Tanzania: Tundu Lissu arrested

The Presidential Candidate and Joint Opposition Candidate Tundu Lissu of the CHADEMA party have been arrested as he tried to seek refuge at the German Embassy. He was outside the German Embassy for an hour or so. Tundu waited for help at the Umoja House and refuge in the hour in need. As he surely gotten the wind of news about what has happened to allies around him.

The opposition candidate who together with ACT Wazalendo have claimed this being an rigged election and called for demonstrations. Have now also been arrested. As several of his colleges and associates has been over the recent 48 hours. The CCM and the Authorities are picking up and arresting anyone in the leadership of the opposition parties. The only one able to run is Zitto Kabwe, but for how long?

Now, Lissu is taken to the Central Police Station and is in the hands of the state. He will now be charged and linger in jail. Surely like Mbowe and others who has been charged with terrorism. This man will share their fate. There will be no difference. Only that he dared to challenge Magufuli.

There will be no true peace in the United Republic. Where all opposition are targeted like criminals and terrorists. These are men fighting to be representatives and get into office. They did their duty as civilians wanting political office. They were not trying to cause public disorder or destroy the peace.

It is only a dictatorship who does this to its opponents. Arrest them, charge them and ensure they are within the bounds of the law. The CCM and the President knows this. They have yet another man in custody. This is the manner they want to reign in. Not in peace or legitimacy, but by the use of force.

This is the CCM of 2020. This is Magufuli in 2020. It is not democracy nor a representative government. Because, if it was… they wouldn’t need to make the opposition into criminals at the very moment after the results was verified and announced. Peace.

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