Ukraine: The Amnesty International Report isn’t understanding a defensive war…

Ukrainian forces have put civilians in harm’s way by establishing bases and operating weapons systems in populated residential areas, including in schools and hospitals, as they repelled the Russian invasion that began in February, Amnesty International said today. Such tactics violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians, as they turn civilian objects into military targets. The ensuing Russian strikes in populated areas have killed civilians and destroyed civilian infrastructure. “We have documented a pattern of Ukrainian forces putting civilians at risk and violating the laws of war when they operate in populated areas,” said Agnès Callamard, Amnesty International’s Secretary General” (Amnesty International – ‘Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians’ 04.08.2022).

The Amnesty International Report of yesterday is certainly a golden nugget for Kremlin and Moscow. The internally renowned organization is setting a standard and a voice, which is fitting well for the attackers or invaders in this case. The Amnesty Internation is doing itself a disservice actually. Instead of looking into the warfare and the acts of both parties. They are blaming the defending party and how they are trying stop or regain it’s territories. That’s seems like a lost part of it and the whole report seems fixated on blaming and vilify the Defence of Ukraine.

What is striking here is that Amnesty doesn’t comprehend or understand a defensive war. As the Russian aggression, attacks and blatant carpet bombing isn’t considered. Neither is there is a show of the war-crimes from the regions of which the Russians has retreated from. This just shows what sort of hack-work this report is.

The Ukrainian forces has to use cities and populated areas. That is something the Russian forces are bombing, targeting and viciously attacking on the regular too. So, it is not like the Ukrainian forces would do this, but they got too. Because they are defending their territories and the nation.

The report of Amnesty doesn’t clarify or comes with reasoning. Only comes with direct accusations without justifications of it. Like they cannot comprehend or understand the realities on the ground. They are using the means and the knowledge of the territories, in such a way that the aggressor and invader has to struggle to gain territory. That’s what a war does and the Russians has attacked civilian targets, schools, museums and all things associated with Ukrainian culture. Heck, they are burning books and re-schooling children only in Russian in the occupied territories. Therefore, the neglect of the whole manner of which Russian forces is attacking is obviously lost here.

For an organization as renowned and known as Amnesty. An organization bound to fight for human rights and justice. This report isn’t doing any good, but instead helping Russian propaganda. The report will be used by Kremlin news-services and be spread as wild-fire. A sort of message and stories that will be mentioned to defend the Russian invaders. Since it explains and uses language that alleges Ukrainians as criminals with the defence of their own nation. That’s impressive and not what you could expect of Amnesty.

The armed forces of Ukraine cannot pick their battlefields. That is in play because of where the Russians are occupying and where they are based. This makes it impossible to choose distant and far outback wheat-fields to do medieval battles with swords and crossbows. The war that is going on is a modern warfare and on the basis of how the Russians has attacked the Republic of Ukraine. It is so simple and should have been considered in the report, but that was too much to ask.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot ask or beg the Russians to attack in rural areas or densely populated ones. The Russians are attacking and occupying populated cities, towns and villages. That isn’t the fault of Ukraine. However, it felt that like that reading Amnesty report. It is really amazing, but they should be able to think and consider before publishing this.

The analysts and the ones studying the war or warfare in Amnesty International. They clearly need to study what a defensive war entails and what an offensive aggressor does. Because, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are defending themselves and to whatever means they see fit. While they are also asking and pleading for the civilians to get out or have “cease-fires” or routes to safe-haven for the innocent civilians on the front-lines or battlefields. Therefore, it’s so outrageous reading this and the Kremlin friendly media will “love this”. Peace.

Ukraine: Lavrov wants to shift the narrative…

The geographical tasks of the special operation have changed, now it is not only the Luhansk and the Donetsk, but also a number of other territories”Sergey Lavrov (20.07.2022).

After 147 days since the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. The “Special Operation” aka the full-fledge war and invasion is supposed to hit a new gear. Well, I don’t believe, Kremlin, Putin or Lavrov in this matter. They have already tried to bomb everywhere on the map. They have tried to cease all territories and attack most parts. Heck, they attacked and moved units into Belarus, which was used to attack Ukrainian soil. Therefore, the sudden shift isn’t believable. We just know the drill and the appeal of these statements.

