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Opinion: Magufuli, your prayers is not enough, show me your deeds!

When President Joseph Magufuli of the United Republic of Tanzania says by prayer the nation has been healed of COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. We can be especially concerned not only by the share rate of Tanzanian truck-drivers testing positive at the border-points to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. However, with the share lack of data, proof and evidence of a setback of cases within the Republic as whole.

The President is living on a prayer and that’s dangerous. Even from a Christian perspective. It’s like he take the biblical principals halfway. Sort of the way he now also takes scientifically proven evidence too. That’s why he tests goats and other things.

In this manner, I will quote a passage from Letter of James Chapter 2: 14-19:

What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them? Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds. You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder” (New International Version).

This is the sort of scripture I think the President of Tanzania needs, as he acts of faith and trust in the greater God, but doesn’t act. He speaks of trust in God, the whole father of all creation, but doesn’t use his mind or his office to help the ones in need. Instead of using all means, everything he access and wealth of his office. His instead barricading and praying like a fool.

I pity the Tanzanian people, the citizens of Tanzania. That they have to trust in a Head of State. Whose busying praying and mysteriously hope a pandemic virus disappears. While his not using methods of testing, routing the groups of cases nor narrowing the spread by any means. He does have the power to do so. Yes, the numbers would spike first with mass testing. However, if they know the sources and can trace, than they can scientifically stop it. Unless, there is imported new cases and get a second wave.

Therefore, the President can claim faith, but he doesn’t have the deeds. His speaking of peace, keeping warm and being fed. However, he doesn’t ensure shelter, medicine nor treatment. His just hoping things vanish in thin-air. Hoping his faith is enough, which is half-baked approach at best.

Yes. Praying and sending good energy is a good thing. To have faith and believe is God. There is nothing wrong in that, but you should also act as a Christian. As a man of faith and serve the community your apart of and especially if your signalling yourself as a Christian leader. Than, you should act like one and not just talk, but actually do as well. That means not only praying, but behaving within your means.

When your a Head of State, you should use your means and actually serve the whole Republic. The President should do his deeds. Not only live on the prayer. That’s not cutting it, even the scripture disapproves. Peace.

Tanzania: Regional Administration and Local Goverment – Arusha Region – Press Release (20.05.2020)

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Tanzania: ACT Wazalendo – Press Release on 15th May 2020 by Bonifasia Mapunda, Deputy Head of International Office ACT Wazalendo (15.05.2020)

Tanzania: The COVID-19 Response without a direction [and absent Head of State]

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”Plato

I am sure there goats, pawpaws and others who are feeling guilty right now. Just as today the United States Embassy in the United Republic of Tanzania alleged the state and the hospitals of Dar Es Salaam struggles to cope with the amount of Coronavirus cases.

We know that there are issues as Kenya and Uganda are putting in the numbers of Tanzanian Truck-drivers driving into their Republics. In Kenya, they are not letting the truck-drivers pass into the Republic if they have it. There is Presidential Directive in Uganda to await on the border-points to the results of the tests are done. Before they are allowed to carry-on or not.

Therefore, the neighbour republic’s are acting upon the issues within Tanzania. There haven’t been any reports on the amount of spread, how many who has it or has died of it. There was reports last month of burring the dead at night. So, the President doesn’t want to scare or make any issues. The President just hopes it vanish into thin air.

That’s why Zambia even closed the borders for a while. They did this because of the fear of spread from Tanzania. That is worrying, as the Republic’s around Tanzania see the issue, but the man leading it internally doesn’t see it. His only praying and hoping holy water can save the day. If so, the Madagascar cure can solve it too. Because, what better leave this up to faith and not use our general intelligence, which God has blessed mankind with. A common sense, which clearly is far from common with the man in charge.

He is neglecting meetings with Southern African Development Community (SADC) and East African Community (EAC). We know its serious when today, the Embassy of Ireland closed in Dar because of the COVID-19 spread there. They wouldn’t do that, if they didn’t see the need to do so.

What we are seeing is a man fumbling in the dark without any direction. The President is walking into darkness without a flashlight nor using his light on his cellphone. His just wandering around and not acting upon a crisis. He hopes to gloss over it and that it dies out on its own. If he does it like this, his own will die and he will create havoc. More losses than he could have achieved and also ensured more people could possibly live long healthy lives. Instead, he wanted to be a simp in his home and not act upon it.

President Magufuli thinks living in ignorance is a virtue. He thinks that this is enlightenment and brilliance. This from the same man nicknamed the bulldozer, now his the ghost in the machine and the missing Head of State.

