Tanzania: ACT-Wazalendo – Seif Sharif Hamad Blocked from Campaigning for 5 days (15.10.2020)

Tanzania: Chadema & ACT Wazalendo agreement seal a warning shot CCM’s way!

The two major opposition parties have now sealed a deal days ahead of the polls. Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) is now aimed at with precision. Chadema and ACT Wazalendo have signed a agreement, which means they are sharing constituencies, seats and wards. The biggest is that they have joint Presidential Candidates.

This means the Opposition have joint Presidential Candidate in the Union (or mainland), which is Chadema’s Tundu Lissu. While in Zanzibar, the ACT Wazalendo’s Seif Sharif Hamad. This is a victory for the two parties. As they are battling the CCM on all front and the state apparatus is going against them.

That they are doing this 25 or 24 days ahead of the polls on the 28th October 2020. What has happened is a game changer. All the odds are against both parties. Their coalition and agreement will cost. The parties have given way and possibly traded what seems fair. Also, hoping that they have assumed and done righteous after where they have the most possible MPs and such.

The opposition is really striking hard with this one.

CCM and the Electoral Commission will react to this. There will be a reaction. Just like the way the NEC went after Lissu and suspended his campaign. They will find something and either dismiss it or say it’s done wrong. If not, then the candidates of certain parties have to drop-out or suspend their campaigns.

I just know, that the goodwill and the idea of both parties will cost. The state is already going after them. The CCM is finding faults and making things hard for them.

We can hope this agreement and coalition can bring the goods. At least it is the sort of agreement that puts the pressure on the President and CCM. They are targeting the ruling regime and showing finesse.

This is surely a smart move. Will it work? I don’t know, but the opposition is showing heart. They are using their means and their strategic minds to go for the throne. If it will work. I really don’t know. As the state and CCM is so built together. It seems impossible that it will implode and self-destruct. However, you never know. Peace.

Tanzania: NEC suspends Lissu’s campaign for 7 days…

Today, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) have ordered in absentia, that CHADEMA and their Presidential Candidate Tundu Lissu is banned from campaigning for a week. This is happening after Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Serro warned him and issued a summons of him after rallies days before.

This here in clear intimidation and proves that all authorities in the nation is intertwined together with the ruling party, Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM). All of this just proves that the CCM isn’t doing anyone favours. Only there to install the same master and same regime after the polls.

That is why the CHADEMA is under fire for doing its duty as opposition. They are just campaigning like the opposition should. Tundu Lissu’s sins are that he has insulted the inteligence of Magufuli and his administration.

We know that CCM and President Joseph Magufuli wouldn’t do this, if they didn’t fear Lissu. They wouldn’t do this, if they didn’t feel threaten. The authorities are only doing this to give the President an advantage. Mere weeks before the polls. The polls are on the 28th October 2020.

CHADEMA and ACT-Wazelendo have both been under-fire … candidates disbarred and not eligible to stand. This has happen on a grand scale within these elections. From the same sort of body like the NEC and ZEC. These has closed the doors and dropped the keys. While the CCM can field whoever and its dandy.

What is really striking is that Lissu giving such a headache for the authorities. That they got to stifle his attempts to campaign and actually reach voters. This shows that the CCM doesn’t have a viable campaign or manifesto to stand up to the likes of Lissu.

We can anticipate more like this. Because, the State and the President will use all of its tools in their shed. Just so they put the nail in the coffin … put it six feet under and forget the body. That is how they are and how they operate.

Lissu will get into more trouble before the polls. This is just the beginning. The state will use all their means. CHADEMA and his allies will be in the spotlight too.

CCM will have a field day. Use all legislation and law enforcement to silence and stop him from campaigning. If Lissu tries, he will be behind bars and get into legal jeopardy. That is how the CCM and the likes operate. Because… Lissu is a threat.

If they didn’t fear the man, the NEC and IGP wouldn’t be on his tail. The CCM cannot contain the likes of Lissu. They are trying… but will not succeed. At some point the house will not hold. CCM and Magufuli might “win”, but that is after a rigged election.

It seems like they cannot win a fair fight. Therefore, they have to tie the arms and feet so the opposition cannot move. Peace.


Opinion: Is Chato the next Yamoussoukro or Gitega?

There been plenty of Presidents moving capitals to their home-towns, even if they are backwards in the middle of nowhere and has little connection the general history of the nations. These is big-man moves to build the image and the boost the ego of the Head of State.

The late President Pierre Nkurunziza moved the capital from Bujumbura to Gitega in the 2019. The Burundian President’s move isn’t new and neither is the idea of doing so. While Nkurunziza did it with haste. Making Gitega the political capital and Bujumbura the economic capital. Something, Houphouët-Boigny already did in the 1980s.

