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Eswatini: The Kingdom is bleeding…

The King has ordered his troops and his Royal Police Service to quell all protests. There is reports of extra judicial killings and use of live-bullets. This is tragic, as there is reports that this will be worse than 30th June 2021. That says a lot about what extent the state is going for.

The King is willing to kill the citizens he reigns over. The King is willing to see people die. Just so he can be the absolute monarch. He has no heart or care for his citizens. The King is just seeing them die and injured. Schools are all closed and the Telecommunication company MTN Swaziland has suspended social media sites like Facebook. This is done to close all information from the internet and silence the protesters at the same time.

Unarmed protesters are shot at and the state is using all means to silence the ones who is on the streets. There is no trust or ability to listen to the citizens who wants proper representation and not only the people who the King is appointing. That isn’t what the citizens of Eswatini wants.

Just in Mbabane there is reports of 7 dead confirmed bodies, because the police used live-bullets on the protest today. So, the police did the shoot-to-kill orders today. That’s how much life is valued by the absolute monarch at the moment. He doesn’t value life or his citizens. They can just be sent to the cannon-fodder.

We know the police is showing it’s brutality, not only block road-blocks and such. The police have even been caught on tape throwing tear-gas cannisters into buses of civilians. Not only using live-bullets on unarmed civilians. The Royal Police Service should worried about the aftermath.

The moment the King cannot contain the revolution and the protests for democracy. The leaders of the Royal Police Service and King have to flea into exile. If not… they will be punished for the extra judicial killings and the crimes against humanity. The orders to kill will be proven and taken to the courts.

King Mswati III should know his time is soon out. He cannot kill everyone and silence the Kingdom for ever. That power he doesn’t have and neither does he have the support. This is why the growing dissent in the Kingdom is becoming worrying.

Eswatini is bleeding… the blood is in the streets and there is no peace. The King cannot redeem this. He is destroying everything and killing innocent civilians. Just to cling to power. This is tragic… and the King is behind it all.

One day he will get retribution for the deaths… and murders on his watch. The King cannot run away from this. He might try, but the blood is on his hands. The ghosts of the dead will haunt him in his sleep. Their souls will not rest before he has answered for their early deaths. Peace.

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Eswatini: The Pupils or Students who got arrested yesterday will be left behind

MBABANE: Phila Buthelezi, the Minister of Labour and Social Security has finally confirmed on behalf of Mswati’s government that protesting students will be denied scholarships. Speaking during a press conference at Sibane Hotel on Monday, Buthelezi said children who were arrested and convicted for protesting would not get government scholarships. “Children who were arrested and convicted for protesting will not get government scholarships”, said the Minister” (Wendy Magagula – ‘Minister confirms protesting youth will be denied scholarships, Students President says coming democratic government will award them’ 12.10.2021, Swaziland News).

Yesterday, there was demonstrations at 50 schools. The Police and Army arrested, used live-bullets and hurt kids even. The authorities used harassment, assaults and attacked the children and youths who protested at their schools. The state has today closed down 82 schools.

We have some reports of arrests of these kids. We don’t know the amount of children who was arrested. Neither do we know how many youths who was detained either. That is unknown as of today. There is no numbers or verified amounts of people/pupils/students

This is all on the orders of King Mswati III who isn’t in favour of losing his absolute monarch status. He isn’t interested in democracy or people’s representatives. No, he wants to have all power and now that the pupils and students are challenging him. They have to suffer for it. Just like the two MPs who fights for democracy. That’s why his taking away their future, because they insulted him and his reign.

That’s why the King and his government is taking away scholarships and opportunities for participating and being part of a national demonstration against him. This is what is happening. It is silly, because these kids, pupils or students aren’t felons or criminals. They are civilians who defied the King. That’s it reality and the monopoly of violence is clear. As the kids was sent into cross-fire for doing their civic duty of protest against something they saw as unjust. That says it all and now the state will punish them in the future too.

It says a lot about the King and his reign when they are willing to do this. However, it is not shocking. Knowing that he believes he has the rights to take lives of citizens for a ritual too. Therefore, this just follows a pattern of his massive power in the Kingdom. Peace.