Opinion: Thou shall not pray…

“Police in western Uganda are holding six people, including former Fort Portal City Mayor, Rev Kintu Willy Muhanga, on charges of inciting violence and unlawful assembly. The six were arrested Wednesday as they moved in some parts of Fort Portal City and Kabarole District holding meetings to “pray for unfulfilled government pledges.”” (…) “According to police, the organizers listed unfulfilled pledges that include the construction of Kijura Road, an industrial park at Kyembogo, reconstruction of Buhinga Stadium as well as construction of Saaka and Kazingo security roads. The suspects were due to be arraigned before in court on March 30” (Alex Ashaba – ‘Reverend, 5 others arrested over holding prayers for unfulfilled Museveni pledges’ 30.03.2023, Daily Monitor).

In the Republic, nothing is holy, and nothing cannot be touched. Especially, if you dare to offend the Don. No one should argue or even question the ruler. The Self-Styled President for Life, President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhurwa Museveni who has reigned supreme since 1986. No one should ever question his means or his record. He is a deity living on earth and we are mere mortals who are lucky to be in the presence of him.

Nah… but you get the gist. If there is anyone who protests, dissent or even plans to organize against the state. The authorities will pick you up or arrest you. In the case of Reverend Muhanga and associates are no different. If he had been more aligned with the state or the government, he would most likely get a free car around election time.

Nevertheless, here we are, and a reverend cannot even pray for the unfulfilled promises of the National Resistance Movement (NRM). Even when the First Lady is sounding and acting like a high priest or an evangelical pastor of some sorts. The President even uses scripture at any convenient time too. But blocking prayers… that’s something the state can do on the regular.

We know the authorities has blocked prayers from both National Unity Platform and Forum for Democratic Change. So, this isn’t anything new from the authorities, but more of the same.

This is the sort of state of affairs we have gotten accustomed too. Where prayers or small groups assembling are either blocked or called “unlawful”. Just for the simple reason that it dissents from the NRM. It is just common practice, and the Police Force is doing it on the regular. While “government” protests are allowed for causes beneficial of the high-ranking officials. Meanwhile, anyone else who dares are arrested and silenced by the same state. Therefore, this is the sort of “democracy” that Museveni is running and been doing so for years.

A reverend cannot even pray for the misgivings, the grievances and the plights of his fellow people. That’s what the state has come too. This is how far the NRM, and the Government of Uganda goes… while the same leaders and high-ranking officials are trying to act holier than thou. Alas, that is all a lie, because they cannot even stomach prayers that questions their inactions and their lack of development. Peace.

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