The supposed Russian Diplomat Sergey Lavrov know how these statements will be amplified and cause a stir. However, nobody should be shocked. The Russian Federation wants to annex whole of Ukraine and erase the nation from the map. They want a puppet (junta) regime in power in Kyiv, which Putin can order around and be his bitch like the dictator in Minsk. That’s all he ever wanted and dreams off. His not concerned about the costs or the price of doing so. As long as the Ukrainian nation is under his feet and bowing to his supremacy. That’s really it…

So, the diplomat of Kremlin continues:

the West supplies Kiev with long-range weapons, the geographical tasks of the special operation in Ukraine will be pushed even further” (Lavrov, 20.07.2022).

This sort of sentiment isn’t new either. Since the beginning of the “Special Operation” aka full fledged war. The Kremlin has pushed to further escalate things. There been rumours circulating about continuing the conflict in Georgia, Moldova and elsewhere in the former USSR Republic, which is the ones that Putin wants under his control.

Another one of Putin’s allies Dmitry Medvedev has written about Poland and come with utterances in the same regard. That’s why Lavrov’s words isn’t that astonishing now. His just getting them to make headlines again.

The Russians wants to spark fear, intimidate and create hysteria. However, the Russians has wanted to take control of the whole Ukraine. That was the goal and a brief three day war, which has ended up in a prolonged conflict. In which the losses has been huge and thousands of soldiers has died. The costs of the war must be vast and the coffers of Moscow must feel a pinch.

That’s why Putin, Lavrov and everyone else has to bring fear. Since their armies aren’t moving swiftly enough or capable of taking territories quickly enough. They are not even able to keep them in-tact or for a long time. That’s why Lavrov speaks like this.

Trying to make it believable… that all of a sudden the motivation has changed and suddenly they want to annex more territories. When we all know they wanted it form the on-set. They didn’t bomb Kyiv to save Donbas. They bombed Kyiv to takeover and annihilate the current Ukrainian leadership. Alas, the sort of play from Lavrov should be undressed. They wouldn’t have massacred civilians in Bucha and elsewhere around in Kyiv oblast. If they didn’t want to be the conquer and be the overlords of Ukraine.

Lavrov try to sell your stories elsewhere. The lies and deceptions doesn’t work. If want to lie to me. Lie better. Please, because this just looks and sounds stupid. Peace.

Burundi: Parti des Citoyens Democrates (PCD – Imfura a’Uburundi) – Communique du parti vis a vis de l’agression de la Russie en Ukraine et de la provocation des pays occidenntaux face a la federation de la Russie (16.07.2022)

Ukraine: Russian Military Experts doesn’t understand why Ukraine wants Kherson oblast back…

The Kherson region is a developed industrial-agrarian territory in the south of Ukraine. It borders on the Zaporizhzhya region in the east, the Crimea in the south (along the Sivash and the Perekop isthmus, the Mykolaiv region in the north-west, and the Dniepropetrovsk region in the north” (…) “The seaside and frontier position, closeness of the Azov-Black Sea basin and outlet to the Dnieper river main are the basic features of the region’s economic and geographical location. The region’s area accounts for 4.7% of the territory of Ukraine” ( – ‘Overview of Kherson Oblast’).

It’s been 140 days of the 3 day Russian “Special Operation” aka the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine. This has been going. The front-lines and areas of Russian control of Ukrainian territory has shifted over these 140 days. It isn’t like the Russians has kept all territories or been able to invade the whole Republic. The defence of the Ukrainian army has shown massive strength against a superior force. Their resilience is noteworthy and that’s why today’s news from TASS is foolish and shows the plans of Kremlin all along. The Russians had plans to annex the whole Ukraine and enable a puppet regime in Kyiv.

