Ukraine: Meduza sources claims Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of helping Kyiv

Meduza: Kremlin still discussing attacking Kyiv. Independent Russian media outlet Meduza quoted undisclosed sources saying the Kremlin is discussing a possible assault on Kyiv and even hopes for a full-scale victory by fall. According to Meduza’s sources, Russian leadership is hoping Europe will get tired of helping Ukraine and that bloc members will have to agree with Russia on gas and oil before the heating season” (The Kyiv Independent, 27.05.2022).

It has been 93 days since the Russian-Belorussian full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The “Special Operation” which was a war against a sovereign and the integrity of the Republic of Ukraine. Kyiv and the armed forces of the nation has defend the territory with strategic means and wisdom.

The West and Europe has been slow with helping, also been blocked and severely mediocre in their sanctions of Moscow. As it has been a lot of window-shopping, but not sufficiently destroying the economy. Only grinding parts of it to a halt, some businesses getting closed, but keeping the foreign currencies flowing in and profits, as the gas-and-oil industry is still alive. Therefore, Ukraine haven’t gotten a vital help in draining up Kremlin’s ability to wage war. It is still being a trading partner and the sanctions aren’t hitting home.

The military exports and arms trade to Kyiv has been slow. The West and Europe couldn’t endanger it’s protocols with a “no-fly-zone” and not offer MIG-19 Jet Planes, even when Poland was ready to offer their air-force to defend the neighbour in Ukraine. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and European Union (EU) couldn’t muster the courage or be bold enough to support that. Instead giving smaller munitions, javelins and other weaponry, which wasn’t as affective.

The European and Western efforts has been sort of the ones to buy time and get a public support in their respective capitals. While not offering too much or trying to sufficiently arm the Ukrainians as they are fighting a much huger force in the Russian army.

Kyiv has allies and friends, but they have been keeping it distant in some ways. They have come and been part of publicity stunts. While offering only small or too a lesser extent. The ones who has gone far and wide are the Baltic nations or Poland. Slovakia and such has also gone far. Not to forget the military support of Czech Republic. Therefore, there has been well-wishers and proven European solidarity. Though the totality could been even more fruitful and been with a larger support, which would sufficiently given the Ukrainian army an edge.

Instead, the European capitals, Heads of State has seemed hesitant and worried about offending the “don” or warlord in Kremlin. They are worried that Putin will be humiliated or lose face. While his armies are violating Ukrainian territory, raping and killing civilians. This is why Europe should support and continuously. It should be a never ending story of military aid to Ukraine. In such a manner that they feel trouble using it or enough manpower to bring it to the front-lines. That’s because we want them to overcome Russian-Belorussian invasion of their territory.

So, now that Kremlin hope Europe gets tired of supporting, aiding and helping Ukraine. Certainly, Europe should help even more and streamline it too. In such a manner, that the convoys and the deployment of consigned arms aren’t able to trace or been taken out of action before usage. That’s what the Russians wants to achieve as well. Therefore, Europe needs to step up and secure that.

Now that Kremlin speaks of this fashion after 90 days of the invasion of Ukraine. There is a need to step up and show that the European solidarity is worth something. So that President Voldymyr Zelensky can smile and grin to the bank. Because, it would look good if Zelensky came out in praise and happiness for the efforts made to strengthen his armies. That would be the best Europe could do right now. Nevertheless, with the hesitation and the worry of offending Putin. We can know that plenty will be too careful. As the needs are vast and they should consider another approach. Peace.

Ukraine: Civilian casualties as of 24:00 25 May 2022 (26.05.2022)

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Opinion: Putin will die on the hill of the swastika lie

In his congratulation telegrams for the leaders of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the Russian leader noted that our servicemen, just like their ancestors, are fighting together to liberate their soil from the Nazi filth, and expressed his certainty that victory will be our, just like in 1945” – President Vladimir Putin (08.05.2022)

Today is the 74th Day since Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. The war that has been waged in Kyiv from Minsk and Moscow on the belief that it’s eradicating “Nazism” in Ukraine. However, I think Moscow needs to look closer to home and how it’s operating. As they are closer aligned with the forces of the Second World War, than the people they are invading in Ukraine. The imperial forces of Russia isn’t saving anyone and neither is it liberating anyone either. It is just a barbaric and vicious force of men who comes to violate, destroy and conquer.

