Opinion: The President is one-emergency-call away to fix Medical Evacuation for the Elites…

“None of us (government officials) is going to die in Mulago because there is no medicine. If there is no medicine, [we] will call the President and he will put [us] on a plane and take us to America. We are not victims of corruption.” IGG Beti Kamya urges civilians to report corruption cases, highlighting their victimhood instead of top government officials” (NTV Uganda, 02.06.2023).

I don’t know about you… but the Inspector General of Government (IGG) Beti Kamya frankness in regard to corruption or mismanagement of funds within the Ministry of Health is telling. The ability to not see how arrogant and entitled she where. Well, that is astonishing.

Kamya has gone far in this world. She has maybe not able to retain her seat as an MP in Parliament. Nevertheless, she has become a Minister for one term and the IGG after that. The President has appointed her and kept her in high regard. If he didn’t consider her or see any value in her loyalty. He would have dumped her as Senior Presidential Advisor or become a Residential District Commander (RDC) in a god-forsaken up-country district, which she would rarely visit and only be there during certain celebrations.

Alas, Kamya isn’t that wise or considerate. She is just showing what we knew, but she is saying the silent part out loud. We know that the “high above” needs a say in most things. Now we know his the ones issuing orders and being the guardian of the Medical Evacuations of Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs) or the general elite. The ones who get treatment in India, United States of America or somewhere in Europe.

She said his a call away and get them on a plane. The IGG is practically telling the citizens how Oulanyah got the treatment in Seattle. The way we know others has been airlifted to Nairobi or further away too. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) takes care of its own, but doesn’t consider the rest.

We know the President isn’t a call away from the ones who works within the bounds of the gig-economy or the civil servants who can go months without pay. These have to die in the hospitals without additional help. However, if you are a part of the anointed elite and in high regard of the President. Then you can anticipate the services of the Uganda Airlines and get visa’s or medical passes to get treatment in the West. That’s what Kamya is saying she didn’t see anything wrong in it either.

The public shouldn’t be privy to it. We all know it happens, but it shows how bad it is. It isn’t like these things are new in the Republic either. However, it shows how the state has failed its own and how the President has spend on airlifting patients and pay for their services. This just shows how the Ministry of Health isn’t a concern or even a priority. That’s because the ones in-charge and the ones in the elite can easily get away and it’s one call away.

The President can just a word and a nod. Then he will give them a thumbs up and the sick patient is in the air. That’s not how these things are supposed to work. It shows that the elites, the NRM and the President has already given up on getting treatment at home. They are all just eagerly calling the President and getting it resolved. That’s easier than ensuring the proper people working in the fields, logistics around the medicine and the machinery for all sorts of treatment. No, that takes commitment and investment. It is easier to just fix a ride on a plane and call it a night. Peace.

Opinion: Mpuuga have to prove his worth

As the Leader of the Opposition (LoP) in Parliament, you are having an unforgiving job. Your office is to excel and pushback the government. The spearhead of the opposition and the ones that whip the Opposition MPs against the wrongful and injustice of the current regime. However, that cost and is brutal. That’s why the LoP isn’t an office for everyone.

Mathias Mpuuga is feeling the pressure after the negotiations and the release of the two incarcerated MPs. His name has been put in the mud and tarnished for anyone to see. Mpuuga has been the point of subject and chastised from all sides. He haven’t only been questioned from the ruling regime, but also from within his own inner-circle.

That’s why you know Mpuuga and his prominence is costing. Not like the LoP has a majority or any hold of Parliament. A minority leader swimming in the whims of the Speakers and the National Resistance Movement (NRM). They are the ones steering the ship and his words means practically nothing.

The predecessors of this role has also paid a price for their acknowledgement of this. The way and manner which they pragmatically took part of the proceedings and let go of their defiant ways. Mafabi, Oguttu or Kiiza has all been there and tasted the mud. They have all taken their stride and lost out.

Mpuuga is in a position where he cannot win. No one can win in this office. There is nothing to gain. The only thing you can do is to renegade and inspire the masses. That’s the only thing an LoP can achieve. There is no legislative or possible political framework that can be implemented. The NRM is running the show and the State House has the Parliament by the balls. Not like the Parliament is acting without consensus of the “high above”. No, they are just carrying his water and doing his bidding.

