Opinion: The GOP will now be off their rockers

After the FBI has now searched the home of former President Trump. Expect the whole MAGA world and the Grand Ol’ Party (GOP) or the Republican Party to be acting all out. They will go out swinging and maligning anyone in their way. There will be no stop and they even use all hoaxes and scare-tactics to undermine the process.

There is a reason why a judge signed of on the search warrant and allowed the FBI agents to raid Mara-A-Lago. That’s because there was no other way of getting the evidence, missing documents or classified documents he could be keeping there. We know already that 45 kept 15 boxes unsolicited documents, which was based for the National Archives. We don’t know what they are searching for right now, but they have a cause and enough reasons to do so. That’s why the “Law and Order” party should understand that, but they won’t and they never will.

The Republican Party is so far out and so lost on the understanding of criminal prosecution. That they only see things in the eyes of Q and MAGA conspiracies. There is no justification or reasoning. It is only the search for Atlantis or the Great Yeti. That’s how they are sounding like and making up things mask the fascism they spewing on the regular now. Creating culture wars while doing what they can to give tax-relief to the 1%. That’s their hallow mission and they need their guiding star to get there. Donald J. Trump, their saviour and God embodied on planet earth. Which is so ungodly and blasphemy, but do they care?

No, they only care as long as they have power and influence. It don’t matter what ordinary citizens goes through or struggles with. No, they just need to salvage power and their base. Which just happens to be through their messiah, Trump himself. That’s how blatant and disregarding any common sense it has become.

The “Trumpists” and inner-circle Republican’s will now target the Attorney General. They will persist on retaliation and “clearing house”. While the reality is that the DoJ is only following the law and procedure. We all know that Trump doesn’t care about subpoenas or proceedings of the law enforcement. He don’t trust them and won’t trust them, because several of these entities are investigating him. Trump and Trump Organization has lots of flaws and incriminating acts, which is the reason for several investigations in the first place. Heck, even the misuse of office and office of President alone could be enough to go after him. That’s without the coup d’etat or obstruction of justice, which he has also presided over. Therefore, the GOP should know better, but they won’t. It is not in them and they need their master.

It is really tragic that a party has become like this. That their mischief and their moral obligation is now to safeguard a man. There moral rights and concern isn’t with the integrity of the state or rule of law. No, it is save their saviour. It is to avoid his crucifixion and his sentencing. His supposed to avoid everything, because he brings all the power aligned and encircled around him.

That’s how it all sounds like from Republican representatives defending him. The means of how they are supporting him and standing up their hero. They are not considering the implications or the ramifications of it all. They are serving him as their unsound king. His their absolute monarch and superhero. A man who is willing to lie about everything and everyone. His allies can be thrown under the bus and become a felon. As long as Trump himself gets off the hook.

That’s the drill and this is America. The home of free and brave, where one party is a slave to one man and his will. It is tragic and unfortunate, but that’s how the mighty has fallen in the duo-poly of the United States of America. Peace.

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