Opinion: Namayanja told the sacred truth which is hidden in plain sight…

The NRM deputy Secretary-General Rose Namayanja Nsereko has advised Adventists to join political leadership instead of leaving it to those that are perceived as unethical. “Politics is a dirty game because you the clean people avoid it. So embrace this political space to make your nation better,”Namayanja said” (Kenneth Kazibwe – ‘Politics is a dirty game because the clean ones have shunned it, says NRM’s Namayanja’ 12.03.2023, NilePost.co.ug).

It is unique that the Deputy Secretary-General of the National Resistance Movement, Rose Namayanja Nsereko was saying this yesterday in Luweero. What the politician said isn’t revolutionary or anything new. Her own master and leader said the same… it is compelling that after ruling the nation for 37 years. The same President has the same issues of his predecessors and nothing has changed.

Because, President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni said this once upon a time:

Cleanliness in leadership is one of the rarest commodities in Uganda” (Weekly Topic June 6, 1980).

Now in 2023 and one of his underlings is saying the same. She is using her words, but practically telling what Museveni believed in 1980. It is plenty of years and water under the bridge. There been several of cabinets, MPs and leaders changed since then. The ones that Museveni was silently mentioning and calling unclean is out of office. It is now his people that is “unclean” and partaking in the “dirty” game of politics.

If the Deputy Secretary-General thought this was wise… it is sort of scoring an own-goal. We know about the scandals, the support of injustice and lack of due diligence. We know about the rampant corruption, inept governing bodies and lack of proper oversight. That is common knowledge in 2023 and it’s a system created by her boss. His Excellency and his kitchen cabinet is siphoning and ensuring the depressing state of affairs. The unclean hands and lack of procedure is his fault. The bad leadership is coming from the top. It trickles down the chain-of-command and everyone is touched by it. That’s why things never change…

The Deputy Secretary-General of NRM might mean well and is considering the people she’s speaking too. Nevertheless, it just shows where the NRM has failed. Initially, the NRM through the NRM Way and the Movement System should have eradicated a lot of “bottlenecks”, but instead it has prolonged the agony and suffering of the people. It is serving because of army and the authorities, but not because of it’s popularity. That is the gist of things and the junta government holds a strong grip over the Republic. Which is why it doesn’t evolves and it has no incentives to do so. It is earning currency on continuing the modus operandi and following the orders of the “high above”. That why we are here and have such shady individuals in power or in office. They are more concerned with their tummies, than serving the constituency or the people at large.

So, the D-SG might be right, but she is telling a secret hidden in plain sight. People know this and Museveni spoke about it back in the 1980s. Now the same trouble is haunting him and everyone sees it. This time… it’s all his fault and he built this system. His party and NRM CEC have vouched for it and created this style of governance. That’s why we are here and all the hands are dirty. Peace.

Opinion: Mzee’s nonsense apology…

After the recent days of Tweets from now General Muhoozi Kainerubaga. The father has intervened and written an apology to the Kenyan people. President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni was forced to do something and he did. He had to save face for the family and his regime. Because, his son who is in a few years 50 years old had acted scandalous.

Muhoozi should know better, but his arrogance and entitlement, he don’t know better. There is no constraint or abilities to silence him. He is a braggadocios being and a proud one at that. Muhoozi was born with a silver-spoon and he gotten massive fortunes because of his father. It is not earned on merits or qualifications. Everything has befallen him because of his father. All we know of him and the reasons for his promotions is only out of family ties. The case of Muhoozi is the stereotypical nepotism and nothing else.

That Museveni has written an apology is following where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Press Release from the day before. These two are both trying to downplay and hope for no aftermath after the Tweets. That’s the reason this happen. It is really interesting in the apology itself that Museveni says this:

I ask our Kenyan brothers and sisters to forgive us for tweets sent by General Muhoozi, former Commander of Land Forces here, regarding the election matters in that great country. It is not correct for Public officers, be they civilian or military, to comment or interfere in any way, in the internal affairs of brother countries” (…) “Why, then, promote him to full General after these comments? This is because this mistake is one aspect where he has acted negatively as a Public officer. There are, however, many other positive contributions the General has made and can still make. This is a time-tested formula –discourage the negative and encourage the positive. Very sorry, ndugu zetu Wakenya” (Museveni, 05.10.2022).