So, in the grand scheme of things, Mpuuga got nothing and it’s deliberate. Just like the predecessors had nothing either. The LoP is a figurehead of a office, which could have a meaning and purpose. However, in the state of affairs it’s only a money-grab and a salute of a honorary title.

Mpuuga can only use this office to leverage public support and be vocal MP against the oppression. He can only stand on the barricades and be in the trenches with fellow allies. Because, he cannot sustain or have any sort of capacity to deliver anything substantial in Parliament. That is rigged against him and the whole opposition. They have no voice and no opportunity to sufficiently win. He and his fellow comrades are bound to lose and that is done by default.

That’s why Mpuuga needs to humble himself and possible atone for the lost time. The arrogance and entitlement is doing him no good. The only favour he has is with the masses, the ones who voted in the National Unity Platform (NUP) and gave him a role in Parliament. They are the ones that given him a chance and he can shine for them. However, will he ever or is he interested in doing so?

We know Mpuuga has fought and been beaten. We know Mpuuga has been active and been a vocal opposition since the Action for Change (A4C) days. So, we know he got it in him. He has been in Parliament now for years and he has to show some finesse. We know he won’t win, but that isn’t the goal anyway. The goal is to undress the king and show his new clothes. It isn’t to implement or directly reform, because that’s impossible. That’s why he got to undermine and make a mockery out of the rulers. That is his job and currently we are not seeing that from him. Peace.

Opinion: Mpuuga is a part of the G-Unit now…

Sunday Monitor understands that a NUP caucus of more than 20 lawmakers has pledged allegiance to Mr Mpuuga or at least his ideals. Fred Ssimbwa, the Nakifuma country representative in the House, chairs the caucus that refers to itself as G-UNIT. During an interview with NTV Uganda’s flagship morning show, “Morning@NTV”, Bobi Wine said—without mentioning names—that he is aware of NUP lawmakers who have been “compromised.” It is thought he was referring to the G-UNIT” (Derrick Wandera – ‘NUP split pits LoP against Bobi Wine’ 25.09.2022).

The latest fluff piece in the Daily Monitor is hallow and certainly could have had more meat before serving it to the public. A look at friction or creations of “wings” within a party. There would be no different in the National Unity Platform (NUP). It wouldn’t be surprising if the NUP would have the same challenge as the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was faced with, which was the hardliners versus the establishment or more pragmatic types.

However, we have now a new sort of vibe within the NUP apparently. 50 Cent should get his group name back, the G-G-G Unit. I am wondering who is the most loyal fella among the G-Unit in the NUP? Because someone has to emulate Tony Yayo. Wonder who is the punchline king or Lloyd Banks? Lastly, who is the one with the poignant bars like Young Buck?

Well, enough fun and play… but it’s interesting reporting of a sort of G-Unit from within. Yes, that is natural in a party to have wings and different groups. Even when the main objectives are the same and their leader is the same. They still will see things differently and wanting to achieve the same thing. These people just thinks there is different way to succeed. Like said earlier there is many paths, but you as a party has to choose one.

We know that as a Leader of Opposition (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga is a pragmatic fellow and not a direct revolutionary. Even if his party has moved in that direction and has had as a signatory programme to “remove a dictator”. Which by definition is a revolutionary act in itself. That’s why a man like Mpuuga will get pushback and essentially from everyone who signed up to the central ideals of the party. Therefore, he would be questioned and wouldn’t always prosper.

Mpuuga could easily get in the space that the likes of Winnie Kiiza or Gen. Mugisha Muntu has been in the FDC. That’s not speaking ill of these, but that is natural progression and act within what is prescribed by the organization itself.

The G-Unit is most likely the former internal pressure group of 20 MP from within the NUP Party. We know that just a year ago Bobi Wine warned the G-20 about creating an internal group or pressure group from within, because that could be the downfall of a new party. That’s what he has stated in September 2021 to the News Editor and reported about in the Entebbe Post around the same time as the “secret mobilizing team”.