That’s why the Russian media is acting out because the Ukrainian forces are retaliating like in Kherson region (oblast). They wants the retreat of the Russian invaders in the Kherson oblast. That’s close to 5% of the territory of the Ukrainian sovereign state. So, they are within their reach to attack and try to retake their own territories. It is like the Russian military experts doesn’t equate or understand a very simple sentiment. That Ukrainian people wants to take back Ukrainian land. Sometimes something so simple is hard to comprehend in Moscow or in Siberia. However, for the rest of the planet earth. We get the gist…

According to military expert Yury Knutov, Ukraine’s attacks against the Kherson Region have several goals. “They want to create panic and destabilize the situation first. The Kherson Region, which has not sustained significant damage and is ready to join Russia, is currently under fire and is being terrorized,” he explained” (…) ““The danger is not the MRLS or HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems themselves, but modern high-precision missiles that Kiev received from its allies along with them,” military expert Dmitry Boltenkov told Izvestia” (TASS – Press review: Kaliningrad transit deal reached and why Kiev attacked the Kherson Region’ 13.07.2022).

What is striking after reading TASS today. The European Union warned about this just about three weeks ago (read below). The annexation of Kherson is also a part of the plan to ensure a route to the Transnistria, the separatist region of Moldova. Therefore, no one is shocked. However, the Russians is the invaders and the ones who is taking over territories belonging to Ukraine. The Ukrainian forces aren’t terrorizing or creating panic. They are defending their nation and doing what they can to push back the invaders. It is not like the Ukrainian forces are storming a theatre in Moscow. No, they are shooting at invaders inside their territories.

We strongly condemn the announced preparations for an illegal fake “referendum” in parts of the Kherson region on joining the Russian Federation. Such attempts represent a blatant violation of international law, the Ukrainian constitution and Ukrainian sovereignty by the Kremlin and its proxies. The result of such an orchestrated illegitimate vote will not be recognised by the international community. Russia, its political leadership, and all those involved in the ongoing violations of international law in Ukraine will be held accountable. We are impressed by the determination and courage of the residents of Kherson and other Ukrainian regions under Russian military control, peacefully opposing the invading and oppressing foreign armed forces” (EEAS – ‘Ukraine: Statement by the Spokesperson on Russia’s illegal actions in Kherson’ 29.06.2022).

Therefore, the whole game is rigged. The Russians are trying to act like Kherson is ready and supposed to be annexed into the Russian Federation. However, Kherson oblast belongs to Ukraine and no “Special Operation” can change this. The deaths of soldiers and possible retreat should be a warning to the Russian forces.

The Russians ushered in the war and continues it. They are now acting like they are attacked after invading territory. That is really stupid, stupid. Because … the Russians shouldn’t be shocked that Ukraine retaliate and attacks them in Kherson. They are just doing their duty and wants the Russians to retreat. The Ukrainian forces wants the Russians to leave and run like they did around Kyiv earlier in the year. That’s what we can hope for and especially if the Ukrainian forces gets the right equipment to attack the Russian invaders.

Time will tell… but if the Russians wonders why the Ukrainian are attacking them. Well, they are just wanting their territories back and that’s it. Peace.

Ukraine: Over 130 days of total war and Putin haven’t even started…

Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. Well, what can I say? Let them try. We have already heard a lot about the West wanting to fight us ”to the last Ukrainian.“ This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but that seems to be where it is going. But everyone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet. At the same time, we are not rejecting peace talks, but those who are rejecting them should know that the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us” (Putin, 07.07.2022).

Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the State Duma leaders in the Kremlin. That was being done to show the plans and how things are operating in Russia. However, he also showed his hand and that the imperialism of the Russian Federation is only beginning. As he vilifies everyone else and blames everyone else for the wars he has ordered upon others. Like Putin is the victim and Russia isn’t at fault.

After a 135 days since the total war on Ukraine was unleashed. Yes, since 2014 Russian separatists have been supported from Moscow in the Donbas region. Which has been the excuse and reason for this recent invasion. A way to find a “reason” and “planned” effort to takeover the leadership of Kyiv and install a puppet. Putin wants a similar stooge like he has in Minsk. Not a free-thinker and an independent head of state in Ukraine. He wants someone as loyal as Dmitry Medvedev in office and in control of in Kiyv. Anything else is out of the question.

