Opinion: Kanye don’t Deluxe this

This Sunday Kanye Omari West aka Ye aka Yeezy dropped his newest project “Donda”. This is following up the 2019 “Jesus is King”. The 2021 Kanye is no difference from this. I have listed to Kanye since the College Dropout, which dropped in 2004. So, at some points of time I couldn’t wait for his releases. However, with time that has ceased with time.

Not like the “Jesus is King” which was totally a holy and Christian project. This one is a mixed blend of both Christian and Secular music. However, as a Christian, I can only all call the music and texts used in the Christian songs as superficial. It is like a staged faith based project.

So, many of the songs is a continuation of the “Jesus is King”. It is artificial Christianity and this shouldn’t be awarded on the Dove Awards. However, they did this with the previous one and could easily do it again. Still, for a guy like me… I don’t get it, but the amount of units and headlines. He makes the awards more relevant, I suppose.

What is striking is that the secular songs are filled to the brim with features. There is a lack of Kanye on them. That is really showing and the album is so long as well. So many songs and plenty of filler tracks. It is filled with the “Life of Pablo” rejects. A bath of autotune and the features are stealing the show like Roddy Ricch, Jay-Z and The Weekend. These artists outshine Kanye on his own project.

I have a feeling Kanye misses the writing credits of Consequence. Because, the bars isn’t as hitting and there is very few to mention, if any. This isn’t an album made for bars and neither is it filled with sampling. Only one song I could taste the sample and felt an old Kanye vibe for a second. However, that was a short-lived enterprise.

I am used to on a hip hop album that the intro or the first track is savage. That the artist shows all parts of his or hers craft. Where all the flows, metaphors and proves to the world why we should listen to this project at all. Here, it’s singer Syleena Johnson saying “Donda” what feels like an eternity and a bad idea. However, the self-proclaimed “genius” thought this was a profound exercise.

Well, I am shocked that he did that, but it is just as his repetition like he did on that Lil Pump track a few years ago. It feels like the “Good Ass Job” album came back in to rotation. That’s what we are listening to now.

It is either splendid or grandeur, but a mixed fortune of artists, styles and modernity with a fashionable blend of Christianity. It is making Christian Dior into Jesus Christ. There is no deep or profound messages. Neither, is it taken anything from ancient psalms or biblical scriptures. Just posturing, which is degrading it really. The same was the thing with “Jesus is King” and “Donda” is a 2.0.

That’s why this sort of music isn’t for me. I know Kanye can make wonderful music and have done so in the past. He has made albums and records I listen too till this day. That being the fist three LPs and “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. Since then there haven’t been a project from me. This is not changing with project either.

Donda is also way to long and I couldn’t wait for it too end. That’s not the feeling I want. I want to look forward to return. In these times its tradition from the music industry to Deluxe every project. Therefore, expect that possibly here… he shouldn’t but he might be forced to do so.

Kanye is Kanye… and forever will be. That’s why this wasn’t for me. Peace.

Opinion: The New Rory and Mal Podcast is a Breath of Fresh Air

The New Rory and Mal Podcast which was released on the 14th June 2021 after the ousting of the same fellows from the Joe Budden Podcast. The firing on air happened on the 12th May 2021. Since then two former Co-Hosts had to find their own way and now has officially started their own venture(!).

I listen today and it was refreshing. It was cool and reflected. No drama, no additional noise and no egos. There was two buddies and hosts who respected each other. They spoke their peace and had a good time.

It is the sort of podcast that reflects on Hip Hop, but also on their lives. Their character get out and they dive deep. There is no additional overreach or one man’s ego running rampant. Neither, is there shouting or personal drama. No, it was just two men chilling and speaking their peace. That’s all there is and needs to be.

This really shows what Joe Budden lost. He lost two Co-Host who can carry this on his own. The two people he wanted to control and have it easy with. Like these two couldn’t carry their own weight and do it. Because, everyone needs Budden and his approval. At least how DJ Akademiks sees it and his salty retorts their way.

Rory and Mal seems to be in a good space. They seem to be ready for this and the new chapter in their careers. Where they can handle it and take care of business. Where they don’t need to await their turn and if Budden has it covered. The Network is allowing or ensuring them a pay-check.

It seems like they have the space and ability to move. That’s because people jumps from the JBP to the RMP. That’s Joe’s fault actually. Instead of handling in a proper fashion and in a professional way. Joe could have salvaged something and even insisted on them staying. However, with firing them and doing it publicly.

