Ukraine: Two Russian missiles fell on Poland… [and we can only speculate what happens after this]

Russia now promotes a conspiracy theory that it was allegedly a missile of Ukrainian air defense that fell on the Polish theory. Which is not true. No one should buy Russian propaganda or amplify its messages. This lesson should have been long learnt since the downing of #MH17” (Dmytro Kuleba, 15.11.2022).

Rockets fell on Poland. Two people are dead – the journalist of Radio ZET Mariusz Gierszewski found out unofficially. Two stray rockets fell in the town of Przewodów in the Lublin Voivodeship near the border with Ukraine – Unofficially radio ZET learned. They hit the grain dryer. Two people were killed. There are police, prosecutor’s office and army on the spot” (…) “We have to wait for a thorough explanation of this situation. I assume that this is an incident, a mistake, resulting from the fact that Russia is using older and older types of missiles that are less precise – said the former head of the BBN Stanisław Koziej on TVN24” (RadioZet – ‘Rockets fell on Poland. There are fatalities’ 15.11.2022).

This war is just becoming a hot mess. The Russian Federation are striking now NATO nation Poland and does so with old missiles intended somewhere within Ukraine. Some might call it: “stray missiles”. However, this is the Russian war-machine and it’s greatness in action.

This is what you call an escalation. It is actually a crisis, because this is involving a NATO country and it’s integrity has been violated. Innocent civilians has been targeted and hit by the missiles. While Russian Forces maybe intended it to hit targets within Ukraine. The missiles went to Poland. It is practically waging war and saying Poland should “join”.

If anyone wondered what Russia is willing to do. Here we have it. They don’t mind hitting former Soviet Republic’s with missiles. Even when they are not waging war against them. Kremlin and such haven’t done other things than calling it “propaganda” and claiming it was “Ukrainian” made. However, Poland has radars that can establish where it came from and the source, which means they have the intelligence to know what happened. So, there is more trust in the victim, than the one firing the weapon.

With this in mind… one key ally and demagogue of Kremlin, Dmitry Medvedev wrote about Poland back in March 2022. Parts of this text is very interesting now in hindsight. Because, Medvedev promised more than he delivered the Polish people.

Just read it here:

Now the interests of Polish citizens have been sacrificed to the Russophobia of these talentless politicians and their puppeteers from across the ocean with obvious signs of senile senility. The decision to refuse to buy Russian gas, oil and coal, opposition to Nord Stream-2 has already caused serious damage to the economy of this country. Now it will only worsen. The same applies to many other steps that are based not on the economy, but on politicking under the guise of “derusification. But now it is much more important for the vassal Polish elites to swear allegiance to their suzerain, America, than to help their own citizens, so they will keep up the fire of hatred against the enemy in Russia. What will the citizens gain from this? Absolutely nothing. But sooner or later, they will realize that hatred of Russia does nothing to strengthen society or promote prosperity and tranquility” (Dmitry Medvedev – “About Poland” (21.03.2022).

When a high ranking official like Medvedev could write this and say these things. It just shows the underlying sentiments out there in Russia. His not alone feeling this or saying these words. Medvedev is just the guy stating the silent things out loud. That’s why it’s fine today to reflect on the text he published in March. Especially, since the Russian Armed Forces attacked their soil and is downplaying it or trying to propagandize it.

We should all reflect on it await things with caution. Poland is within their rights to react and want an answer for all it. They are the party that has been hurt and viciously so. NATO Member States has to respond to its request and follow accordingly. We will surely know the impact in the next few days. The Polish Army is already put on “high alert” and we can anticipate more in the coming days.

NATO has to support Ukraine further and with better weapons. Because, now the Russian Armed Forces are able to hit their soil and kill civilians there. That is unacceptable….

Kremlin, Putin and the Duma should come with proper statements. Not just dismiss it. They would have cried havoc or been all out crazy bonanza, if the missiles had hit Russian soil from a NATO allied nation. That we know and that’s why Russia should act within reason too. They are maybe able to trick their population to believe their lies. However, Europeans knows the truth here and see the impact of the war in Ukraine. Therefore, we know how the Russians are carpet-bombing and hitting civilian infrastructure.

