#Tajamuka or #NoBondNotes Protest hits Harare Zimbabwe; while the ZRP brutaly shuts it down!

Tajamuka 17.08.2016

Today a new demonstration where held in Harare, Zimbabwe as a result of the planned economic framework and giving the citizens bond-notes that will give the Government under President Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF more national debt. As the sanctions and the economic prosperity are soon into oblivion as the foreign exchange and the fiscal policy is played by the ruling regime. To feed the ZANU-PF elite under the Executive, but not deliver any progress or development for the random Zimbabwean citizens. Take a look!

“This is how the #NoToBondnotes protest by @Tajamuka ended. #Tajamuka #ThisFlag” (OpenParly ZW, 2016)

First Footage: 

Second Footage:

This is just enough for now. The ZANU-PF regime use all tools to oppress their citizens and their voices against the Government. As they have been used as Pawns for a long time and deserve somebody who really represent them. That doesn’t the current leaders and their Party who cares about their wealth, but not about the state of affairs for the average citizen in Zimbabwe. Peace. 

Citizens Update by Evan Mawarire. “In the last few day I may have upset some of you…” ‪#‎ThisFlag‬ (Youtube-Clip)

#ThisFlagYouth Committee Statement on recent events and the way forward (15.08.2016)

#ThisFlag Statement 15.08.2016 P1#ThisFlag Statement 15.08.2016 P2#ThisFlag Statement 15.08.2016 P3

ThisFlag pastor Evan Mawarire: Zimbabwe will be united by the dreams of our children (Youtube-Clip)

“During a short visit to SA the M&G caught up with Evan Mawarire to discuss the significance of #ThisFlag and what’s next for the protesting pastor” (Mail & Guardian, 2016)

ZRP Commissioner General Chihuri, says Zimbabweans complain too much (Youtube-Clip)

MDC-T 15Bidza Harare rally (Youtube-Clip)

MDC T 14.04.2016

A brief look into it!

Thousands of MDC-T supporters flooded the streets of Harare central business district in a demonstration against government’s failure to turn around the economy, among many other issues.

In a press conference held Wednesday evening, MDC-T Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora said the court ordered the ZRP to pay MDC-T’s application costs and to assist the party in holding the demonstration. “We are very excited that we have trampled the Mugabe regime as the judgement passed today (Wednesday) by the courts allows us to march in Harare and all the other cities and towns around the country,” said Mwonzora (Zimbabwe Hub. 13.04.2016).

ZRP deployed water canons to strategic areas including at the Harare Magistrates court where thousands of MDC-T supporters gathered for the march against corruption, poverty and human rights abuses. It took a High Court decision for the march to go ahead after the MDC-T appealed police decision to block the demonstration claiming they were unable to provide officers to monitor the marchers” (Zimbabwe Hub, 14.04.2016).

The Pictures show how peaceful the demonstrations been and the Regime does what it can to hold the will of the people down. Peace.