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Opinion: Omicron is the bad wolf created by nationalistic vaccine strategies

When you have a global pandemic. You need global solutions to stop it. However, in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic. The big pharmaceutical industries and Western hemisphere have taken most of the vaccines and paid-in-full. In such a way that the global south haven’t been able to buy-in or have ability to vaccinate their own. While state has had stockpiles and additional vaccines, which is more than they could ever use. Therefore, the donations in return have been of the surplus or the close to due-date of usage. Heck, nations have given away the vaccines to COVAX programs, which they will not use on their own citizens, because of the possible side-effects from it. Therefore, the whole new mutations or variants is created, because a lack of care or concern for the global south.

That there is a new type of COVID-19 called the Omicron is a world at large not taking care of it’s citizens. This isn’t the fault of South Africa or Botswana. No, this isn’t the fault of the Lesotho, Eswatini, Malawi or any those in question. They have been barred and not able to do what the European Union, United States of America or Canada even.

These was able to buy huge quantities of vaccines and own the market of it. While only donating away a small fraction of it in the name of charity and such. Which is the reason why plenty of nations are behind on the vaccine levels or ability to vaccinate their populations. This is why transmissions of the COVID-19 continues and creates possibilities for mutations. That’s because there is enough

This type of COVID-19 is another strong mutation like the Delta variant. We are getting into new territory. Where there is now a need for new editions of the COVID-19 Vaccine to fit this one. As the ones we currently having isn’t as effect as it was previously with other COVID-19 mutations. The virus is changing and it’s new strains is making the remedies we have powerless.

This is all happening, because the nationalistic vaccine strategies have been self-centred … and haven’t thought of the global picture. They have now created a new beast to compete with, because you wouldn’t evenly share the vaccines. The vaccines went by the capitalistic ways and not as a collective effort. Which is a failure, as this is only creating new mutations and strains… and we have to compete with another one. It is an endless cycle and we cannot win. Because, we are not playing this smart.

We have been able to vaccinate the Western Hemisphere. They are even considering a third booster doze for most of the populations. While where there is transmissions of Omicron it’s not the same rate or majority who has gotten jabs. This is because of he selfish interests and not considering the bigger picture. That’s why blocking and red-listing the Southern African nations is a cowards way of not taking responsibility. These have found the mutation and shown the world scientifically how it exists. Now, they are punished for doing so, but the “international community” have failed these states as is…

The COVAX Program of the World Health Organizations (WHO) have only patched the hurt and been a tiny charity event on sporadic basis. This haven’t created the levels or sustainability in case of the global pandemic. While the states in the Western Hemisphere have been stockpiling and had additional vaccines for cover. This is the tragic reality there.

That’s why Omicron could become a thing. Because, there was enough transmission and ability for the virus to mutate. This type of COVID-19 is proven to: Is one for which there is evidence of an increase in transmissibility, more severe disease, significant reduction in neutralization by antibodies generated during previous infection or vaccination(WHO, 26.11.2021).

This is another edition of the delta virus. Which could have been avoided. However, the world and the rich nations preferred to ditch out the rest. While being honourable by a little charity here and there. Sometimes even dumping the surplus on the global south, because they could. Not because the others asked for it, but that was still better than nothing. Still, this isn’t fair or a just system. It is making the virus a continuous global problem and it’s our fault.

We should have known better, but the greed is taken us all. That is not saving anyone, but causing new mutations down the line. Which in the end means we all have to take precautions for the Omicron. This is a beast and creation, which could have been avoided. If we had a fair global vaccine strategies and shared like gentlemen the medicines we have.

However, that wasn’t the ideal of the big-pharma or the Western Hemisphere. Therefore, it is tragic and unnecessary, but here we are fools in 2021. Looking like we learned nothing and we are repeating the sins of yesterday. Peace.

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Eswatini: The Sibaya is announced to buy “time”

That King Mswati III and his appointed government have announced another round of Sibaya will not get the Kingdom anywhere. Last time he was just flexing his power and appointing a new friendly face as the Prime Minister. Why would it be any change now?

Now that the government is closing schools, blocking social media sites and arresting pupils. The state is killing civilians participating in demonstrations and using police brutality to silence it all. The state is showing its sinister side and the King is vouching for it.

The King will not bring dialogue. When he arrests the ones who is in his way. When he takes down the MPs who is for Pro-Democracy. The political parties and civil society won’t be really represented. It will only be a publicity stunt and he will show his arrogance yet again.

The King haven’t changed since the last Sibaya. He did the same thing last time and there will be no reason to believe otherwise. The dead in the streets and the injured recently is a proof of this. The tear-gas, live-bullets and violent oppression is a proof of that.

This is why the Sibaya is a flawed and useless mechanism. Especially, when the absolute monarch … is not willing budge or give way. To give away power and reforms will cost him. However, the citizens doesn’t owe him anything and the King got blood on his hands. The dead that was ordered on his watch. These souls deserves justice and they should answered for. As a citizens cannot kill, steal or do anything criminal without meeting the law. The same law should be applied to the King and his acts as a monarch. However, at this very stage of time… he will linger on and use the office he has. He will not risk anything and he rather destroy his enemies. Than actually speak to them.

The King will not come with dialogue now. That will only be done to silence SADC and International Community. So, that they cannot forget these acts and move on to the next crisis elsewhere. Therefore, the Sibaya is just to buy time. He will not propose or do anything sincere.

No, that he should have done the last time around. However, he didn’t care and the dead from that time has still not gotten justice. There are new lives taken for the same cause. Because, the King isn’t willing to do the right thing. The King doesn’t have a heart or ability to comprehend this. At one point he could have become a hero. The man who issued or decreed democracy, but instead he wanted to be supreme and absolute monarch.

That will be his downfall. The revolution is brewing and not slowing down. The Kingdom is in crisis. Because, everyone is supposed to bow the knee for one man. However, the public isn’t agreeing with that. This is why he tries to buy time, but don’t believe it. It is insincere and not just. He is trying to fool the world yet again. Peace.

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