The G-20 surely doesn’t sound as intriguing as the G-Unit. Though there is no one who is as gangster or ruthless as 50 Cent. There is no MP or part of the Pressure Group who can compete with the aura and the will of Curtis Jackson. That’s just a fact, but they can surely try. That Mpuuga is a patron of this G-Unit, which is an internal part of the NUP. Only makes things more hectic and possible could question his moves. Especially, if the G-Unit wants to work in another direction than what the NUP wants. He shouldn’t be out of line or cross the leadership of Kamwokya, which he is representing and being elected through. He wasn’t elected on a G-Unit platform, but on a NUP ticket.

This here is interesting times. I’m looking forward to any sort of pushback or recognition of the story published in the Daily Monitor. This is only mere hours after the release. The NUP and the LoP got to respond. It is not a good look and speculations are running wild. In that regard, also jokes of G-Spot, G-String and other fitting rebrands of the G-20, which is currently G-Unit.

They knew the G in G-Unit stood for Guerrilla, right? If not… now you know. The ones giving the same and acronym needs to know. It would be foolish not to right…

Well… Mpuuga and the G-Unit got some answers to give. That is obvious. The NUP also have to deal with this. This isn’t for South Jamaica Queens, but for Kamwokya. Peace.

National Unity Platform (NUP): Statement on the 40m Uganda Shillings given illegally to Members of Parliament (14.06.2022)

Omoro County By-Election: Bobi Wine and the NUP Campaign Team arrested

Tonight, as the violent and brutal arrests of National Unity Platform supporters have been occurring in Omoro County ahead of the By-Elections there on the 26th May 2022. There are several of other reports of which shows the fierce force of the authorities in the area.

As the road-blocks and checkpoints are put up to stifle any movement or any sort of possibly public outcry of the residents there. There is reports that the NUP Campaign Team has all been arrested. This includes Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, as well as Noah Mutwe, Maush and others too. That is happening as they were campaigning for the NUP flag-bearer Simon Toolit.

The Special Forces Command (SFC) of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) is said to be deployed and using force today. These are the ones that is behind the arrests and taking them to unknown locations. This is similar to what happened in the Arua By-Election of 2018.

Now it is repeating itself and the arrests are occurring before the polls. Even before the NUP is able to canvass and campaign whole-heartedly in the county. That shows what the state is willing to do and how it uses it’s resources to stay in power. As they are fighting for the Son of Jacob to “win” this election.

Bobi Wine is reported to be under military supervision after the arrest hours ago. We don’t know where and with what charges, but everything is up for grabs here. Over the weekend everything will become clear. As we will here the UPDF drop a statement and the UPF as well. That is just happening whether we like it or not.

Alas, this just shows that the NRM doesn’t believe in their own candidates and own political platform. When they have to arrest the opposition and use military force to stop them from campaigning. That’s because the NRM and the army fears to lose even more influence in the Parliament. Even if it just a means to regain a seat the NRM already had.

A By-Election shouldn’t be bloody, vicious and need the usage of brutal force like this. However, this is the only way the NRM knows how to win and it shows. The Son of Jacob should feel weak and be praying to the Gods that the almighty forgives them. Because, his campaign is the reason for other people’s plights. The authorities are doing this on his behalf and he should remember that. Peace.

Omoro County By-Election: The Son of Jacob will only win by force and not by “winning hearts”

It is only 5 days to the polls in the Omoro County By-Election, which is scheduled for the 26th May 2022. The campaigns will last to the 24th May 2022. However, things are already spiralling out and the price of the politics is clear.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) are acting like everything is going after normal programming, as they are campaigning to retain the seat in Parliament and get the son of the late speaker, Andrew Ojok Oulanyah elected. However, that couldn’t be harder from the truth.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) had to change their candidate in the last minute before registration, because the NRM had bribed their candidate and instead nominated Justine Odong. Therefore, from the on-set the NRM is using all means to win.

Just like today it’s reports of beating up and direct arrests of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters in the county. There is also reports of checkpoints and authorities putting up road-blocks in the area too. So, like before… the state is making an election into a war-zone to ensure total victory.

