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Opinion: No “Medical Assassins” but an inept government

Zimbabwe’s Transport minister Joel Biggie Matiza has died of Covid-19. He’s the 4th minister to succumb to the respiratory infection, after Perrance Shiri, Ellen Gwaradzimba and Sibusiso Moyo” (TheNewsHawk, 22.01.2021).

In Harare, as the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is biting hard. Where prominent members of society is dying because the disease. 4 Ministers has died of late because of it. The state is now issuing stern warnings and new measures. As the Vice-President Chiwenga is again airlifted for treatment in China. Therefore, the crisis is biting hard.

Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) is catching the straws. Government Spokesperson Nick Mnangagwa is blaming “medical assassins” for the surge of high ranking officials dying. That is blaming doctors, nurses and health care professionals. As they are struggling to cope and not having the support they need during this global pandemic.

We know the crisis is bad when the hospitals are telling COVID-19 patients to buy their own ventilators and other PPE equipment. So, it is not like the government has this under control or even thought it true. As the truth is hitting home.

There are reports that: “Government has remained tight-lipped on the number of ministers and other officials who are currently down with Covid-19. A senior Zanu-PF official yesterday said many officials were panicking and were now isolating after being in contact with the deceased ministers and other party officials. A good number had retreated to their rural homes or farms, he said” (Zimbabwe Voice – ‘Zanu-PF bigwigs retreat to farms, rural homes as COVID-19 bites’ 24.01.2021).

It doesn’t help when the ZANU-PF bigwigs are fleeing to their farms and their homes. That they are leaving behind a lost Ministry of Health. Where the VP and Health Minister is abroad. Where the government cronies are not capable or have the ability to help the Hospitals and Health Care Centres. The citizens are left with a depleted health care system not able to help or have the equipment to sustain the crisis. That is why the Ministers are dying too. As they have not invested or cared for the Ministry of Health. They are used too like the VP to get treatment abroad in need. However, that is not easy in the times of a global pandemic.

This here will only get worse before it gets better. There are reports that several of other high ranking officials are healing from the virus and combatting it too. So, it is not like the end of it. The ZANU-PF is reeling from this. Just like the state itself.

Instead of focusing on fixing this and ensuring people’s safety. The state have busy battling MDC-Alliance. That has been the priority, but now the state is instead grappling in survival. They are trying to cope and survive a pandemic that has hit home. Where the ones who was “high above” now is “fair game”, as the pandemic doesn’t see difference between the elites and the citizens. It just see another person to infect. Peace.

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