The Kremlin and Duma can make any excuse for the invasion, but that doesn’t necessarily make it true. A lie is a lie no matter how you sugar-coat it. Putin really wants to push this propaganda, though it is pointless, but his own Ministry of Truth will make it believable at home. Even if Europe and Ukraine knows this is false. That just shows the bitter truth.

There will be no vindication in this, only a bloodshed and the countless of soldiers losing their lives. So, that Putin can feel powerful in Kremlin and his remaining Generals can feel like they did something.

The countless casualties, sustained in the name of our common Victory, have become essential for our life and freedom. This memory must not be left in oblivion” (…) “again raises its head and seeks to impose its barbaric, inhuman order” (Putin, 08.05.2022).

That the Russians and Soviets wants to claim they won the Second World War isn’t anything new. They did it as a joint effort with the United Kingdom and the United States of America. That Axis of Alliance helped the cause of beating the Nazi’s in 1945. This is legit and the reasons for the Russians and the Soviets ability to fight from the East. Where they remained and annexed more Republic’s into it as well.

They kept nations under siege for so long after the WW2 and because of the fall of the Cold War. Is the reason for the liberation of former USSR states, which is now in the spotlight and where conflicts remains. As Putin wants to have total control and influence over these.

So, when Putin speaks of it’s “again raises its head” he must speak of Kremlin and Moscow who is returning to Kyiv and other capitals of Eastern Europe. As it is spearheading itself with invading forces and with vile troops who deplete, rapes, destroys and leaves nobody untouched. That is who the Russians are these days, as they conquer with the insignia “Z” and is proud of it too.

That’s why he calls Ukraine for “Nazi Filth” on Victory Day. His doubling, tripling down on it. While not taking to account any facts on the ground. Thinking this can stick and fly. That if he lies enough times.. it would suddenly be true.

We are not living in the timeline of the growing influence of the Swastika, but we are however seeing the brutality of the Russian “Z” and how its forces are invading Ukraine. Day-by-Day the massacres, the tortured victims and the raped women are reported about. The shelling of civilian targets, missiles into urban areas and whatnot. There is nothing that cannot be attacked by the Russians. They can burn museums, heritage sites and the battlefields are in the midsts of cities. That’s the war that the Russians has brought to the Ukrainian heartland.

This bloodshed, the pain and suffering are all on the tab of the Russians. It is all paid for and supported by the Kremlin. The Duma is cheering it on and their media stations is defending it 24/7. The “Z” is their pride and joy. They are glaring and supporting the war effort in Ukraine. Putin isn’t even concerned or worried about the effects of his war. As long as he wins and silence the current administration of Kyiv. That is his will and he wants Kyiv to grow closer to Moscow.

However, this war is only showing that Russians are not to be trusted. They are willing to kill their brothers and sisters to get their way. The Russians are willing to loot and rape to “win” their war. There is no mercy or care for lives, as long as territory is annexed to the Great Mother Russia. That is all that matters. This is how it seems and that’s the “again raises its head” to assault and diminish Ukraine.

This isn’t a war to defend Europe or Europeans against Nazis. No, this is a war to expand the influence and power Putin closer into the heart of Europe. That’s why Ukraine is defending not only itself and their sovereign rights. The Ukrainians are defending Europe from the brute forces of Russia. That should be commended, because every day it’s sacrificing itself for the plights of Europe. This shouldn’t be forgotten and Europe should repay this debt. Since, the Ukrainians fought this battle for the continent. If they had given up or given Russia way. They could easily have continued and found another nation to violate and eradicate more “Nazis” there. Peace.

