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Eswatini: The bloody King who ordered 5 civilians to die for a ritual

The absolute monarch of Eswatini, King Mswati III ordered amidst demonstrations and pro-democracy rallies. The state cracked down on the political parties and civilians who wants representation. In middle of all that as the soldiers was on the streets and the authorities was going from door-to-door. They were arresting and detaining the leaders of pro-democracy activists and leaders of the political parties.

At that time… the King had the time to think of this:

LOBAMBA: Five(5) people were brutally shot and killed at Lobamba Mashibhini by King Mswati’s security forces for alleged ritual purposes in the midst of the political crisis. This is contained in an electronic evidence sourced from the Ludzidzini Royal Palace that further exposes details of other highly sensitive killings that were planned against leaders of the pro-democracy movement including Siphofaneni MP Mduduzi ‘Magawugawu’ Simelane. An independent investigation by this Swaziland News uncovered that on 03 July 2021 at around 1815hours, about eight(8) soldiers and six(6) police officers from Lobamba Police Station were deployed at Mashibhini to brutally kill the citizens as part of a ritual operation to urgently collect human blood that was to be mixed with muti known as ‘Mahlabasihlangane’” (Zweli Martin Dlamini – ‘REVEALED: How King Mswati ordered security officers to shoot five people at Lobamba Mashibhini for ritual purposes’ 03.08.2021, Swaziland News).

This just proves everything wrong when a King can extra judicial kill his own citizens for a ritual. That one man can decide life or death. The King in his authority just settled their lives and decided that these citizens was useful for a ritual. The King needed their blood to do a ritual.

This is really sick of a man. The man selfishly killed people to do a ritual. That shouldn’t happen anywhere. This is ice-cold murder. The plot is revealed and the man behind the scheme is in fine print. His walking away from without any sort of trial or judgement against him. Since his the absolute monarch. That’s his get-out-of-jail-free-card, which is astonishing.

This is demi-god like. That a man can do this and order these sorts of schemes. This shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. These civilians didn’t ask to partake or not. I understand why he did at the public gathering and the “dialogue” said all the citizens was his. Because he clearly believes so and he believes he has the right to chose between life and death. That is the sort of King he is.

King Mswati III shows his despotic tendencies and his irrational leadership. As he can easily use force, kill and destroy his enemies. Heck, he can just kill someone for any given reason. That is the sort of Head of State he is. That is a tyrant and nothing else. Peace.

Eswatini: Economic Freedom Fighters Swaziland (EFFSWA) – EFFSWA Statement on the Arrest of MPs Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube (25.07.2021)

Eswatini: An MP faces terrorism charges for being critical of the King

MANZINI: Hosea Member of Parliament(MP) Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza who is critical of King Mswati’s Government has been arrested and charged with terrorism among other charges. Mabuza was arrested by the police at his home at Ngwane Park in Manzini around 1500hours on Sunday, he is also accused of violating COVID-19 regulations. Reached for comments, the Hosea MP confirmed the arrest saying police were surrounding his home at the time of compiling this report. “It’s true, they are here arresting me as we speak, they told me I’m facing terrorism charges”, said the Hosea MP” (Swaziland News, 25.07.2021).

The stalemate between the king and his citizens doesn’t stop. As funerals are becoming political rallies and the state is cracking down on its dissidents. One Member of Parliament Mabuza is now charged, arrested and facing long jail time.

The Kingdom is using its authority to settle the score and the MP is one of voices it needs to silence. This is not shocking, as the state has gone after activists, leaders and arrest of political leadership in the Kingdom. The recent act is just furthering the agenda of the King. Who wants to quell and silence the idea of a multi-party democracy.

The King rather wants to go after the ones who fights for these ideas. Because, he wants to shield his absolute power. They are making the MP a public face of this. Just like they have done with other parties and their leaders as well.

The King should see what sort of light he puts himself in. Instead of being loved and cherished as a king, he is seen and acting as a bloodthirsty tyrant. His greed and his stubborn behaviour will only make this more painful.

The will of the people will sooner or later hit strides. It is not like he owns the people, even if he believes so in his mind. Just because the current laws gives him this opportunity and power. Doesn’t mean it is righteous either. It just shows his lack of morals and judgement. As he rather use force and destroy, instead of building and creating a better future. Where he could be remembered to open up the political landscape and get representatives leaders. Not just people he vouches for or appoints, which is the current day system.

The reason why this MP is critical of the King and others are as well. To arrest and charge him on terrorism is actually projection on their part. As the king has terrorised and done atrocities in his kingdom of late. The king have ordered people’s death and he has raided people’s homes. He has assaulted hospitals and that’s what terror does. Not standing up to one man and wanting to have elections, representatives of the people and let them chose their leaders.

That is why these recent arrest and charges is a proof of his tyranny and remember to salute the Tyrant Mswati III. Peace.

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Opposition Communication Director Mr. Etale of the ODM was arrested the day before the Malindi By-Elections; and will be detained for three more days!

Mr Etale Arrested

As he was arrest he was taken by 20 Police officers from his hotel room in Malindi Town as the election was happening. It’s like Uhuru Kenyatta starting to use President Museveni tactics to intimidate the voters for the Jubilee Party; instead of the ODM and the CORD parties in the election as one of the main people get detained the day before the voting in Malindi. Sounds like how the FDC has gotten under fire from the NRM-Regime in Uganda, so Kenyatta does the same as Kenya. Here is some reports!

