Opinion: When they don’t want to pin the assassins on the cross they point at the ADF

This a very common case and especially with the authorities in the Republic. After a high ranking or a public murders/assassinations. The Uganda Police Force (UPF) is showing up people charged and implicated in the cases. However, they are never sentenced or closing the cases. The murders or assassinations gets cold and the killers are on the loose.

That’s because the boda-boda assassinations are in on it and ordered to do it. They are well-trained and equipped to handle their mission. These have tracked and followed their victims. Therefore, they know their routes and routines. That’s why it’s easy to find a spot and time to make them stop.

This is how everything seems. The ones who becomes vocal or a worry of the state. Is just suddenly meeting their maker. The people who are doing it often or most likely are former Allied Defence Force (ADF) affiliates or combatants. That is what the UPF is saying after the fact and in the beginning of the spin.

It just happens to be a combatant with a funny nick-name and who has trespassed the Republic. Who happened to be engaged in local politics and had the knowledge of the high ranking officials. That was a big target and would a positive measure to create a public outcry. However, ADF is busy causing massacres and keeping their territory intact in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are known for their vicious attacks and also massacres in Beni. Therefore, it takes a special character to always have enough combatants to kill unique targets inside Uganda.

That’s why you know the UPF is full of horse-shit. They are pulling a trick and thinking they can lie like this. Because, if they did investigate the assassins and find them. Than they could quickly find out who hired them and who ordered the murders. That would implicate some other people, which doesn’t want to be named or even be close to the blood. The bloodshed and the murders are supposed to happen in such a manner. That the general public are frightened and in fury. The ones fallen have a following and people know them. That’s why there is a need for answer, but the acts will quickly forgotten.

That’s what the state is playing along with. There is new cases and new assassinations. That happens before the old ones are solved. There been murders of woman in Entebbe. Muslim Clerics, high ranking officials and other extra judicial killings, which has never been answered. They are just fallen civilians without justice. Their lives haven’t been answered for and their demise is just in the unknown.

Still, time and time again the UPF is implicating some ADF combatants for these assassinations. It just happens that they are never captured or officially sentenced. That’s why it seems like a lot of smoke and very little action. The Police just telling stories, but not proving the cases… or showing any legit evidence.

That’s why we are not whiffed and neither should Gen. Wamala Katumba. He knows this perfectly well and his in the middle of this regime. The man who was so close to get killed, but lost his daughter and personal driver. Still, he knows this is nonsense. Because, these stories have been recycled so many times and its not funny anymore.

It is time for police to do actually policing. However, in these cases we know they are not willing to do so. Because, if they started on the leads and looked at the evidence. They could easily get to places they are not supposed too. That would tarnish their roles and possibility to even be appointed and be in the good graces of the system. This is why nothing ever really happens with this cases and it’s a continuation of these tragic affairs.

Murders and Assassinations gone cold and forgotten. Cases never solved and justice never served. That is the reality of this all. However, the same police has all resources in the world to collect, charge and detain political opponents of the state. Heck, they can pre-emptive arrest them at will. That shows their mismanaged priorities. While always claiming former ADF combatants are involved. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s own pigsty

After the assassination attempt on General Katumba Wamala this week. The President have again called the assassins or killers ‘pigs’ that he will hunt down. He has again promised leads and that they will be hunted down. However, we know the drill and know this will be a never ending story.

Just like other cases of the recent years. These deaths, murders and extra judicial killings will have no end. The state is sanctioning it and allowing it too happen. The murders of either high ranking officials and civil activists is happening on broad-day-light and the boda-boda assassins are trailing their victims before taking aiming at the target. Therefore, this isn’t new, but a well known play at this point.

If the ones deceased are boxers, party activists, party officials, members of parliament or even generals. If it is police officers or even high ranking state officials, everyone can be taken out by this measure. The men ordered with the hit-job dips easy out after the shots been made. They will not resurface until they have a new hit-job. That’s how these things are going and that’s why they are happening on semi-regular basis.

The state clearly knows about this. Since there is never anyone charged, indicted or put on trial. Only a few handful of subjects, subjugated to a disgraceful public display before allowed to return to “normal” life.

The President has created this insecurity and his thriving on it. He gets rid of his enemies or prospects of ambition. He incites fear and ensure loyalty to death. Everyone can become a target and he has a group loyally silencing anyone he likes. That is the power he has and enjoys it.

That’s why he uses the same rhetoric. The same baseless narrative and promises to crush things. Because, it is not like he can create or develop things. It is easier to deplete, annihilate and completely destroy.

This is why this is his dirty pigsty. The rotten game, old food, half-eaten bugger filled vegetables and smelly dirt filled with pig feces. The unbearable stench it was the President has created. He has ensured the pigs can roll, dip and move-on. They don’t need to value life and can kill. The amount of bullets doesn’t matter, as long as the ones they aim at dies. This is why they shot at the General’s car over 50 times week. Still, even with all those loads of bullet. They still couldn’t the General.