He has not only lost his two known and respected co-hosts, but also destroyed the podcast for many. Now, these two reminds of a calm and collected podcast. Without the interruptions, the renegade moments, the brash noises and the sudden screaming of Joe. No, you can handle yourself and be mature. Still have people listening to the conservation and move on. That is possible and its refreshing.

This was just the first episode. The New Rory and Mal Podcast have potential. It has an edge and character. Which has made a guy like me unsubscribe from the Joe Budden Podcast and subscribe to the New Rory and Mal. That’s because their format is more chill and still give a good vibe. Which a brother need in the day to day. I hope they does this on a regular and on schedule. So, you know when to listen in. That’s only my hope. They got to carry this and cannot phone this in.

That’s why I am looking forward to episode two and hope these good interactions continues. We need this and the positivity. Just like we need the ‘The Company Man’, the HipHopDX’s ‘The Breakdown’ with Murs and Dead End Hip Hop Reviews. All of these shows adds to the culture and the conversations we already have. Peace.

Opinion: Lil Nas X is free to express himself

That Montero Lamar Hill aka Lil Nas X dropped a new video (Montero – Call Me By My Name)) – where he killed the devil and that shouldn’t harm your faith. His an artist and a musician who is free to express it the way he feels. That he sells a shoe with blood is just his prerogative. Just like 50 Cent sold water with vitamins. That was his business and now Lil Nas X has his gimmick.

Let’s be clear. I am a Christian and I don’t care what Lil Nas X does. He can do whatever he feels and is free to drop whatever he see fit. Yes, he shouldn’t be blasphemous and mock anyone’s faith. However, what I have seen of the music video. It wasn’t really all that. His just doing him and fine by me.

If we are reacting and shocked by this. Then we are forgetting about Madonna, Marilyn Manson and so many others who has used Christianity in their videos. There have even been films where main character has used the cross in a sexual manner. So, its not like this is new and it’s just a way to cause a stir or a controversy.

Lil Nas X is getting that. He is causing all the issues and the conservative is spearheading this. Like this is a destruction of society and Christianity too. Not like “Like A Prayer” or Nas’s “Hate Me Now” did it. Neither will song. They will just be controversial part of his discography.

This sort of art piece and music video isn’t for everyone. Neither is the deemed Christian music for others either. There is a time and place for everything. It is not like Lil Nas X was screwing his significant other on the altar or trying to force his belief system on anyone. He just made his entertaining piece and you decide if you want to watch it or not. Not like his forcing anyone to care or watch it.

It is just his controversial piece and his getting people to talk about him. Lil Nas X is winning this way. Not that everyone should listen to Jerusalem, Creed or Skillet. No, that is for the ones that likes that. However, there is a different crowd for that and not the ones following Lil Nas X.

Art reflects its times and the perspective of the ones composing it. The artists is free to make his pieces and do it. There been so many using Christian symbolism and even scripture without being directly Christian. Even Yelawolf was filming his video with Eminem in a Church. Where he was speaking of the Trinity and it didn’t make the world shake. Nevertheless, Lil Nas X does with his piece.

Clearly, it is a “cultural” nonsensical war. If your a person of faith like myself. You will not eat the horse-shit and accept it as an attack on it. If God is as great as the scriptures says he is. Then, I don’t fear a artist, but I fear God. If the powers of the almighty is as grandeur as the holy texts say he is. Then anyone can mock and ridicule it, but he will decide in the end our fate. That is how I see it. We all live accordingly to our conscience and believes. I will not feel targeted or insulted by Lil Nas X.

He just expressed himself and can do so. The ones saying its bad for the kids. Let the parents act like a parent. If the kids see it. Talk to the kids and let them understand it. Just like anything else they can see and browser on the internet. That is what you do and you use your parental guidance as well. That is not the role of Lil Nas X. Just like it never was Eminem’s role to raise me as youth either. Still, I listened to his music and bumped Xzibit and others too.

So, no… Lil Nas X isn’t damaging my calm or my faith. It takes more than a music video and some lyrics of his. This will not leave me into temptation and lack of faith. Instead, it will only let me reflect on it and move on. Like anything artistic should do.

Please, this selective outrage isn’t doing anyone any good. You are not showing your faith either. Just that your limiting someone’s freedom to express themselves. That serves no one any good and only shows your lack of tolerance, which is ironically counterproductive. Peace.