So, it is now time for action and resolve. It is time to further expand the help of the Ukrainian war-effort and ensure their path to victory. Because, that is the only way to end this. Since, Russians are willing to defy rules of war and also create further escalations. Which could actually invoke Article 5 of the NATO pact. That’s what the Russians are up too and the Article 4 is only to begin with. Those decisions are now up to Poland and we all should recognize that. They are the party that is threaten and is hit. Peace.

Ukraine: Zelensky’s demands for a peace talks are reasonable

The main thing for us is to inform the world about the ongoing Russian aggression, about the destabilizing influence that Russia exerts. When the world is focused on combating war, energy and food crises, the destruction of customary international relations, the climate agenda is clearly suffering. And the destruction of the climate cannot somehow be put on hold… Therefore, anyone who is serious about the climate agenda should also be serious about the need to immediately stop Russian aggression, restore our territorial integrity, and force Russia into genuine peace negotiations. Into such negotiations, which we have repeatedly proposed, and to which we always received insane Russian responses with new terrorist attacks, shelling or blackmail. Once again – restoration of territorial integrity, respect for the UN Charter, compensation for all damages caused by the war, punishment of every war criminal and guarantees that this will not happen again. These are completely understandable conditions” – President Volodymyr Zelensky (07.11.2022).

Today is the 258 days since the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine on the 24th February 2022. Again the Ukrainian President is pleading to the world. As the war is raving and the missiles of Russia is hitting critical infrastructure in Ukraine. There are so many vicious acts done by the invader. Still the leadership of Kyiv is keeping their heads cool and collected.

The Russian Federation and it’s armies are still on Ukrainian soil. The Russian armies have been retreating and the Ukrainian forces have been defended their territories. They are able with time to not only hold the front-lines, but get further into the territories the Russians invaded since February. They have also been able to take back territories, which the Russian had taken with the usage of “separatists” in Donbass.

We know this war already has massive consequences not only on the battlefields, as the Russian armies has been destroyed and stopped in their tracks. The Ukrainian defensive forces has also been hit. There are thousands of in-action personnel that has died. However, there is others who has been hit by this.

OHCHR has reported this: “From 24 February to 6 November 2022, OHCHR recorded 16,462 civilian casualties in Ukraine: 6,490 killed and 9,972 injured” (OHCHR – Ukraine: Civilian casualties as of 24:00 6 November 2022, 07.11.2022). That’s the just the civilians they have reported. Most likely much worse and higher numbers, as the shelling, the air-raids and the missiles has created more casualties than this. It isn’t like the Russian air-force or drones for that matter has tried only to hit military installations. No, the Russian air-force has hit everything and everyone in their path.

That’s why Zelensky’s words are reasonable… not that Kremlin or Moscow will accept it. They wanted Kyiv to surrender and get annexed. The regime in Moscow didn’t want a strong or a viable neighbour. They wanted a puppet and a bunch of “yes-men” running business in Kyiv. That’s why they have vilified the leadership of Kyiv and claimed obnoxious things about the people of Ukraine.

We know that Putin will not accept this, because for him and his allies. The war and the “Special Operation” is all justified. The war was issued with the interests of great Russia. They were returning old territories to Russia. However, Ukraine isn’t accepting that and the sovereign state is defending itself. The reasons for attacking Ukraine has changed from Russia. Nevertheless, the key has always been about superiority and resurrecting the Russian Empire. Putin couldn’t do that without Ukraine. Ukraine was just supposed to die, so he could live in glory. That’s all that mattered to Kremlin and the rulers of Russia.

That’s why the words of Zelensky won’t go anywhere in Russia. Putin will not listen or even care. The words of Zelensky is just hot-air to him. This is why these words are sort of futile, but shows the difference between Kyiv and Moscow at the moment. There are reasonable requests from Kyiv, while we know Moscow will act like a victim and want more. They will not accept to give anything or such.

No, they only wants Kyiv to give way and buy peace. The mighty Russia isn’t supposed to bow down to anyone. Especially, not the likes of Ukraine. However, on the battlefields right now. The Russians are losing and Ukraine is slowly winning. That must hurt the pride of Kremlin. They are not superior, but losing at their own game.