Its like his lost in his office, trying to configure his Nintendo Gameboy from his childhood or something. His secretaries are asking if he plans to do something about it or order PPE. No, he needs to play Mario and Donkey Kong. It’s like he cannot act upon the works of government. The man wasn’t prepared for this or had any training in dealing with a pandemic. He just want to wish it away. Like a little kid wishing upon a star and hoping the wish comes true.

That is the man of Magufuli. He was a coward not letting activists, journalists and opposition act upon their roles in society without getting into legal trouble. He could be rough with them, but a virus. His so weak, fragile and beyond comprehension. That is why he is shell of himself.

Somewhere in the Presidential Palace his playing Gameboy and enjoying Mario hours upon end. Because, this man cannot govern. At least not in the sense of achieving positive results in concern of this COVID-19. Unless, letting lots of people die of mysterious illnesses and not do proper testing. Also, not stopping the spread and ensuring the lives of the citizens. Social distancing and lockdowns are curse-words in the mind of this President.

No, his just into gaming and doing nothing. Which he apparently does best, because he cannot govern. Peace.

ACT Wazalendo – COVID-19: Don’t Keep Your People In The Darki, President Magufuli (12.05.2020)

Opinion: Magufuli wants COVID-19 to vanish into thin-air

This is it how it seems. This is an illusion and nothing is real. The world is a smokescreen and we’re on a stage performing for the master. We are all puppets and a theatre for the elites, for the 1 % of he world and the ones who are the imperialists. We are all just tools in their game of Monopoly.

If not the President of the United Republic of Tanzania wishes he was the star of Science Fiction franchise. Where he is the President whose always right. Who can use any means to stay in power. Make Unification Day into Military Parade, make Opposition leaders and activists barred from the public or arrested. If not use his ability to pull ranks to sack whoever makes him look bad.

With that in mind, the President who wants to look strong, be a big-man and be feared as such. President Magufuli wants that look. However, at his very moment his weak. It’s like he wants the global pandemic to vanish. He wants so far gone.

That’s why he haven’t acted upon it. Not like the way he does with his enemies or the ones slacking in their public offices. Because, if this virus had been an opposition leader he fears. He would have sent it to the Courts. Charged it with money laundering and let the virus linger in jail in-definitely. However, it is a virus and cannot be contained in that way.

That’s why the President has held prayer rallies, said the borders cannot be closed and neither a proper lockdown. MPs are dying. People are being buried in the night and the rising numbers of cases should worry the President. Instead he questions the methods, the tests and if it is real.

The chemist Magufuli questions the tests and its results. Yes, there been inefficiencies with tests and some has shown wrong. What you then do, is to retest and see if you get similar results with other kits. Then the state procure other kits and ensure the security of the citizens. As prominent people are dying and the President knows this.

All of this hurts his re-election campaign. This here strikes to the heart of power. As the President looks like the weak praying uncle who cannot figure out how to date a woman and becomes a loner with snakes. That is how this President looks. That he goes into buying CVO – Tambvy as a remedy from Madagascar. Only shows that his all going blind on faith and not on scientifically results anymore.

The President wants to live the life, be the successful and remembered Head of State. He will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. His legacy will be tarnished. The public sure wished they had a capable guy with some wit who could release them from this toll. However, his instead playing table tennis with his balls instead of actually acting upon the COVID-19.

Magufuli could have acted, done proper testing and ensured people not loosing their lives. He could have enforced rules on social distancing and secured the public. However, he rather risk that on a dare. Using tests of goats and papayas as a sign of misfortune and deceit. Nevertheless, the President is deceiving himself, but also his supporters too.

We know now that Magufuli really wants this vanish into thin-air. He just want it to go away. His dreaming it away, praying and living on a dare. However, that is not the method. The President should look to South Korea and elsewhere for signs for how to battle it. Instead, his day-dreaming hoping it will be gone as quickly as it appeared.

Only the mere immortals would dare that. The rest of us just have to wake up and smell the coffee. Peace.

My letter to President Magufuli: A foolish son brings grief to his mother!

30th April 2020 Oslo

Dear President John Pombe Magufuli

We are in troubling times, we are in times of a worldwide pandemic and the truths of your labour will be fourth-coming. The reality Mr. President is that your actions, your choices and your decrees will be detrimental for the people. Your decisions can save lives, your actions can make a difference.

You decide Mr. President, if you want to make a difference or let God’s will happen willy-nilly. That is up to you. However, I doubt God is that stupid and neither are you. God has blessed you with a mind and spirit. A functioning brain, your an educated man with a degree and you know science in your field. Therefore, its weird that you cannot combine those and see the wisdom of both. You can be both a Christian man and follow the wisdom of men. It isn’t that hard.

Let me recite a proverb to prove myself Mr. President:

A wise son brings joy to his father,

but a foolish son brings grief to his mother” (Proverbs 10:1, New International Version).