Opinion: Joe Budden is self-destructive …

What is tragic here is that someone as talent and bright as Joe Budden has a tendency to destroy everything around him. It is just his Modus Operandi. The rapper, entrepreneur and commentator has amassed huge potential. However, the ability to sustain and build long-working relationships a hard task for the man.

Joe Budden wants to keep things a 100. He wants to be real and speak from the heart. Nevertheless, he breaks things down and dips when he has to put the work-in. If that is a Second Slaughterhouse album on Shady Records. If it continuing his popularity after “Pump It Up” or anything else.

Heck, Joe has destroyed Revolt TV “State of the Culture” a deal he signed with P. Diddy. The same man was a vital figure in the rise of the YouTube sensation and cultural force within Complex own “Everyday Struggle”. It is just like he enjoys to see it rise and when it does. He wants a big cut of the profits and if he doesn’t he jumps ship. Instead of negotiating and making sense of things. He just bails out and hope other people picks up the pieces.

Just like it was with his solo career as well. Where he went from Def Jam. By some luck and wit was able to make it from one song to mixtape into a independent album with Slaughterhouse. Before signing with Interscope/Shady Records and drop another mixtape and the sophomore album there. However, in the end destroy the opportunity to drop the second on that label and the their third of the all star group.

Joe was able to drop another 3 albums independently after this. Before switching over to become a commentator and a podcaster. That is why he has participated in so many different ones. Before, he started his own and kept that going.

The Joe Budden Podcast have lasted since 2015 now. It is a long run and his side-kicks has been stable with there. Rory was there from the beginning, but Mal joined it in 2016. So they have all history there. Now, they have dipped and the first week without them at the latest edition of it.

It just seems like all the other enterprises of Joe he just have to burn this one as well. Joe just cannot help himself. Now, that things are established and gotten to a aspect of cultural phenomenon. He just got to dip again. Make it all about him and let the others fly solo. Just like when things was going good at Revolt. He just had to pull a stunt. The same over at Complex. It is just the gift of Joe. He just can’t help himself.

Joe now got the Joe Budden Network and is working on various projects there. How long will these relationship lasts and how far will he take it? When his dropping to sign with Spotify and others. Just like he did with “State of the Culture”. That is just what he does… He even sort of made the “Everyday Struggle” fallout much more hectic and significant than it needed to be. That is why there will always be something weird between him and DJ Akademiks.

Joe Budden is his worst enemy… Joe don’t need to fight anyone else than his own self. He can self-destruct and deplete all things he has made. When things turn shiny and golden he just gets greedy. Instead of waiting for his turn and ensure the gravy-train is moving. No, he wants a quick buck and a pay-off on the expense of others. That is how it seems.

Just like he doesn’t understand that the Shady Records had to re-coup and get profits, which as non-existent with the investments made in the production of the album and the roll-out there. He expected quick money from that too. Even as Eminem lost money on their album. The only way he could have made money, as stated in reports was if the group released the second on Shady or their third group projects, which has never happened to this day. That is unfortunate because the group had massive star-power and was assembled with lyrical wordsmiths. Who could have shown their greatness, but that was thwarted with the ego of Joe for instance.

Therefore, the “strike” of Mal and Rory isn’t something new in the life of Joe. No, it is just too common and sort of what he does. When he builds up something… he just got to destroy it. That is his gift. Instead of prolonging or trying to make something last. To even have longevity or a legacy he rather smash it quickly. That is what is so tragic.

Joe has had the option to make big cultural phenomenons lasts on other platforms. However, his ego and personality have gotten in his way. It is as if it is never enough. He wants more out of it and doesn’t get his way.

I have followed him on these platforms, seen the shows, listened to the podcasts, but I am tired of his mess. That he cannot get his ducks in a row and be solid. That for a man who wants to keep a 100. He surely take a sledgehammer and hits the fine china into a million pieces. The he expects someone else to clean up his mess. It is just tiring.

Especially, when the brother has such talent and skills. To just waste it and give the world all this negativity. That is really it. Joe Budden could be better and have significant more to give. However, he is his own worst enemy. This man doesn’t need a nemesis… because he can just look at his own shadow and in the mirror.

It’s a lot of things he could’a, would’a and should’a, but at this point. He should hang up the mic and just talk frank to his peers. Joe should resolve this and patch the hurt. Unless, he wants to destroy this too. Just to prove a point. The Joe Budden Podcast is the trio with him, Mal and Rory. The balance each other and makes it worthwhile. Instead, he wants to be the man on the pedestal and adore his greatness. However, that is not happening.

