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Zimbabwe: ZANU PF Press Statement on teh Planned Nation Wide Demonstrations by the MDC Alliance (28.08.2019)


Zimbabwe: Open Letter in Response to Negative Press Surrounding Fert, Seed and Grain Pvt Ltd (FSG) – (27.08.2019)

Zimbabwe: National Joint Negotiating Council (NJNC) Agreement (27.08.2019)

Opinion: A $400m Command Agriculture scandal rocks the Republic!

The Ministry of Finance and the whole ZANU-PF have to showed and told the world that they paid Ferts, Seed & Grain (FSG), the Merdian owned corporation the amount of $400m in 2019. The same company they paid $69m and couldn’t answer for the usage of funds.

This is the same company, which came into a scandal in 2018, for the lack of production and equipment for the order of fertilizers in an $89m, a year later, the same company is supposed to be good enough to carry a $400m deal. This is outrages and make the Republic look like a fool.

The family of Morland must be in joy of the fortunes they are making, all of them. Steve Morland, the director, Operation Andrew Morland and Factory Tony Morland. All of them must have joyful days, even though, maybe Isaac Muranganwa, the financial controller is a bit pre-occupied finding reasons for these trades. In addition, Kara Morland is busy finding the New PR Stunt, after the sudden Presser explaining the $400m deal today with Command Agriculture.

If this company struggled to produce for the contract in 2018, which is under ¼ of the current estimated deal, than we have a shallow grave and a ghost sales of epic proportions to the Merdian owned FSG. The Morland operated of Kew Drive in the Highlands in Harare. Surely, when I can do this research. The ones doing the tenders within government should be able to do this too.

So, when the Public Accountants Committee in Parliament cannot answer this, but has the ability to overshadow the shady deal with a company, they have previously engaged in. They should surely be more careful. Instead they hope of the ignorance of the people.

When, I a nobody can find this information and even the previous scandal in mind, the state is showing lack of due diligence or lack of care for own spending. As they have spent close to $500m to uncertain deals, as a part of Command Agriculture, where about $469m be questioned, two shady deals, the same company and surely the same culprits in-charge.

Alas, ZANU-PF doesn’t kid itself, only the public, they and cheat, while people have to ask for debt-relief. Peace.

Opinion: Ziyambi Ziyambi at his wits’ end!

Why would we abduct people? To tarnish our own image? It is the MDC who are faking abductions, they are doing it so that they can remain relevant. They have realised that they were becoming irrelevant. After the demonstration in January, all the other demonstrations that they tried have failed. Who would abduct Gonyeti for Christ’s sake? Some people I began to know them after their abductions allegations” – Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi (25.08.2019).

Well, someone isn’t living right, acting right or sleeping right. Because something missing from his honourable gentleman. The man who reside over the laws of the land and the one overseeing the laws of Republic. The one that ensures that Courts, the Judiciary, the Police and so fourth is held accountable for their actions. That sort of man says this.

His not a nobody, not a random crook on the riverside or in a village. No, his the Minister of Justice, the man who has a key part in the legislation and the judiciary affairs of the Republic. Not a random idiot eating his porridge and then shutting up.

That is why these words are extra insulting. That his using the phrases he is. That he thinks so little of the public and their concerns. That he thinks people are playing them for fools and wanted to be abducted, arrested and challenged in courts to relevant. Like they are trying to celebrities overnight. Than, there should be a billion sex-tapes in Zimbabwe, but it isn’t.

However, the same government banning demonstrations, arresting the leaders of the ones holding the demonstrations and adding extra punitive legislation towards the ones planning to demonstrate. With the newly minted law, Maintenance of the Peace and Order (MOPO) Act is there to shield and ensure the courts have legal justification to ban more demons all across the Republic.

This is common knowledge and shouldn’t be dismissed. The same police and courts who uses all tools at their disposal to ensure that the activists, the MDC-A leaders and others get into legal trouble. Even civil servants and union leaders are detained by demonstrating against the lack of proper pay.

Still, the Minister of Justice are mocking them and belittling the ones his supposed to serve. The public is supposed to eat this rubbish and take it as gold. While its not all gold that glimmers and this truely fake.

What is the worst is both his role in government, but also his utterly disgraceful attempt to undermine his opponents. Just think what he would say: if they came with the swords pointing at him, instead of his enemies? Kapish? Peace.

Zimbabwe: Apex Council Statement on NJNC Cost of Living Adjustment Negotiations (23.08.2019)

MISA Zimbabwe: Journalist arrested while filming teachers demo (23.08.2019)

Leopold Munhende a journalist with NewZimbabwe.Com was on 23 August 2019 reportedly arrested at the New Government Complex in Harare while covering a demonstration by members of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ).

According to his colleague, Costa Nkomo, they were filming the demonstrations when the police approached Munhende. Nkomo said they still bundled Munhende into their vehicle despite the fact that he had shown them his accreditation card.

MISA Zimbabwe has since deployed lawyer Chris Mhike to locate Munhende.

Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) – Ref: Pay Day Funeral Petition (23.08.2019)

The Zimbabwe State Universities’ Union of Academics (ZISUUA): Press Statement (22.08.2019)

Zimbabwe: Finance Act No 2. is a half-baked measure to configure the value of the Zim Dollar!

The act of Finance Act No 2. was gazetted today on the 21st August 2019. What is weird to be is the two following codes or sections, this being the 22 and 23, which is countering each other. I am finding this as financial voodoo with the currencies. As this act is initially making the RTGS Dollar and Zimbabwe Dollars equal. Combined with the enacted value of the RTGS Dollar, the same as the US Dollar. Which by all accounts are impossible, as the exchange rate isn’t that static, neither followed by law. Unless, the state plans to infuse cash-flow and beat the rates between the RTGS Dollar and the US Dollar.

Alas, the madness, continues with the legislation gazetted today. I will show the two parts of the legislation, before addressing it a bit more. Under the sections itself.

22 Issuance and legal tender of RTGS dollars, savings, transitional matters and validation (1)Subject to section 5, for the purposes of section 44C of the principal Act, the Minister shall be deemed to have prescribed the following with effect from the first effective date—

(a) that the Reserve Bank has, with effect from the first effective date, issued an electronic currency called the RTGS dollar; and

(b) that Real Time Gross Settlement system balances expressed in the United States dollar (other than those referred to in section 44C(2) of the principal Act), immediately before the first effective date, shall from the first effective date be deemed to be opening balances in RTGS dollars at par with the United States dollar; and

(c) that such currency shall be legal tender within Zimbabwe from the first effective date; and

(d) that, for accounting and other purposes (including the discharge of financial or contractual obligations), all assets and liabilities that were, immediately before the first effective date, valued and expressed in United States dollars (other than assets and liabilities referred to in section 44C(2) of the principal Act) shall on the first effective date be deemed to be values in RTGS dollars at a rate of one-to-one to the United States dollar” (Finance (No. 2) ACT, 2019).

23 Zimbabwe dollar to be the sole currency for legal tender purposes from second effective date

(1) For the avoidance of doubt, but subject to subsection (4), it is declared that with effect from the second effective date, the British pound, United States dollar, South African rand, Botswana pula and any other foreign currency whatsoever are no longer legal tender alongside the Zimbabwe dollar in any transactions in Zimbabwe.

(2) Accordingly, the Zimbabwe dollar shall, with effect from the second effective date, but subject to subsection (4), be the sole legal tender in Zimbabwe in all transactions.

(3) For the avoidance of doubt it is declared that, from the second effective date—

(a) references to the Zimbabwe dollar are coterminous with references to the following and to no other forms of legal tender or currency— (i) the bond notes and coins referred to in section 44B of the principal Act; and (ii) the electronic currency prescribed for the purposes of section 44C of the principal Act, that is to say to the RTGS dollar;

(b) the above mentioned bond notes and RTGS dollars are at par with the Zimbabwe dollar on and after the second effective date, that is to say each bond note unit and each RTGS dollar is equivalent to a Zimbabwe dollar, and each hundredth part of a bond note unit and each hundredth part of a RTGS dollar is equivalent to a Zimbabwean cent” (Finance (No. 2) ACT, 2019).

Because, this is the continuation of the hectic balances and switching of currencies. That they are declaring foreign currencies as illegal tenders in Zimbabwe. Is to be expected, as they are getting a new currency or revamping a dead one. Still, the ZANU-PF should have ensured it better.

As they have had temporary measures like Bond-Notes and RTGS Dollars, which they are still infusing into the Zimbabwe Dollars, as a measure, where the ones who paid more than one-to-one with USD. Will lose funds and within that system, the state will initially shave-off funds from the public as they are transferring to RTGS Dollars or even Zim Dollars.

Combined with that shortfall in the public, as the inflation is still on the rise. The add-ons of financial distress will continue, as the state is still using half-measures to contain the economy, with the values and laws around the RTGS, instead of going all in with the Zimbabwe Dollars. They are in this and makes the mash-up between the RTGS/Bond-Notes and Zimbabwe Dollars. All of these three currencies are supposed to be equal and in tandem.

That will confuse and make it messy, as the electronic, the half-measured bond-notes and the revamped Zim Dollar are supposed to change the economy. This financial instrument is supposed to be the key to the troubles the economy is in.

I just don’t see it, I see it as a hectic abstract transaction system used to be able to fix and configure funds, by jumping between the three and taking more funds out of it while the public is losing on the various currencies. This is all made by the state and they are initially doing this to their own. Instead of thinking out one path to beat the hurdle, they are instead making it three. While, they still proclaiming Zim Dollar as the only one, but opening up to continue the two others.

Which is a sophisticated way of ensuring the state to get the Forex or exchange between them. As you have to exchange or pay in one form, the one set as the standard or the Zim Dollar, meaning, if you planning to move the RTGS Dollar to pay for something, that has to be transferred into Zim Dollar.

Financial voodoo and the public will suffer, because the state isn’t cleaning the slate, but trying to patch up wounds with yet another half-baked measure. Peace.

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