There is reports that the Special Forces Command (SFC), which is a part of the Uganda People’s Liberation Force (UPDF) that is behind the brutal arrests and detaining the opposition members in the county. So, if he NRM believed this was a certain win and a walk-over. They wouldn’t need to do this…

As NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong was earlier in the day proclaiming that they had turned about a 100 NUP Members in Omoro County into NRM. Nevertheless, that is just the ordinary propaganda and most like a photo-op to sincere. As this is a way of people getting free t-shirts and possibly a cash-donation to “vote” for the NRM. So, yet another grand scheme.. because the real supporters of the opposition is meeting a blunt force. Not smiles and greetings from the comrades of the likes of Todwong.

If Andrew Ajok Oulanyah thinks his campaign is solid and great. He should have asked the authorities to not use these means. Because, this is just showing that the barrel of the gun and the use of violence is what the NRM needs to get votes. The NRM needs the blunt force to beat people into submission. Not because of a manifesto or a political programme.

That is the message the NRM is sending here. As they are targeting the opposition. While sparing no concern or mind for their own campaigns. It is all smiles and joy for Oulanyah, but I can tell you. There are plenty others who suffers. This campaign isn’t friendly, free or fair.

There is one campaign for the NRM and another for the rest. That isn’t just and the world needs to know.

The Son of Jacob isn’t winning because of his charisma, character or political promises. No, if his winning… its because of how the government and the authorities targets everyone else who dares to challenge him. Peace.

Omoro County By-Election: The battle-lines is getting drawn ahead of the polls…


Since the late speaker Jacob Oulanyah died in Seattle, United States of America there has been a vacant seat in the 11th Parliament. When the news of his demise and death came to the forefront. There was not only a play for who would succeed him as the Speaker, but who would takeover his seat as well.

This is the first time in a while since a National Resistance Movement MP died in office. The last time there was an assassination of Ibrahim Abiriga in the 10th Parliament. That election became a violent and a horrid affair. The late speaker won the seat in 2006 and never looked back. He was the incumbent and it became his seat. Now, this will be opening up.

Here is the vital news from the candidacies in the race. While there is no news about the Independents that ran in the 2021 General Election who lost to Oulanyah. These have not returned for now. We have to wait who the Electoral Commission is putting on the ballots, but the parties are ushering in their candidates.

This is the reports for now and then two rumours in the end…

The DP:

The Democratic Party DP has pulled out of the Omoro County parliamentary by-election. The move came shortly after Godwin Okello a DP aspirant withdrew his candidature from the race on Tuesday. Okello was the only aspirant who publicly expressed interest to vie for the position under DP after the electoral commission announce a vacancy in the constituency last month” (Capital FM Uganda, 05.05.2022).

The FDC:

We unveil Mr Owani Denis Dickson as our flag bearer for Omoro county in the upcoming parliamentary by-election and Ms Ayo Mercy as our flag bearer -District Councilor for Lalogi/Lakwaya Subcounties Our structured campaign will be coordinated by Hon. O’Jara PP. Okin the Member of Parliament for Chua West” (Forum for Democratic Change, 29.04.2022).

The Justice Forum (JEEMA):

Mega’s CD Brian Alaka Comes Out To Take Contest For Late Jacob Oulanyah’s Omoro Parliamentary Seat as the days for nomination of candidates draw nearer. According to the Electoral Commission road map, the nomination of candidates will take place from May 12th to May 13, 2022, at Omoro District Council Hall. The campaigns will take place from May 16th 2022” (Luo Tunes, 01.05.2022).

The National Unity Platform:

Who is Toolit Simon Akecha , the NUP flag bearer For omoro County?

National Unity Platform (NUP) / People Power has fronted Former FDC Member Toolit Simon AKECHA as its flag-bearer in the upcoming Omoro County by-election. Toolit is the former Omoro County MP (FDC) who in 2016 narrowly lost the seat to Hon Jacob Oulanya with 11,044 votes against Toolit’s 9,088 votes. In that election, there were a record breaking 2,173 invalid votes recorded in the declaration form that Toolit claimed they were his and sued Oulanya and NRM for electoral fraud and massive rigging. He is poised to be the main challenger to NRM Candidate Andrew OJOK, a son to the late Jacob Oulanya” (Nile TV, 26.04.2022).