Joe, if you were that great in the first place. You wouldn’t need the team around you. Just like you couldn’t manage to break it solo. You needed Slaughterhouse to reaffirm yourself publicly. I think that this is forgotten and knowledge he doesn’t want to be reminded about. Because, who was really awaiting a mixtape and solo album of Joe in the 2000s? Not so many, right?

That’s the truth and just like that it’s now too. He has a name and a platform. Nevertheless, his not the sole reason why people are tuning in and he shouldn’t forget that. Joe is Joe, but now Joe got to stop. Unless, he wants to destroy this one too. Just like he did with the others in the past. Peace.

2020: The Pop- and Afrobeat albums I enjoyed

This is a more fun mix of music. This genres are more diverse and that will show. 2020 have been an inspiring year here. I have listen to Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, P-Square and Tiwa Savage for the ages. Therefore, this isn’t new music for me. The Afrobeat and African Pop music has a special place for me. Pop music is always on the radio, but still it is easy digestible at times. Which you can enjoy in easy listening moments.

In this manner, the 2020 have been in a rich year in music. Even within the lockdown and with everything happening. The music is still the tones to life and the inspiring tunes to, which brings both hope and joy.

I’ll give you the best of what I enjoyed from these two spaces. If it wasn’t for places like ZAMUSIC and JustNaija online. I wouldn’t have the access or ability to listen to so much of this and get to enjoy what these music scenes has to offer. Which is so diverse and so filled with talent. That deserves recognition.

Rowlene with “11:11” is a worthy introduction to RnB and Pop music. It has a unique blend of tunes and her voice is really cool.

Davido’s “A Better Time” is a banger and his funny ways of writing and entertaining. This man knows how to keep things interesting. There isn’t a dull moment on this album.

Alicia Keys with “Alicia” is a mesmerizing and worthy LP, which feels like it has gotten under the radar. She has the voice and the passion to tell stories now. Not just be another piano-lady who has a voice.

Tiwa Savage’s “Celia” is a Afro-Beat album that slaps every-time. She’s the Queen and proves that her. Her voice and the beats are nice. Tiwa deserves more credit and should have a much bigger stage. That is just my opinion though.

Yemi Alade with “Empress” returns with a spark of joy and shows her skills yet again. Another Afro-Beat album that shows talent and the softness of her voice is so suitable over the beats. It’s a joy to listen too.

Jojo’s “Good To Know” is a poppy hip-hop beats album where she shows her voice and writing skills as an independent artist. Jojo came into scene as teenager, but has grown up in the public. Her voice and tales are more sexual and that shows. Still, an underrated performer.

Sauti Sol with “Midnight Train” is a fun experience where he shows his abilities and also over a diverse beats. This is just a joyful experience and puts a smile on face playing this. The melodies and the hooks are captivating to me.

Simi has dropped two projects this year. My favourite was “Omo Charlie Champagne Vol. 1”. It is really banging and been on steady rotation. Not that “Restless II EP” is a bad project. However, the first project has so many good tunes it has a hard time competing with the EP.

Chike with “Boo of the Booless” is a real event of an album. The man who is a rough diamond and this is first project. Can really become an interest artist to look forward too. He got it in him. The album shows a lot of promise and hopefully he drops more story-telling songs. As those are the ones that is interesting from this album.

Patoranking with “Three” was a breath of fresh air and his captivating style persisted through the project. Worth a listen now and then.

Burna Boy’s “Twice as Tall” became a big LP worldwide. Though I preferred his previous project much more than this one. It is good, but he had more flex on the last years effort. Sill a good and solid LP. Though just missing a few touches and not as “in your face” as the previous one.

Albums that fell short for me was Beyonce’s “The Lion King: The Gift”, Berita’s “Songs in the Key of Love”, Harrysong’s “Right About Now EP”, Ariana Grande’s “Positions” and Ava Max’s “Heaven & Hell” . These was worth putting on, but nothing that took me back or made me feel something. It was just noise in the background. These songs surely fits the radio and MTV. However, they are not there for me and made a difference. Even if they are big acts and artists that is supposed to have the team behind them to drop something notable.

This list I dropped here for 2020 shows how diverse I am and what I listen on a daily. I’m willing to try and listen. We need fresh touches and try out new things. To be sure what we really like and enjoy. These artists have shown that and that’s why I enjoy their work. Peace.

