A brief look into Jessica Alupo MP [the new VP]

Although it’s important to realize human rights and fundamental freedoms which contribute to democratization of the society; the programme has to fit in one of the examinable subjects so that more effort is put by teachers”Jessica Alupo

It is now official the Independent Member of Parliament, the Woman MP for Katakwi District Jessica Alupo is the official Master of Ceremonies aka Vice-President in the 11th Parliament. She is 47 Years old.

Jessica was elected into Parliament in 2001, then she ran on a National Resistance Movement (NRM) MP. Alupo won her re-election in 2006 and in 2009 was appointed the State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs. Again, she was re-elected in 2011 and appointed as the Post of Minister of Education of Sports.

What is striking about Alupo is that she lost in the NRM Primaries in 2015 and in 2020. Though she was able to retain the MP position in the General Elections in 2016 and 2021. This was done as the Independent MP.

In 2013, President Museveni promoted Alupo to Captain as well. So, the President have really high regard for her.

She has shown her loyalty, but also been rebelling for her own cause. While being supported and getting Museveni to be there for her on the campaign trail. This was happening while she was an independent even. Therefore, even as the Katakwi Primary Elections dismiss her. She passes through the in General. That is really it…

Now, she will not get legislation done. Neither will she be effective. Alupo is just a high ranking official with a fancy title. The one taking over for the Edward Ssekandi. People will not ask for his number or his location anymore. Those jokes will sadly die and we will wonder if Alupo will make a living out of this.

The Independent NRM Leaning MP has become the VP. A useless VP. Let’s see how she plays this one out. As she has battled the ‘Teso Mafia’ and still gotten elected twice. Peace.

The Exodus from Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area: A COVID-19 Worry!

On the 6th June 2021 President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued Presidential Directives for a partial lockdown. Where people are not allowed move between districts, except for the Greater Kampala Metropolitan region. Where schools are now closed for 42 days since yesterday on the 7th June 2021. All transport between the districts will close by 10th June 2021. This means the ones who studying and wants to go home have to leave within mere days after the announcement.

All students from the Universities has to travel from Kampala to the towns and villages up country. They have to leave their lodges and students homes to return home. As they have again to wait for the schools and higher education to open up again.

This is an exodus. The pictures of the last two days from the Old Taxi Park and elsewhere. Shows that people are ram-packed together awaiting to get a seat in a taxi or buses. So, until the 10th June there will be crowds going away from Greater Kampala Region. This means everyone who is living on the gig-economy, students and others will flee the city. They will also leave Waksio, Mukono and other districts in connection to the capital.

There are so many leaving. We should worry about all the possible asymptomatic Covid-19 infected persons who travels from Kampala to the rest of the Republic. The taxi park and other places filled to the brim with people. Who are leaving Kampala. You cannot blame them. They cannot live or study. Everything in their lives are suspended for 42 days in this partial lockdown.

This inter-district lockdown is creating a dangerous precedent. Expect the virus to escalate and spread even further. As people are canned together and going across the Republic. They are awaiting their turn and their ability to return outside the Greater Kampala Metropolitan area.

We really don’t have to be scientist about this. What the state have put into play is endangering their citizens. This is happening after the President have kept several big-events, which is in breach of the Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) in consideration to the COVID-19 measures. Therefore, the sudden rise of new cases could come from the inauguration of the President and from the Members of Parliament sworn-in as well. Therefore, the President should look into his own actions and now is creating a new possible rise of it.

The people are scared and know the Ministry of Health is lacking. The public knows the state have a limit of beds and respirators. The state doesn’t have what it need to contain it. They are lacking even if the state have borrowed and gotten massive amount of funds from international donors or the International Monetary Fund/ World Bank. This should have covered this, but don’t expect it to be spend on the needed equipment or training of health care workers. Nah, that isn’t happening.

This is why this is so dire and shows the mentality of the state. The public is all on their own and have to fetch hope elsewhere. The state only commands, but gives no direction or have any safety net for them. We should be worried about the crowds and the way they where put together. This folks did their best, but there was nothing prepared. No extra buses, taxis or anything but only Presidential Directives ensuring this exodus.

