Opinion: “Be Frugal” isn’t a government intervention…

The President and his team making a statement of sorts… when they are claiming that “Be Frugal” is a short-term intervention of the state. That is really foolishness and inaction at its best. This is putting all the weight on the citizen and the population itself. They just have to be careful with every single shilling and the state will in the short-term not give you anything or any sort of substantial relief. That’s really the point here…

The state that is filled with nepotism and cronyism. A state so filled with government entities and ministries, huge budgets and salaries. A state that is overspending over capacity on bloated government structures, districts, counties and cities, which are not even able to absorbed in the budgets. That sort of government is telling it’s citizens to be frugal.

The high ranking officials and ministers are complaining about old vehicles. They are getting the state to pay for newest models and custom made to VIP treatment. While citizens are told to be frugal. A State House and an Office of President who is eating large every day. A President with over 130 Presidential Advisors and a cabinet around 80. Not in putting the amount of MPs who are the on the state payroll. In combination with the RDCs and everyone else who is directly appointed in combination with the elected officials both in local government and state level. This whole government is made to be a cash-cow and that’s before civil servants are even paid. The bureaucrats, the teachers, nurses or anyone else holding offices in a government entity. They are part of the play, but the politicians and their appointments are the expensive ones.

That’s why the message in the rising inflation, rising prices on basic commodities and food. The government answer to that: “Be Frugal”. Seriously, that’s it? That’s all you can do? Save some money you either have or don’t have. Wash yourself with less soap, buy less bread and don’t even think using your car. Cars and vehicles are only for the VIPs and the ones who has salaries that actually counts. They have also budgeted pay for air-time and phone-bills, so they don’t have to worry about use of data. Heck, these folks don’t have to worry about Yaka or paying the electric bills either. It is just prefixed and they are well-off because of their office.

Be Frugal”.

That’s all you got? When people don’t have money or currency worth a damn? It is not like the people had much to begin with, but now even less. Their currency or money is less valued as the prices are going up. The salaries are stagnate and the expenses are just going up. You cannot stop the ordinary expenses, it costs to live and it’s like the President and government doesn’t understand that.

The message is just insulting. This is the Cassava Republic and the Republic that is mirrored in the image of the President. It is what his created and his minions are proud of his messaging. However, it is flawed and it isn’t helping. It isn’t even helping himself, as his sitting on the pedestal watching down on people. The poverty is real, even if the President and his kind is “living” in a middle-income country. Peace.

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