When the Russian President says they are only starting, I feel sad for the families of all the fallen soldiers. All the big-men and generals who has lost their lives. These folks has died on the alter of the imperial demigod Putin. Who hasn’t valued their sacrifice and their demise. His just pursuing the same dream and ambition. The latest estimates are over 36,000 soldiers died in combat. About 10 high ranking generals. The hardware and the other losses are grand too. The loss of over 200 fighter jets, over 180 helicopters, over 1600 tanks over 3800 APV and over 800 artillery systems. The losses of the Russian are huge. So, it is not like the war hasn’t cost anything. It has been brutal and it’s far from over.

Putin just shows his arrogance and lack of concern. Which isn’t surprising. As he doesn’t value the lives of the Ukrainians either. He don’t care if there is mass-graves, plots of genocide or mass-starvation as a result of the conflict. He don’t mind if he blocks the export of wheat and other produce from Ukraine. As long as he wins and get the spoils of war. His just in it to win and he sits safe in his mansion or estate. He is not in the battlefield or risking his life. No, that’s for the soldiers and the army to do. His just an old man ordering their life sentence and probable death. That’s the sort of gentlemen he is and his proud of it too.

If he thinks this is a winning strategy. He wants to bleed out Ukraine. That is the initial gist of yesterday. In his speech he blames the West for the conflict and everyone else. Not that he has initiated anything, conspired or even tried to internally divide the former USSR Republics, which we know he has done. That’s why there are “People’s Republic’s” in other former USSR republic’s, which are claiming allegiance to Moscow and not their respective capital. Therefore, his insulting everyone’s intelligence. While contemplating the demise of the empire he wants to recreate in his own time.

Putin clearly sheds no tears for the lost. The lives or deaths of soldiers, civilians or innocent bystanders. He couldn’t care less. He just wants the territories and doesn’t care what sort of spin he uses. We know he just want to get total control of his surrounding countries. Ukraine is just the beginning. The Imperial Russia has returned and the costs of this…

Well… time will only tell, but it seems like nothing is a burden to Putin. The lives of Russian soldiers clearly doesn’t matter. More lives can be taken and we can just expect a prolonged war when he thinks like this. Peace.

NATO: Türkiye-Finland-Sweden – Trilateral Memorandum (28.06.2022)

Ukraine: Lukaschenko asks for heavy weaponry and Putin offers Iskander-M tactical missile system.. capable of carrying nuclear warheads…

After 4 months of the Russian-Belorussian invasion of Ukraine there is more consolidation of the alliance between Moscow and Minsk. There was already deployed and military preparations ahead of the invasion earlier in the year from the Russian army on Belorussian territory. It doesn’t help with the intelligence and proven missiles sent from Belarus targeting Ukrainian territories.

What is happening today isn’t only the begging of better weapons from the Belorussian President Lukaschenko. Russian President Putin is clearly listening and has no issues doing it. This just shows how they are alliances and working together in the war. No one should be shocked by this and it one of the allies Putin can count on.

That is proven by today’s news. Just read these two reports.

““I’m not saying that you will bring nuclear weapons there tomorrow, but we can’t joke, we remember 1941, how we were reassured “everything will be fine, everything is quiet, no one will attack”, and then it turned out we were not ready for it” (…) “So this is a very serious situation for us. This is not the first time I have posed this question to you. I know you have reviewed it at the Ministry of Defense. I would like to hear how events will unfold” (…) “I’m not hiding, I’m raising this question so that we could be ready for anything, even for the use of the most serious weapons to defend our fatherland from Brest to Vladivostok” – President Alexander Lukaschenko (Belarusian Hajun project, 25.06.2022).

Putin on Lukashenko’s request to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus: The Americans have 200 nuclear tactical warheads in 6 NATO countries in Europe and 257 aircraft to use them. I agree with you that we have to take care of the security of the Union State. Therefore I propose the following. The Belarusian army has a large group of Su-25 aircraft, they could be re-equipped and training of pilots could begin. And as we have agreed, within the next few months we will hand over to Belarus the Iskander-M tactical missile systems, which can use both ballistic and cruise missiles, both conventional and nuclear versions” (Telegram Channel – Пул N3, 25.06.2022).