We know it’s ironic that Museveni writes these words, like we don’t know what his armies have done in neighbour countries. As if, we don’t know what he has done in the past and toppled regimes to install Museveni friendly leaders there. That’s why it’s sort of hypocritical of him to write this. Yes, his right about that part, but his also the wrong man to write these words. I don’t believe them, because of Museveni’s own past and those ghosts should haunt to eternity.

The other part is just merely insulting, that someone can breach the UPDF Act, act scandalous and spread harmful propaganda. While his still promoted for doing so. His losing the title and being a direct army commander, but his becoming a General at the same time. That’s why the son isn’t really punished, but is instead promoted. If a civilian, an activists or an opposition wrote something similar. He would be bound by law and be in legal trouble right now. He wouldn’t get a fancier suit and be held in high regards.

No one with common sense should believe this apology. Yes, the father has responded and tried to save face. However, the damage is done and its obvious. There is also fear in the Republic of the power of Muhoozi and his insider connections. Since, the MoFA Press Release didn’t mention him or any of his characterizations.

A 48 year old man lacks manner, honour or the understanding of his role. That is so poignant after all of this. If he had felt the rank and office, which he was residing in. He wouldn’t have risked it and acted like he did. However, he don’t have to care, because there is no consequences to him. His only getting elevated by failing. That’s the gist of him here.

Next time he fails. Maybe he will be promoted to the Commander of Defence Forces (CDF). That’s the only thing missing now. Before he resigns from his military roles and the UPDF. This is what his missing of titles and roles at this very moment.

Muhoozi knows he can get away with everything. There is no oversight or transparency about his activity. His just allowed to operate and without any sort of scrutiny. That’s why he has such bravado. Peace.

Uganda: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni – Statement On Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s Tweets About Kenya (05.10.2022)

Opinion: Muhoozi becoming General by default…

After days of causing controversy on Twitter, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga has been promoted to a General. He is now Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga by just living and breathing. There is no efforts or achievements, neither is there any progression or actions made on the battlefield. Because of the humiliation and bad press. The father had to act and he lost the position of being an army commander, but keeping the title of Senior Presidential Advisor for Special Operations. Meaning Muhoozi still have access and power.

Gen. Muhoozi have gotten a superior rise to become General. This progression has happened quickly and it’s not on merits. No, this is just family matters. That’s why Muhoozi has now gotten a title, but has demoted in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF).

The father has promoted and demoted him at the same time. That’s because of how his acting as a public figure and army commander. Yes, his out of the army now and could practically run for office in 2026. That’s something the 48 year old man wants to do. Even if he has no oral skill, obvious popularity or achievements worth noting. His just another General with no party or civilian support. The only civilians really supporting is either on his pay-roll or dubious character selling a nightmare.

While Muhoozi become a General. If others in the army had acted like him or if civilians had tweeted like him. We know the Computer Misuse Act would have been used to charge him. The authorities would have gone after him and he wouldn’t have seen tomorrow. If he was an ordinary person he would have been treated brutally, but in the end been released on bail. While only having a brief window to go into exile. That’s what happens to other people speaking openly like him.

If he thinks this is a winning formula. Well, his just a General boosting his ego like a Kabuleta. He is all out there, but have no natural progression or sort of crowds following him. No, his just the egocentric and self-centred as always. This will not stop him or wherever his planning to go.

We can anticipate the rise of the Team MK, as he calls it. Where the National Progressive Movement (NPM) becomes a thing or some sort of similar organization made out of thin-air. Just like his rise from soldier to a general. There is nothing that has been ordinary or through proper protocol. No one else has risen this fast and with lack of merit.

This is surely to boost his ego, as he lost the rank of being the Commander of Land Forces, but keeping the Senior Presidential Advisor is showing his still on government payroll. He will still have power and be within the realm of influence. It isn’t like his outsmarted or kicked out totally. No, he was promoted for a reason and to make him more prestigious.