The NRM candidate – Andrew Ojok Oulanyah:

How easy was it to get all the other six NRM aspirants to step down for you? They only stepped down in solidarity with the family. Two weeks ago, before the party issued its official position, we were not sure whether we would undergo primary elections and who the candidate would be. I want to thank the NRM party chairman (President Museveni) who eventually gave me the flag” (Tobbias Jolly Owino – ‘I wake up every day knowing I have to finish my father’s task – Ojok Oulanyah’ 01.05.2022, Daily Monitor).

First Rumour:

This haven’t been verified but been spread online. That there was a supposed gathering/meeting between the Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and the National Resistance Movement (NRM), which was to support the NRM candidate ahead of the polls. As the three parties was afraid to challenge NUP’s Toolit. That meeting was done in the middle-of-April this year and to ensure it.

In that regard, we know the DP dropped out and we have to see if the UPC will do the same. That will be striking and evidence of the possible secret agreement. However, unless the minutes and the signed agreement comes into the public sphere… until that happens this is just a rumour.

Second rumour:

That the Omoro RDC Ladit Onyuk Andrew is directly campaigning and using his office to campaign for the NRM candidate in the county. That is very evident by his Facebook profile and how his using his office for the bidding of Ajok Oulanyah. This is most likely true and has been reported on by the newspapers since mid-April as well. Therefore, this rumour is genuine.

This election going to be contested. Expect arrests, election-violence and insincere statements by the authorities. The By-Election going to be a proof of the foothold of the NRM in Omoro County. The machinery will camp in the Omoro County. To expect something else is foolish. As they want to settle and have the son of the speaker to get the seat in Parliament.

However, the battle of Toolit and Oulanyah will be a hectic one. Expect the rallies of the NUP to be tear-gassed and get into trouble. While the NRM will campaign everywhere and use vast funds on voter-tourism. That is what the NRM has done for over a decade now. They will come in with the army, the whole state machinery, use of buses and free food for the masses. Small tokens and gifts to SACCO’s too. That is what the state does to suddenly showering the locals. However, the state will not invest in the hospitals or the health care centres. No, that will not happen…

I wouldn’t expect anything else. This might be this terms Arua By-Election. The same sort of drive and possibilities are here. Because, the stakes are high and the will of the NRM to settle the score. The use of the authorities and the state resources will be shown. Nothing should shock you, but be aware. It might even look like a war-zone in the tiny window to the polls, as the state wants to signal that their candidate is the way out. Peace.

Omoro County By-Election: The son to inherit the seat of the late father

As far as the Omoro by-election is concerned, there is talk that the late Jacob Oulanyah’s son and Omoro leaders will be meeting the President. Some people want him to be unopposed, and others have stepped down for him” (NBS Television, 19.04.2022).

NRM party aspirants eyeing the Omoro County MP seat have been summoned by Museveni. So far 11 people have expressed interest to replace the late Jacob Oulanyah. 4 of them subscribe to the NRM party. They include the Omoro LCV Chairperson Douglas Peter Okello alias Okao, Omoro District Speaker Richard Bongowat Luganya, Oulanyah`s son Andrew Ojok, and Oulanyah`s former campaign manager Ben Acellam” (Unity FM 97,7 Lira, 19.04.2022).

Special meeting of OMORO leaders with the President Museveni just got done. All aspirants from NRM have stepped down in his favour Andrew Ojok (son to the late Jacob), those who had previously occupied RDC offices will bounce back, LC5, speaker to say there positions” (Benson Ongom, 19.04.2022).

If you don’t believe the message of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) is that they are all in and for nepotism. You are clearly mistaken. The previous NRM Primaries before the 2021 elections proved that. Sons and daughters of the mighty men was allowed to stand. They got into seats and became Members of Parliament even.

Now in 2022 that has not changed. The Acholi, Lango and West Nile MPs was maybe not able to ring-fence the speakership for the Greater North. However, it is clear that the Oulanyah family will linger on and have a say.

That’s because of the son of the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is now going unopposed in the NRM. After Museveni summoned a meeting and settled the grievances ahead of the Omoro By-Election. We knew that the death of Oulanyah would trigger a by-election. What we didn’t know was how the party, the parliament or anyone else would take it. Since it created new openings and opportunities for several of the surrounding people there. That was evident in the race for speakership alone…

We shouldn’t be shocked that the son of the late is regarded as the candidate from the NRM. They easily does that and it continues his legacy. I still expect him to be challenged by Independent candidate Olal Andrew P’obong and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) candidate Terence Odonga.

