Opinion: The U.S. sanctions the Capo, but not the Don!

Well, it is about that time, the actions made by the United States Department of State and loyal minion of Trump, Michael Pompeo is supposed to send a message, but does it? Nah. Not so much, since his target is who he is and seemingly a fitted one. It isn’t like the former Inspector General of Police Edward Kale Kayihura of the Uganda Police Force was working in a vacuum.

Before, I tell short stories about Kayihura and his inter-connections, just look at the orders from the US:

U.S. Department of State statement: “The Department is publicly designating Kale Kayihura, the former Inspector General of the Uganda Police Force and its commanding officer from 2005-2018, under Section 7031(c) of the FY 2019 Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, due to his involvement in gross violations of human rights. Specifically, the Department has credible information that Kayihura was involved in torture and/or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, through command responsibility of the Flying Squad, a specialized unit of the Uganda Police Force that reported directly to Kayihura” (…) “These actions against Kale Kayihura underscore our concern with human rights violations and abuses in Uganda, as well as our support for accountability for those who engage in such violations and abuses. We call on the Ugandan government to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly” (Michael Pompeo – ‘Public Designation, Due to Gross Violations of Human Rights, of Kale Kayihura of Uganda’ 13..09.2019).

IGP Kale Kayihura is not a man’s record I will defend. We all who has followed politics in the Republic a hot minute. Knows what he did and have done. No denying fact how he controlled, patrolled and enforced a brutal regime upon the public. How the opposition suffered, tear-gassed, arbitrary arrests and rampant injustice from this man.

There is no opposition, no activists or anyone connected with that, whose haven’t seen the forces or the oppressive behaviour of the Police Force and its connected groups snatching people’s freedom, liberty and justice. In the snap of an finger, he could arrest, detain and await proper procedure, as he could use preventative arrests, public order management act and every other tool in the penal code. To strike at civilians and do the bidding of the head of state.

It is not like IGP Kayihura as an island. Not like his was alone on the corrupt bids. Not like he didn’t house arrests Besigye without orders. Not like he tried to sway elections, tried to rig polls and do what needed to be done. Without the mercy and the steady support of the State House. That is to naive and think he was Don. No, he was a Capo or a Caporegime. He was one in-charge of made-men in the National Resistance Movement (NRM). That is why the President let him handle stuff, because of the levels of trust.

In 2015 report:

Kale Kayihura was responsible for jointly forwarding the information gathered using FinFisher under the Fungua Macho operation to President Museveni. A former military assistant of Museveni during the ‘Bush War’, Kayihura is widely seen as unfailingly loyal to his boss. Kayihura gained notoriety during the 2011 presidential election and the Walk to Work protests because of his brutality in crushing the protest movement. Kayihura presides over the Joint Intelligence Committee. The JIC assembles the ISO, ESO, CMI and Police. Kayihura is heavily involved in defence procurement, and has been implicated in corruption scandals. He reportedly failed to account for UGX 15 billion (US$ 4 million) while commander of the Special Revenue Protection Services between 2001 and 2006” (Privacy International Report – ‘For God and For My President: State Surveillance in Uganda P: 28, 2015)

In 2016: “Mr Museveni said: “People are attacking Kale (Kayihura), Kale has done a good job; he stopped fujo; because people wanted to bring fujo to disrupt business. If you have fujo, you will not have wealth.” (Leilah Nalubega – ‘Kayihura has done a good job, says Museveni’ 23.08.2016, Daily Monitor).

In 2017: President Yoweri Museveni has hailed the Inspector General of Government Gen. Kale Kayihura for being a true cadre of the ruling National Resistance movement party. Presiding over the thanksgiving ceremony of the Police chief in Kisoro, the president described gen. Kayihura as a hard working officer who has sacrificed to protect its citizens” (NBS Television, 16.10.2017).

So, its not like the former IGP worked alone. He worked in tandem with the high above, the almighty and on the blessing of him. Still, its only him whose sanctioned and it is peculiar that its happening now a year after the sacking. Since, it didn’t happen while his in office and actually has the power to create the hurt. But after being released and a civilian, his sanctioned by the US Administration. If the US really cared, they should have acted when they gathered the intelligence, because Uganda is a military partner and an ally in East Africa. Therefore, it is weird that it happens now.

That its a symbolic act, as Kayihura will not care about this. It is not like the US is freezing his accounts or even trying to arrest him for human rights violations in office. They are banning him from entering the United States. Not like his going to vacate for Florida or California anytime soon.

I have never seen anything good in the acts of Kayihura, who was a political pawn, a man of scruples and who had trouble putting other peoples in harms way to show loyalty to his boss. That is why his a former Capo or Caporegime. Who went from being someone who enforced his groups on accord with the Don. Now, his not useful, that is why the US can also sanction him this late.

So in my view, the US went for the Capo, but forgot the Don. Peace.

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