Ukraine: WFP welcomes EUR 25 million from the European Union for humanitarian multipurpose cash and food assistance in Ukraine and Moldova (06.05.2022)

LVIV – The United Nations World Food Programme welcomes a contribution of EUR 25 million from the European Union to provide humanitarian food assistance to people affected by the conflict in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. This funding contributes to the provision of multipurpose cash as well as immediate food relief to families in conflict-affected areas in Ukraine, and to displaced people from Ukraine in Moldovan transit sites and receptions centres.

As WFP continues to call on everyone to grant safe access to humanitarian relief operations in encircled and partially encircled cities in Ukraine, the generosity of WFP’s partners is enabling us to scale up our response to the conflict, with the goal of supporting six million people caught up in the world’s fastest-growing humanitarian crisis.

In Ukraine, families in conflict-affected areas are receiving food and ready-to-eat rations, while in areas where markets are functioning, multipurpose cash is being distributed so families can buy what they need most urgently. In Moldova, displaced people from Ukraine currently in transit sites and reception centres receive hot meals.

“We welcome this generous contribution from the European Union, which will help support the countless families who have had to flee for their lives and are struggling to put food on the table amid this humanitarian catastrophe,” said WFP Executive Director David Beasley. “It’s thanks to partners like the EU, who have stepped up with immediate funding, that WFP has already reached 3.4 million people in Ukraine and Moldova since the start of the war. But millions more urgently need our help.”

“The European Union has been working around the clock to ensure that life-saving aid reaches civilians in Ukraine,” said European Commissioner for Crisis Management Janez Lenarčič. “Humanitarian partners like WFP continue to deliver urgently needed emergency assistance to the most vulnerable as we speak.”

Over 7.7 million people are displaced inside Ukraine and the pre-conflict supply chain systems for feeding the country’s population have broken down in many areas. WFP estimates almost half of the people in the country are worried about finding enough to eat.

The conflict in Ukraine is also triggering a wave of collateral hunger elsewhere in the world. Global food prices have increased sharply since the onset of the conflict and are now at an all-time high. These hikes are expected to further limit access to food for millions of people who are already under stress because of food inflation in their countries.

Opinion: The Russian vilification of Ukraine and everyone else doesn’t work

The Russians are trying to pin everything on Kyiv. They are making President Volodymyr Zelensky the worst and name-calling him into oblivion. That Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov goes far and uses all means shouldn’t shock anyone.

The Russians warns everyone and says everyone else in the wrong. The Russians and Kremlin is always right. That is at least how they operate. The Kremlin and Duma is righteous no matter how many massacres, extra judicial-killings and rapes of innocent civilians in Ukraine. As long as the mission or “Special Operation” is fulfilled.

It is really striking, as the Russians warns of arms export to Ukraine. They have promised to target convoys and whatnot crossing into Ukraine. Russians has warned Finland and Sweden from joining NATO. Doing the same to the Moldova and Georgia who has also speeded up their process to become a member of the European Union (EU). Seriously, Russia has gone after them all and if not… they are speaking out of terms and without proof at this point.

This is a way of defending the indefensible. We know that Kremlin and Moscow have a superior complex, which has never been revived. The Russian government and Federation wants to be an empire again. That’s why they are using the means of Russian interference in former Soviet Republic’s like Ukraine.

We are supposed to believe that the Russians would send their youths to annex the Donbas region. The Russians are doing this to dismantle and get control of Kyiv. They are worried that the borders of European Union and NATO edges closer. While Russia isn’t as strong or built as a force to be reckon with. No, it is falling behind and fast.

Now, the current leadership is killing their next generation and a massive amount of future civilians. These are maybe from the most impoverish parts of Russia and from the marginalized regions of the Federation. Still, these are the future of Russia, but they are bleeding and dying on the battlefield towards Kyiv. It is tragic that the game of the megalomanic of Kremlin is causing this.

The Russian government and authorities has decided to wage this war. The Russian and Belorussian allies decided this and they encircled the whole Ukraine for a long time before invading in the end of February 2022. That was a deliberate act and they said to defend and declare Donbas free, but they targeted the whole Republic. That just shows the lie and how great that lie is. Russians are dying on the battlefield over a lie.

