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Opinion: 3 VIPs get special treatment

There been leaked a two letters exposing that three persons are allowed to enter the Republic and get quarantined after entering the Republic. First Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa wrote to Ethiopian Airlines on the 13th May 2020. On the 14th May 2020 the follow up letter from Director General of Health Services Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa to Minister Beti Kamya.

Both this letters shows that three persons are getting Very-Important-Person treatment. This the ones that getting bottle-service both in Church and in the Club. These are the sort of people that should be in the midst of the Presidential Convoy. They should be so unique, that next line of currency coming up. Their mugshots should be on it.

Since, they can consistently enter the Republic in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. They get the use of the state from all parts of it apparently. Soon, they might be greeted by Vice-President Edward Ssekandi on arrival with the Ethiopian Airlines.

I don’t these people are front-line workers. Neither do I think this needed services of the state. This is the same state that has blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to get Ugandan citizens home from China. However, that hasn’t been a priority, even with the outcries and open racism towards African Nationals in China.

Still, these people are left behind. Being students and foreign workers of Ugandan citizens. Whose stuck there and not helped to return home. Nevertheless, these VIPs get the full-house and get paid-in-full.

The sort of suction they have and ability shows their of a certain stature. They are eating of the plates of Kings. Since, they can get Foreign Minister Kutesa to move, and also get the Director General of Health Services Mwebesa to move.

There are clearly some people who doesn’t need to adhere to Presidential Directives and who has the back of the state. These three are clearly those, who apparently, doesn’t need to adhere or act like the rest. They can live lavish, travel as they please and get the high ranking officials to vouch for their actions. While other people are lingering abroad… and has no shot of getting home in the midst of this pandemic. Which is so rich, ironically.

So, let me stop there, before I repeat myself to much and that’s give the me the jitters. So, with that in mind. Peace.

Today it’s Zaake, tomorrow it could be you…

Let’s be clear, when the authorities can torture, detain and charge someone as easy as they did with a Member of Parliament. Than you know, that they can touch anyone for no apparent reason. They will make up one after the fact and try to defend their actions. If not, they will blame the person they tortured and left behind to rot in his home after blatant impunity towards him.

We know why Francis Zaake MP was targeted. His an direct opposition MP and a voice of reason. He directly enforced local food distribution from his home in the midst of a pandemic and a lockdown. While NRM MPs has done it with flash and fury, they have been in the middle of it and even commercialized their donations in their respective districts. While they are taking the bashing sun and the PR. Zaake was being tortured, detained and in legal jeopardy. That shows how unfair and unreasonable, there is no common sense in this Republic.

Zaake was an easy target. His been there before. He has gotten tortured, arrested and had to become a medical tourist to India to heal his wounds. Therefore, this man knows the drill and knows what capacities the state has. He knows the risk of standing out and being obliged to stand-up to the regime. Still, with that knowledge he still does it. That’s the sort of character Zaake has.

But… you should know. Right now it was him. Next up could be anyone daring to question or challenge the high above.

If someone dares to push the envelope. Dares to insult the intelligence of the State House and the Presidential directives. If not, if a person really undermines and makes it look like dumb fools. You can be captured, taken away and intimidated. There will no line they will not cross to stop you. You are neither the first nor the last.

These people don’t care. If you think your voice is unique, special or even worth it. Know that without any warning, the CMI, ISO or UPF could suddenly knock on your door. You could end up in one of them ungazetted “safe-houses” and be there for days. Especially, if your some small-time activists and organizer. You could be gone for long. Nevertheless, they will not stop with that.

The big-men and leaders like Zaake ends up in SIU Kireka, Nalufenya or something alike. While a small-timer will end in a safe-houses without any blinking lights or warrants. They are just cast-a-ways for the authorities.

There will be more cases. Suddenly someone goes missing. Suddenly, somebody whose an activists or part of the opposition. Will not be found for while or known knowledge of their current location. People will wonder and speculate. The authorities will play dumbfounded and disingenuous about it.

Don’t be shocked, expect more of it. Especially ahead of the elections. During last campaign season, lots of youth leaders, activists and people in connection with FDC’s Moses Byamugisha suddenly was arrested and detained for longer time than constitutionally correct. So, expect this and be sure.

The ones pointing at the Leopards Anus will be burnt, it is just a question of how and when. Peace.

President Museveni letter: The Shs. 20M Diverted from the Government Plan by Parliament (28.04.2020)

Project Muhoozi is clearly a thing…

Well, surprise, surprise that the high above wants to handpick his successor in the Republic. Like the son is the only one who can rule after him. That the President thinks so and the Kitchen Cabinet accepts is all natural at this point. Because Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has decided everything since 1986 and therefore, they are all eating on his behalf.