However, the same gentlemen and the same groups have succeeded in the past. Their missions have been successful. They have had missions complete. The ones who they sought got dropped and smoked. They got ghosted and their tally got registered. The ones who ordered the hit got their pay-off and they moved-on. The President called them ‘pigs’ and awaited the next prey.

Now, this is the game the state plays and its getting old. If these wasn’t men or people ordered by the high above. If it wasn’t untouchables. They would have been slaughtered and been taken in to custody. They wouldn’t be mass killers and gotten away with these senseless killings.

That is what’s happening and the President has created this pigsty. He is accepting and letting the pigs go wild. He is letting them stench up the place and leave the dead behind. It is tragic and devastating, but still a fact.

What remains is for this too stop, but don’t count on it. If it did stop. It would only be temporary until the President and his men finds new target to prey upon. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni will answer with fury but in the end only deliver hot-air

Just like today’s statement on calling the assassins on the boda-boda’s “pigs” in his recent statement. Is only a moment of fury for the online and the ones following reports. The crime that’s committed or the extra judicial killings happening in Bukoto today will not be solved by this.

President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni has done this several of times. Promised to find the culprits. Gone himself to the crime-scene. Showed his public and cried crocodile tears the vigil of the deceased. Promised the families gold, silver and retribution. However, not ever seems to happen and the dead, stays dead.

What President Museveni did today… was his stick. Name-Calling, promising action, but don’t anticipate a sincere investigation, criminal prosecution or anyone in connection getting caught. No, because if they investigated this. It might come to close to comfort and a brother like him doesn’t need that. He is already bickering about misuse of funds with his wife, sons and extended family. They have all their games and misgivings to earn fortunes on the state platter. He doesn’t need a additional crime syndicate investigation, which could be knocking on his door. No, that’s not happening.

Which is why he rather speak ill of the criminals and the hired guns. The hit-men or the assassins. They are the pigs that should get slaughtered and not the ones who was with today’s target. No, they should be punished. They didn’t even finish their job and left empty handed. Taken lives that wasn’t accounted for and in the same car as the supposed victim.

President Museveni knows this and we don’t believe his words. He knows perfectly well how many investigations, criminal cases and whatnot that is ice-cold. There is no leads or hope to resolving, as the culprits and the hired guns are in connection with high ranking officials, which cannot be implicated in any sort of fashion. They are untouchable and their orders, their regime and their ways of dealing with this has to be done in complete silence.

That’s why statements like today from Museveni is only done to score brownie points. Make it seems like he cares, though in the end. His just covering over the fact and hoping the assassins will get away. He needs them another day, if not his close associates does. They have the needs for these services and they are willing to comply. This is done in the clear implication of buying him time.

President Museveni knows this game and plays along. Taking everyone for fools. Everyone knows in secret that there are dark games at play at the State House. The President and his men can order killings and murders like others order coffee or a chai. That is just the mere reality and the men who does this for them. Is shielding them from any sort of legal jeopardy or any sort of harm. They are allowed to this and not paying a price for it.

He will not deliver the gentlemen on the boda-boda today. No, he needs them and their kind. They are vital for his business and the way he runs affairs. A man who masters death and who seals the fate of others. That is what he has made a career doing. President Museveni will not find them or get the authorities to find them. If he finds them. He has lost the men who carries out his dirty work and the President cannot do that. It costs him to much.

That’s why his trash talking and promises the heaven’s, but we know this will only be dealt with in hell. Peace.

Uganda: Ministry of Defence & Veterans Affairs – Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces – Shooting at the Vehicle of Hon Gen Edward Katumba Wamala (01.06.2021)

Gen. Wamala survived an assassination attempt earlier today

BREAKING: Former Works and Transport Minister, Gen. Katumba Wamala and driver have been shot in Kisota. The driver has been confirmed dead, Gen. Katumba has been rushed to the hospital. Gen. Katumba Wamala’s daughter, Brenda has been confirmed dead in an assassination attempt on the General’s life. The car was shot seven times” (NBS Television, 01.06.2021)

Along Kisota road where Gen Katumba Wamala’s daughter and driver was killed, there is a Police post barely a minute away. 3 Minutes away at Kisasi trading center there is a Police post” (Uganda Radio Network, 01.06.2021).

This isn’t shocking anymore, but just tragic. That unknown assailants on boda-boda’s came around the car of Gen. Wamala and shot at it. This has happened to other targets of the state. That has happened to deceased MP Ibrahim Abiriga, ASP Andrew Felix Kaweesi and others.

This is modus operandi of the state. Gen. Wamala is clearly a target of the big-men. Who knows what he did behind closed doors, but something went down. He was inaugurated as the UPDF MP in the 11th Parliament.

Gen. Wamala have had several of roles in government. He has resided close to the chambers of power and with loyalty to the State House. Clearly he knows the game and seen how other have gone missing, taken out and lost their lives.

