Gen. Wamala survived an assassination attempt earlier today

BREAKING: Former Works and Transport Minister, Gen. Katumba Wamala and driver have been shot in Kisota. The driver has been confirmed dead, Gen. Katumba has been rushed to the hospital. Gen. Katumba Wamala’s daughter, Brenda has been confirmed dead in an assassination attempt on the General’s life. The car was shot seven times” (NBS Television, 01.06.2021)

Along Kisota road where Gen Katumba Wamala’s daughter and driver was killed, there is a Police post barely a minute away. 3 Minutes away at Kisasi trading center there is a Police post” (Uganda Radio Network, 01.06.2021).

This isn’t shocking anymore, but just tragic. That unknown assailants on boda-boda’s came around the car of Gen. Wamala and shot at it. This has happened to other targets of the state. That has happened to deceased MP Ibrahim Abiriga, ASP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and others.

This is modus operandi of the state. Gen. Wamala is clearly a target of the big-men. Who knows what he did behind closed doors, but something went down. He was inaugurated as the UPDF MP in the 11th Parliament.

Gen. Wamala have had several of roles in government. He has resided close to the chambers of power and with loyalty to the State House. Clearly he knows the game and seen how other have gone missing, taken out and lost their lives.

The General knows all of this and he was nearly assassinated today. He lost his daughter Brenda and his driver. There was seven shots towards the car. That says everything and shows how fickle power is.

Gen. Wamala is lucky to be alive. The other cases, which has ended in up in death have never been solved. The criminal cases and murder investigations have never ended up anywhere. The same will happen to this and the General will never know who killed his daughter. That got to hurt. He knows this, because there is no answer for Abiriga or Kaweesi. These are just cold cases, which is as cold as Penguins in the North Pole. There is now way we will know who ordered the boda-boda assassins and who had put a hit on the General.

That’s the double tragedy here. That not only is two more lives lost by means, which have been used before. Where big-men, staunch critics and people who dared to the question the powers to be. I don’t know what Gen. Wamala have done recently. Since his an UPDF MP and a leader of men. Therefore, something is up.

I don’t know who did it or what’s the motivation to do so. Clearly, there is some mischief and sinister happening behind closed doors. Someone operating with the boda-boda drivers who are killers too. Who are untouchable and able to run rampant. They are designated people who clearly is above law and can operate like this.

Gen. Wamala should worry. He was able to get away now, but that’s only on luck and not on merit. The two other deceased besides him is the proof of this. They shot at the car seven times and he survived. His in the hospital now, but it says a lot.

This is a continuation of other high ranking officials who has fallen prey to similar assassinations in the Republic. Which I have already mentioned. Therefore, Gen. Wamala would be another one of these and a victim of the same state he has supported. The General have thrived and lived large on the affairs of the state.

Nevertheless, it is still not righteous to die as a part of a assassination. This is a extra judicial killing and done without mercy. The men who ordered this should be investigated and the hired guns should answer for their crimes too. However, don’t expect anything to happen. It will become ice-cold quickly and only a few unlucky subjects will be on a photo-montage as possible boda-boda killers, but it will amount to nothing. As the state isn’t interested in exposing its secrets. Peace.

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