The Presidential Directive should have had some sort of measures and ideas of the consequences of it. They should have ensured transports, ability to use various parts of Kampala and not just the Old Taxi Park. There should be openings and rented buses as well from the state. As they would know that the students needs to return to up-country and cannot afford to stay in Kampala now.

Again, you see how the state is lacking and not delivering to the needs of its citizens. While possibly making the pandemic worse and where SOPs becomes pointless, as people are going to the same small space to get away from Kampala.

This is sadly insane, but show how little the government care. They can publish and issue Presidential Decrees, but don’t have thought about the implications or how it would be implemented. Which in the end hits the citizens who is touched by these directives. It is tragic and the losers are all the ones who travel and the ones in association with them. We should be worried, because this is ensuring COVID-19 will come to every corner of the republic and possibly make the pandemic worse.

That should worry the Ministry of Health and all other authorities. Because, they are responsible to make this happen and they didn’t prepare for the inter-district lockdown. Peace.

Uganda Police Force: Statement on the Level of Security in the Country (08.06.2021)

Opinion: Museveni’s magic number is now 80

President Museveni has proposed to the NRM Caucus to introduce one more position for Minister of State to bring the total number of Ministers from 79 to 80. Motion passed by the caucus” (NBS Television, 07.06.2021).

A man with such a big entourage, amount of cronies and own high ranking officials. Are now extending this… by just one more person, but it is still ghastly how big the cabinet have become. The cabinet for the 11th Parliament will be 80, instead of 79. 79 was already ridiculous and to big to remember all the names. You cannot even remember all the titles or the Ministers itself

With this sort of big cabinet you need to Google it to even find the right one. You will remember a few and the ones who are inheriting their position from previous terms. This is like the Ministry of Finance and Development and Economic Development (MoFPED). Who has been the same fella for ages. Just like you cannot forget who is appointed as the Chairman to the Bank of Uganda. They have been there forever. The same can be said of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, there will be some things, which will not be surprising in the grand schemes of things.

Nevertheless, expect new faces and some from the opposition. If Museveni gets his way. He will try to pick someone from Democratic Party (DP), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and even Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). That will be his dream to make it like a “unity” government, but they are all his loyal subject in cabinet and they are there because of him. That’s the grand scheme of things. The ones his appointing have already been favourable and hunting for relevancy around the President, but this will be the nail in the coffin.

It is really striking after the biggest gerrymandering effort in living memory. After boosting the parliament with such a grand amount of Members of Parliament. Where you have created a surplus of MPs and lack of space for them. Where the state have to rent expensive locations as offices and the plenary sessions cannot even be in the August House anymore. Because it is to small of house and it lacks space for them all.

At this point and time. You are adding additional Ministers. Just like the President have been adding Presidential Advisors and Appointees in the State House. He has so many people in his ear and on his payroll. That he is the biggest entrepreneur of the Republic. The personification of the state is hiring more people than his ever firing. His adding and adding without getting more revenue. That is how to run things to the ground and bankrupt.

There is no-one with a bright mind saying that 80 Ministers is a healthy cabinet. There isn’t even that many ministries or possible portfolios to operate. You have to create an issue out of thin-air and also create so small mandates and offices, which will make plenty of them redundant. They will just sign of the will of the state and catch the check before calling it a day. That is the blunt reality of it all.

The 80 Ministers cabinet is a mind-numbing and an expense that only serves the loyalist of the President. This will be another huge post on the budgets in the years to come. Just like the price of the all the MPs and their allowances. This is clearly an expenditure the state cannot afford, but is pending to pay.

Museveni is crippling the state. Little by little. Choice after choice. Soon there is no end to the greed. Soon there is no to new ways of sucking funds from the reserves and eat. Because, it is empty and nobody will lend the state a hand. Peace.

Opinion: More Guns, More Problems!

These fellows who attacked Gen Katumba met a traffic police but the traffic police was not armed that’s how they ran away. These people took advantage of our laxity. Now they have alerted us. The traffic police will be armed or paired with armed people” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (06.06.2021).

President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni have again issued new orders and directives. This is just one out of plenty in the COVID-19 Address tonight. Therefore, this is focus on small piece of a long speech. This is done because of the urgency.

We know the President is addicted to two things: cars and weapons. That has been shown again and again. He goes back to old slogans and old techniques hoping it will solve the problems. Not look into the issue or really fix it. No, he just patches it with cars to elites and his appointments, but giving out guns to the security organizations.