A lie of vilification and creating villains out of Ukraine. The victim and the ones who is invaded is the monster. While the real monster and the bogeymen is crossing into Ukraine. They are the barbarians and the ones who comes with destruction. The ones who comes with looting and war-crimes against Ukraine.

So, it is tiring that Russians are the ones that has violated the Minsk Agreement and the Budapest Memorandum, but always claim Ukraine did so. If you read them and know how the Russians has annexed territory and armed separatists in Donbas. Therefore, the Russians blaming Ukraine is getting old..

We know everyone else is villains in the eyes of the leaders of Russia. Only the ones that is towing the party line is decent people. It doesn’t matter if they are burying their nephews or nieces, since that is what Kremlin and the Duma is busy at doing in Ukraine. Either with their own troops who dies on the battlefront or the Ukrainian brothers they killing in actions. Peace.

Ukraine: Lavrov wants Russia to be able to bleed Ukraine dry on its own…

Various weapons are sent to Ukraine through Poland and other NATO countries in an endless stream. All this is done under the pretext of ‘fighting the invasion’, but in fact, the United States and the European Union intend to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian, and they are absolutely indifferent to the fate of Ukraine as an independent subject of international relations” – Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (30.04.2022).

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is clearly bending the ideals and such, which is in frame with the rhetoric of late. While Russians are allowed to wage war on a sovereign nation like Ukraine, the West and United States isn’t allowed in their minds to support and aide the Ukrainian forces. That is really hypocrisy, as the Kremlin and Moscow is allowing itself to impose itself on Ukraine, but the West is just supposed to look idly by. While Russians are conducting atrocities, war-crimes is continuing within Ukraine.

The Russians are acting like victims, which is disgusting. Knowingly the way they are sending missiles on civilian targets, the way they are burying civilians in mass-graves, torturing and raping innocent civilians. That’s why I am staunch supporter of both humanitarian and military aide to Ukraine. As the imperial forces of Russia is coming there to violate and occupy more territory. In such a manner to carve and annex more territory.

It is ironic that Lavrov speaks of the independence of Ukraine. As the Russians are violating that… and the Russians are not even concerned about the nationhood or statehood of Ukraine. The Russian Federation and the one spelling out the propaganda for the regime has told this. The Russian President stated this and mocked Ukraine as well. Therefore, we know the real deal and the only thing Russia wants is… to bleed the Ukrainian state out and conquer it.

The Russian-Belorussian invasion wants to shed no tears and continue the bloodshed, as long as possible and install a puppet in Kyiv. That is the given and no one should be shocked by that. The talk of independence and democracy coming from Russia is foolish. As they are run by a dictator and a President for Life. The same is their ally in Minsk. Therefore, the Kremlin wants a silent cadre and a loyal soldier in Kyiv. They don’t want someone who turns to the West or Europe. Alas, the main reason for the war in the first place.

So it doesn’t get better when Lavrov also says this:

We witness the manifestation of classic double standards and hypocrisy of the Western establishment at present. Publicly expressing support to the Kiev regime, NATO countries are doing everything to prevent completion of the operation by way of reaching political agreements” (Lavrov, 30.04.2022).

The Western Nations and NATO is only helping a nation with self-defence and with humanitarian assistance. While Russia would prefer to do it all by themselves and annihilate Ukraine without anyone seeing or helping Kyiv. That is the initial gist I am getting. Lavrov and Kremlin is feeling bad that the warfare is taking to long time.

Russian speaks of hypocrisy, but the way and the manner they are talking in this war is the same. They speak of the independence of Ukraine and as a sovereign. While they are working on overtime to invade and conquer it. The Russians aren’t adhering to the Budapest Memorandum and neither did Russians respect the Minsk Agreement. So, the Kremlin and President Putin should study these agreements before pointing their fingers at the West or Kyiv. They are the ones aiding separatists, waging war and annexing territory in Ukraine.