This isn’t the first time in the conflict that Russians are toying around with the usage of nuclear weapons. That has been done earlier in the conflict. Putin already said there was a “nuclear option” as early as the 27th February of the war against Ukraine. Therefore, this is a continuation fo that.

Now it becomes even more apparent. As Putin makes it an option for Belarus. This isn’t only escalating things, but showing he operates. As the Budapest Memorandum meant nothing and the Russian Federation can dole it out to an ally instead. An ally that is participating in the war. Because, the Russian-Belorussian war-machine will not play fair. The Ukrainian nation gave up the nuclear option in the 1990s and now another neighbour possibly gets it.

That just shows what they are willing to do. The same Russians who is supposed to be threaten and feel it’s wrong of NATO or European allies to supply weapons to Ukraine. That they are saying is escalating and could lead to an escalation of war. However, the threat of the nuclear option and allowing allies to use it. Just shows what sort of regime that is operating in Moscow.

Kyiv have warned Europe and it’s allies. However, Berlin, Washington D.C. and Paris have been reluctant to give MIG-9 fighter jet or any other sort weaponry that could challenge the air-superiority of the Russians. That’s why this could give further precedence of giving weaponry of another level to Ukraine. Because, why should the West and European allies worry about what sort of arms they give or sell to Kyiv. When Moscow gives a missiles system that can be retrofitted to nuclear warheads. That just shows the difference between the Russian war-machine and what the West have been up too.

Certainly, I doubt that Brussels, Berlin, Paris or anywhere else is getting the memo. The message from Putin and Lukaschenko should be warning, but will they copy? Peace.

Ukraine: Statement by Amin Awad, Assistant Secretary-General and United Nations Crisis Coordinator for Ukraine (24 June 2022)

Ukraine: Russian cronies like Medvedev shows the world why they need to support Kyiv, asap!

I saw a report that Ukraine wants to receive LNG from its overseas masters under the Lend-Lease Treaty, with payment for delivery in two years. Otherwise it will simply freeze to death this coming winter. Just a question. Who said that Ukraine will exist at all on the world map in two years? Although the Americans no longer care – they are so invested in the anti-Russia project that everything else is nothing to them…” (Dmitry Medvedev, 15.06.2022).

The powerful men of Moscow, Kremlin and Duma is showing their heart or sentiments in concern towards Kyiv or Ukraine. Today it’s the former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, the current Deputy Chairman of Security Council is clear in his message. The ones who believes Russia invaded Ukraine to “save” or stop interference of NATO or the EU. No, it is all about power and imperial goals, which is taking over and annexing former USSR republics.

Here is questions the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine. He says in 24 months that the Ukraine as we know will no longer exist. We know that the rulers of Moscow wants a puppet President and corrupt cronies in office in Kyiv. That’s what Medvedev wants as well.

The ones that reads the Telegram of Medvedev should be aware that his plays into the sentiments of Russian nationalism and imperialism. The Russian Empire is supposed to become great again. Take back territories and become glorious. Though on the alter of that empire is lives and nations that burned. It was massacres, extra judicial-killings and rapes to get there. The costs of doing it is brutal and sinister. Since, no one wants to be a colony of Moscow or be ordered by Putin. That’s only people delusional about his goals and objectives, which is to a Stalin or a Lenin of our time.

Medvedev is just mocking the arms supplies of Kyiv. That the West and allies of Kyiv wants to help the Defence of the Republic against the Russian invasion, which is a righteous cause. The likes of Medvedev isn’t helping his own cause of domination or imperial glory. They are only showing what sort of war-machine is ordered and what they do.

That people shouldn’t blankly dismiss his words, as his an influential person. That’s why his former texts “On Poland” and “On Sanctions” has mattered. It shows what sort of sentiments that are currently in Russia and by high ranking officials. They really thinks like this and he just say it out loud.

The latest invasion started for over 100 days ago and the Russians thought it would only be a 3 day invasion to a total takeover of Ukraine. So, with this sort of statement. The leaders of Moscow is maybe hoping they have the capability and ability to grind the “win” over. As the European and Western allies isn’t quickly enough giving military aid or trading arms with Kyiv.

