Matilda Powers sings ‘Jajja Weraba’ to jail

Yesterday singer Matilda Powers was arrested after releasing the song “Jajja Weraba” which was uploaded onto Youtube on the 28th February 2020. It has now gone about 24 hours since people have seen or been in-contact. As the authorities has detained her without a warrant and an arrest order.

She has released to pro People Power songs. Which clearly has hurt the pride of the authorities. As the Edutainment is hurting the regime. This songs message of “Jajja Weraba” combined with the video must be painful for the regime to show to the world. Especially, if the activists are getting the lyrics translated into English as well. Than, an international crowd could get hooked on the message.

Right now, the message of song is only for locals, but it must be really damaging for the regime. When they got to arrest a person, only 24 hours after its release. That they are arresting the person singing the song and the uploading it for the world to see.

If they wanted to dismiss this message and discredit the singer. Then they would let it be dealt with in silence. Instead, with their approach, they are validating her concerns and her platform. They are letting the world know of Matilda Powers.

She could have been yet another People Power messenger, no one would have known about. However, with the arrest without any forewarning the state is initially spreading her message. Without even trying. Kudos for that. Now, the video and her name is synonymous with People Power.

Sure that wasn’t their initial plan, but that is what they have mastered to do. Peace.

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