The General knows all of this and he was nearly assassinated today. He lost his daughter Brenda and his driver. There was seven shots towards the car. That says everything and shows how fickle power is.

Gen. Wamala is lucky to be alive. The other cases, which has ended in up in death have never been solved. The criminal cases and murder investigations have never ended up anywhere. The same will happen to this and the General will never know who killed his daughter. That got to hurt. He knows this, because there is no answer for Abiriga or Kaweesi. These are just cold cases, which is as cold as Penguins in the North Pole. There is now way we will know who ordered the boda-boda assassins and who had put a hit on the General.

That’s the double tragedy here. That not only is two more lives lost by means, which have been used before. Where big-men, staunch critics and people who dared to the question the powers to be. I don’t know what Gen. Wamala have done recently. Since his an UPDF MP and a leader of men. Therefore, something is up.

I don’t know who did it or what’s the motivation to do so. Clearly, there is some mischief and sinister happening behind closed doors. Someone operating with the boda-boda drivers who are killers too. Who are untouchable and able to run rampant. They are designated people who clearly is above law and can operate like this.

Gen. Wamala should worry. He was able to get away now, but that’s only on luck and not on merit. The two other deceased besides him is the proof of this. They shot at the car seven times and he survived. His in the hospital now, but it says a lot.

This is a continuation of other high ranking officials who has fallen prey to similar assassinations in the Republic. Which I have already mentioned. Therefore, Gen. Wamala would be another one of these and a victim of the same state he has supported. The General have thrived and lived large on the affairs of the state.

Nevertheless, it is still not righteous to die as a part of a assassination. This is a extra judicial killing and done without mercy. The men who ordered this should be investigated and the hired guns should answer for their crimes too. However, don’t expect anything to happen. It will become ice-cold quickly and only a few unlucky subjects will be on a photo-montage as possible boda-boda killers, but it will amount to nothing. As the state isn’t interested in exposing its secrets. Peace.

Opinion: Boda Boda Free Zone to implemented in November [another failed launch by a government agency]

On 25th July 2020, State Minister of Kampala Betty Amongi launched the Boda Boda Free Zone in Central Business District of Kampala, which was legislation and decision made by the Cabinet. Which was to be implemented within reach of 2 days on the 27th July 2020. We are now on the 29th July 2020 and Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Katumba Wamala announced that the Free Zone will be implemented instead on the 1st November 2020.

What we are seeing is a reappearing act of the government. They implement new legislation and new policies, but have not thought through the implications of it and how to actually do it. This happen a few years ago with SIM-CARD registration. When that happen it was postponements and changes over a long time, before it evidently was able to do it. Also, getting all the ducks in a row and secure the process, which was not possible when announced.

The same might be felt now. That Kampala Capital City Authority, the Ministry of Kampala and Ministry of Works and Transport wasn’t prepared for the ramifications. That it would cause issues in the CBD. That the drivers are stopped and not allowed entering. That there was no clear guidelines for the certified package delivery boda boda companies. These should be able to pass, also if it is not a passenger service, but a personal motorcycle, should they be able to pass into the free zone?

The gazetted areas of boda boda stages. We can wonder, if the owners, stakeholders, drivers and the public really knows about these places too. Or if they are put on random and suddenly need to move around differently all across the city. Just like the Free Zone, the Boda Boda and all associates should have time to move and know the new regulation. Not just over night change, because the cabinet said so.

If you wonder why Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago struggles to reign in the capital. He has the Cabinet ordering and micro-managing without his input or no knowledge of connection to his team. The elected representatives should feel baffled, that suddenly the City changes without votes or outreach. Later, they will throw blame at his administration, even if all decisions was made from the Cabinet and Ministries, while not even consulting the elected leadership. Except they maybe do something with KCCA as they were involved in the launch on Saturday.

We are now on Wednesday and the implementation has been postponed. Maybe now the causes and effects can be scoped in. The costs and the ability for both commuters, boda boda’s and Taxis can be put into play. Also, the possible stages and need U-Turns for the boda boda’s needs to be considered. Especially close to the zone. If not they will cause more traffic chaos, as commuters have to switch to either walk, taxis or bicycles. This has to be considered, as in rush-hours the boda boda’s are a gift to dip through traffic. In the CBD it will not be possible from November. That is why the state has to secure a safe passage and safety for everyone involved.

When you push out policies to quick without considerations or checking effects. Than you get work like this. They are pursuing changes, which will change the traffic flow and where people can cross the city. However, that is done quickly and now the state backtracks. Maybe, they should have a sit-down with stakeholders, ensure the passage and policy actually working. Instead, it has backfired and that is why MoWT had to postpone the Free Zone.

It proves again, that the minds in-charge are sometimes reckless. Not thinking about consequences and just pushing through. Alas, that is not how life is and therefore, they have to retract and secure afterwards instead. Peace.

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