Time will tell. Zelensky is smart, but will Putin listen? I would say no… there is no suggestion that he will. He will only talk when he has the upper-hand and that’s not now. Peace.

Estonia: Parliament of Estonia (Riigikogu) – Statement of Riigikogu – On condemning the annexation of the territory of Ukraine and declaring Russian regime a terrorist regime (18.10.2022)

Opinion: Medvedev is getting his wish [and his threats will not get him anywhere]

The fastest way to escalate the conflict in Ukraine to the point of irreversible world war is to supply the loonies in Kiev with long-range MLRS” – Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev (11.10.2022).

Since the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. There been plenty of times the Russians has come with threats, possibly escalations and promised to worsen the conflict. They are the ones that issued the war. Russians are the ones that invaded a sovereign, annexed territories and are the brutal invader in Ukraine. It isn’t like other nations has sent soldiers or become allies of Ukraine. That is what Russia has done with Belarus and wished the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) would do. However, this war in Ukraine has unmasked the lack of protocol, the will or the structure of CSTO.

That’s why Kremlin, State Duma and the likes of Medvedev has to come with such words. As NATO Secretary General had a press conference today. He had to address it and insult not only the leaders of Kyiv. We know the Russian leadership wanted to overthrow and get Kremlin friendly leaders there. That’s why they wanted to invade in the first place. It wasn’t just to “liberate” Donbass regions after annexing Crimea in 2014. No, we know President Putin didn’t respect or believe Ukraine even had proper statehood. So, it was within his right to destroy, deplete and overthrow whatever leadership there was in Kyiv. Therefore, it isn’t shocking that Putin’s ally calling Zelensky and his associates “loonies” because they cannot phantom or stomach someone who has spine or can stand up to Kremlin.

It is just really interesting that the same time Medvedev is saying this about MLRS, the NATO Secretary General is speaking of the supply of NASAMS, which is a MLRS system. It means the NATO isn’t afraid of the “escalation” because they have weighed the outcome and the progression of the war. However, Russia has massacred, hit civilian targets and done serious war-crimes. That’s why Russians should speak of escalations. They have already breached the Geneva Convention on a regular basis since February 2022.

Just over the last days we have had two new announcements from NATO Allies – from Germany and United States – to provide more advanced air defence systems. The Germans announced it yesterday, and we welcome of course that. And United States has announced further delivery and we know also that they have announced that they’re also ready to provide and deliver NASAMS, which are actually one of the many advanced systems that Ukraine has received over the last months. And again, we need more and we need also more ammunition to these systems and I welcome that Allies are doing that. These air defence systems are making a difference because many of the incoming missiles were actually shot down by the Ukrainian air defence systems provided by NATO Allies. But of course, as long as not all of them are shot down, of course there is a need for more. And therefore we are going to address at the meeting this week, tomorrow, with Defence Minister Reznikov how, what type, and how can we ensure not only the delivery of the systems as soon as possible, but also training, spare parts and ammunition to their air defence capabilities” – NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (11.10.2022).

It is just really striking that Medvedev is saying this and NATO is confirming that they are coming with these weapons. The MLRS or the NASAMS is coming to Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are getting these long range missiles systems to defend itself. After seeing how the Russians are bombing across the Ukraine. That can help the defence and stop further missiles or drones from damaging vital infrastructure, electric lines or whatnot. Which has been the targets of Russian Army of late. Therefore, Medvedev would just prefer a total blackout and destruction of Ukrainian society. That we know was the will of his President. He is just a noble servant that way.

Europe and NATO is certainly not afraid or reluctant to help Ukraine any longer. They are actually prepared to offer proper weaponry and the ones that is fitting for the needs. The European and NATO allies are supporting Kyiv with heavy weaponry. That is long time coming and needed too. This is why Medvedev is crying wolf and havoc. We could see it coming a mile away. The battles on the ground isn’t going in Kremlin’s or Duma’s way. Neither can Putin be happy either. He must here the results and the losses. It must hurt the pride of Russia.

However, Russia invaded a sovereign and they deserve to lose their pride. They have violated, destroyed and massacred civilians to prove a point. That’s why European nations and NATO has continue to support Ukraine. The war isn’t over and Russia is still invading Ukraine. Russians are still imposing itself in Ukraine. As long as that is happening the Republic of Ukraine needs aide and military assistance. It has to continue as long as it takes. Secondly, it is all up to Russia to cease operations and warfare in Ukraine. They can just retreat tomorrow, but we know they will not do so. Peace.

