Southern African Development Community (SADC): Communique of the Extra-Ordinary Organ Troika Summit, Plus SADC Troika and Force Intervention Brigade (FIB) Troop Contributing Countries (TCCS) – (08.05.2023)

Zambia: Chapter One Foundation – Press Statement dated 13th April 2023 on the current mealie meal shortage in Zambia (13.04.2023)

Zambia: Ministry of Finance & National Planning – We welcome the Correction by the Financial Times (13.02.2023)

Zambia: Chapter One Foundation – Press Statement Dated 1st February 2023 on the proposed Amendments to the Cyber Security and Cybercrimes Act (01.02.2023)

Zambia: Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) – Press Release by the Law Association of Zambia Military Brutality against Private Citizens is a breach of Rule of Law and Constitutionalism (23.06.2022)

Joint Communique between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of Zambia for the Establishment of a Value Chain in the Electric Battery and Clean Energy Sector (Battery Precursors) – (29.04.2022)

Zambia: Office of the President – President Hichilema resolved on FIC,DEC, ACC Autonomy (07.10.2021)

Zambia: Press Statement by her Honour the Vice President Mrs. Mutale W.K. Nalumango, MP (26.08.2021)

Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC): Press Statement (18.08.2021)

Zambia: United Party for National Develoment (UPND) letter to IGP – Re: Lawless Activities in the Name of the Party (18.08.2021)

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