Zimbabwe’s Mugabe says pay delay is no reason for strike (Youtube-Clip)

“Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe has lashed out at the opposition parties including his former vice president. Mugabe says his detractors are working with white South Africans to oust his government. He told thousands of party supporters to be wary of the enemy. President Mugabe was speaking to thousands of party supporters, the first time he has done so following a series of strikes and unrest over the worsening economy” (SABC Digital, 2016)

Zimbabwe: Message to all Zimbabweans who have had enough of the Injustice, Corruption and Poverty (09.07.2016)

Zim Message July 2016

Nicholas Mabhena says Zanu PF must go (Youtube-Clip)

“The Zimbabwe Communist Group says the time has come for a revolution for a revolution north of South Africa’s border. The group addressed the media in in Johannesburg on Friday morning following the recent unrest in our neighbouring country” (Jacaranda, 2016).

Zimbabwe: “A violation for local media to cover demonstrations against the Mugabe-Regime” (04.07.2016)

Zim Program Content

Zimbabwe tense amid national shutdown (Youtube-Clip)

“Most of Zimbabwe was closed for business and many stayed home following calls for a national shutdown in protest of a worsening economy. This as police assured the public it would deploy security and guarantee safe passage for all employees reporting for work and businesses which opened” (SABC, 2016)

Zimbabwe: Warning over Social Media Abuse (06.07.2016)

Zim - Social Media July 2016

Zimbabwe’s Teachers, Other Civil Servants Angered By Government Delays in Salaries (Youtube-Clip)

Civil servant and government representatives continue negotiations over salary payment delays for the army, police, teachers and others. Govt cites slower-than-expected growth and cash flow problems. George Mushipe of the Zimbabwe Democratic Teachers Union said the delays were unfair. (AFPTV)

Letter: ‘Re: June 2016 Public Service Pay Dates’ – Zimbabwe Civil Service Commission (16.06.2016)

Zim June Pay 2016

Zimbabwe’s government postpones June salaries for army & security services (Youtube-Clip)

“Zimbabwe will delay paying June salaries for its army and security services by two weeks. [TAKE VO] Additionally, some civil servants will not be paid until next month as the government struggles to raise money for wages. Zimbabwe spends more than 80 percent of its budget on salaries. The finance minister has come out to say that this amount needs to be halved” (CCTV Africa, 2016).