P’Obong could easily been a NRM flag-bearer if it wasn’t for the father in the first place. So, he wasn’t even in the draw this time either. Showing that the NRM clearly isn’t listening to the aspirants in the area. Only picking the most tolerable and the ones that is most vital to the cause of the State House. That’s why Oulanyah was returning in 2021 and why his son is the next in line 2022. It is really obvious…

Nepotism is a main staple in the NRM and no one can deny that in 2022. Peace.

Opinion: The venom never left [because it was always concealed…]

Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous” – Chanakya

At the burial of late speaker Jacob Oulanyah, the father stated again that his son was poisoned and it was to late to save him when he was sent for treatment in Seattle, United States of America. That has been stated before and clearly the story haven’t ceased to stop. The speculations and the questions are remaining, as the coffin has been a day or two in the ground.

The reality is that the late speaker isn’t the only cadre, loyal subject or former ally of the President who has had mysterious fall from grace. No, during the 36 years in power… Generals has died of blood-clot and other weird diseases, even when their family members and loved ones has said until the last minute that they was healthy and fit. Therefore, their sudden demise can be called weird and without justification. Neither are the paperwork or the official reasons fitting the narratives of family members. That’s why you know something is up.

Just like Oulanyah is buried without an official reason and when the father says he was poisoned. The questions will remain and the lack of proof from the state doesn’t make it better. That’s why people will claim this until proven otherwise.

This is not the first time. Just like the questionable death of: “From the time Brig. Noble Mayombo’s illness became publicly known to his burial last Saturday, little else has made the front page of the national newspapers. Away from the newspapers, there has been a rumour briskly circulating around Kampala and elsewhere in the country. The rumour, quite simply, casts doubt over any explanation that somehow Mayombo simply contracted an infection of his pancreas and died” (Timothy Kalyegira – ‘Uganda: The Political Implications of Brig. Mayombo’s Death’ 09.05.2007, Daily Monitor).

Another one is this one: “The first official statement from Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda the following day noted that the cause of death was not yet known and that a team of doctors and pathologists had been dispatched to the United Arab Emirates to help with the post-mortem and repatriation of the body. Yet, this communication from the government did not stop the whispering campaign about what — but mostly who — killed Gen Nyakairima, and about his enemies, real and imagined. At least one post mortem report managed to attain velocity in the forward-first, think-later world of social media, claiming he was poisoned by a South Korean passport holder” (The East African – ‘Nyakairima death: Radio Katwe, social media explode with conspiracy theories’ 19.09.2016).

When you have these sorts of cases in the past and now the sudden death of Oulanyah… you know things will be put into question and it doesn’t help that the government was supposed to probe the incident in 2021. While he died in 2022.

A failed attempt at Gen. David Sejusa aka Tinyefuza aka Tinye: “According to Lukwago, the General made stunning revelations at the party on how he survived being murdered since he parted ways with government in 2013. He reportedly told guests that the NRM government functionaries plotted to eliminate him when he was in exile in UK. Most recently while on remand in Luzira, Sejusa said he narrowly survived beingI poisoned” (Sam Wasawa – ‘I survived poison in Luzira – Sejusa’ 22.04.20216, ChimpReports).

These are just four cases and Oulanyah is the newest. It just shows what the state does and is willing to do. They will claim it all is conspiracy theories and whatnot. We know about other claims too and other cases, which is not mentioned here. Which could have been the same. Where the state has possibly targeted opposition or rising stars within own ranks with poison. Therefore, it is likely that it could have happened. This government doesn’t value life much and the attempts of poisons, assassinations and other extra judicial killings proves just that.

Nevertheless, at this very moment we will not know. The lack of verified proof stifles it. However, the knowledge that it could be real and could be possible is dangerously enough. To know that the government are willing and justifies these activities says it all. That they plot someone’s downfall and does it with deceptive means of venom. Peace.

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC): Tribute to the Rt. Hon. Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah (30.03.2022)

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