Ukraine: Expect a new front from Belarus… [and the Russian army trying to take Kyiv yet again!]

Today there was announced that Belarus Armed Forces are joining hands with the Russian Armed Forces. These two nations are creating a Joint Regional Group of Forces. In February 2022 the Russian army entered through the Belorussian territories into Ukraine. The same should be seen again in a few days.

There are already reports of trains coming in from the Russian Federation entering Belarus. The Russian army would most likely be stationed in the Gomel Oblast. As they will be using border points entering into Kyiv Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast. This means we should expect a worry of missiles and heavy weaponry hitting around Tchernobyl. That has happened before in the war and it could easily happen again.

There should be expectation of huge front in-and-around Chernihiv. Just so the Russian-Belorussian armies can have two fronts on this side can easier access Kyiv again. This was something they tried to do in February in the supposed 3 day war. That’s the plan after the invasion plans in Kharkiv and Donbass regions isn’t going after plan. Neither is Crimea feeling safe any longer. That’s why the sabotage missions are hurting this annexed region too. Therefore, the Russian invasion is already becoming a massive failure and with huge losses. They have underestimated the Ukrainian will and strategical thinking to be able to regain territories across the Republic.

This is why the Russian Armed Forces together with the Belorussian allies are now returning. It has been speculated and intelligence on it. Because, the Ukrainian armed forces has already blown most of the bridges encircling the borders to Belarus. That’s for one reason – they have intelligence that Belarus would re-appear and be a consistent ally of the Russians.

That’s how I can see this coming. Today’s missiles and explosions across the Republic is just a warning from Kremlin. That’s the inevitable viciousness of the Russian invading forces. They have no idea or ideals of humanity. If they did, they wouldn’t only target random civilian targets and trying to break the will of the Ukrainian people. It seems like the Kremlin and Duma haven’t learned a single thing. They cannot break the Ukrainian people and will to defend their homeland. No matter what terror or tricks up your sleeve… the Ukrainian forces will find ways to defend itself.

Let us remember what was found in Bucha in the Kyiv oblast. There is no love lost between the Ukrainians and the invaders. They are not coming with the brotherhood, but violent sinister means of total power.

Expect Putin to have ordered that he wants to take Kyiv. Since the Kharkiv and Donbass is losing steam. Maybe this time he can actually enter Kyiv. So, that he can ensure the fall of the Ukrainian government. However, even if the Russian would enter Kyiv. We would anticipate the Ukrainian government to be run in Lviv or elsewhere where it would make sense. The Ukrainian forces and government isn’t the ones that is backing down.

The bombing and sabotage of bridges towards Belarus. Only shows how it is prepared for this. They are not naive and clueless. Instead, they are a few steps ahead. No one should be shocked if the Russians are trying to enter and create a new front. That’s what I am anticipating. Especially, after the Russian forces are coming on trains into Belarus. Peace.

Ukraine: OCHA – Humanitarian Coordinator Denise Brown condemns wave of deadly attacks on Ukraine today (10.10.2022)

Opinion: Lukashenko is Putin’s little minion

MINSK, 10 October (BelTA) – Belarus and Russia agreed to deploy a joint regional group of forces, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a meeting on security matters, BelTA has learned. Aleksandr Lukashenko recalled that he had a one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the informal CIS summit in St. Petersburg. “Given the worsening of the situation on the western borders of the Union State, we agreed to deploy a regional group of forces of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. This complies with our documents. It says that if the threat level reaches the level as it is now, we begin to use the Union State group of forces. The basis (I have always said this) of this group is the army, the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus. I must inform you that the formation of this group has begun. It’s been going on for, I think, two days. I gave an order to start forming this group,” the Belarusian leader said. Aleksandr Lukashenko also noted that Russia cannot deal with another conflict now. “Last thing they need is another conflict. You know they have enough problems. Therefore, we should not expect a large number of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. But it will be more than one thousand people,” he said” (BelTA – ‘Lukashenko, Putin agree on deployment of joint regional group of forces’ 10.10.2022).

The Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine started this year in February 2022. This was coordinated efforts and the Russian Armed Forces was stationed in Belarus before invading Ukraine. The Moscow-Minsk alliance has grown strong and Aleksandr Lukashenko needs Vladimir Putin. His is totally a crony and an ally. There is no self-reliance and the Belarus counterpart could just have been annexed by now. Since, Lukashenko likes to be humiliated and be servant of Putin.

The latest isn’t really that much of an escalation. When the Belarus has already been used to attack and be territories friendly for Russian Armed Forces. This was deliberate acts in the early start of the invasion in February, just to ensure the Russian invading forces was encircling most of the Ukrainian borders. Therefore, it is only more practical and even more established.

We know that Lukashenko has already been aiding and abetting the war. From now on it can easily be seen as a part of the war. Where it is waging war together with it’s Russian ally. This means the Russian-Belorussian invasion is very fitting, which I coined early in February. Well, the Belarus army at that time didn’t practically send forces or violate Ukrainian territories, but the same armies did train and help Russian Armed Forces to enter Ukraine from it’s territories. That’s being part of the war-effort and if Minsk didn’t allow it too happen. The Russian Army couldn’t have used these entry points to being with.

This is an addition for the Russian Armed Forces to get the Belarus Army on it’s side. Especially, since the warfare is going badly, the loss of territories and momentum. The Ukrainian forces are regaining territories, which are a big blow to Kremlin and Putin. He has annexed territories, which is places where his losing land on the regular. The maps of the annexed regions must be changing everyday and the struggle to keep up must be mind-boggling. So, to get a helping hand from the servant of Minsk must be a golden opportunity.

Lukashenko is only as powerful as his ally. He only has power and influence, because the Kremlin and Moscow has saved his office over the years. If it wasn’t for military support and influential expertise from Kremlin. Lukashenko wouldn’t still be in office or be a President for Life. He would just a lost one… that was proven in the last election and he was only saved by Putin.

So, because of the saving grace. His in the mercy of Putin. Putin knows this and can play Lukashenko all he wants. Since, he knows that Lukashenko needs Russia more than Russia needs Belarus. This a favour for a favour and in an hour of need. The Belorussian army is just entering in a moment of dire desperation. The Russian Armed Forces clearly needs a boost. What is more boosting than having a clear cut alliance on the front and getting Minsk to be its servant. In that way, your getting fresh trained recruits and able bodies for the war. Before, the Russians themselves are able to send the “mass-mobilized” forces from the rural areas of the Federation to the front in Ukraine.

Lukashenko knows this will backfire, but part of him knows he has no choice. He cannot just abide or aide the war. He got to be involved to still be an ally to Putin. That’s why his doing it and by doing so. His partaking in an unjust war just to save his own office. His possibly sending his own citizens to die in a war that wasn’t theirs to begin with. Peace.

Opinion: Suddenly Putin has respect for Ukraine…

Why did the Bolsheviks need to generously encourage any nationalist ambitions on the imperial periphery? Handing over territories and the population of historical Russia… the nationalists didn’t even dream of this. Ukraine has never had traditions of its own statehood… the Ukrainian state is built on denying everything that invites us, the historical memory of millions of people” (…) “Maidan did not bring democracy to Ukraine… after eight years the country is divided, Ukraine is living through a severe economic and social crisis. 15% of the population had to leave the country for work, usually for non-skilled labor” – President Vladimir Putin (21.02.2022).

I don’t know what is happening in Moscow, but President Vladimir Putin seems to have a change of heart. I have hard time believing it, but it is from official sources and been published from a speech today. It is only mere months ago in February 2022 that he launched the invasion and said Ukraine lacked statehood.

Now in early October and the Ukrainian Forces are advancing. As the annexation of territories are only done on paper. While the might Russian army are losing and lack moral. The mass mobilization is backfiring too. The Russians population in the right age have been fleeing and trying to get to safe pastures. Therefore, the speech is a way of suddenly showing solidarity, but I am not buying it.