This thing has surfaced before, General David Sejusa aka Tinye aka Tinyefuza revealed this letters back in early 2013. That after the President finally retires, his son will take over the commando and be His Excellency. Like Muhoozi Kainerubaga is the only one fitting the role of the Presidency after him.

What is striking about this is that they are treating the Presidency and the Highest Office like a monarchy. They are thinking because its within the bloodline, he should reign automatically. Not that its a need for vetting, party protocol or anything. Since it comes from the high above and that’s why its a thing.

Seemingly, the President will not push for his wife Janet, like Mugabe tried to or planned too. Even if she’s a minister for the second time. Its like they can find ways to manoeuvrer things for themselves. To push their son in the forefront. Surely, their been party lackey’s who wanted to get to the upper-echelon. Some for the will of getting more power, other to show flex and last they deemed itself time for a new broom in the State House. However, Museveni have never made that possible.

The Project Muhoozi has been in the open. Even Muhoozi has started to wear hoodies in public. During the COVID-19 donations and food deliveries have been marked with donations from “friends of Muhoozi”. To top it off, the future King supports several of bloggers, activists online and vloggers. Who all will surely write favourable blogs, make soft-praise videos and on social media platforms. That is why they are getting food from him delivered through Promoter Balaam and “Social Media Coordinator” of NRM with Duncan Abigaba.

Therefore, we know this very well planned. If you gone on social media, been with UoT on Twitter or in a Ugandan Facebook group. Someone will praise the man to skies, his the greatest military commando and government official since Napoleon Bonaparte and so fourth. The greatness of Muhoozi shows no bound, his generosity is endless and that’s why everyone should see that.

If Muhoozi touches something it will turn to gold. He will be grandest and best big-man in history. There is no bound to his strength, mental capacity nor his will to be a ruler. His predetermined by the High Above, the Gods and his we the rest just his underlings. There is no choice, because Muhoozi is the chosen one. The juju is strong with this one, the Empire is rising and Starnet has crashed. He can be the only guy to rule the nation. The public just got to accept that.

This is the sort of thing that will come out and is online. That his the great man, the lover, the husband and the son of the President, who is the next in line. Like there is no one else in the Republic who can take the mantle.

Well, there is plenty of big-men waiting in line. There is plenty civilians who has the ability and capacity to takeover from Museveni. However, his thin-skinned man who doesn’t want to loose the cookie-jar and wants his family to eat from this plate. Because, he knows what happens to the families who are cut off from it. This family will be even more, as there might be inquires and investigation into the massive wealth gained in office. That would be righteous.

But… but… if he gets his son on the throne, then he will not question that. Because he eats from the same plate and has the same power. There will be no difference. Just a man who has been in the chambers of powers and been close to the top all of his life. A man whose seen how conning and actions made by his father. He will do the same or even amp it more up. Since, Muhoozi has been vocal online and shown a fierce tone for a Presidential Advisor. He gotten away with it, since his the son.

Project Muhoozi is a thing and its alive. They are slowly enforcing it. Step by step. What was shocking to them. Was that Gen. Sejusa leaked it to the press and it was supposed to be in the fringes and made normal. Now they are doing that, they are normalizing his presence and his stature.

Muhoozi claims he doesn’t have an ambition, but that is a lie. He wouldn’t done everything his father wants and using the COVID-19 for political capital. As they will remember he gave them beans and posho. That is the reality.

This ship hasn’t sailed. It is on-going and its a reality. That the State House thinks they can do this and get away with it like its a monarchy. When its not… There are plenty of kings in the Republic, but the highest office in the land isn’t. That’s why its a President and not a KING. Peace.

A look into the Parliament Report from the Sub-Committee on Health on COVID-19!

Today the Parliament dropped the “INTERIM REPORT OF THE PARLIAMENTARY SUB-COMMITTEE ON HEALTH ON COVID-l9” . This is interesting that it comes now. As there are MPs whose busy praising the President and his work on it. While this interim report says a lot about what is lacking. The Report is only 14 pages, so its not a deep dive, but a small fragments of what is out there. This gives an indication of how it really is.


