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Zimbabwe: Office of the President and Cabinet – Press Release (08.01.2020)

Zimbabwe: ZRP Press Statement on Recording and Posting of Offensive and Sensitive Material on Social Media Platforms (07.01.2020)

Zimbabwe: Government – Press Statement (06.01.2020)

Zimbabwe: ED wants the citizen’s to go vegetarian…

You should eat vegetables, they are recommended by doctors. Doctors want you to eat vegetables so that you stay healthy. Meat is not good at all. We have differed there; I listen to doctors, so I eat vegetables. They said vitamins are found in vegetables and potatoes. You see. I was advised that there are seven basic commodities which should not be scarce. We are going to make sure that these are found at affordable prices for our people. We are working on that, be patient. These things are being rolled out, we have the money to do that” – President Emmerson D. Mnangagwa on the 3rd January 2020

There are usually signs that your running a successful enterprise, when you have the options to choose and can even save something for a rainy day. However, that is not the case in Zimbabwe. Where the authorities are acting like everything is dandy, as they got the hand on the steering-wheel, while it looks it is rolling off a cliff.

The economic desperation comes hard with this one. That a President tells the crowds around him, as the citizen cannot afford meat. That they should continue to just eat vegetables. It is a reason why the state got subsidize Maize Roller Meals and other initiatives to try to get things to the public. As the citizens cannot afford the basics nor the needed consumer products. Food gets to costly and their options getting smaller.

That is why suddenly the President wants to sound like a Public Health Advisor or an Nutrition Worker. He is the man, who explains the values of roots, greens and whatever that grows from the soil. That these plants and vegetables are having nutritions values, which the body needs. This isn’t the sounds and whispering words of a President, but of someone who tells someone who has a deficiency or visiting the doctor because of fatigue.

So, Mr. President: “what’s up doc?”

What is the cure is it veganism and become vegetarian, leave all meat behind and also try to get fish. However, shouldn’t you ensure that people get protein and such too? There isn’t an substitute for that, not even with beans and lentils. So, when he says eat vegetables, his knowingly giving the public some deficiency and lack of other vital nutritions supplements in the diet, which meat has.

Nevertheless, ED and ZANU-PF will never say this, because they know they are loosing. The President should know how embarrassing this is and the sign it sets. This is not a sign of development or control. What it is signifying is a failing economy, a fragile agricultural output and lack of currency to export needed things. That is why meat becomes to expensive for the public. Plus the inflation and lack of rising salaries, make all commodities to expensive to the public too. Therefore, it is bad governing and the public is paying the price, as they cannot afford it any-more.

Mnangagwa, who are you to say these things? Veganism and vegetarians is that the new sloganeering of the government? Is that the thing of ZANU-PF for 2020?

If so, your failing and is abysmal at your job. If you don’t know that, now you know. Please, do quit your day job, Mr. President, your bad at it. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Statement by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Honourable Dr. S.L. Nzenza, on the Maize Roller Meal Subsidy Programme (02.01.2020)

Zimbabwe: International community must step up support to millions of desperately hungry Zimbabweans (30.12.2019)

HARARE – Millions of Zimbabweans pushed into hunger by prolonged drought and economic crisis face an increasingly desperate situation unless adequate funding for a major relief operation materialises quickly, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) has warned.

With nearly eight million people – half the population – now food insecure, WFP plans to double the number of people it assists – up to 4.1 million – but needs over US$200 million for its emergency response in the first half of 2020 alone.

“As things stand, we will run out of food by end of February, coinciding with the peak of the hunger season – when needs are at their highest,” said Niels Balzer, WFP’s Deputy Country Director in Zimbabwe. “Firm pledges are urgently needed as it can take up to three months for funding commitments to become food on people’s tables,” Balzer added.

Years of drought have slashed food production in Zimbabwe, once an African breadbasket. This year’s maize harvest was down 50 percent on 2018, with overall cereal output less than half the national requirement. By August of 2019, WFP was forced to launch an emergency lean season assistance programme to meet rising needs, months earlier than anticipated.

Since then, food shortages have become ever more pronounced. This month, maize, was only available in half of the markets WFP monitors countrywide.

Worryingly, runaway inflation – a symptom of the wide-ranging economic crisis Zimbabwe is experiencing – has propelled the prices of basic commodities beyond the reach of all but the most privileged. Amid dire shortage of foreign exchange and of local currency, Zimbabwe has seen drastic price increases – bread now costs 20 times what it cost six months ago, while the price of maize has nearly tripled over the same period.

The deepening hardship is forcing families to eat less, skip meals, take children out of school, sell off livestock and fall into a vicious cycle of debt. There is little respite expected for the most vulnerable, including subsistence farmers who grow most of Zimbabwe’s food and depend on a single, increasingly erratic rainy season.

This season’s rains are again late and inadequate, with planted seeds having failed to germinate in many areas. Forecasts of continuing hot and dry weather in the weeks ahead signal another poor harvest in April, putting lives and livelihoods at risk.