That’s why Lavrov and such just wants to bleed Ukraine out. That seems to be their mission and how they operate. Since they are warning and talking ill of anyone supporting or aiding Kyiv. Peace.

Ukraine: Zakharova thinks a War is a One-Way Street…

We have already commented the other day on statements by British Deputy Defense Minister [James] Heappey about okaying Ukraine’s strikes on Russian military targets” (…) In other words, the West is openly calling on Kiev to attack Russia, even with weapons received from NATO countries” (…) “Further evidence that [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s regime is not independent in its decisions and is completely dependent on external handlers” (…) “I would like Kiev and Western capitals to take seriously the statements of our country’s Defense Ministry that further Ukrainian provocations to strike Russian targets will definitely lead to a harsh response from Russia” – Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (28.04.2022).

In Moscow it must be tough to see the West and the European Union unceremoniously support and helps Kyiv. That got to sting after the Russians has tried to forge allies and networks within Europe to sow disunity and dismantle the European Union (EU). The Russians succeeded with Brexit and that was very clever, indeed. However, they have not been able to break the European solidarity or will to help each other out.

That’s why the Russians are calling foul and with anger, as the European and Western leaders are directly supporting Kyiv. They are coming, visiting and showing what they want to do. In such a manner, which haven’t been shown before. The Russians shouldn’t be surprised or think anything of it. They are mentally prepared for heaven and Third World War. That is if you believe the National Broadcasts or the Russian Propaganda, which is spoon-fed to the public within the Federation. Nevertheless, the bravado only get you so far.

Zakharova is saying this, as we know the Russians are good at giving warnings and promising the next big war. They are promising new fronts and frontiers. This is to strike fear and seen this tactic being used during this war. The Russians has spoken of possible nuclear war and also attack any convoy or any transports into Ukraine. That’s what they have said and anyone doing so could become a target.

Now, they are making it even harder. The Russians just wants the Ukrainian to naturally run dry and not have supplies. That is natural from their sense, but they cannot stop arms trade or put an arms embargo. They can petition the United Nations, but I wouldn’t bank on it getting voted on or even get through. Because, there is nothing illegal in trading weapons and arms to Ukraine at this moment. It is only hurting the pride of Russia.

Russian Federation should be more worried about their shoddy logistics, their losses of tanks and mechanical divisions inside Ukraine. As the farmers and civilians has taken them and the Ministry of Defence has gotten lots of equipment to use against the Russians. Therefore, the biggest supplier of military equipment and vehicles happens to be Russians and the Ukrainian forces are now using it against them.

They are saying the NATO and West is interfering and directing Ukraine. However, NATO isn’t directly participating and neither is other Western forces. The Ukrainian have only gotten supplies and help from the West. They have bought and donated arms. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian military haven’t been ordered or followed directions from Pentagon or anywhere else. That is what the Kremlin and Moscow wants the world to believe in.

Alas, that is not the case. Also, the Russians are really stupid, if they believe they can violate Ukraine on the daily, but not expect any retaliation or attacks on their own soil. That should be expected, as Ukraine is attacking convoys and other installations to stifle the Russian military. If they think they can only violate, destroy and massacre Ukrainians without any ramifications. The Russian delusion is seriously a drug and can make people blind. That is how it looks from the outside. A war happens to be this way and not only for one party to attack the other, but for the defensive one to show force against the other too. That shows that Russians doesn’t have good defences and aren’t able to strike against counter-attacks. This is a weakness and not Ukraine’s fault, but Kremlin and the Russian army itself. To say it would bring more hurt and suffering.

Well, Ukrainians has seen the savagery, the devastation and the war-crimes Russians commits. They know what you guys do… and the retaliation will not be something they haven’t already seen. Therefore, Kremlin better take the attacks on the chin and humble itself. Since, when you start a war… you don’t know how it will play out. The Russians should know this… since the Blitzkrieg was supposed to last 3 days, but we are now over 60 days. Therefore, get your act together.

A war isn’t a one-way street, but maybe Kremlin forgot about that. Kyiv would answer and not the answers Moscow wanted. Peace.

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