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Zimbabwe: No remedies found to solve the hyperinflation!

Hyper-inflation has the Republic of Zimbabwe by its neck. Where the salaries cannot keep up with the prices on basic goods. Neither, can the salaries cope with the prices on electricity or fuel. While, the Republic is soon starving, water-crisis hitting major cities, doctor-strikes and teacher-strikes. There isn’t any good news on the horizon.

Unless, your reading the Herald. Than the Finance Minister again promise a better next year and better financial situation. Without any proof or guidance of it. The RTGS Dollar is devalued, the lack of foreign exchange has hit the markets and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe seems to has lost all touch with reality.

The inflation rate has sky-rocketed into the highest heavens and making costs a living hell. There is no lie in that, unless you have eaten funds of Command Agriculture, than your golden and got enough funds to get-by.

Still, the remedies, the policies and the acts of the state hasn’t stagnated the inflation. Neither, has their decisions with in concern of ECOCASH or others. There are nothing proving to be working and the rates are not going down.

The ZANU-PF control of the finances, the economic stimulus or whatever it is doing; its not working at all. There are no proof or no signal. No smoke and no fire, just a waterfall of a massive crack of devalued currencies.

At this very moment. The rates cannot get worse. At this very moment, the hurt, the pain and issues remain. That the public cannot keep up with the rates and prices, the idea of self-sufficient isn’t there.

The government and institutions can lie, like they do in the Herald. But that will not solve anything. The margins of error is already to big and the relief is non-existent, even if the President can be vagabond and globe-trotter, while his state is suffering.

Well, enough of this. Zimbabwe deserves better. The lack of trust and lack of ideals to solve this conundrum is evident. The magicians behind the scenes cannot get rid of this rabbit. Even if they by a hat abroad. They cannot put a scarf on it and patch the hurt. It needs more love than that. Peace.

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