In the Ivory Coast, the first President since independence from France. Félix Houphouët-Boigny started to build and make greatness of his Yamoussoukro. A project he started in the 1960s and proclaimed the town as the capital of the Ivory Coast by March 1983. While designating Abidjan as the economic capital. The capital is now the 5th biggest city/town in the Ivory Coast, but proves how one man’s vision has changed the history and the importance of town, which only had 500 people in the 1950s.

Now, during the first term of President Joseph Magufuli is boosting his home-town Chato in Chato District in Geita Region. A district, which has about 360,000 citizens. That isn’t big in the scheme things. As the United Republic of Tanzania has over 56 million citizens. Dodoma the capital has about 2 million citizens and Dar Es-Salaam have 4,3 million citizens. So, Chato has little or nothing to show.

However, the state is really boosting it. By building a massive international airport and planning a big referral hospital too. The President has had state visits there to visit him. That being President Kenyatta in 2019 and President Museveni in 2020. So, the President keeps promoting it and being in focus of the place.

Magufuli building a magnificent new airport, hospital, remaking five game reserves into a National Parks, tarmacking the road from Busisi to Chato and so on. That is all benefiting Chato, which just happens to be his birthplace and hometown. Yes, he has not moved the capital or said anything about doing so. However, his boosting his town and area with big developments, which isn’t fitting the area itself. Even if the “Yes-Men” in the CCM claims so…

You know the town isn’t that big of deal, when the Chato District Commissioner and District Executive Director in November 2019 was grateful for financial contribution for a 3,000 spectator sized stadium in Chato. Therefore, the hospital, airport and such is only happening because the President has his heart here.

It seems like this is the dream of the President to make Chato great. Make his hometown into a paradise and have everything in order. Also, building Standard Gauge Railway to the town as well. We can see that the President is trying to make the most of out of his term. Bring all sort of infrastructure developments for a place, which isn’t all that significant, except in the heart of the President and his ancestors.

Magufuli is allowed like everyone to be proud of his homestead and represent that in office. There is nothing wrong with. Also brining some good fortunes to it too. That is part of the role of being in government. However, building projects fitting the big cities of the Republic, but is instead prioritized his hometown.

We know he has the heart in Chato and with time there will be more importance on it too. Magufuli wants to get this place to the upper echelon. That is evident by all the defence of the projects and the sizes of it. If it was made to its size. It would have been in the realm of the stadium of 3000 spectators and not a giant international airport and railway passing through.

Magufuli we see, we see you. If you know, now you know. This looks like his plan to make his Yamoussoukro or Gitega in the United Republic. I wouldn’t be shocked, because he has already started. Peace.

A Breakdown: Oil Exploitation, which is so taxing… why are the deals confidential?

Today, the Government of Tanzania have together with the Government of Uganda signed off to a Host Government Agreement (HGA), also together with Total, the supposed builder of the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

Today, all the years of waiting, stalling and finding measures of taxes pays-off. We can still wonder what is basic fee structure and what is the price of taxation of the extraction of oil exploitation in the Lake Albertine basin. In the same regard, we can wonder is the specific route for the pipeline and what consequences it will have to nature, reserves and national parks. Because, the drill itself is just in the near proximity of Murchinson Fall National Park. Before it will continue or pass through other untouched areas of both Uganda and Tanzania.

There is still not answers or openness about the deals in the regards to the Uganda National Oil Company (UNOC) and the Tanzania National Oil Company (TNOC), in combination to the ownership and licences of China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) and Total. Therefore, there are plenty of stakeholders and everyone wants to profit on the resources.

With both Republics signing of the HGA agreement and preparing for the Final Investment Decision (FID). The building of the pipeline and the industry can start off. This has also been stopped by taxation and the questionable acquisitions of exploitation licences in Lake Albert. Therefore, the whole Heritage and Tullow taxation case and the costs it had for Total to pay off that. Is still not shown to the public or if the Government of Uganda has forgiven the past company to give way. While Tullow surely wanted profits for their time and the valuable licences they had gotten rights too in earlier rounds.

What is also worrying to me? Well, the deals are not public. The agreements between the Corporations and the Republics are practically unknown and only mere fragments is out. Just like the power-sharing of 60% to Tanzania and 40% to Uganda. Is still not saying much, considering this will be still carved up by Total and CNOOC too, also some sort of deal with UNOC and TNOC. These will not operate on charity, but as a benefactor of the Republic itself.

The public should know this, because it is public resources, state resources and oil exploitation on public land. The companies are using licences and also the same licenses to transport the crude oil in the pipeline from Lake Albert to Port Tanga. Therefore, it is needed to get this knowledge to show the price, the agreements and the possible perks. Because, we don’t if they even have strings or not.