We all should see the “Project Muhoozi” for what it is. Even if the Twitter tweets has failed him right now. He still have not really lost anything. Yes, no one can take him serious or see him as an army commander. It is easy to see that Muhoozi is far from a capable leader. He don’t have the ability to see himself or reflect on his actions.

That’s why we know… this will have internal ramification and the nepotism of Muhoozi will haunt the President. That he has done this with his wife and his son. Just like he has done with in-laws and other family members too. So, it is not like Muhoozi alone with getting a favourable title and work from within.

However, his just the one who has rose from a civilian to a general within no time. He has gone through the ranks and been promoted rapidly. While there is no sort of proof that he was worthy of any of these, expect he got it because of his father. That’s why this isn’t really it.

Muhoozi is a disgrace and by acting so he got promoted. That’s the story and it’s stupid. Peace.

Uganda: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Press Statement on the Muhoozi Tweets (04.10.2022)

Opinion: Muhoozi should be busy trying to mount a ‘socialite’

Today Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga has been lightening up on Twitter. War-threats, invasion of Kenya and where he wants to reside after a two week operation to invade Nairobi. Planning where to settle. Also beefing with President Ruto, as he said Uhuru Kenyatta should have stood for a third term… and that just shows what sort of man he is.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi wouldn’t be a worry, if a was a regular man visiting bars and clubs as a citizen. Nevertheless, his the third in command in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and Senior Presidential Advisor. In addition to those roles, his by birthright the First Son and the Son of the President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. So, with that in mind…

Muhoozi is playing with fire here. The Kenya Tweets is just showing his ignorance and his blatant disregard for his own position as an army commander. Muhoozi should know better, but his to busy ego tripping and being high on his own supply. His clearly not feeling the tension in the air or the way he bruises the neighbours. It is like the reality doesn’t face him.

When you are a high ranking official, you should be careful on social media. Muhoozi should taunt the neighbours. Speak weirdly of Uncle Kagame or be vigilant about Mother Russia. Neither should he speak of a 2 week operation to invade Nairobi from Uganda. It is not like he should try get the bride price for the new Prime Minister of Italy either. However, that’s how Muhoozi operates online and he should be more offline actually. Unless, he can get handlers or civil servants to takeover from him.

The First Son, the Commander of the Land Forces and Senior Presidential Advisor. The man of the birthday bashes and of public wastage of funds. That man should be busy on the social scene. He should try to get babes and side-dishes. He should enjoy the spoils of the wealth. Muhoozi calls himself a revolutionary, but his just a cadre of a junta government. His a man who enjoys wealth and power. It isn’t like he has fought for anything or gone through the hard-knock life. No, Muhoozi gotten spoiled and is a brat with military fatigue. That’s why he can openly torture, kidnap and silence the ones who speaks ill of him. This because, he has never faced any real challenge or consequence for his actions.

I know, if I was based in Kampala and wrote this. I could be in danger of a “drone” and a “Panda Gari”, and I wouldn’t blame anyone else than myself. I wrote it and the authorities would use Computer Misuse Act, the Penal Code and whatever they could against me. That’s just the game of the state and how it operates. Muhoozi would send the Special Forces Command (SFC), CMI, ISO or anyone else.

That’s why he should be busy fathering bastards and not be involved in politics. Neither does he have the mental capacity or the wits for it. His just a ruthless and reckless man without any sort of common sense. He think his brilliant and has supporters, but the Team MK is a gig and they will wither the moment the wells are dry. The moment the cash-flow is running low and the access to funds are over. The Team MK will become history overnight… and he cannot phantom that. He thinks these moments are forever, but they are sadly on era, which is going away eventually.

In this regard, he has no charisma or personality worthy of anything. It is like he needs an orator to give him lessons. We saw how he was speaking on stage on the birthday bashes. We know his not built for that. That’s why he rather be in the background and incite violence there. Because, his not able or capable to narrate in front of a crowd.

That’s why my advice to Muhoozi is to use his mind, assets and the leverage he currently has. To show his manhood and eat. He has the opportunity now as his father is still in power. Muhoozi has the options of socialites and the prestige of his name. They will not linger around him when his a relic of the past. No, they will be around him now. He got the bank and the power. His maybe professing love for his wife now and then. But there are already rumours of woman he has been with.

