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Opinion: VP Chiwenga “financial terrorist” is his own cronies!

“I want to give a stern warning to those practicing financial terrorism in the country. We will react accordingly as Government and nobody should claim that they were not warned. We’ll take very strict measures” – Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

Sometimes, you wonder what kind of voodoo that has hit our times, that some people are in power and you wonder, what are they doing there?

Today, I am thinking to myself, if it wasn’t for the Mid-November 2017 Coup d’etat in Zimbabwe. The former General Chiwenga wouldn’t be a force to reckon with. He would just be another military crony that hanged out and followed direct orders of the Mugabe administration. However, those days are long gone, but his power remains and stronger than before.

The VP has an imaginary mind, maybe a near picturesque of the screenwriters of Hollywood. Because, his last venomous speech against “Financial Terrorist” is one for the books. Surely, Stephen King could need some of his visions and his tales. It would make a nice trilogy and surely make Universal Studios even more wealthier.

As this maybe, the VP should look into himself and his own kind before blasting others. It isn’t the citizens fault, that the albatross, the economy is failing. It isn’t the businesses trying to salvage something fault either. It is the state and their actions, which is failing. Not the black-market trading of US Dollars or South African Rands. Neither, the lack of value of the RTGS Dollars or whatever else voodoo economic policies coming from the Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

That is the people, who the VP should look into, the ones issuing taxes on mobile money transfers, the ones whose making Forex nearly impossible. It is not the fault of the public or the citizens. This is the state and the lack of trust in the “currency” and the “financial markets”. Which is solely created by the ZANU-PF and the institutions it is running.

So, the real terrorists, the real criminals, whose enterprise is to loot and make money vanish. Is the state officials, the state owned enterprises and whatnot, whose gaining funds and eating, before the cash-flow even get circulated. That is why the economy is drained and raising inflations.

Its hectic because of how the state is run and awaiting just another disaster to strike. So, that the needle-point can hurt the old wounds, ensure that the state bleeds a bit more. That is why it insulting to common sense. That the citizens trying to scrap by is in the wrong, when the state doesn’t delivered the needed policies nor the remedy to the situation. However, just prolonging it and hoping that it will not die. Keeping it in the E.R. and hoping the bitch is still breathing when passing by.

Let’s so how this goes, but the Financial Terrorist of Harare will continue to live in luxury, while the citizens suffers. That is how the game is rigged and this play doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Just keep breathing and hope you overcome. Peace.

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