The armed police force have created a lot of deaths, which could have been avoided. Just like the Local Defence Unit (LDUs) or Crime Preventers too… these has caused extra violence and even further escalated violence. Therefore, creating more guns in society and causing more fatalities. When you have already so many security organization with army expertise. This is all just bound to go down with horrible results.

Traffic police already have a history of misusing their power. They are using their patrols and their beat to get bribed or cause havoc. That they are doing already without having weapons. However, if the same brothers are armed. They have the ability not only to terrorise drivers without permits or certificates, but they can also kill. This means there are even more people who can cause fatalities in the Republic.

The army and police is already vicious. Having another unit with weapons will not create peace. It will instead take more lives. There will be civilians dying over a misunderstanding or because they didn’t want to bribe a hungry officer. We can act like that is not a case, but then again we would lie to ourselves.

If these folks are getting guns. I anticipate more deaths, because these fellas will use their newly acquired power and they think of the pay-off. This will not cease criminal activity or dangerous driving. No, they will have new abilities … and it will cost lives.

President Museveni will only unleash a new upgraded unit, which will cause havoc and not stop what it was supposed to do. There will only be a bloodshed and more extra judicial killings. The state will differ on this and few will loose their jobs over that. This because, the President ordered this and therefore, they are allowed to do this.

Just like other police officers, soldiers and other who has gotten away with murder. The Traffic Officers will get off the hook too. Peace.

Opinion: The NUP needs to set their priorities straight [and not just aim at the King but also his court]

Last week’s elections for speaker and deputy speaker in Kampala division councils saw many from the National Unity Platform NUP win. In Makindye and Rubaga, the story was very different. NUP says it will investigate what could have cost them the speakership vote in these councils” (NTV Uganda, 04.06.2021).

The National Unity Platform (NUP) needs a reality check and it needs to be written on the wall. This comes after the news of voting for National Resistance Movement (NRM) speakers in Kampala. While the Jinja NUP Mayor have appointed NRM councillors too.

The NUP should read upon the fall of Omar Al-Bashir in Sudan and Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. Both these lessons should be warning to the new party. That got such a big standing and mandate across the Republic in the last General Election. The NUP have the ability to make a difference, but by voting in speakers and other offices to the NRM. They are just prolonging the programming of the state. While they are token servants to it.

Let’s be clear here. The NRM are Musveni. Museveni is the NRM. To think about it differently is naive and very foolish. Museveni is the personification of the state and breeds the NRM party. He is the pulse and the heartbeat. Only a naive sucker would think otherwise in 2021. That’s why its infuriating and foolish to see the NUP voting in NRM people in offices. This is just dumb.

You cannot remove a dictator by giving way and giving titles to his servants. Are you kidding me? You cannot get rid of the dictators power and his ability to control by giving away roles, offices and titles to the NRM. Then you are serving the purpose of multi-party democracy and being stooges. You are making yourself a mockery of a selective outrage.

You are aiming at the king, but not looking at his court. You are not taking into consideration, all the people that serves and does the bidding of the King. You think that by getting rid of the king, the Kingdom will cease to exist?

Mugabe got toppled, but the ZANU-PF is as vicious as it was under him. President Mnangagwa haven’t changed things. The dictatorship is alive and kicking-it in Zimbabwe. The state isn’t any better and the human rights violations is as rampant under him. Than it was under Mugabe. So, by me saying this… is that if NRM continues after Museveni. Don’t expect it to be any better.

Yes, you got rid of the head, but the machinery is still there. The NRM is still serving for the same purpose and for a new head. The crown and the principal controls of the state will still linger on. Museveni is just the dictator, but all of his henchmen will still persist and they know the drill. Therefore, the NUP giving way to the NRM is ignorant and not a working strategy.

Does the NUP wants a 2nd Republic like Zimbabwe? I don’t think so. The NUP should take a call to Harare and talk to Chamisa. Maybe get some words of wisdom. I doubt it is what they want to hear, but the reality is still here.

The NUP needs to get their priorities in order. If you are removing a dictator. You cannot only look at him, but the whole system built around him. Unless, you want to be tormented by the ones coming after him. Because, these fellas has a unit behind them doing their dirty work and they will find a safe-haven after the inevitable fall. That’s why the NUP should give way or consider working so close to the NRM.

