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Opinion: New Zim Dollar Notes, should we be worried now?

The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists” Ernest Hemingway

Well, why do I say this? Well, the Reserve Bank and Ministry of Finance haven’t really been trustworthy nor transparent. Neither has the policies been pushed forward with trust and sincere objectives. Its like everything is a smokescreen and one day they hope it sticks. However, that is not how you build an economy.

Ever since the last hyper-inflation and total devaluation of the currency. The authorities and the Monetary Agencies has struggled to get their act together. This being with the Bond-Notes, and the RTGS Dollar. They tried to sign-off foreign currencies like the US Dollar and the Rand, but to no luck.

Now in May 2020 the same guys are relaunching the Zimbabwe Dollar Notes of 10 and 20 dollars denominations. We can really wonder if this will go well. The economy and currency value is built on trust, fate in it and in the possible strength of total economy. That’s why you need a hectic mess of measures from both the Reserves, the Ministry of Finance and hopefully some foreign support to recapitalise the currency.

Because, its not like back-in-the-day with the gold standard. Where the currency was as strong as the Reserves of Gold and the value of the gold. Now its so many measures into question, the liquidity of the state, loan interests and Forex values itself. They are co-existing and either adding or taking away value.

That is why the release of this currency is interesting. As the banknotes are supposed to signify a new beginning. A fresh start since the ceasing to exist over a decade ago. That’s why the devalued buddy of Bond-Notes haven’t been cracking and neither has the RTGS Dollar, which is a dumb name for a currency if there ever was one. At least the ZWL makes sense and the return might bring some hope.

However, this state who has mismanaged every single other policy in regards to economy. Why would they succeed with this one? Why wouldn’t they print it like crazy and pay-off debts and whatnot with it?

So, that we within a scope of time see there being shortages, lack of currency afloat and also hyper-inflation. In a sense where suddenly the need for more digits comes quickly. Just like it did last time. When the numbers skyrocketed and still the currency was worthless.

We can hope that this doesn’t happen, but these guys has screwed so expectationally with this before- ZANU-PF rather wants to rule by the gun, than by trust. That’s why you cannot trust their policies nor their intentions. This is maybe just another smoking gun. We don’t know, but the release of two new notes. Only begs to question.

How long will this last? Before inflations spiral out like crazy. We’re soon here shivers from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the stories of Albatross returns like hungry hippo. So, let’s be honest here. This here is futile. You need to have trust, mechanisms and balance to build a currency, as there is gold as securities. There is only hope and trust. Two things ZANU-PF and their institutions are lacking.

The only thing they have is looting and impunity, that is not measures to build a functioning state. Nor a strong and beloved currency for people to use for buying and selling. Peace.

Zimbabwe: Ministry of Health and Child Care – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update (13.05.2020)

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