So, Muhoozi should act out now. Not come with threats of war or conflict. He should be more silent and in the wind. Though he thinks greatly of himself. Maybe if he was busy trying to flirt and make-out. He maybe wouldn’t have time to cause a stir online. That way he would loose his steam and energy. We would live more peaceful and he would be more fulfilled…

We never know, but maybe someone whose a real socialite who could have done some magic on Muhoozi. Peace.

Opinion: Is it cool that Muhoozi spread harmful propaganda and act scandalous as an officer?

When someone is a Lieutenant General and the Commander of Land Forces in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF), you would think that person or fella would be of sound mind. That person who is the third ranking official and army commander would be a solid person. However, Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga is acting all out on Twitter. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be worried to go to the Office. They have to downplay and just say it’s the First Son acting out of spite nad cannot manage his Waragin. Whatever it is… it is not a good.

Just to put things in perspective, here is two articles from the UPDF Act of 2005 that could be issued and invoked in the sense of what Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is doing on Twitter. His spreading dangerous or harmful propaganda. Secondly, these sorts of actions can only be seen as a scandalous conduct by an officer. It isn’t like Lt. Gen. Muhoozi is a nobody and have no say. His the son of the President and third ranking commander. When you have that in your shoulders you should act accordingly, but that’s apparently to much to ask…

137. Spreading harmful propaganda

(1) A person subject to military law who spreads harmful propaganda, commits an offence and is, on conviction, where there is failure of operation or loss of life, liable to suffer death or, in any other case, liable to life imprisonment.

(2) For the purposes of this section, “spreading harmful propaganda” means—

(a) discouraging other soldiers from carrying out an operation;

(b) speculation about an operation;

(c) making oral or written statements ill of the Defence Forces or of the Government not being constructive criticism; or

(d) spreading false stories intended to undermine support for or morale of members of the Defence Forces or to incite support for or boost morale of the enemy” (UPDF Act, 2005).

145. Scandalous conduct by officers, etc

(1) An officer who behaves in a scandalous manner unbecoming of an officer, commits an offence and is, on conviction, liable to suffer dismissal from the Defence Forces with or without disgrace.

(2) For the purposes of this section, “scandalous conduct” means the personal conduct of an officer which is generally against public order, expectations and morality, whether or not the conduct directly or indirectly affects others” (UPDF Act, 2005).

Here just a some copied tweets from the Lt. Gen.:

It wouldn’t take us, my army and me, 2 weeks to capture Nairobi” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga (03.10.2022).

I’m happy that members of our district in Kenya, have responded enthusiastically to my tweet. It’s still 2 weeks to Nairobi!” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga (03.10.2022).

After our army captures Nairobi, where should I live? Westlands? Riverside?” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga (03.10.2022)

General Hannibal Barca narrowly missed capturing Rome 2000 years ago. I shall capture it with cows and love” – Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerubaga (03.10.2022).

If he hadn’t been the first son and part of the First Family he wouldn’t be able to get off the hook. Anyone else speaking like this or writing this with an official title would be in trouble. We people have caught charges with the Computer Misuse Act and he could have been in that realm too. However, as an Army Commander, he beholden to the UPDF Act and should act within those stipulations. Nevertheless, we know his above the law, but I just need to remind the UPDF that there are articles in the law, which could have been used against him. Especially, in the sense of his words his spewing out on Twitter. Peace.

Opinion: OO’s defence of Muhoozi is pointless…

The government spokesperson and forever lingering subject of the Republic, Ofwono Opondo dropped a piece recently on Uganda Media Centre called: “MUHOOZI KAINERUGABA AND THE TINGLING POLITICAL FLAMES”. This piece is written like it’s still up in the air and in the open what the plan is. Like there haven’t been a “Project Muhoozi” and the machinery is behind his candidacy, even before he get dusted or even tested. That is evident, as his one of the owners and part of the inner-circle by definition of birth, rank and title at this very moment.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba is on the rise and is most definitely aiming for his fathers throne. As he speaks of winning the hearts, minds and all of the Republic. His brash and arrogant stances in combination with promises of a political program. Just shows how he intends to stand and be next in line. That’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) MPs have talked of a rebrand of the party to National Progressive Movement (NPM) and the NRM Youth League has already endorsed him. So, everything is on the table and it up in the open.

