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Somalia: An assassination attempt today at ex-President Hassan Sheik Mohamud

I wish that we had been able to hold full democratic elections of one person one vote across Somalia, but because of unavoidable circumstances, we are ending up with an indirect electoral process. But let me underline that our aim is to ensure a smooth, peaceful and inclusive electoral process that will lead to a secure and democratic transition in November, with no extension of the current government’s mandate. This will constitute a first step towards the implementation of the one person one vote mechanism by 2020” – Hassan Sheik Mohamud to Newsweek (Conor Gaffey – ‘Exclusive: Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Tells Newsweek How He Will Destroy Al-Shabab’ 29.09.2016, Newsweek).

Today near Banadir Court in Hamar Weyne the convoy of Ex-President Hassan Sheik Mohamud was targeted and there was shots fired by Somali forces. This was happening as the ex-President was going to attend a reconciliation meeting.

Earlier this year, government militias and troops have raided his home as well. Therefore, this isn’t anything new, which is occurring on the regular now.

This is maybe Interim-President Farmaajo’s way of proving his point to the former President. As a reminder of who is still in-charge and has the power. While his Prime Minister Roble is getting the credit for setting up a time-frame and a election road-map. Which is still in the same manner as previous ones.

The government of Farmaajo isn’t able to fulfil the dream of the ex-President to have one person one vote system in Somalia. It’s still based on delegates and the elected MPs will vote for who become the President. This isn’t universal suffrage, but more of the same.

The current President haven’t delivered just like predecessor didn’t, but at least to his effort was a steady transition. Which this President will not be remembered for, as the current interim-President has tried to be unelected and push for a further extension. That clearly backfired and now we are seeing a new process.

However, the guns has been silent after skirmishes in the capital in late April. Now we are seeing they are returning, as the parties are meeting and ensuring their next steps ahead of the election. The interim-President should be more careful. He has already targeted to demote and investigate several who took part in April skirmishes. Therefore, we know there actions made and it’s questionable indeed.

Prime Minister Roble have to carry this and Farmaajo can be devious in the background. Today’s news and reports are worrying. It could have gone really bad and that could have escalated things further. Instead of going forward on the momentum of the 27th May 2021 Agreement. Peace.

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Opinion: Farmaajo have unified the opposition [and lack strong allies]

In Mogadishu the tension and stalemate is created by the “Interim” Mohamed Abdillahi Mohamed Farmaajo. All of this is happening because of his actions. The use of weaponry, barricading and even sending brigades from other regions to boost his chances in the capital. This is happening while Federal Member States (FMS) isn’t supporting his extension anymore.

This is Jubaland, Puntland, Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Southwest states who are calling for an inclusive election immediately. Farmaajo is clearly losing it and not having the time of his life. The capital is a battlefield. People are fleeing from several of areas. The “Interim” needs to regain strength by flying in troops from elsewhere. His NISA director Fahad Yasin went to Ethiopia to get support from Addis Ababa, but the Villa Somalia wasn’t getting anything.

The National Salvation Front and Council of Presidential Candidates Union (C.P.C) are all together with the FMS now. There is even a National Liberation Movement established to stop Farmaajo. There is Somali National Army commanders and brigades who supports the opposition. The are police officers and commanders who follows ex-commander Sadiq John. Therefore, it is not like Farmaajo is getting stronger, but weaker with time.

The ones who have kept Farmaajo in office is Dafun and Gorgor. These two militias are the ones who are the keys to his power. They have been the ones who keeping him in office. These soldiers and brigades are the reason and the ones keeping him safe. While more and more of other police officers and soldiers are mutineers who doesn’t have the conscience to support Farmaajo.

The one term President have lost all of his leverage. The state is broke and international community have sanctioned it. The Federal Government of Somalia have lost its standing. The IC have been clear about their standing and the will for honouring the 17th September 2020 election accord. Still, the President haven’t honoured that or wanted do so. It seems to be a deliberate act to stall elections and get a transition or even a second term.

Farmaajo have lost a lot these last few days. He doesn’t have strength. The opposition have proven they can play within his game. Though some rumours are that Farmaajo is resigning tonight. Still, these days he will be remembered for being a gun-slinger and thinking he could run away from his ending of his term.

The “interim” President has used his leverage and supposed power, but lost it all. Farmaajo have outplayed himself and lost all legitimacy. Not that he had any after the ending of his term. Even if he got the Lower House to extend his term. That wasn’t a correct way to carry it out. This is why Farmaajo have unified the opposition and everyone else.

Farmaajo cornered himself and risked everything for the power of the office. Forgetting that power is given to him, but he tried to take it. That is not how this game is playing out. His office and role was as head of state. Still, this one is him being elected and represent the people of Somalia.

This year he thought he could circumvent that and not even try to follow guidelines or even negotiate planned elections. Where he stalled and didn’t try fix the impasse, because he wanted to reign without being elected. That is why none of the meetings, round-tables or whatever it was successful. The “interim” President wanted to rule without an official mandate, but a make-belief of the motion passed in the Lower House.

This week has proven his weakness, but also how dire it can become. As the opposition and the ones supporting Farmaajo went to war. They had skirmishes in Mogadishu taking various of districts and areas. There been bullets, heavy artillery and soldiers on the streets. Been raiding of homes and people running for shelter elsewhere. This all because one man wanted to rule without a mandate.

That is what we will remember Farmaajo for. Nothing he has done over the 4 years in office will really be remembered. That’s because he wanted his legacy to be these battles, the lack of dialogue and will to run an election. This is how Farmaajo will go out. He has tarnished his name and his achievements. Instead of creating stability and strengthening the state. Farmaajo has instead weaken the state, taken it for granted.

Farmaajo … you lost and you have unified all your enemies. That is bloody brilliant. Peace.

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