Just read these few paragraphs of it:

There will be a separate plan for assistance to Donbass, Zaporozhye, and Kherson, of course. I already said this in my opening speech. It should be comprehensive, it should be combined not only with the development of infrastructure, which is obvious. The same also applies to sports infrastructure and medical care” (…) “Despite the current tragedy we have always had great respect for the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian language and literature, and so on. And we have never permitted anything that is allowed in Ukraine in relation to Russian culture and the Russian language” (…) “We have three million Russian citizens of Ukrainian origin. We do not make any distinctions and are not going to make any distinctions between Russians and Ukrainians, but, while proceeding along our own constructive way, without any doubt, we will brush off everything that prevents us from moving forward. It is very important to arrange for the educational process in a way that has always been Russia’s pride and will remain so in the future” (Putin, 05.10.2022).

It is hard to believe that the same man in his War-Cry in February said Ukraine didn’t have culture or a statehood. He said it was a Bolsheviks mistake. Now, he says despite the current tragedy, that Russia has always had respect for Ukrainian people and their culture. That’s so out of touch with the messaging ahead of the 3 day war he launched months ago.

This shows that his sentiment has changed, because the reports from the front-lines are grim. The Russian army isn’t winning and he cannot even keep up with the realities on the ground. That’s why his losing steam and has to change his ways. Suddenly, he has to make it look it was friendly fire. When we have seen the massacres, torture and blind disregard for Ukrainians in general. We cannot forget Bucha or anywhere else where they found mass-graves, torture chambers and other facilities made in the occupied areas, which Russia resided just a while ago.

I cannot forget what he said in February that lingers on in my mind. That’s why the speech today about suddenly respecting Ukraine isn’t believable. It doesn’t feel legit or sincere. Only a way of words, because his armies are losing in Ukraine. If Russia was winning and gaining grounds. If Russia was terrorizing and brutalizing Ukraine. He would have boosted his own ego and not changed tune.

That’s why I don’t trust this Putin. President Putin doesn’t seem fair here. It seems just so coincidental that he says this now. After all the months, reports and addresses he has held. Putin knows what he has done and ordered. Therefore, these words aren’t a change of heart, but a way to make amends. Do I believe them? No, are these words intended for me? No. However, his still a bloodthirsty tyrant and if he had his way. He would have annihilated Ukraine as we know it. Peace.

Opinion: Putin’s deranged speech

I want the Kyiv authorities and their real masters in the West to hear me, so that everyone remembers this: people living in Lugansk and Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporozhye become our citizens forever. We call on the Kyiv regime to immediately cease fire, all hostilities, the war that it unleashed back in 2014, and return to the negotiating table. We are ready for this, it has been said more than once. But we will not discuss the choice of the people in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson, it has been made, Russia will not betray it. And today’s Kyiv authorities should treat this free will of the people with respect, and nothing else. This is the only way to peace” – President Vladimir Putin (30.09.2022).

Today was a supposed day of glory and greatness, but everyone know what it really is. The Russian President and his “Yes-Men” held a ceremony to takeover 4 oblasts from Ukraine, which they are not even able to occupy or annex with conventional force. That’s why Russian army is mobilizing at home, but plenty of people in the right age has fled to former USSR republics or even to other Russian friendly nations to avoid the call-up for arms and be part of the invasion of Ukraine.

President Putin who was supposed to be over the “Special Operation” months ago. A man who is seeing his armies being destroyed, depleted and loosing moral. A President who is trying to galvanize his troops and supporters. However, everyone must know that these “referendums” and “annexation” of oblasts are only to legitimizing escalation of war in Ukraine. Not like the Ukrainian people will see a difference, but the Russian population will. Because, his saying the people of the 4 oblasts belongs to Kremlin, Duma and the Russian Federation now!

Later Putin said this: “I want to emphasize once again that it is precisely in greed, in the intention to maintain its unlimited power, that there are the real reasons for the hybrid war that the “collective West” is waging against Russia. They do not wish us freedom, but they want to see us as a colony. They do not want equal cooperation, but robbery. They want to see us not as a free society, but as a crowd of soulless slaves. For them, a direct threat is our thought and philosophy, and therefore they encroach on our philosophers. Our culture and art are a danger to them, so they are trying to ban them. Our development and prosperity is also a threat to them – competition is growing. They don’t need Russia at all, we need it” (Putin, 30.09.2022).

