Eswatini: PM Dlamini calling ‘freedom fighters’ – ‘terrorists’ and it is condescending …

Government takes this moment to strongly condemn the senseless killing of State security officers as well as the sporadic arson and terrorist attacks on public and private property, perpetuated by unknown criminals hiding behind veiled motives. The safety of emaSwati is now under threat as this group of criminals continues to wage a senseless assault on our people. This spate of crime and its effects has now reached a level in which it has, and will, affect the lives of all emaSwati in one way or another. It is clear, therefore, that these attacks are not just on Government or any individual company, but on all emaSwati. Those behind these evil acts are terrorists hell-bent on condemning our people to a state of fear and never-ending cycle of poverty. There can be no justification of such attacks, particularly when we already have a clear laid down pathway towards reconciling our differences. It is clear to all of us now that the people behind these attacks are not for the betterment of emaSwati or a better Eswatini. We will do everything to protect the lives of emaSwati, and to restore peace and order in our beautiful Kingdom. These criminals and their enablers will face the full might of the law. We are already out in full force conducting investigations” – Prime Minster Cleopas Sipho Dlamini (27.06.2022).

In Mbabane there is only one master and King, the absolute ruler King Mswati III. The brutality and use of force against dissidents and freedom fighters should be well-known. The King has forced himself on the public and continues to appoint his leaders on the people.

While the people and citizens are protesting and revolting against the King. The King decided not to allow the people to elect their own. We know that the King sees the citizens as his subjects and nothing else. That is easy to know that the King doesn’t value the people. When he even at one point used several of citizens as an offering for a ritual. Therefore, the King will easily get his appointee’s to call dissidents ‘terrorists’.

That’s what has happened today. No one should be shocked by this. It just shows the sentiment of the King and his court. They are just proving it now with the latest Prime Minister Press Conference today.

We know that the people, the banned political parties and civil society who is working for elected representatives, which have been illegal since 1973. That’s why the people are fighting and now they are called terrorist. We know the King doesn’t respect the people or the will of the people. He feels they are damaging his calm.

He only calls for ‘Sibaya’ to get the recognition of the international community and look like he cares about the people. While that is only to buy time. As he goes after the student leaders, opposition leaders and who else who is challenging his reign.

People should read this little piece of statement from the PM. Just so they know how the leadership and the appointees of the King operates. They are targeting the citizens who just wants people to elect their own leaders. The King is using his authority and no stopping of the police brutality. Neither is the any stop of the relentless usage of force.

People should be warned that the King and the PM has no heart here. When they are warning the people and calling freedom fighters for terrorists. That says it all.

The King and his men should know they cannot kill them all or detained them all. Because, that’s not how it works. Sooner or later, something got to give and that should be the absolute monarch. Peace.

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