Whereas personal protective equipment is the only guarantee for health workers and security personnel’s protection against viral transmission, there is acute shortage of masks, hand gloves, foot ware, disposable aprons, disinfectants and sanitizers across the board. In some facilities, health workers buy their own items for example at Kawempe National Referral Hospital. At Masaka Regional Referral Hospital which has five (5) COVID-l9 cases was supplied with only two (2) pieces of N-95 masks, Bwera Hospital has never received any supplies while in some facilities, health workers improvise through recycling of masks for days as supplies have not been received” (Interim Report, P1-2, 12.05.2020).

So, when the public, MPs and others praise the President and his team for the response to how they handled the COVID-19 pandemic and the needs. This here is showing how the Parliament could easily see that the Ministry of Health and the Hospitals doesn’t have enough PPE. Which is needed to secure the health-care workers and patients. That says a lot about how the state has dealt with this. Because, this should be one of the first priorities to secure the front-liners in the battle.

Quarantine Centres:

All districts visited have established quarantine centres which are mainly in schools” (…) “The centres lack water, mattresses, access to sanitary facilities and people in quarantine centres buy their own food. None of the quarantine centres had received any material or financial support from the centre” (Interim Report, P: 2, 12.05.2020).

It’s good that the districts has made quarantine centres. This is good work by the state and in such a haste. While, they should have provided food, water and sanitation for the ones quarantined. That should be essential to ensure the food safety and proper shelter, as they are not allowed to leave the premises and not spread the virus. Therefore, its a lack financial support is dire and should be a priority, Unless, they want to risk these people to breach the quarantine to buy matooke, posho and beans. Then, its sort of pointless!

On testing:

A11 facilities visited had systems in place to screen people. However, most facilities lacked the equipment such as temperatures guns” (…) “Testing Kits are also in short supply and transportation of the samples is a challenge. There have been efforts to trace the contacts however, full contact tracing is difficult to achieve” (Interim Report, P: 3, 12.05.2020).

This here is the key to understand how the spread is moving. When you struggle with testing. You struggle with the basics. This is not a unique issue, even the United Kingdom and United States struggles with this. Therefore, Uganda isn’t alone, but its a worry that its like this. When this is the key to figure out how rampant it is and where the virus has been spread. This should be the thing that opens the door and secure society. As the Ministry of Health would have an understanding of how grand scale the testing is and what scope it has. As there is questions about how big of a scope the state has done, when they struggle to have enough testing kits and transport it.

Human Resource:

Much as Ministry of Health was given money to recruit staff, save for Jinja and Mbale RRHs, the recruited staff are not yet deployed meaning that the existing staff is stretched. Most facilities have re-deployed staff from different departments of their units to specifically manage COVID -19 in some health facilities” (…) “Despite Parliament approving UGX 80,000 per person per day as risk allowance, most Health Workers and security personnel at the forefront of handling COVID-19 related issues have not received their allowances to date” (Interim Report, P: 3-4, 12.05.2020).

Again, the state haven’t done what they need to do to recruit needed staff to run sufficiently. Both the Health Care Centres and Hospitals need help from the Ministry to do this. Instead, they have the staff stretched and that will weaken the performance. This combined with the other reports shows the lack of work put into it.

I just looked at the issues directly hitting the Ministry of Health, the front-liners and the ones who has the challenge directly. I have not looked into the financial part of it. As that has been discussed elsewhere and this seems more as a priority. While the accountability and transparency is important. That is why the state should be transparent, but don’t expect that. As there is a wastage of funds and suddenly it disappears. That always happens… Just await another tender scandal in the making soon.

Therefore, this is enough for now. The report states the needs for a more thorough plan, more focus on details, procurement and securing the ones in need. Because, this hurts the whole system and only showing the weaknesses, which are there. Peace.

Opinion: 5 Hungry MPs Making a Praising Motion to the Fountain of Honour!

There is a motion made by Bonny Desales Okello MP, second by Veronica Bichetero Eragu Isala MP, Jacob Markson Oboth MP, Simon Oyet MP and Keefa Kiwanuka MP. All of this from various of parties has decided to praise the old man with the hat. They know doing this is showing him a favour. A proof that the micro-managing and sudden directions on a whim is a good thing now. At least in their eyes.

It is hard to phantom where we are at this time. That these people are actually using their time in office. Praising the wastage of the COVID-19 Fund, the billions in Classified Expenditure, the questionable tenders for the COVID-19 Fund and every little regulation put hasn’t really been accounted for. Because, there is very little legislation and also just the voting on the budget for COVID-19. So, it’s hard to see much to praise, unless you loves the directions made after the 2 hour speeches on live television. Maybe they enjoy the old man on NBS Television or on NTV. Even they are the few who actually looks at UBC, when they are not eating samosas at the local restaurant.


