Philippines: Marcos Jr. will not be the knight in shiny armour…

I know that the count is not yet done. It’s not yet over. Kailangan pa rin tayong magbantay. But I want to issue a statement of gratitude to all of those who have been with us in this long and sometimes very difficult journey. That is why we are very grateful to all of you… Besides, I would like to thank my countrymen for being there and for supporting the candidates, our party, and the bright future of our beloved Philippines. As I said, the counting is not over and many are saying that it is over but not really. So let’s wait until it’s very clear, the counting is 100 percent. Any endeavor as large as this does not involve one person. It [involves] many, many people working in very, very, many different ways. If we prosper, I hope that your help will not be boring. Your trust will not be tired because we have a lot to do here in our future” – Ferdinand “Bong Bong” Marcos Junior (09.05.2022).

The way things are looking and announced… Marcos Jr. is scheduled to become the 17th Filipino President and the next to enter Malacañang Palace. The one following up the term of incumbent President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Marcos Jr. will have a lot to answer for himself. His families own wealth, plunder-cases, lack of paying taxes and all the stories that is floating about him. For a man that supposed to govern. He sure has a lot to answer for and to address. The incoming President cannot sit on the high horse and think the peasants, farmers and such are supposed to pay taxes. While he himself as a wealthy man and a part of a political dynasty is left of the hook. He got to take the bull by the horn, but we shouldn’t expect that much.

What is also already striking, as his running mate and daughter of the incumbent Inday Sara Duterte said this today:

First of all, I will be a vice president who is committed to working for the Philippines. That’s our campaign, we seek out the support of all Filipinos in campaigning that we will remain committed for our community, for the nation, for the cities… and of course we will be a supportive and loyal vice president to Apo BBM in the event he wins” (Sara Duterte, 09.05.2022).

So, there will be a one-way street and little to no opposition to the rule of Marcos. Just as the Senate is also set in favour of the BBM-Uniteam. All of the former dynasties and the Duterte loyalists are getting elected by the current announcements. The Filipino nation will now feel the blunt and sooner or later realize what sort of man they elected to be President.

This is a man that did his best to look like a man who has achieved things, who has served and been a representative. However, he has been a lazy and rich brat. That will now takeover after Duterte. He will not bring change or hope. This is a man who has disrespected and tried to forget the EDSA. That man will now be the President and if things suddenly disappears. Well, you gave him power and he will use it to re-instate the glory of his father. So, the names of Aquino or the fallen martyrs of People Power will be lost.

That’s what you should expect isn’t someone who is serving, caring or showing gratitude. No, this man is entitled and arrogant. He is used to get away with things and expects so too. If he don’t uses the term to clean the slate and clear the air. The Marcos name will always linger with speculations, just like the questions remains, how could a man who dodge paying taxes become the head of state?

Alas… here is the window and he showed his opportunity. He showed he was willing to compromise and get involved by the machinery. In such a manner that the UniTeam didn’t need to play by the rules, but by the reach of power. That’s what he has done and there will be consequences for this.

We can just await the final announcement and stop of the partial releases of results. The numbers are made for and created for him. Don’t expect much in the up-coming term. You shouldn’t expect anything. Because, this man only made fancy pledges and flavourful campaign material. That will all go out the window when he enters office. This man doesn’t honour these things. Heck, he haven’t honoured or respected the Courts in the past either. So, what worth do you think a manifesto has? Really?

Well… the Filipino nation deserves better, but name and dynasties are the ones who forging it all. If you thought the Duterte era was bad. I hate to tell you, but Marcos Jr. will be 10 times worse. Duterte at least has some morals and a compass he follows. While Marcos Jr. is a self-serving, arrogant narcissist and it shows. He cannot must courage or heart.

Still, that man is projected to win. It is disheartening. However, there is always hope. That someone is able to unravel the possible rigging and prove the falsehood in the numbers. Until that happens in the courts. Well… Marcos Jr. will be crowned “king” and be the next President. Peace.

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