Opinion: How fragile is the Deputy Speaker Among?

I am afraid to break the fourth wall and disrespect his majesty. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) who calls of crushing, destroying and demean it’s opposition. However, the NRM and the ones who is high ranking official position has no back-bone or ability to throw above their weight. They cannot be held accountable or transparent, because that is an direct attack on them as a collective.

Now, the NRM is targeting National Unity Platform MP Francis Zaake and it’s not the first time he has issues in the Parliament or trouble with the law. Since, his a hardliner and a brother who has integrity. He is unpolished and can be rash, but he speaks a language people understand and a sentiment many people follows. Alas, there is the issue for the NRM. Since they are the majority and the elite, which won’t reflect on the realities on the ground.

Zaake was also addressing torture, as a victim himself of it and his Tweets only shows his experience of it. How he felt humiliated by Deputy Speaker Anita Annet Among in the plenary session. If it takes as little this to take away positions or placements within the Parliament of the 11th Parliament. You can rest assured that the NRM MPs has to walk on feathers and be soft spoken as angles for the next few years. They cannot be vocal or address issues on social media. Never be sarcastic, ironic or even blink twice. That’s the reality here… and it’s depressing.

Zaake is a figure who is blunt and straightforward. There is no denying in that. This is his second term, as an ally and People Power Movement MP or the NUP as the party is now. He has stood tall in the midst of adversity and this here is a hit-job.

The NRM called it just last week unreasonable to target Muhwezi for his job. While now it’s cool to go after Zaake. You figure the irony here and the lack of protocol as well. Since, his just tweeting randomly. While Muhwezi won’t be held accountable for the torturing of innocent civilians without due process according to law. There is a sinister joke here and a deprecating assault on justice lingering in the air.

They are making it a gender issue, when it was an issue of protocol and acts towards the victims of torture. The Deputy Speaker and the NRM is making it about woman. Zaake could have said the exact same thing, if the sick Speaker Oulanyah had acted indifferent and indictive towards him as a victim of torture. Therefore, Among should ask herself, if she is even fit for this role? Does she has the character and ability to be Deputy Speaker? If she cannot be questioned for her own handling of the plenary session in this concern.

We are not shocked that the NRM is going after Zaake. His an easy target and his brash ways makes things seem reasonable. However, this should backfire, because the NRM needs to figure out their own language and characterization of people online. They need to reign in the President, Muhoozi and everyone else who speaks more vile all the time. Therefore, they need to be consistent and not only on dissidents, which is apparent here.

Zaake is the target and the one in the firing line now. While the same NRM will not be held accountable for their own. It shows their vindictiveness and bad faith actors … in Parliament. At this very moment, I have a hard time believing the Deputy Speaker is fit for her. That’s how this is backfiring for the NRM.

When… a public figure and someone who isn’t taking a victim seriously in a plenary session. How do expect that person to engage and react to it afterwards? His been summoned for all sort of foolish reasons. He has been house-arrested, tortured and blocked from getting treatment abroad. Therefore, this man knows the consequences of being in the firing-line for his position.

Zaake is just a target… and Among is used for her gender, which is a disgusting way of using morals against someone. Especially, when they are using that so loosely in this regard. If she cannot be criticised or mocked. She shouldn’t even be in the August House or the Parliament as a public figure. Among should carry herself… and the same should the NRM do. Because, this is nothing. Compared to how the NRM and their fellow high ranking officials speaks of the opposition. Then none of them should be even sitting in a plenary session or speak publicly ever again. Peace.

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