Opinion: Muhoozi’s presidential bid is in violation of the UPDF Act

“99. Political Office

A serving officer or militant who desires to seek political office shall first resign or retire from the Defence Forces according to regulations made by the Minister” (UPDF Act, 2005).

We are now seeing and hearing a vocal Lt. General, the First Son and the Senior Presidential Advisor, Muhoozi Kainerubaga acting up on his dream and aspiration to take over from his father. His appointing people, directing commandos to Karamoja and being directly involved in the political landscape.

The Lt. Gen. already has hired or appointed spokespersons, he has leaders of regions and planning a little media empire with radio and TV. The Son of the President is campaigning for his own name and own agenda far away from 2026. It is years in the making and the speeches are not giving him an edge either.

Yes, government media is friendly to him. The ones who have the paid gig for MK Movement/Army is happy too. The MPs who have been surrounded by him and vouched for are within reach too. All of these people are giddy for the next meal ticket after his father’s time are over in office. Everyone has anticipated the end and the end of an era.

However, the 49-year-old and novice has little to show for it. He is an entitled brat and an arrogant one. Who can just spew out nonsense and lack of substance. While he moves around like a honourable minister and high-ranking official. He is a Senior Presidential Advisor, but not a Commander of Land Forces. Neither is a he a CDF or Minister of Defence. Still, he could redeploy soldiers and promise funds to patch up the hurt in Karamoja. That is a role of several government officials and holding “rallies” outside of the “election road-map”. Which we know the opposition would never be allowed to do.

Muhoozi just living on the other side of the law. Just like his father who hasn’t or don’t need to comply to initial laws. They can live like outlaws and be above it all. The Lt. Gen. should have resigned from the army and the UPDF. Though we haven’t seen or heard that. It isn’t long ago he was promoted and demoted of a role at the same time.

“Project Muhoozi” is now live. The MK Movement/Army is official. This is another one of them artificial campaigns that is all “hot-air” and a mirage. MK might believe his own ego and hubris is enough. Though he cannot manage a proper speech or charisma to speak with passion. He needs cliff-notes and to remember the simplest things.

He comes like a “statesman” in helicopters and convoys, though his just another token soldier for his father. Muhoozi is the avenger and the warrior son. He isn’t made for or has the skill to portray himself in another way. He lacks the humility and compassion, secondly, he lacks the charisma and the ability to speak with belief. It is all just hallowed, and no posturing or bravado can save his skin.

The UPDF act should be adhered too, especially by a Lt. General, but we know it doesn’t matter to him. Muhoozi can act like his above it all. That he has seen and acknowledge what his father has done over the years. Now he wants to do the same and be blessed by the same spotlight. Though, he cannot carry himself like his father. Neither can he address the crowds or enlighten on policy like him. His himself… though and through.

For him this might just be a plot and game to the next stage of life. He is entitled to cash-in and inherit the throne. Though it isn’t a monarchy and he isn’t a prince. His just another soldier who thinks the next kingpin.

Oh gee, when the truth hits him. It will hurt. He considers himself a “revolutionary” and a “great”, but it is all a lie. A lie that he cannot commit too. This is bound to fail and be a mockery of a race. Muhoozi should answer to the UPDF Act, but we know by association and his father. He will not be touched, because he couldn’t apprehend his son like has done to Besigye or Bobi Wine. Peace.

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