Because, then there is no difference between them and the dictator they seek to uproot. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s 1966 lie [SONA21 quote]

Let all the leaders stop confusing people by sending contradictory or divergent messages. The NRM message ever since 1966 has been: all homesteads to join the money economy using ekibaro (cura, otita, aimar ─ profitability assessment) to guide their enterprise selection” – President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from State of the Nation Address on the 4th June 2021

Well, this isn’t a shock, but President Museveni lies. Let’s make things clear. The National Resistance Army (NRA) was founded in 1981. Secondly, before that Museveni had launched a new political party before the 1980 General Election. That was the Uganda Patriotic Movement (UPM) and because of the failure of that party. He went to the bush and founded NRA/M.

Thirdly, as stated underneath here. We can see how his stances was personally in 1960s and there was no NRA/M at that time. He was a student in Tanzania. So, it would be difficult to be a capitalist and believe in the free-market. When you where kicked out of the UPC for your leftist tendencies. Also, Museveni was reading up on Marxism and even formed a forum to study it. So, how come he says the NRM has believed in capitalistic ideals since1966? Who can riddle me that?

This was written about Museveni in 1987:

Indeed, in 1964, just two years after the country’s independence, Museveni was fired from Premier Obote’s Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party, when UPC’s youth league (in which Museveni was an active member) was banned for advancing “leftist tendencies”. This anti-people move was not a surprise, for it was in Uganda where the first genuine and coherent critique of colonialism was made. The critique, not by an historian or political-scientist, but by a poet, the late Professor Okot p’Bitek, one of Africa’s greatest poets to emerge after World Warn, remains a solid 200-page epic poem called Song of Lawino. Around the same time, in 1966, Museveni joined the University of Dares Salaam where he played a progressive role as Chairman of the University Student African Revolutionary Front (USARF) a forum for the rigorous study of Marxism. In Dar es Salaam, he was greatly influenced by the peoples’ historian, revolutionary and scholar, the late Professor Walter Rodney, author of the famous How Europe Underdeveloped Africa. As leader of USARF, Museveni led a group of six revolutionary students on a month-long tour of the liberated areas of Mozambique in September, 1968” (UFAHAMU, A Journal of African Studies, 15(3) – ‘MUSEVENI, THE NEW GENERATION OF AFRICAN LEADERS AND THE STATE IN UGANDA’, 1987).

When you know this and read this. You can just see how easy it was to debunk this lie. The NRA/M wasn’t even existing at that time. That’s shows how he wants to manipulate and rewrite history. Just like he hopes these sorts of records stop to exist.

President Museveni didn’t preach Operation Wealth Creation in the 1960s. Just to further prove the bogus statement of the President yesterday, Dr. Ezra Suruma said this about the economic policy in 1986: “The thrust of its economic policy is a mixed economy in which government and the private sector are copartners in the development of Uganda .. Economic regulation is minimal while private initiative and public infrastructural construction proceed at a maximal pace ..” (Dr. Ezra Suruma – ‘UGANDA 1986: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS’ in Transafrica Forum, August-September 1986).

So, even in the beginning of the reign of Museveni it was a mixed economy. It wasn’t even then a fully capitalistic policies. So, the truth is reveal and the lie is so easy to expose at this point. Museveni should know better. He cannot even go back to 1966 with the NRA. Because, that is impossible. The ideals of now… wasn’t the deal back-then. So speak truth, you are lying and your bad at it. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni rehashing old ideas for yet another public address

Today, it’s a formality, a technicality of sorts, the State of the Nation address, which is the part of the protocol and Parliamentary Procedure. Therefore, this speech is scheduled and a fixed affair. However, President Yoweri Tibuhurwa Kaguta Museveni have been speaking to the public on the regular. It not like he will say anything new or sincere today.

Nobody expect a ground-breaking and earth-shattering revelation, which is of epic proportions. No, it will just be the run-of-the-mill speech, which could have been easily drafted before any other public gathering from this old man. There will be nothing substantial or game changing.

President Museveni will spew the same sort of rhetoric, same sort of fashionable play and praise his own achievements. Go back in age, have a historical lesson and even a few bible quotes. Then have a few left-field touches and grins, as the man cannot help himself. He will dig into a few bottlenecks and lack of integration. We know the drill.