That’s why it’s striking that OO writes this: “Muhoozi’s admirers, who seem spread countrywide, and calculating possible windfalls, argue that the ‘MK movement’ is spontaneous although many people disagree and insist it’s well-calculated to give it a veneer of legitimacy so as to shield him from accusations of disregarding the constitutional provision which bars serving UPDF soldiers from involvement in open politics” (OO, 08.05.2022).

OO is writing like they are building up a momentum of sorts. That there is sort of organic traction to Muhoozi, which there is not. It is all artificial and OO knows that. It is within reason to be suspicious and question the legitimacy. When one man has held office since 1986 and suddenly in 2022 his son is aspiring to takeover. That is not organic or by the popularity of public opinion. This is another hostile takeover and not a peaceful transition. It is just a mere change of faces within the family and is suited for a monarchy, but not an elected position.

As OO continues later on: “The birthday carnival involving sports activities and merrymaking at venues across Uganda are indicative of latent mobilization which he has said is unstoppable. On his twitter account, Muhoozi has taunted his haters to watch the unfolding events saying “The enemies fought us for so long! They abused me with every name they could find! Now they can’t believe we have taken over the country! We will not stop until we are in complete control!” There’s no doubt, that Muhoozi, a disciplined professional soldier of repute, on his own merit, attracts great attention, and could as well upset the political alignment should he join the fray” (OO, 08.05.2022).

Well, the birthdays, the marathon and everything else is handled by paid performers and inner-circle officials. This is state sanctioned enterprises, which is reflected by the attendance and the need for free food and concerts to get people to show up. This is half-baked rallies to establish Muhoozi as a viable candidate and an aspiring as such. As his soon ticking 50 years old and still haven’t held any office or been active to prove himself. His only gotten advanced in the army and within the State House, because his the First Son of the President.

OO further says: “The widespread perception until evidence is adduced, is that Muhoozi, a serving officer, contrary to the Constitution and laws governing UPDF, is getting involved in what appears to be open politics and not being called to order. Muhoozi and many supporters present their acclaim as a generational shift to save the NRM revolution from decay among the restless young people who constitute over seventy percent of Uganda’s population whose aspirations aren’t being met” (OO, 08.05.2022).

Here is where OO must take people for fools. When everything is up for grabs. Everything is aligned and prepared for it. It is also very unique that a man close to his fifties is speaking and is tie to the youth. While all of his work is being an avenger and a man of ruthless violence. There is nothing in the past of Muhoozi, which is family friendly or of the sorts of peaceful mind. No, he comes to conquer, to destroy and avenge his father. That’s what he does with brutal results.

So, saying Muhoozi represents a generational shift… it is at least one lost generation plus the ones that is growing up today, because of his fathers lingering leadership. The lack of progress and regress is systemic. A part which Muhoozi a part of and is responsible for keeping alive. Muhoozi isn’t a voice of a new generation or of the decaying youth of the Republic. No, his just a continuation of his father with predetermined entitlement and arrogance.

The most ironic part was this: “There is need for NRM cadres to reinvigorate a culture of spirited debates in the marketplace of ideas because open criticism has declined, while obscurantism and dirty tricks become the dominant face of NRM politics. In this vision, ideological and intellectual exchanges should be unencumbered by personal attacks, harsh judgment, need for self-preservation or risk of occupational hazards. The main objective should be to preserve freedom of inquiry. Many leaders in NRM today seem more focused on curbing disagreements within and outside than finding and pursuing a principled ideological correct line to serve NRM and public interest. At the start of 11th parliament in 2021, NRM took its MPs-elect to the National Leadership Institute (NALI), Kyankwanzi for an orientation in liberation ideology, patriotism, commitment to national duties, political discipline, and humility in leadership” (OO, 08.05.2022).

The party of which is bound by the decree and orders from it’s chairman and the head of state. That one is supposed to get a new culture of spirited debates. The party of which all rebels and all dissenting voices has either been muted, banned or thrown out. The party that goes after the opposition with violence, pre-emptive arrests, torture and extra judicial killing. That party will suddenly become an open forum of ideas?