So, they are really willingly to praise the man for his “insightful leadership”, a leadership where they had to react to this decrees on TV and suddenly ensure the drivers with correct stickers. Where the same President had to ensure the powers of the RDCs and elsewhere, as they couldn’t manage all the calls to be allowed to drive their cars. Thirdly, the exemplary acts of begging for cars maybe?

Or was it greatness when he wanted to pay for a goat, that his convoy knocked down?

I really don’t get it, maybe I am foolish like that. However, I haven’t seen exemplary acts by the President. He did the right thing to ensure a lockdown. He was slow with ensuring food for poor and the ones living day-to-day. He was slow enforcing security for the tenants, who cannot manage pay, because they are not able to pay rent at this given time. Also, the sudden announcements of extensions, people are grasping at the screen awaiting to see if he says it or not.

APPRECIATING THAT the exemplary leadership of H.E the President has seen Uganda become a beacon of hope in the fight against Covid-19 and other deadly viruses and has mitigated the social and economic effects of the virus on Uganda compared to other countries which have all reported far worse Covid-l9 statistics, including infections and deaths compared to Uganda” (Okello, 12.05.2020).

Yes, he acted upon it, by using more funds and even pushing to use it for pet-projects. That is why the President is great. He is saved by International Monetary Fund and their efforts to mitigate the economies. It is not that President Museveni found new ways of revenue or streams to boost the economy directly. No, his taking up new loans to beat the invisible virus. A virus he has not doing big testing off. The extension is that Uganda cannot know how many cases there is out there. Since, they are testing the borders, they have gone after people coming into the country from abroad since April, but they are not testing big locally. Even if there is cases and even barracks. Where there been found cases and they got quarantined. Therefore, there are bottlenecks and uncertainty.

Yes, the numbers are small of cases. Also, very little testing, unless your a truck-driver passing through one of the entry points of Uganda. That is why these MPs see the need to do this:

NOW, THEREFORE, this House unanimously:

1. pays tribute to H.E. the President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for his exemplary, visionary, insightful and decisive leadership during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in Uganda;

2. Expresses its appreciation to Parliament, the National and District Taskforces on the COVID-19 pandemic, Ministry of Health, scientists, security for their tireless efforts in working towards protecting Ugandans;

3. Recognizes the adherence of Ugandans and the private sector to His Excellency the Presidents guidelines to combat the COVID-l9 pandemic;

4. Recognizes the tremendous response by Ugandans and the business community to His Excellency the Presidents call for contributions towards the national response to the COVID-19 pandemic” (Okello, 12.05.2020).

So, these 5 MPs want to pay tribute in the House. A House he uses to rubber-stamp his endeavours. It’s like they want to sing songs for him. They want to serenade him and smooth him for his work. Seems like they want to give him glory and give him worship. Surely, ahead of elections to secure the bag.

Because this man knows they are useful to him. He will ensure their future, they will not have to worry. Since, they shown him the ultimate loyalty of singing praise. Even where there is little to praise about. Peace.

East African Community: Heads of State Consultative Meeting of the East African Community – Communique (12.05.2020)

Opinion: RDC Nyakahuma is right that Besigye would be threat to the government, if…

Bugiri RDC Godfrey Nyakahuma blocked Dr. Kizza Besigye from being a guest on Eastern Voice FM Radio because his a “threat to the government”. That the same RDC has blocked him indefinitely to be hosted and warned the station of inviting him again. That says it all. Not that its shocking in 2020. Heck, the man will get into legal jeopardy by just trespassing Bugiri District, I suppose.

Besigye is a threat, in a sense, that his undermining the legitimacy of the ruler, the party and the whole regime. Secondly, if people listen to his vision and his way of undermining and wanting a revolution. Than he could dismantle the whole thing.

Besigye has had several of lessons of how people could defy, use defiance and use methods of civil disobedience to facilitate a peaceful transition from Museveni and the National Resistance Movement. However, that hasn’t given any fruits for all the hard labour. Yes, he has built a party and has a giant following. That is why the President and the authorities are blocking him at any given time.

Still, the message of Besigye is out there. Its already been released, countless of times. Rewritten and restructured, but the same sort of arrangement. Because, he knows that the ballots will not be the way Museveni is brought down. Neither by any sort of general election or ballot. A militarized structure of the NRM and of the Presidency will not be bounced by queueing in line to cast the ballots.

