Eswatini: No mercy from the King Part II

“DEVELOPING STORY:After grabbing freedom fighter Mlandvo Khumalo’s body,police were photographed by the public next to Ngwane Park cemetery on Wednesday where they secretly buried him.Police Chief told the family that King Mswati don’t want to see Khumalo buried like a hero” (Swazi News, 25.01.2023).

In Eswatini, it is apparently dangerous and a possible lethal choice to rebel against the King. If you trespass him or his reign. You can easily die. Your life can easily be taken, and it will be done swiftly. It doesn’t matter if you recognized worldwide as a respected lawyer. No, your life can be gone immediately.

It is only days since we have heard the outcries for Human Rights Lawyer Thulani Maseko. A man who unfortunately passed away and there been viral clips of the Police escorting the assassins to silence the lawyer. Therefore, the business is already out.

Now, today it’s revealed that the same government just secretly buried a freedom fighter. That’s what levels of impunity and injustice, the government is serving its citizens. It just shows what absolute power does to a man and how it’s not healthy for anyone to have those options.

The King shouldn’t be the absolute and sole ruler of the Republic. He has no checks and balances. His words are law, and he can be the judge, the jury, and the hangman. Which a role he plays on a regular. That’s why lives are taken, and people are gone forever.

There is nothing good coming out of it. Just showing the bloodthirsty vengeance of the King. That’s all the world get to see. More and more lives are taken. Just so he can rule supreme. It is a reason why the people and the citizens want democratically elected representatives. Because they would need the support and the votes of the citizens. The King don’t need that and can just kill the ones who stands in his way. Peace.

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Eswatini: A lawyer becomes “person-non grata” for defending the MPs who is fighting for democracy…

The Governemnt of Eswatini has declared Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube’s SA-based lawyer Sicelo Mngomezulu an illegal immigrant. This is happening at a time when Mngomezulu had organised an event for maidens which was scheduled to be held at Hosea” (Times of Eswatini, 01.09.2022).

The King is never resting in Eswatini. The Kingdom of Eswatini don’t want any pushback or any sort of activities not acknowledged or accepted without the consent of the King. King Mswati III is the absolute power and his orders rule the nation.

No one should be shocked that this is happening. The King has no issues to order extra judicial killings, and punitive actions against students and people who has revolted against his reign. This is why this is the sort of behaviour, which is to be expected by him.

The Kingdom of Eswatini is only there to serve the King. The government and the authorities are only there for him. Nothing else matters. The appointed MPs that has defied him… they are clearly in trouble and will only be left of the hook in exile. The King wants to show power and make it even harder for the MPs to defend themselves.

Even if the King is alone and the sole proprietor of the state. There is no checks- and balances now. He can direct, send a word or a directive and after that people are gone. This King don’t care and will only hold public functions to silence the neighbours bickering or interfering.

This person non-grata is clear as day. Being banned from entering or allowed to defend the MPs is obvious. That’s to weaken the MPs case and their ability to answer for their “crimes” in court. We all know they “offended the Don”.

His Majesty isn’t forgiving, as an ancient overlord and tyrant. He will come with retribution and show his force to anyone who disobeys. That’s the sort of a man the King is. The MPs are clearly not getting proper help or any sort defence. This is the will of the King and his just signalling that to the people. He will not budge and he don’t care. Especially, for the ones foolishly enough trying to challenge him.

He will bury you and never let you see the light of day. That’s the actions of this king. A man who has to show it with violence, oppressive behaviour and a total destruction of rights. That’s what he does and this is the path that he has chosen to take.

These two MPs will not see freedom or liberty in a long while. If ever again really… this King will not relent until they possibly asks for forgiveness for their transgression against him. Peace.

Eswatini: Economic Freedom Fighters of Swaziland Students’ Command (EFF-SSC) – EFF SSC statement on Police intimidating ECOT students (08.08.2022)

Eswatini: No mercy from the King

I therefore advise you that as you go about your very important duties, you go out in full alert and in readiness to respond effectively and decisively against any criminal elements and you must meet them eye for an eye” – King Mswati III (05.08.2022).

The absolute monarch King Mswati III was on Friday again showing his sinister and vicious side. The ones that been following the current affairs in Eswatini shouldn’t be shocked by this. The authorities and the state has retaliated and ensured the ones who has defied his reign got to pay. That’s happened to students, activists and others who demonstrated. The authorities has swiftly and violently stopped demonstrations against his tyranny. However, the King resides on the throne and won’t relent, as he as absolute power and there is no representative democracy in the Kingdom.

So, that the King tells the Police Officers of the Kingdom to answer with an “eye for an eye”. Just show how vengeful the King is. Also, with that in mind he wants the authorities to act with retribution. That is very clear here and no one should be surprised.

We know the Sibaya’s that been held only been to buy “peace” and give the King time. As it sets a tone and the international pressure cease when he holds a peaceful display. Nevertheless, that is just buying him time to strike back at the parties and there organizers behind the demonstrations. There are plenty of peoples who wants elected representatives. Because, at the moment everyone with an office or a ministry is hand-picked by him. They are all there on the blessing of him and not because the public wanted them there.

It is a merciless man and a leader who only see himself. A monarch should see his whole kingdom and be a character that is unifying the kingdom. Instead his a monarch that sparks conflict and attacks his opponents. If King Mswati III had listened and opened up for a representative democracy. He could have been beloved and been respected.

However, he chose the path of total tyranny and using violence to stay in power. The most despicable way of clinging on to power. He can order the army and the police force whenever he deems fit. The King can take lives and even do that in rituals if he wants. That’s the sort of man he is and he thrives in it.

King Mswati isn’t a noble man or a just ruler. No, he will brutalize and ensure the demise of the ones who stands in his way. That’s why people has lost their lives, their careers and such under his reign.

So that the King says the Police Officers should answer the public with an “eye for an eye”. Is just showing his understanding and how the King operates. This is the sort of system and how he keeps his power alive.

A tyrant needs to enforce the tyranny and that’s obvious in Eswatini. Peace.

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