Guptagate: A new proof of Connection between Zuma and Gupta Families; the receipt shows a connection between the VFS Visa Processing (SA) and Islandsite Investment!

A receipt for payment to outsourced visa company VFS, which was erroneously presented to the Parliament of South Africa as proof of a link between that company and the Gupta and Zuma families.

Zuma Visa Connection P1Zuma Visa Connection P2

Shareholder register for VF Worldwide Holdings LTD as of February 2016.

VF Holding Paper P1 1.0VF Holding Paper P2 1.0

My Afterthought: 

Documents that proves their some connection between the Zuma Family and the Gupta Family. Not that it’s shocking at this point as even one of the sons even resigned from Oakbay Investment; which is also a Company owned by the well-known financial rich family who are inter-connected with the Zuma’s. That might have altered his judgement as his family have been hired by these men. Also seeing that the VFS Holding Company is “officially” part of Mauritius Tax-Haven; while the VFS Visa Processing (SA) Company is working and earning the Cash and Profits in South Africa. Does not look like fair trade or a fair deal for South Africans who are using and traiding with VFS subsidiaries and the Companies owned by the Gupta’s. Peace.

Professor Lumumba at PAV Ansah Foundation Forum – “On the Subject of Governance!”

PLO Lumumba interesting as always! Right?

Ask ourselves! We should Ask Ourselves!


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