We should wonder why its confidential and kept a secret. The companies should also be displeased, unless they like to exploit without any transparency. Because, these deals and arrangements haven’t been made transparent or with accountability. It has been done in the chambers of Entebbe and in Tanzania. The general public will only see a fraction and not know the full extent.

That is a deliberate action by Presidents and their handlers. The UNOC, TNOC, Total and CNOOC can operate without to much scrutiny and just enjoy the cheers. There is a need to know, but don’t expect it. Since, the GoU and GoT haven’t delivered this in past, neither has the GoU showed anything from the previous deals with Heritage/Tullow. Why should they suddenly change of heart?

I don’t think so… unless there is a sudden miracle. If not … if there is a shady deal and one company feels used and will take it to an international court. Then, we will see some evidence of what went down. However, until then… we only know the bits and pieces. Peace.

Opinion: NEC & ZEC is just rigging it for CCM

The way things are going, the way the authorities, the state bodies are operating. They are just tools of engagement for the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) and the President Joseph Magufuli to have total control ahead of the October Elections.

Now, there is reports, which isn’t shocking anyone knowing how things are playing out. That the CHADEMA and ACT Wazenlendo are having barred candidates for the Parliament in the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the same by the Zanzibar Electoral Commission (ZEC). This is done in a fashion and in a way to secure the majority before the polls even starting.

Meaning, the election is rigged before a ballot is dropped. The majority is secured. The CCM and their allies are already ahead. As the two main opposition are barred from attending being on the ballots and having ability to field candidates in the races. This means the CCM will have control of the National Assembly and the one in Zanzibar.

That’s why the One-Party State is in full effect. Where the opposition is already marginalized and rigid controlled by lots of laws, stipulated provisions and so fourth. Making it nearly impossible to be organized, also ability to build parties and hold internal operations. Still, with that they have had the opportunity and manpower to field candidates across a broad spectrum. While the NEC and ZEC finds it easy to disqualify and make them illegible to participate as a candidate in the up-coming elections.

The same would not happen on a large scale for the CCM. Which is steadily moving ahead with all control and ensuring safety for a new majority. They don’t even have to work for it. The state is securing it and there will be no issues. The opposition have to battle to run for seat before even properly campaigning. That is how sinister this is. You are losing before your really playing.

This is just an example in a long line of grievances. Where the state reach and control is going into bonkers territory. Where the CCM and the President can suspend, stop and silence the ones who are in their way. They access and limits civic space, they silence the press and media, so that only their perspective is coming out.

That’s why from the get-go, these elections are neither free nor fair. That was deliberate by the authorities, by the ones in power and the President is blessing it all with his presence. He sure must be proud. Winning by participating, not by love or by his achievements. His just winning because he owns it and he runs it.

If you wonder, there is no heart in this. It is just a facade and a game, where the rules are set and the winners are awaiting their price. The tallies, the polls and the ballots are pre-fixed. There is no guessing, hope and the winner will proclaimed, but not celebrated. Everyone knew who would win and there was no other option.

The state has already fixed that, the rest are just pawns waiting to get played. Peace.

Tanzania: The CCM must be proud of blocking opposition candidates…[ahead of the polls]

If your thinking of free and fair elections? Are you thinking of Tanzania? If you do? Your wrong. They are neither free nor fair. In Tanzania, the Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) are the state and ruling with a whip. They are whipping the opposition into submission. The party is using the state to hold control and censor the dissidents.

That is why media houses are shut down or suspended. This is why the state has to allow opposition to hold press conference and rallies. Even their party program and their internal training exercises has to get a go from the authorities.

The CHADEMA and ACT-WAZELENDO are now being blocked. Just like they were in the 2019. They were ensuring the opposition parties couldn’t field candidates. That is why the CCM initially ran against ghosts and goats.

They are doing the same ahead of the polls in late October 2020. There are several of Members of Parliament of the CCM who are running unopposed. After the Electoral Commission have dismissed several of them. For various of reasons. However, there are never any reports of the same commission dismissing nominations made by the CCM. Isn’t that a sign of something, right?

The CCM is the state and acts like the state. They are appointing anyone and controls everything. The CCM has the army, legislation and the civilian government. There are nothing they don’t have. They even have a bickering, faint-hearted and weak-spirited President in Magufuli. Who cannot stomach criticism, statistics or foreign broadcast without giving a thumbs up. It has to fit his narrow mind.

In this regard, the state is more envisioned to the small perspective of Magufuli. That is why the CCM are blocking nominated MPs from the Opposition. So, they have constituencies without any competition. When you are blocking 100s of candidates from both parties. The CCM and the Electoral Commission is proving their “independence”.

