#ThisFlag Message to Zimbabweans; also internal messages from Econet and Delta Beverages (12.07.2016)

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Corporation Number 1:

Econet 12.07.2016

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Statement from #ThisFlag Citizens Movement on the Arrest and Detention of Pastor Evan Mawarire (12.07.2016)

This Flag 12.07.2016

The Search Warrent of the properties owned by Pastor and Activist Evan Mawarire (12.07.2016)

Mawarire Search Warren 12.07.2016

#ThisFlag; Pastor Evan Mawarire is detained, while his offices is being searched by the Police!

Zim Evan This Flag

Evan Mawarire arriving at police station this morning. Later after this he was arrested by the Police in Zimbabwe. After the arrest the Police have gone to his offices and searched the place for evidence. What is more horrible and shows the state of impunity, if it is true! That the Police have searched the church of the Pastor, while he is detained at the CID.

As this is the charge:

“Pastor Evan Mawarire charged with section 36 for inciting public violence and disturbing peace” (The Hearald, 12.07.2016).

Evan In Cuffs 12.07.2016

So the Zanu-PF contines with their oppressive behaviour they are famous for. Now they have taken a Pastor, who happens to be Activist for Peaceful Demonstrations where they questioning the ruling regime and their President; as any citizen should do! So if it is to demonstrate against a government who feeds itself and their loyal cronies, while leaving the citizens is a crime; than the jails of Zimbabwe should be built bigger and by my estimation on funds from China, by Chinese Contrators too. That is for another day, as the faild Zanu-PF government continues to tornment and oppress their own. The Pastor Evan Mawarire is just a symbol of the failed state and their inactivity. Peace.

LISTEN: Full interview with Pastor Evan Mawarire (Youtube-Clip)

“12 July 2016 – Listen to the full interview with Zimbabwean activist Pastor Evan Mawarire who is leading the #ThisFlag movement and calling for an end to corruption and police brutality. Mawarire reported to Zimbabwe police authorities on Tuesday” (eNCA, 2016)

Zimbabwe Police brutality shock against demonstrators (Youtube-Clip)

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe says pay delay is no reason for strike (Youtube-Clip)

“Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe has lashed out at the opposition parties including his former vice president. Mugabe says his detractors are working with white South Africans to oust his government. He told thousands of party supporters to be wary of the enemy. President Mugabe was speaking to thousands of party supporters, the first time he has done so following a series of strikes and unrest over the worsening economy” (SABC Digital, 2016)

Zimbabwe: Message to all Zimbabweans who have had enough of the Injustice, Corruption and Poverty (09.07.2016)

Zim Message July 2016

Nicholas Mabhena says Zanu PF must go (Youtube-Clip)

“The Zimbabwe Communist Group says the time has come for a revolution for a revolution north of South Africa’s border. The group addressed the media in in Johannesburg on Friday morning following the recent unrest in our neighbouring country” (Jacaranda, 2016).