2020: The Hip-Hop albums I enjoyed

I used to be a Hip-Hop blogger and write about music a decade ago. That is how it all started for me. To write and speak about a topic I knew. However through college and studies. I turned more political and so did my content. That is why the few who knows ASAP08.Wordpress.com used to be my page and my blog for years.

This is why I am going to my roots now. Just writing my 2 cents about music and hip hop. As that is the genre I’m not only familiar with, but enjoys for the most part. The music scene is different. The auto-tune, the mumble-rap and other sub-genres is more prevalent than in the past. Even though T-Pain and Lil Wayne used the auto-tune like crazy back-in-the-day too. So, it’s not like its breaking news.

Well, 2020 have been a weird year. In a sense, the lockdowns and home quarantines have ensured that I actually listen to less music. As I listen the most on the road home back and from the office. I am old-school so I download the album on my phone. If I am digging it. It stays and if it sucks. I’ll delete it and check out a new project to download later. Like Datpiff and other pages have served me well over the years.

The big surprise release was Jay Electronica with “A Written Testimony”. Though it shouldn’t have been released as a solo joint, but a joint effort with Jay-Z. It seems like Jay Elect wouldn’t have gotten this out if it was for Carters persistent push and dropping bars for him in the studio. It would seem like he never would have released it. No matter what Jay Elect would deliver. It would never master expectations of the build-up. The endless singles and snippets. The brilliant 16 bars as a feature and then nothing. Jay Elect bummed me out. It is decent, but when your waiting this long. It should be a Chronic or a College Dropout sort of statement. Not just another Spotify filler tracks.

One that came with a banger and an album with no fillers for me was Royce Da 5’9” “The Allegory” is my favourite of this year. The Detroit native is proving not only his skills behind the mic, but also his own production. The album is so consistent and such a project. That I will listen to this for years to come. His roll of good projects is continuing from the Phryme era and the “Book of Ryan”. Royce is again and again proving why his viable and a MC to look out for.

For instance this year Griselda artists became a main stay for me. This being Benny the Butcher with his “Burden of Proof” and Conway the Machine with “From King to a God”. Both of these projects is heavily played on my phone. This is the sort of jams I appreciate.

I have enjoyed the Crooked I & Joell Ortiz “H.A.R.D” project. That was a dope project and proved their standing. The Slaughterhouse MCs are still banging and together they are perfect blend of both coasts.

I preferred Jadakiss’s “Ignatius” over the long overdue project “Living Off Experience” from the LOX. Though that DMX 16 bars on one of their singles are worthy of 90s vibe. Jadakiss was the most personal in years and his tone was inspired through the album. This is why I can recommend this one too.

Another New Yorker and the late rapper Pop Smoke can with his posthumous release “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon”. Compared to the “Dior” and other previous tracks I heard from him. This was less gritty sounding and more poppy. Surely the 50 Cent production and executive producing is the reason for that. However, we can only imagine where he could go and that his voice will be missed in the years to come. Pop Smoke was special and was on the rise to become someone to reckon with.

Black Thought of the Roots returned with his series “Streams of Thought Volume 3.” it was a continuation and shows his relevance on the mic. These sort of projects doesn’t get the credit it deserves and seems like he isn’t either aiming for charts or the accolades. Only having fun and showing his bars. Which is fun for the listener, but he deserves some acknowledgement. Both this one and the second in the series is projects I listen to on the regular.

I am a fan of both T.I. and Young Jeezy. However, their projects this year haven’t been that inspiring. Neither “The L.I.B.R.A” or “Recession 2” have gotten replayed. I am considering giving it more time. As these are artists that I am listening to their older albums, but these aren’t sparking the same interest and maybe their ways of trying to fit in isn’t that sort of vibe I need. They are sort of coping with the trends, instead of setting it themselves.

A moment of nostalgia for me this year. Was listening to the Paul Wall and Lil Keke project “Slab Talk”. It is nothing deep for the veteran rappers of Houston. Their topics and their production is nothing unique. Just fun to feel their return and having the jams on. Reminded me of listening to Slim Thug and UGK. Music that is fun and not so serious.

Papoose also returned with “Endangered Species” proving why he was sought after and was someone to look out for back-in-the-day. The man can still write and show his fierce wordplay. However, the lack of single and push from a major record label. Is the reason why his lingering in the underground and isn’t pushed higher.

Big Sean’s “Detroit 2” was good and shows his growth as an artist. I can take him seriously now. However, I am not sure how much longer I will listen to it though. It’s not a masterpiece, but a great piece of work. Not just a “Culture” or for the radio with “ASS”. His becoming his own man and can be proud of his work.

