A Quarantine Memo Part II (26.04.2020)

It’s about that time…

Well, we have gotten this far and still we’re far from over. If you think the sacrifice, the estimated time sitting on your coach revisiting movie classics, reading dusty books and dodging burnt bridges on Social Media will save your ass. Well, this hurdle will take more than that. Even you got more knowledge of binge watching, new shows and seen some low-budget TV shows made in their homes. Still, no reason to zappy. We are here for a reason, it is the COVID-19 season.

I have been in home-office since mid-March 2020 and will be too mid-June 2020. So, my time with this … is sort of only beginning. Washing my hands, social distancing and not seeing my colleges in the flesh, except on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. That is the life now. Nothing to blame, just life I guess. Just like, because of advice from authorities and the state. I’m not taking public transport. Only done it like two-three times over the last month to have a breather to the near mall. To also buy more needed gear to the home, than what I get at the local grocery.

Well, if your thinking I’m complaining. No, I am not. I’m just expressing my lifestyle. As I make the dinners for the wife, as she’s working in the store and I’m at home anyway. So, it feels like my duty to make the home shiny, as best to my ability. Therefore mixing between answering emails, calls and writing things for work. While washing dishes, cleaning floors and dusting. Also, thinking of what to make for dinner. It is life these days.

This quarantine has made life different. Reading the steady stats, seeing the curves. Seeing the amount of fatalities, the discredited groups of people taking up arms and battling the disease. The ones who are on the front-line now, but are not properly compensated. While the bailouts goes to the rich CEOs and the ones skimming the profits in non-crisis.


Some things never change, the richer get richer, while the peasants stays the pawns on the chess-set. The first ones to send in the battle and the first ones to sacrifice. That is just way it is. We are seeing industries are failing across the board. This because of the lockdowns, not only hotels, tourist hot-spots and whatnot. No, farmers are hurt, their produce is not getting sold. Oil is worthless, airlines broken down and so-on.

We don’t know how things will be post-COVID19, but know that the hardships isn’t over. After the shut-down, the lock-down and closure. The revamping systems, the needed stimulus and new features from the states is needed. Not more austerity, structural adjustment programs and whatnot. That will create more destruction, privatizations will only cuss out more funds from the states, instead of making real deep development. We should know this, but the politicians might trade away today with promises of changes in future. If not they are getting a cut, to cut and stifle the public. That is not new either, but they will rename a run-down car and say its like a 2021 Caddy fresh out the factory. We know the car doesn’t smell new or the engine is pumped. It just missing the ability to get the rain through the windows and clunky sounds from the doors. So, don’t try to sell us this.

This is just what I am thinking, as I am stuck in my home. Working, living and getting by. I am lucky to be in this position. I am blessed and I know it. However, we still need to question the powers to be. As much as we can. Peace.

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