Opinion: Putin you have ill intentions and the skulls of Ukraine speaks louder than your words

There are no bad intentions towards our neighbours. And I would also advise them not to escalate the situation, not to introduce any restrictions. We fulfil all our obligations and will continue to fulfil them. We do not see any need here to aggravate or worsen our relations. And all our actions, if they arise, they always arise exclusively in response to some unfriendly actions, actions against the Russian Federation” – President Vladimir Putin (04.03.2022)

Today’s national address on Russian Television from Vladimir Putin on the invasion in Ukraine. The days are going and going. It has been over a week since the official invasion and the numbers of fatalities are rising. The Russian army and Belorussian allies are sending missiles, dropping bombs and shelling urban areas across the Ukrainian republic. It is not like they coming with roses and humanitarian aid.

No, Putin and his allies are coming with invasion forces to overthrow and get rid of the elected leadership of Ukraine. He does this to get control of Kyiv and the nearby territories of the Russian Federation. Putin and his army isn’t coming with peaceful means, but with destructive and deprecating actions of his army towards the neighbour.

This is all bad intentions, there is no good ones here. Especially not from Moscow and Kremlin. Alas, these words are just infuriating and insulting to human intelligence. The ones believing it must be a fool and haven’t seen a single picture or video released from Ukraine. The burned buildings, shelled-high-rises, destroyed public buildings and people seeking shelter underground. Therefore, it is hard to see any positive vibes from Russia now.

It’s the Russian Federation and allies which has been unfriendly. It isn’t friendly to invade a sovereign and neither try to get rid of their leadership. As there been two reports of trying to assassinate and kill the elected leadership of Kyiv. That has been done by organizations and security groups associated with Kremlin. Therefore, there is no proof of any sort of goodness or well spirited initiatives under the current Putin regime.

I only see death and destruction, if that is seen good intentions… I don’t know about you… but for people like me. That is the definition of bad and ill-willed. That you are sending the army, air-force and navy to invade someone is barbaric and a clear violation of their sovereign rights as a nation. Therefore, Putin has no justification for this. Except he wants to takeover the previous USSR republics and have all influence of that political sphere. This is why Ukraine could only be the beginning. As he has send warnings shots to Sweden and Finland as well….

That’s why Putin is lying here and he shouldn’t be believed. This is fodder for the propaganda machine back home. However, the rest of the world is seeing the wilful acts of his troops in Ukraine. They are shooting, killing and destroying a nation. Just because one man is fearing his lost influence in Europe.

That is the tragedy here. The Ukrainian people are suffering, because one man decided to go war. That isn’t a good vibe or a good idea. No, it is really bad and he cannot defend that properly. Secondly, we are not buying it. Peace.

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