The CCM is destined to win this. Not because they have any policies or manifesto. Neither does it has any will or character to pull it off. However, they are the state and controls the whole thing. They will use all means to dislodge and disrupt the opposition. The Opposition also have no power or ability to operate without validation from appointees from the CCM.

That is why the October Election is pre-fixed and the recent actions proves it again. The CCM are not even willing to play it out. They rather use their means to humiliate and destroy the opposition. Instead of campaigning against them. The CCM doesn’t even have the heart to pull that off under Magufuli.

That is who the CCM under Magufuli is, a bunch of cowards. Who doesn’t have the character to even try to run a honest campaign. They have to use the powers of the authorities to stop the opposition from challenging them. Cannot even be on the ballots and act this out. That is too much to ask from these folks, apparently. Peace.

Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Coalition (THRDC): A Notice of Cancellation of THRDC’s Activities (17.08.2020)

Tanzania: Nobody is more afraid of the truth, than President Magufuli

Nobody in the world right now is more afraid for the truth then President Joseph Magufuli. Why do I say this?

Well, no one I know in power has challenged the free press, the social media and all content in the way President Magufuli and Chama Cha Mapundzi (CCM) have done during his first term in power. No one has made it so difficult and made cracked down on the media houses like him.

President Magufuli is a coward. You cannot release statistics without getting an okay. You have to register your blog, the content and everything to the authorities. Newspapers and radios has lost license over broadcasting simple truths. Journalists behind bars and so fourth.

You cannot post a lot of different content online now. Like you cannot post content in concern with spreading news about disease, activism or demonstrations and so much more. Just like previous laws, the foreign news-broadcasters had to submit their films before publishing them. To see if the authorities would accept their content.

Today, the new regulation is that the local broadcasters are not allowed to broadcast content from foreign broadcasters, unless it has been verified and accepted by the same authorities. This is continuing the battle against the free press.

There is no revision of a law in connection to the media, free speech or content, that is not made with consideration of valuing the free speech. Instead it is made to secure the message and spread the message that the state wants.

The CCM and the President have added and added. Taken more and more measures. It is an overbearing enterprise, where everyone involved in media and online has to follow the regulations and laws. Unless, they want to be suspended or loose their licenses. Even paying the authorities to be a blogger and register their social media accounts.

Magufuli is so afraid of the written word, on-air and news on TV. That his prerogative apparently. It been part of his memo to the world. That his fearing the truth, fearing the reporting and people looking into his work. Because, he only wants to rubber-stamp everything and control all things.

That’s why the media is bruised and compromised by the state. This is all deliberate. Magufuli knows this and the CCM wants to censor the media.

Magufuli is afraid of the truth, if you know, now you know. Peace.

Tanzania: Travel Advisory No. 5 proves that you cannot declare COVID-19 away

President Joseph Magufuli declared on Sunday 7th of June 2020 that God had healed the United Republic of Tanzania and that here was no COVID-19 or Coronavirus. That is why I am confused by the message of Travel Advisory of No. 5 of 5th August 2020. These two things doesn’t add up.

We already know that Tanzanian truck drivers bring the virus to Uganda and Kenya. They report on the COVID-19 results on the daily and are screening the border-points for the virus. However, there been no results coming from Tanzania since April. Therefore, the only snippets we know is the little drips of driver passing the border points.

We know that the virus isn’t defeated in Tanzania. Even if the President has proclaimed and declared in June 2020. That is why in August, the warnings are there from the Authorities. The same authorities that has revoked licenses to media houses for spreading the worrying news from foreign embassies. Since, the state will not bring the truth to the public. That would hurt the soul and damage the calm of the President.

A President who has proclaimed and declared that the Republic is without COVID-19. That was done 2 months ago. June has passed and July too. We are in August and it just proves something. That you cannot just wish this thing away. It will linger, especially if you trying to ignore it or not act upon it. Sooner or later it will be an invisible enemy you cannot control.

Yes, we have no numbers, no stats since April, but we do have the travel warning. Which is telling a story the state has avoided for a minute. It is also saying something in contradiction to the President.

Magufuli, the bulldozer and narrow-minded President must be shell-shocked and on the brink of tears when he see the Travel Advisory and why it was unleashed without his stamp of approval. Because, this is undermining his efforts to “contain it” and “pray it away”. Seems like the Holy Father also wants a man to use wisdom and the intellect he bestowed upon men. Not just nonchalant acting like things stops to exists.

The President is failing. If he was succeeding. Then this advisory would have sounded differently. When they saying its decreasing, that means its there and haven’t left. Just not as big as it was, which we cannot know. Why? Because, the President kept that a secret. While he was praying and paying his tithes to the church. Peace.