WFP’s operational scale-up is challenging in many respects. Owing to the acute shortages of local currency and rapid inflation, it entails a large-scale switch from cash-based assistance to food distributions. WFP is uniquely positioned to make this switch in times of crisis but can only do so with sustained donor support.

Because drought and flooding have tightened the availability of food across much of Southern Africa, much of the nearly 200,000 metric tons of food required to deliver assistance to the 4.1 million people targeted by WFP must be sourced beyond the continent, shipped to neighbouring South Africa or Mozambique and moved by road into land-locked Zimbabwe.

“While WFP now has the staff, partners, trucking and logistics capacity in place for a major surge in Zimbabwe, it is essential that we receive the funding to be able to fully deliver,” Balzer said. “The lives of so many depend on this.”

Zimbabwe: Press Statement on Rice Donations to Rural Communities by His Excellency the President of Republic of Zimbabwe CDE E.D. Mnangagwa – December 2019 (27.12.2019)

Opinion: POLAD is Mnangagwa’s vanity project

““The President has invited all members of Polad for them to appreciate what he is doing at the farm,” presidential spokesperson George Charamba said yesterday” (Moses Matenga – ‘ ED meets Polad members at his farm’ 21.12.2019).

Today, all propaganda stations and whatnot has proclaimed the greatness of POLAD or the Political Actors Dialogue in Zimbabwe. The President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team needs to hang on to something as they pass into the decade and new year. He wants to look inspirational and likeable character, which is hard when his government isn’t doing its job, neither reforming as promised after the coup d’etat.

That’s why the state has pushed the achievement of it, which is a hallow list of mediocre things. Things that are really not to be proud of, its like we got validated and meet, we talked and not forget the cuppa of tea in the afternoon last summer. It was like that. Nothing to scream of victory or achieving anything.

This is why POLAD was launched in May 2019. Not like it was made for really doing much, other than buying time and look relevant. Because, it is the President acting like his doing dialogue and talks with the opposition. However, it is not really that deep, as he even uses one of his farms to hold a meeting. Not even trying to meet on a sort of neutral ground or venue. That shows the value of the meeting itself today.

The POLAD is only made for the ZANU-PF to act like it cares about others, when it really doesn’t. This is a vehicle to pay them and meet the ones they can compromise. So, they can bask in the glory of the ruling party and be their loyal subject. Not like these people have achieved anything since May 2019.

If so, why give it a mediocre list and call it a day. You have not even been able to really talk with the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change – Alliance (MDC-A). You have the other MDC with Khupe hanging around, but what relevance has that?

That is why this is just a smokescreen, a play for the guards and a mockery of dialogue. Mnangagwa can talk game, but there are nothing offered on the plate. It is not bringing the meat to the barbecue and its not shocking. Because, if they brought the beef, they had to buy it and offer it in a way that seems promising. However, they cannot do that, because that means they have to bend to demands and accountability for the other parties.

POLAD is just a smack-daddy vanity project, which will create as much stuff as the President deem fit. If not, why else would they meet on his farm just mere days before Christmas eve? Peace.

Zimbabwe: Statement of the Law Society of Zimbabwe on the Proposed Constitutional Amendments (20.12.2019)

Opinion: Mnangagwa is living in an echo-chamber

Our policies have created problems, but we are certain of where we are going. To achieve our goal we have to take measures which are painful, but it will pass and everyone will be happy. Nothing comes cheaply. We have to tighten our belts and I am happy that the worst is over! The bad is past us. Things are going to improve” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Mutare on the 18th December 2019

I don’t know if it is the scarf, his yes-men or the cronies around President Mnangagwa that makes this seemingly so. It seems like his echoing the dreams of a narrative, which apparently isn’t true. There is no indication that the financial system is balancing, that the inflation is dipping or stagnating and that the civil servants are paid properly to actually be their livelihood.

Apparently, that is a lost art of the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) and the President. Together with his Ministers comes with statements and predictions, which isn’t panning out. There is different about having personal dreams and the promises of changes as the Head of State.

As long as the doctors, teachers and other civil servants lacks funds because of lack salaries. As long as the lack of foreign currency or even of the local currency itself. That is why with the rising prices and lack of wages, is hard to tell the public that the government has made progress and over the hurdle.

Especially, since the state has stopped dropping inflation numbers. The state have more big-scandals and misuse of government funds, than actually governing. That ZANU-PF is more preoccupied with hunting its enemies, than actually finding ways to solve the crisis. This is a self-made crisis, a crisis made out of misuse of bad policies and greed. They blame the sanctions, but Command Agriculture wasn’t banned by US, neither was the EU stopping the President from spending like a drunk sailor abroad on expensive private jets.

The President can promise a better 2020 and rightfully so. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it true. When the state isn’t delivering and seems not interested in doing so. They rather battle for the power and eat, than actually doing what is needed. They are just going from one scheme to the next. Hoping someone will bail them out.

The echo is hitting back at the President. He hears it and yawns, but he is not commenting on it. Because, its just his own voice and his not crazy, but the stories that is put on repeat doesn’t make it true. Neither does it amplify the message, it is just saying it over and over. However, that doesn’t make it true, but it just make it sound like either a terrible hook or bad ad-libbing. Peace.

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