Who is OO kidding here? Not me… maybe a few gullible fellows who is sitting sideways on the porch. While the rest of us knows the gist. Muhoozi isn’t a man of free speech. Muhoozi isn’t a man of honour or bravery. No, his a man of brutality and an onslaught of violence. That sort of man will not come in peace and offer a new beginning. That isn’t happening. His not that kind… the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. This is why the President called himself the “Leopards Anus” and said no one should “touch” him. Therefore, we are supposed to believe this? Now? After 36 years of the stalemate and one-man politicking? That his son will change that?

The ones who believe that must be deluded. The Lt. Gen. has been aspiring and wanting to takeover from his father. It wouldn’t be without a reason the Red Pepper and Daily Monitor closure for a week in 2013 and the exile of Gen. David Sejusa over nothing. That’s because this has been planned and is coordinated. Now the state and the government spokesperson tries to deflect and downplay it.

While it’s all in the open and the man itself is showing his plan on Twitter. His using social media to gain attention and show where he stands. If it is by the bullet or by the bible, which at times seems like both. However, hallow or shallow the faith is or as we all know.. that he swears to the gun and presumably prays for solace in church. Peace.

National Resistance Movement (NRM): NRM Youth League endorsement of Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba (11.05.2022)

Opinion: Muhoozi will not save you…

I hate to be the messenger, but someone has to say it first: Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba will not save you…

Like father like son. He might tell stories, promise elaborate things and promise change. However, don’t count on it. His an arrogant, anger-filled, short-tempered and fierce individual. Who has run his maverick rise in the ranks of the army. An avenger of the father and not a man of mercy.

Muhoozi will not make things better. Only for self justification and enrichment. His self indulged and has been brought up in luxury. He haven’t had the need or the probabilities of hardships. He has maybe had hard times in military schools in the United States and North Korea. Still, that is nothing compared to the peasants and the civilian living from hand-to-mouth. The gig-economy is saving nobody and is only pleasurable for the elites.

When the lack of charisma and lack of honour approaches. You know that a man of this sort of character will bring no good. The only reason his name is at play and is regarded, is because of his family ties and the political dynasty his a part of. Not like he has build bridges, captured hearts or been a revolutionary of any sort of capacity.

His just a soldier showing that he wants to join politics. His a Lt. Gen. who wants to get taken serious and outside of the bounds of the army. He wants to be seen as the successor of his father. Nevertheless, the gig is the gig and you cannot trade that away.

It is said to be lonely at the top, but in some respects this man is at the bottom. His maybe a high ranking official and a Lt. Gen, but the public cannot trust him. The time as the commander of the Special Forces Command he shown his merciless attack on civilians. The SFC has been used to torture, detain and kill. His totally ruthless and that hasn’t changed a single bit. The burning destruction of Kasese and the recent escapades in Karamoja. Only shows he lacks heart and soul, because lives doesn’t count, unless it’s himself or his dear wife.

Muhoozi will never be beloved. His just one of them. One of them men who will kill, destroy and be a brute. There is nothing good about him. At least not what the naked eye can see. His just the epitome of everything wrong with this regime. As he come in huge convoys, expects bottle-service and the finest wines. He participate only with the rich business-men and influential musicians. Alas, his not a man of the people, but just another racketeering soldier wishing to be crowned king.

That’s who he is. He might not say or spell it out. Nevertheless, we know this and should say it. Since he will not be held to account or take any sort accountability for his actions. No, he will no shed tears or mourn the lives his taken. Neither will he repent for the damage, the pain and the suffering he caused to civilians. No, he expect the same people to dance, sing and praise the grounds he steps on.

Muhoozi will never be a proper gentlemen or a statesman. He doesn’t have it in him. This man cannot even fake it or shield his brutal past. No, his a gun-slinger and a vicious man who rather destroy someone, than building them up. That’s who he is and it’s so obvious.

That’s why his wearing the fatigue and hoping people find endearing. Alas, it is not… it’s just the hypocrisy and the levels of intimidation he brings. Because, he know there is no love lost… since there was nothing there to begin with. Peace.

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