, aiding and helping Ukraine. Certainly, Europe should help even more and streamline it too. In such a manner, that the convoys and the deployment of consigned arms aren’t able to trace or been taken out of action before usage. That’s what the Russians wants to achieve as well. Therefore, Europe needs to step up and secure that.

Now that Kremlin speaks of this fashion after 90 days of the invasion of Ukraine. There is a need to step up and show that the European solidarity is worth something. So that President Voldymyr Zelensky can smile and grin to the bank. Because, it would look good if Zelensky came out in praise and happiness for the efforts made to strengthen his armies. That would be the best Europe could do right now. Nevertheless, with the hesitation and the worry of offending Putin. We can know that plenty will be too careful. As the needs are vast and they should consider another approach. Peace.

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