It is really interesting that Putin blames the West. When it’s Putin and his nation that is waging war. Putin has ordered the invasion of Ukraine and blames the West over it. Calling everyone in the West soulless slaves, but he don’t want any dissent at home. Neither is there any sense of self-reflection into how his regime is running Russia. Therefore, it’s projecting on others, but we cannot forget that Putin wanted to annihilate Ukraine and erase it from history. His own words earlier in the war. So, Putin should reconsider his stance, but we know he wants all glory himself and doesn’t accept any push-backs. Because, how can he speak of freedom or liberty for that matter when people are arrested for protesting the war and some of them will be enlisted in army for doing so. The freedom of Russia is clearly not worth it.

He continues: “What I want to emphasize, emphasize: there is every reason to believe that the Western elites are not going to look for constructive ways out of the global food and energy crisis, which arose through their fault, precisely through their fault, as a result of their many years of policy long before our special military operation in Ukraine, in Donbass. They do not intend to solve the problems of injustice and inequality. There is a fear that they are ready to use other, familiar to them, recipes” (Putin, 30.09.2022).

It is really something else when he blames the West for everything. When his the one issuing the war and he wanted to use the energy as a bargain chip towards Europe. He is calling them liars, when Russia has been selling gas and petroleum to the West for so long now. That the European Nations are shifting suppliers and places to get that. Is by all means in the long run hurting Kremlin and Russia, as they cannot find as easy and accessible market for it. That’s why he has to blame the West over it. He is even pinning the food shortage and wheat exports of Ukraine on them, as if he haven’t blocked the ports, the seas and done what he could to stop it. That just shows what sort of imperialism he clings on to. He speaks of injustice and inequality, Putin should look into his regime and actions against his own citizens, but also the acts of brutality and crimes of war committed in Ukraine. It’s not like he can run away from the damage, the hurt and the pain he has put people through there.

He also says: “Dear friends! Today we are fighting for a just and free path, first of all for ourselves, for Russia, for diktat, despotism to remain forever in the past. I am convinced that countries and peoples understand that a policy based on the exclusivity of anyone, on the suppression of other cultures and peoples, is inherently criminal, that we must turn this shameful page. The collapse of Western hegemony that has begun is irreversible. And I repeat again: it will not be the same as before” (Putin, 30.09.2022).

Certainly, the prospects of what Putin is speaking off is untrue. The invasion of Ukraine has solidified the NATO and the European Union (EU). Yes, there are nations which isn’t totally in line like Hungary and Turkey, but most are in accord with the line of support of Ukraine. That’s why I don’t know what Putin is seeing in Moscow, but Brussels are most of time on the same page about this. The EU isn’t suppressing cultures, not like the Russian Federation planned to do to Ukraine. Therefore, the multi-cultural hegemony of the EU isn’t like the CSTO or Russian Federation itself. Who wants to annex and let the people forget the roots. Like what the Russians plans to do in the annexed regions of Ukraine. So, I don’t know where he got this nonsense from…

He ends with: “Behind us is the truth, behind us is Russia!” (Putin, 30.09.2022). As if this is a powerful statement. Surely the thousands of dead soldiers in Ukraine must wonder what the truth was and if Russia was behind them. Putin can speak like this, but the brutality of his war doesn’t change it. Russian Army should question who is behind it and what truth that it’s operating under. Because the reasoning for the conflict and war has changed. Now it’s all about the West and such, but not denazification. Neither is about taking over Kyiv in a short sweep, but that has all backfired. Certainly it is easier to pin others than being accountable and honest about the “Special Operation” itself.

Nevertheless, this just shows what sort of man Putin is. This is what his saying now and wanted to bash in glory for annexing Ukrainian territories, which he doesn’t even have control over. The occupation force is struggling and Russian people are fleeing the Federation itself. Not like this war has won many hearts, but it has shattered more.

Putin is trying to stand by his actions and make it seem more grand than it is. However, no one should believe him. If he was so great and the war was justified. Why are people fleeing his mobilization to take part in it? Your guess is as good as mine. Nevertheless, Putin will blame that on Brussels, Paris or Washington D.C. because that what he does now. Peace.

Fraud alert: UN warns the Ukrainian citizens and aid organizations about scam schemes using the name of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (29.09.2022)

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