The Arrest of Mr. Etale:

“The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) communication’s director, Mr Phillip Etale, was arrested in Malindi while Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu was ejected from a polling station as voting got under way Monday morning in the constituency with 55,853 voters. Mr Etale was arrested at about 1am in his hotel room in Malindi Town and his laptop confiscated, according to security sources. At the Central Primary School polling station in Malindi Town, which has 3,110 registered voters, Mr Waititu (Jubilee) was thrown out after other agents complained that he was involved in “suspicious activities’.’ Mr Waititu went to the station as an agent for the Jubilee Alliance Party candidate, but Presiding Officer Caleb Mogere told him that he needed to have a badge identifying him as such. Further, the officer observed that the Jubilee candidate already had a certified agent. The controversial MP then left the agent’s bench but sat on a desk close to where voters were queuing” (3 Stones TV, 2016).

Continued progress of the case:

“A Kilifi court has allowed the police to detain ODM Director of Communications Phillip Etale for 3 more days. Etale is currently being probed over poll malpractice. It is alleged that Etale was found in possession of electoral materials for the ongoing Malindi by-elections” (Uhundo Kenya, 2016).

This here sounds like a start to the next election. This is actually how it might be for the opposition; as the Police will be used for the ruling-party and not for the Kenyan people. Uhuru Kenyatta must have gotten advice at the Head of State meeting in Tanzania recently. As this just happen days after and the ODM is now targeted by the Police. While the Jubilee Alliance Party official walks scot free! Peace.



Uhundo Kenya – ‘BREAKING: ODM Director of Communications Phillip Etale to be detained for three more days!’ (07.03.2016) link:

NRM Primaries a little to Yellow? Sorry wange, it’s to Mellow!

Postpone NRM

Well after days of Primaries where I have showed details after details of practices of the NRM Electoral Commission and the actions on the ground. These primaries has been magnificent and that the proud professor Tanga Odoi doesn’t have the honor to tell the world that he didn’t have the capacity to deal with all of the voting stations, voting material and the excess of practices on the ground.

The National Resistance Movement who has run a country for 29 years ever since the year of 1986. Has held Internal-Elections to see who might represent them in the General-Election in 2016.

The surprise to people is how Ofwono Opondo spread the level of cost that was on the election 5, 5Billion shillings. That there was set up about 60, 000 voting stations. At the same time there been only registered 47 cars to the political party. The last straw today was that the NRM Register Office is set under the NRM Secretary General and not in the National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission. Therefore the governing body that is in charge of this spending and the amount of cars combined with initial areas that need material doesn’t sound like a something that easily could be questioned. Then they imported the Ballot-papers from Kenyan producers, surely as Dr. Odoi has said he wanted to secure that it wasn’t like in 2010 when people had ballot-papers in their houses and in their pockets. It still hasn’t been smooth.

Ballot-papers has missed candidates, Independent candidates has been on the NRM Ballot-Papers in certain districts, there has been missing slots like 7 boxes to tick and 8 candidates, the ballot papers has ended in the wrong district, there been ballot-boxes in prisons and in Central Police Stations before arriving to Polling Stations. There have even been missing candidates on the ballot-papers. So many wrongs are just the simple ballot-papers or the slips that the voters are supposed to decide their vote. More candidates has been taken with tens of thousands or just thousands of pre-ticket ballot-papers in their houses and cars.

On top of this is the massive arrests, the winning candidates that are still in jail,  pre-ticket ballot-papers ready made for some candidates and some have pre-filled ballot-boxes arriving at the polling-station. FDC Members could willy-nilly vote and at certain voting stations. There been districts where the police have taken people with fake Yellow-Membership-Cards. People been taken to custody for election violence and others for charges of rigging the elections. The last charge has been in many districts. There been specific candidates who has had mobilization teams to bribe voters in counties, certain has been incarcerated for doing so. Certain candidates have held voters on gun-point to make them take the right decision on who to vote for!  The Police has thrown tear-gas into the public to shut down demonstrations after postponing the elections in the county.

There have even been candidates whom have stormed tally-centers with security personnel and demanded all the people to get out. So they could clear the results. Even certain candidates has stolen the ballot-boxes after voting and ended up in jail. There been even candidates who couldn’t control the tally-center so the candidate actually took the declaration form and got caught, ended up also in jail.

For all of this there has even been talking that the Ghost of Amama Mbabazi is the one behind all of this. Isn’t that taking away the 80% satisfaction of Dr. Odoi?

There has been talk of moles into this election and IGP Kale Kayihura has said that the media should step off from being the media and foreign influence is making a lot of trouble. Well, the bribes are local, the mobilization teams are local, the candidates rides locally, the districts are run by local men, the NRM has decided who the wanted on the ballot, not moles or international influences so, IGP Kale Kayihura need yet another reality check!

There has been voting in done electronically on their cell-phone through the magical place of WhatsApp. There has been candidates going to markets and buying soldiers and police officers votes. Some people in this Internal-Election have been stopped from voting in the polling station even when they are registered. The police have even stopped mini-buses with shipped people from county to county to make the tally. There has been magistrates and candidates held temporary hostages by the public for a hot minute for trying to buy the electorate in the municipality.

This here is to set the issues in perspective. To show how the practices has been during this internal election. I will not bring more or less election results from the rest of the internal election of the NRM because the Daily Monitor, or other outlets does it better and with manpower and time I don’t have. But you should look over the big birds that are shot down and the changes of guards that has happen in the party. Dr. Tanga Odoi needs to be set straight for this. There was chaos in 2010, but this here hasn’t been a smooth eiter! There have been districts and counties with peace. But there been a lot of irregularities in this internal exercise.

Hope that Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu and the big Electoral Commission of the state can do a better job or maybe even hide the malfunctions better for the General Elections coming. Because Dr. Tanga Odoi is showing so much weakness in this, the NRM party as the ruling party is showing shady practices and rigging on a major scale. And if this is a pre-run and test before the coming one, then there will be a long walk in the wilderness and an even longer walk for free and fair elections in Uganda. Peace!

NTV Uganda footage of the arrests infront of the Parliament of Uganda today