That’s why using time to listen or even evaluate his speech is redundant. Its waisted energy. We have done it all before and the ploys are getting old. Just like the old man himself. It is recycling and rehashing the same things. There is nothing new under the sun, but this is just stating the obvious.

During the lockdown of yester-year, I had a Keeping up with Kaguta series on the speeches there. Without a shadow of a doubt. The speeches there in comparison to this wouldn’t far from each other. The only thing different is a few minor tweaks and what he needs to say, as per protocol of the State of the Nation. Therefore, to address it all or even look into it is benign.

Very few will listen, and even fewer will bother to read it. They know it is filled of obnoxious lies, deceit and deceptions, also exaggerations and personal brownie-points of good work done. Ensuring that he has done great since taking office in 1986. That the economy is strong, the military stronger and his dick can still create babies. Because, we have heard it all before and its old news. This isn’t even fake news, but old fossil fuel news, which could have been dropped a press release and we could have moved on swiftly.

President Museveni will come with same sort of claims, words and quotations, where he boosts his own ego and achievements. There will be nothing that is worthwhile or memorable. Unless, his coming with the Leopards Anus or speaking of truck-drivers finding wives. Because, we know his into those kinds of things. Maybe even pigs and other non-preferred insects, which is derogatory statements said about his enemies or “hoodlums”. The people he doesn’t want to be associated with.

Don’t be confused. There are no lessons here and only the same old story. Again for 2021. By Mr. 1986 and his junta government. Peace.

Opinion: Museveni’s own pigsty

After the assassination attempt on General Katumba Wamala this week. The President have again called the assassins or killers ‘pigs’ that he will hunt down. He has again promised leads and that they will be hunted down. However, we know the drill and know this will be a never ending story.

Just like other cases of the recent years. These deaths, murders and extra judicial killings will have no end. The state is sanctioning it and allowing it too happen. The murders of either high ranking officials and civil activists is happening on broad-day-light and the boda-boda assassins are trailing their victims before taking aiming at the target. Therefore, this isn’t new, but a well known play at this point.

If the ones deceased are boxers, party activists, party officials, members of parliament or even generals. If it is police officers or even high ranking state officials, everyone can be taken out by this measure. The men ordered with the hit-job dips easy out after the shots been made. They will not resurface until they have a new hit-job. That’s how these things are going and that’s why they are happening on semi-regular basis.

The state clearly knows about this. Since there is never anyone charged, indicted or put on trial. Only a few handful of subjects, subjugated to a disgraceful public display before allowed to return to “normal” life.

The President has created this insecurity and his thriving on it. He gets rid of his enemies or prospects of ambition. He incites fear and ensure loyalty to death. Everyone can become a target and he has a group loyally silencing anyone he likes. That is the power he has and enjoys it.

That’s why he uses the same rhetoric. The same baseless narrative and promises to crush things. Because, it is not like he can create or develop things. It is easier to deplete, annihilate and completely destroy.

This is why this is his dirty pigsty. The rotten game, old food, half-eaten bugger filled vegetables and smelly dirt filled with pig feces. The unbearable stench it was the President has created. He has ensured the pigs can roll, dip and move-on. They don’t need to value life and can kill. The amount of bullets doesn’t matter, as long as the ones they aim at dies. This is why they shot at the General’s car over 50 times week. Still, even with all those loads of bullet. They still couldn’t the General.

However, the same gentlemen and the same groups have succeeded in the past. Their missions have been successful. They have had missions complete. The ones who they sought got dropped and smoked. They got ghosted and their tally got registered. The ones who ordered the hit got their pay-off and they moved-on. The President called them ‘pigs’ and awaited the next prey.

Now, this is the game the state plays and its getting old. If these wasn’t men or people ordered by the high above. If it wasn’t untouchables. They would have been slaughtered and been taken in to custody. They wouldn’t be mass killers and gotten away with these senseless killings.

That is what’s happening and the President has created this pigsty. He is accepting and letting the pigs go wild. He is letting them stench up the place and leave the dead behind. It is tragic and devastating, but still a fact.

What remains is for this too stop, but don’t count on it. If it did stop. It would only be temporary until the President and his men finds new target to prey upon. Peace.