One that was a downer compared to previous released projects was Tech N9NE “ENTERFEAR” album wasn’t so banging as in the past. I don’t know, but it didn’t have what I sought out for. Maybe, the same sort of style gets old. I really don’t know. Always looked out for more Tech Nina, but here he didn’t bring it for me…

Joyner Lucas dropped “ADHD” the longest album run with nearly every song dropped as singles and it did fall flat. The repetition and lack of various material made it a sombre listen. Joyner have some fun jams, but he overplayed it and didn’t do more of the Timbaland produces fun joints. If he had mixed it up. It might have gotten more traction for me.

He dropped later in the “Evolution” which is a much better album. If your listening to Joyner. Listen to Evolution where he also have “Thugs Needs Love Song” with Ashanti and his “Snitch” single too. Like his trying to compete with Obie Trice.

R,A. The Rugged Man returned after years without an album. This year he dropped the “All My Heroes Are Dead”. The bom-bap and fun sort of stuff. R.A. proves his skilled and has bars. That he doesn’t care about being trendy in the now. “Legendary Loser” is one of the most fun tracks of the year. “Golden Oldies” sounds like a Macklemore knock-off, but R.A. is himself and has dropped a good piece of work.

Mozzy the new “Scarface” of this generation have dropped the “Beyond Bulletproof” and is worthy of a listen. If you are into the gritty nitty and not the ones for the radio. Mozzy is himself and his worth a listen.

Megan Thee Stallion dropped two projects this year. That being “Suga” which I got tired of really quick. “Good News” came out lately and is more interesting, but she is missing a little touch and showing more skills. Megan have it if she wants too. However, ad-libs gets old and there is just so much flex a man can listen too.

Denzel Curry’s “Unlocked” is a fun EP or album. Not like its a move forward from TA1300. Denzel can be both brilliant and funny on the mic. He has shown that before and therefore, I always look forward to her something from the man. However, here there was some joints, but not bangers.

These are just a few. There was a lot more projects, but these are the ones I remember and that I have listen too. I have listen to other things too and I maybe drop that in a separate piece. As that is more Afro-Beat and more pop based music too.

This was my quick review of Hip Hop in 2020. I know there is a lot more to say and state. Nevertheless, I am not the one to listen to Lil Baby and DaBaby, even though others do. Peace.

My brief take on Torey Lanez…

Well, the Canadian artist and musician, Torey Lanez aka Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson. Dropped the project ‘DayStar’ this week after months and weeks of speculations. As there is an alleged case against him. In the concern of his affairs and his usage of a gun in question to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion’s foot in July this year.

We are now seeing that his addressing in his music. He has not gone through the social media, dropping a video on Instagram or anything. Neither, has used the platform of “Quarantine Radio” to say anything either. Megan Thee Stallion came out with her part of the story and basically, the album he dropped now is calling her a liar for it.

Torey Lanez and his team has already gone after Megan. They have tried to dismiss her on social media, using emails and other means to dismiss, downplay and disregard her tale. Which isn’t a good move. The whole thing is shady from the get-go.

That someone would even touch Megan is outrageous in itself. No one should. That is just that. Neither, should anyone do anything violent against Torey either. However, here is a the pickle. As long as there are no pending case. No jurisdiction and no play with law-enforcement. As long as there are no direct investigation. There will be hearsay.

As there is no release of a tape of the incident and the witnesses to the ordeal is either playing their part or being silent. Both of the people in question got careers to think off and a future of possible rising stars.

Megan Thee Stallion is the next in line for the top female act in Hip Hop. She knows this and it would be weird to jeopardize that. It would be unfortunate to loose that chance and have the biggest LP out since Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill.

Alas, here we are. Not knowing everything. Seen the bloody pictures from July. Understood the reasons for the silence, but doubting the intentions of Torey. As he has used his means to downplay Megan. Which by all definition is suspect. While he is now capitalizing on it again with newly released LP. That is not word to wise, but neither was it carry guns in America either.

Therefore, the man is questionable. We don’t know if the ego got the best of him. If he was hurt or had a bad hair-day. Who knows, if Megan triggered him, even if she did. There shouldn’t be a reason to shoot someone. There should also be consequences to do so. Not find ways to monetize it and make a generous buck on it.

Torey should know better, but apparently he doesn’t. This should play out and if Megan can. She should get the case pending. As she was the victim, she was shot and the one aiming at her. Should face the law. There is no soft middle-ground here. Only bullet(s) flying for no apparent reason.