Right now Mr. President your not bringing joys to the fathers of the United Republic. You are bringing grief to the mothers. As they are burying their loved ones. Seeing their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers dying, because of your in-action. There is talk of a number of 50 dead in Dare-Es-Salaam alone today. Second MP who died and 10 prominent persons of nation. This is worrying, as you haven’t put in social distancing measures and other regulations to safeguard the public.

You are bringing grief to your mothers. You are the President. The man who could bring joy the fathers. Mr. President, you could act wise and do something. The prayers aren’t everything. Yes, God wants us to show faith in both spirit and action.

So, let me recite another proverb from the same chapter to you:

The wise store up knowledge,

but the mouth of a fool invites ruin” (Proverb 10:14, New International Version).

Why do I say this, well you could have used the knowledge of the world. Taken into account what happened around you with lockdowns and closure of public spaces. Where people are staying home, washing hands and social distancing. That has been the main objective, that is why quarantining and only doing needed shopping has been the norm. So, its weird that a man of high education and degrees who became a politician doesn’t store up knowledge and use it. Instead runs your mouth and invites ruin.

It is like the proverbs are fitting for you Mr. President. It shouldn’t be that easy. You have a Parliamentary lockdown, but not a national and neither acting towards the citizens who are worried. There are videos of citizens buried in the night to hide the realities. That is not good Christian. Neither is it bringing joy, but grief. A proof of lack of storing knowledge and your mouth invites ruin.

I’m writing because, this should worry you Mr. President. The more the spread of the coronavirus. The more death will come. The more heartache and suffering. You can decide to do something and make a difference. That’s all up to you.

You where known as the bulldozer and been such a tyrant towards your opposition. Why cannot you use that will towards battling the virus? Where the results could be saving life, instead of saving your office?

So, please do something. Use your knowledge, bring joy to the fathers and avoid bringing more grief to the mothers.

Best regards

Writer of Minbane

Tanzania: Magufuli is livin’ on a prayer

Woah, we’re halfway there

Woah-oh, livin’ on a prayer

Take my hand, we’ll make it, I swear

Woah-oh, livin’ on a prayer” – Bon Jovi – “Livin’ life on a Prayer” (1987)

As the saga continues in the United Republic of Tanzania, the President John Pombe Magufuli refuses to order a lockdown and close of vital operations. Neither close businesses, schools or anything involving society. The rise of cases of COVID-19 or Coronavirus is appearing. Surely, the pain will felt sooner or later. However, the man believes will shield him over this. As it is devils work and God can overpower that.

Nevertheless, God gave us a mind to use it and also two ears to listen. This meaning listening to science and health care experts who has advice in circumstances like this. The Tanzanian authorities who usually knows how to strike down on opposition leaders and activists. Knows how to use authority, but in this instance refuse to utilize it to safeguard its citizens. This will sooner or later backfire. The hurt will be felt and the amount of hospitalization will hurt not only the economy, but also dozens of families. Which looses their loved ones over the recklessness of the authorities.

Here is the recent news:

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has declared a three-day national prayers period to help combat the novel coronavirus as the reported cases in the country rose to 94. “Fellow Tanzanians, due to the pandemic, I urge to use these three days, from April 17 to April 19, to pray for God’s protection and healing,” the President tweeted on Thursday evening” (Beatrice Materu – ‘Tanzania: COVID-19 – Magufuli Declares Three Days of National Prayers, The East African, 17.04.2020).

President Magufuli should act wise, but don’t count on it. This is his pride now, as he has since before Easter spoken of Godly intervention and not closing churches. Like big-crowds and non social distancing is wise in the midst of global pandemic. Even if the numbers aren’t striking. Still people are dying in Zanzibar and on the main-land because of the COVID-19. That should be a warning for anyone.

The rate of spread will only grow, as long as there is no mitigation. It is only rare luck that not more are verified or more cases are official. Because, sooner or later the system will not able to handle. As the sickness can be spread up to average 4 persons and someone can walk around with it. With no signs or symptoms. The asymptomatic function of COVID-19 is the worry some bother here.

As even there is no signs, the people might have gotten infected and spreading it to others. The tally now is 94 official, but might be more who no-one know about. These might be fatigued or lack taste in their homes.

President Magufuli is living on a prayer. In that fashion, he should consider the bridge from the song:

Ooh, we’ve got to hold on, ready or not

You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got” – Bon Jovi – “Livin’ on a Prayer” 1987

The President should fight the COVID-19, but instead his praying. The prayers in means to the ills, but he should also apply other measures too. Especially when the world has them already. God gave the mankind wisdom, time to apply that as well. Peace.

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