The European and Western allies has to prove the likes of Medvedev wrong. The Ukrainian army and leadership has shown resilience and will against a superior army. The Ukrainian people and their will to defend themselves should make Europe proud. As they are on the frontline for the rest of the continent. Since, this is the beginning of the new era of a new Russian Empire.

So, if the Europeans wants to stop that and do that without doing to much. That would be to give the artillery, tanks and missiles the Ukrainians need. Heck, give them the fighter-jets and air-defence up to standard. In such a manner, that it cannot only defend itself against mechanical divisions, but they can make the Russians retreat. As they are not only scorned, but beaten to pulp in foreign land.

That’s what the Western and European allies should have done yesterday. Medvedev and his kind only wants Ukraine deleted from earth. When they are thinking like this. This will not be end, but a start of constant wars. Since, the Russians wants more and after taking the biggest neighbour in the east. They would easily assess the possibility to invade another one. We shouldn’t be shocked by and especially not hearing what the Russian high ranking officials is saying or writing of lately.

All we should do is to show more than just blind solidarity, but also give what Kyiv needs. No one should accept this mockery of Medvedev. Instead, the allies should show why we want Ukraine to stay and never leave. That would humiliate the likes of Medvedev… and it would be a righteous cause. Since, the Russians are the villains and the Ukrainians are the victims here. Ukraine need support, help and arms. The time to do that is now and not tomorrow. Peace.

Ukraine: Kyiv City Council repeals the decree of founding Moscow issued in 1147…

When Moscow sneezes, Kyiv spikes a fever’ – A popular saying.

Decree of Kyiv Mayor Volodymyr Klitschko to cancel the decision of Prince of Kyiv Yurii Dolgorukyi on the foundation of Moscow in 1147” (AE UA, 10.06.2022)

In accordance with Articles 319 and 327 of the Ukrainian Civil Code […] repeals the decree of the Grand Duke of Kyiv, founding Moscow issued in 1147, as “a historical misunderstanding”

It has been just a day or so ago since the Russian Duma wanted to revoke their decree of independence of Lithuania. The Ukrainian capital has retorted to the Russian provocation with their own decree. As it states that it was a historical misunderstanding to found the Russian capital in 1147. Kyiv was founded in 482 and we can see the years that had gone since then.

The decree of Kyiv Mayor Klistchko will have no effect or make a standing. Nevertheless, it proves the historical ties and how things were in order. When President Putin wants to speak of colonies and areas of which are bound to not make sovereign decisions. Maybe, he should look into the factors of his “empire” and the creation of the Russian Federation, as it today. Not just cherry-pick the ones to fit his narrative or stories. Because, there could easily be grievances from neighbours back in time. If he wants to play the game of historical connections and who has the rights of a certain area. That could go to Sweden, Finland, Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania or the Kyivian Rus (862-1242), which was the latter who decreed the foundation of Moscow.

That’s why in the early beginnings of the war against Ukraine. When Putin claimed Kyiv didn’t have a nationhood or such. The richness of history and such goes deep. Only a fool and a deluded person would deny that. This is why the ones his invading with his “historical rights” too was initially behind the existence of the city of which he resides and holds power in. Kyiv decreed it and the rest is history. The Duma and Kremlin should reconsider their stances. The rest of Eastern Europe and other historical factors could come into play. Which isn’t only fitting the ones Russian Empire, but fits their historial perspective too. Therefore, when you start this game… out will play too.

Right now it is was an answer of the Kyiv City Council. This decree will not change things or make a direct difference. Though it shows there are historical ties, but maybe not in the manner of which fits the narratives of Putin. This instead shows that the “colony” wasn’t always that or the ones under control of Moscow. Could at one point decide its faith. Meaning that the imperial mindset of Putin is screwed, because the same argument can be used against him and his territories. Most likely not something he wants or has sought after.

That’s why the revelation of this decree only shows what sort of political games that can be played. It isn’t only the Duma or Kremlin who can have a say or show historical documents of origin stories. This is what the Kyiv City Council did by revoking the founding decree of Moscow. By doing so they “cancelled” Moscow. Though we know there is more to this and will not make a difference.

Just effectively trolling and showing the Russians that they can only do the “dance” if they have a chance. Peace.

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