Torey Lanez cannot escape this. He cannot run away from it either. Until this is resolved and a verdict have been issued. Until then, its a uncharted territory, a lot of hearsay and unanswered tales spinning around. A lot of he-say, she-say. Still, the bullet(s) and the blood should be accounted for.

Torey knows this and so does Megan. That is just a fact. I’m not promoting ‘Daystar’, but something gotta give. Because, it cannot be like this. No one deserves this and the humiliation of the victim isn’t right. That he uses his talent, his platform to do this. That isn’t right, but then again. That is what people do, apparently these days. Peace.

Opinion: Tekashi 6ix9ine said “tell me how I ratted” and that’s what I do now apparently…

Said we don’t talk to police

We ain’t trustin’ in the judicial system, we shoot guns

We rely on the streets we do battle in the hood

Yeah we rely on these streets dawg

I was born in the G Code, embedded in my blood” – Geto Boys – ‘G Code’ (2005)

So for a hip-hop of the late 1990s and early 2000s, what happened yesterday or today with the released track ‘Gooba’ from the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine aka Daniel Hernandez. Whose home early after a short stint in the pen. He got out early because of his asthma. However, he has more issues than that.

I especially got triggered by this bar:

Tell me how I ratted, came home to a big bag” – 6ix9ine on ‘Gooba’ (08.05.2020).

So, yes this song is trending and because of this bar. I want to prove with court documents what he did. It’s a reason why I posted Geto Boys first, because well.. Tekashi doesn’t care and wants to be the ultimate troll. In this regard, let me dive into what is a open document, which I could access without any hard-work. Because, this artist isn’t worth trying to investigate even.

The Sentencing Memo of 4th December 2019 says this alone:

Hernandez participated in approximately seven proffers from November 20, 2018 until his guilty plea on January 23, 2019. Based, in part, on his information, the Government was able to charge additional acts of violence and added the following individuals:

1.Ellison for his involvement in the Nine Trey RICO conspiracy; the July 22, 2018 kidnapping and assault with a dangerous weapon; and, the October 24, 2018 slashing of another individual in Brooklyn;

2.Denard Butler, a/k/a “Drama,” for his involvement in the Nine Trey RICO conspiracy and his participation in an April 3, 2018 armed robbery in Manhattan;

3.Kintea McKenzie, a/k/a “Kooda B,” for his involvement in a June 2, 2018 shooting at the W Hotel in Times Square; and

4.Aljermiah Mack, a/k/a “Nuke,” for his involvement in the Nine Trey RICO conspiracy.

In addition, Hernandez provided the Government with critical insight into the structure and organization of Nine Trey, identified the gang’s key players, and described acts of violence that he personally witnessed or that he heard about from other Nine Trey members. After Hernandez’s cooperation became public in February 2019, several of Hernandez’s co-defendants contacted the Government to begin plea discussions” (Geoffrey S. Berman, U.S. State Attorney – ‘Re: United States v. Daniel Hernandez, S5 18 Cr. 834 (PAE) 04.12.2019).

So with this document alone, you can easily see that because of 6ix9ine there is 4 gang members behind bars. Not that I am for criminal behaviour or anything. But I prefer consistency and if the artistry is supposed to be authentic. Than, Tekashi is far from it. His trolling, while Court Documents proves he ensured several of his former buddies in Nine Trey Gang got arrested and gave insider knowledge of how it was organized.

That is the work of a rat or an informant. The sort of person who exposes a criminal conspiracy. So, I know, I told you how he did it. You might think your cool or brave for your actions. Instead of being real, your real dumb. You acted stupid when you were blowing up and to save your own career, you ratted out the people giving you street credibility. Which is a really special breed of artist.

Now we can just await the defence of his actions from DJ Akademiks. Because, that is what he does. Well, enough rubbish. Peace.

Let me end with his letter to judge in December 2019:

Opinion: No one cares about French Montana

Well, this is not one of my usual one. Its been while since I discussed music. However, I need this in the midst of a pandemic. In the middle of quarantine and home-office. This week there been an influx of Youtube clips discussing French Montana after he challenged Kendrick Lamar. Which is a at best a hot-garbage. Why?

Well, first and foremost, who really deep in their hearts cares for French Montana’s music? A very limited scope of people. His the leach on other people’s tracks and without features he wouldn’t be listened too. His the knock-off Pitbull and Flo-Rida. To be that in 2020 and call out Kendrick is just obnoxious.