Well, the RDC of Bugiri is right in that sense. If people would actually listen and act upon it. Use the lessons, the tricks and start finding ways to directly undermine the government. So, that they don’t have the power enough to enforce its rule and have the ability to govern. It will not be easy, it will cost and there will horrific acts on its way. However, we are seeing horrific acts already. Zaake stumbling out of hospital, unknown amount of people in ungazetted safe-houses and so fourth. There is enough ills in society to start a revolution.

But… for that to really happen. The food security has to dwindle to starvation at this point. The living costs and the elites has to feel the pinch. The imports has to become stagnate and to total disarray of fiscal funds to operate for the government.

So, in this regard, since the President is a conning man knows the drill. He borrows on the future from whoever giving him trade. That is why his lucky getting bouncing checks from the IMF and such for now. This keeps the blood pumping, but it will not feed the belly forever. He knows, we know that, but we all still carry on.

Therefore, if there is a will, there is a way. Not that at this present junction is easy. The NRM and Museveni is built into the walls of government. They are inter-connected and his “high above” legacy will linger on for decades after his death. Nevertheless, if this sort of government is going to cease to govern. It will not happen over the polls. They will rig the numbers, ensure ghosts and the dead votes and boil the results forms into passing fad of a stew. To ensure victory, no matter what cost.

That is why the likes of Besigye is a threat. His message and his stance will be in stark contrast to the day-to-day operation of the status quo. That’s why the likes of RDC of Bugiri acts like this. I’m not shocked, but I respect his act. Because, his actually right.

His not right in the sense, that its justified to block Besigye from the radio. His justified in the sense, that his argument is true. Besigye would be a threat, if people actually listened and followed the codes of civil disobedience. If they did and if they pushed it for long. It would be really hard to govern and to not struggle with the insurgence of rebellion. A rebellion and a revolution, who could overpower, even the mighty and powerful men like Yoweri. Peace.

Statement by the People Power Movement on the IMF Rapid Credit Facility Announced on 6th May 2020 (09.05.2020)

‘Yellow Influencers’ Get a Food-Drive!

Last year in 2019, there was reports of a new Social Media Task Force for the National Resistance Movement (NRM), which had up to that point hired 49 people. The NRM already had their Social Media Activists (SOMA). So, they had two units work in co-ordination with each other. This is all attempts to steer the narrative and control the air-waves. Not new in that regard, but using modern methods to hit the public with information.

Just like all the other entities, which are government friendly press like the New Vision Group. The UBC, Government Citizen Interaction Centre (GCIC) and Uganda Media Centre to name a few.

In these COVID-19 lockdown times. The NRM together with the leader of the pack of the NRM Social Media Task Force, Duncan Abigaba have shown that they are feeding 245 bloggers. This is done through the kindness of Muhoozi Kainerubaga or the friends of him. They call them “Yellow influencers or bloggers” because that paint the picture. Even the blogger of Ashburg Katto is in the mix, so it seems its not far from the prison-cell to eating of the hand of the system.

These people will be instrumental to get the right vision ahead of the General Election of 2021. This is why they are even now doing deliveries and feeding them food. They are getting serviced by the state for a purpose. Because, these influencers can sway public opinion on social media and various of platforms. That is why Promoter Baalam and the Social Media Task Force of Abigaba is involved in this.

This is ensuring loyalty, as the payment of some rice and other foods during the pandemic. Will remind these Yellow Influencers whose their friends. They got to eat in the midst of it all, because hey are useful right now and in the future. Their platforms on the various of social media will be vital.

Its like 120 personalities on Social Media and about 120 bloggers, which is getting this treatment. This means these people are included and selected out, because of their writing and their content. This is because Duncan handpicked them and know what their up too.

That is what is striking is the amount of effort and to show their names on social media. These is our folks and comrades. Just go into Duncan Abigaba page on Facebook and the whole list will appear. It expose the ninjas writing and working directly for the NRM.

The Yellow Influencers if you may. The friends of Muhoozi is allowed to give these foods without any reinforcement of police nor any meetings with authorities. Because, they are working in-directly for the efforts for the state. This is partisan politics at its best. That information is being dropped on the day the UPF disclaim everything about Zaake whose healing after torture. That is the sort of state the Republic is in.

Where Yellow Influencers can get a food-drive by the Son-of-the-President. But opposition doing the same to his constituents are healing in the hospital after meeting the authorities. That is the double standard and the realities on the ground.

That Baalam and Abigaba is above Zaake is now clear as day. That the Yellow Influencers are important is clear too. They will be a tool into the elections and the campaigns, spreading the message of the “Yellow Bastard”. Peace.

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