Frenchie French should chill. Take the Bad Boy Records Royalties, pray to the almighty lord over the blessings of P. Diddy aka Diddy or Puff Daddy’s connections so that he can public music and get royalties. Because French Montana doesn’t have the ability nor the skills to even compose a memorable song. He needs a feature to pull it off and save the day.

There is so little to say about French Montana. His is irrelevant if it wasn’t for Drake, Sway Lee and whoever letting him jump on tracks. The only reason I have ever listen to him is because his a feature on Pusha T records back-in-the-day and so on. Not because I wanted to listen to French Montana, because who wants to do that?

Unless, your mind is out of whack or high as a kite. There is very little grasp. No wordplay, lot’s of gimmicks and very little flair. Even Waka Flacka Flame has more of stage presence and finesse on a track like a modern day DMX without his ability to rhyme. Still, you remember Waka and you would even remember Lil Jon. However, remember French on something? Would be rare and I cannot even say one song I can remember him as a sole artist.

The only song I remember him on as the hook artist on a Pusha T joint and that says a lot. To be frank MIMS who had one single had more finesse on the one single his known for, than French has his whole career. So, that a guy like French are having the audacity to put himself on the pedestal and above Kendrick is just insulting. Not only to Kendrick, but to the culture.

French is lucky, if he will be remembered at all in the scheme of things. He will be the forgotten feature artist in few years time. The lingering sound-vomit that got lost. The one sort of loosing relevancy like Pitbull and Flo-Rida. Because, they got very little personality and very little versatile. Not like they have a unique character or way of rhyming that stands out. Not like their flows or their choices of beats are special either. They are following trends like sheep and hoping the biggest artists let them on the remix or have a song with them.

French Montana, better pray to the almighty Gods, ask for more favours from P. Diddy and also be graceful. His not a wordsmith, neither a great producer and not a musical genius. His the weird side-kick that needs a bunch of famous friends to hit the charts. It is fine and dandy, but not like he could serve a burning hot lava of bars. Not like French could pull of a banger without someone else being on it. He cannot carry song and ensure it hits the charts. That’s not happening. He needs it and he should know it.

However, self-awareness is a bit much to ask in this case. He has such big words for himself, that he rather drown the words, than trying to salvage something. Kendrick can just spit a feature verse and he can blow up a bad record. While French will nearly tarnish a good record by jumping on it. That also the other difference between these two.

French better chill, take a drink and buzz off. You got nothing and you shouldn’t challenge a King, Take a Snapple and rest. Peace.

Review of Kanye West’s “Jesus is King” …

When I thought the Book of Job was a job”Kanye West on ‘On God’ 2019

Let it be said, I am a hip-hop head, but this album seems forced out quickly, short-sighted production and lack of clarity in the lyrics. It seems like Kanye West have a new way of dropping music. But it is neither spectacular nor unique. The NF of the world, the Christian rappers has done this for decades. There is nothing shape-shifting.

Other than getting Kanye from dropping bars with curses, sex, drugs and shallow wealth, which has done most of his career. That is why Kanye West should have had more Christian rappers like No Malice, the one part of Clipse. Who totally changed his style and his musical aspiration from what he did in secular Clipse with his brother Pusha T.

There wasn’t any redeeming factor in this album for me. The beats and singing felt weird. The tone of the album. It was even a bit scary and creepy. That’s not the sort of feeling I want when listening to music.

Kanye West might mean well and trying to figure out his own life on this album. But the music isn’t for me. That is after one listen on youtube. I am not a fan. This is not for me. I rather listen to Kirk Franklin or a Mario Winans, if I want something spiritual, because this isn’t it. Jerusalem or something even.

Kanye is Kanye, that you feel on the album. But its not the old Kanye and not the obnoxious new Kanye either. It is just the weird Kanye. That doesn’t stick to me. I don’t feel it or grasp it.

I haven’t really listen that much of Kanye since ‘Life of Pablo’ since his music has gone a bit down over the years. Less and less time for production, good samples and ghostwriters like Consequence and so-on. Which is lacking and shows. It isn’t the greatness nor the beats to support the craft.

This was a big downer. What might save him? Well, if he put in the work. Actually collaborate with more Christian acts and actually tries dig deep into the scriptures or gospels. Because, this could have been made by a new Christian rapper with no discography in the basement in New England before released world-wide.

This wasn’t it. A bad album. A really bad album. We all need redemption and need salvation, but there is nothing saving him here. Peace.