Opinon: CJ Owiny-Dollo needs his own ‘Plan B’

“Supreme Court Justice, Esther Kisakye has accused Chief Justice, Alfonse Owiny-Dollo, of confiscating her file which includes her minority ruling on the withdrawal of the presidential poll petition. The justices are Thursday are giving a detailed judgment on why they allowed former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi to withdraw his poll petition. Kyagulanyi, who ran to the highest court to challenge the outcomes of the presidential elections later applied to withdraw his case citing several reasons including the kidnap of his witnesses and bias on the side of the court. “I am here today to give my ruling in the recently withdrawn presidential petition. What is of surprise to me is that my file has apparently been confiscated on the orders of the chief justice,” Kisakye said. She said she has asked the court staff to recover her file so that she can give her dissenting ruling” (Betty Amamukirori – ‘Election petition: Justice Kisakye accuses Chief Justice of confiscating her file’ 18.03.2021, New Vision).

Chief Justice Owiny-Dollo is now undressed. The whole Supreme Court and their planned efforts are now proven in the courts of opinion. The total shambolic affairs is now in the public view. Even a dissenting Justice Kisakye wasn’t allowed and her minority was reported to be confiscated. That says it all really.

There was no factor or ability for anyone to overturn or nullify the Presidential Elections. The ideal of equal before the law or even serve documents was to be finessed. This was all just the final stroke of legitimizing the elections and getting everyone to mov-on. As the legal position and verdict would seal it for the future. It would be a final destination and Museveni would ride to infinity.

We knew the courts would be one sided and they would find all reasons to vote in favour of the incumbent. That was well versed reality and there was no other way this could go. Therefore, the recent revelation only proves why it was right for Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to withdraw. As there was no option or opportunity for a fair verdict. The court was settled even before the evidence was coming to them.

It is now time for CJ Owiny-Dollo to write his thesis on ‘Plan B’ or find his own. Because, his career and life now depend on Museveni. He got nothing else. Unless, he suddenly wants to go rouge, which is very unlikely. It will take a master stroke for him to suddenly turn on his master now. Especially, since he is indebted and holds this role because of him.

With that in mind. The CJ Owiny-Dollo should consider his way forward. As his legacy is now tarnished. All his career and everything he possibly stood for is now into ashes. There are no redeeming qualities there. He risked it all and took the prestigious appointment but has squander his own name.

He is now a loyal puppet of the President. That is all he is. The Judicial puppet and “Yes-Man” who delivers what the “high above” says. That is the route has chosen. Surely, there are so current pay-offs and wealth attributed to it. However, those will not last forever and whatever his getting. Its not enough to damage hurt.

Bobi Wine and the NUP have now shown the world the state of the judicial independence in the Republic. They have proven it by the acts and the way this has played out. Now, the President and his team can only try shield over the fact. But… this final act only prove what some of us has said for a long time. The Supreme Court and others are there to serve man and not serve justice. Peace.

Bobi Wine arrested as he leads a peaceful protest in Kampala

Today Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and fellow National Unity Platform (NUP) Members of Parliament held a peaceful protest in the Central Business District of Kampala. Unsurprisingly, they arrested them.

The latest update is this: “Update: Police has released Bobi Wine, 8 others and taken them to their specific homes. This follows their arrest during protests today in Kampala, KMP deputy spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire” (Africa Facts, 15.03.2021).

We knew this would happen when the NUP and the Opposition would demonstrate. They could have applied for it, but we know the application would be dismissed or denied. Bobi Wine wouldn’t have been allowed to do so.

Some has called the NUP all keyboard warriors, also that Bobi Wine is all talk. However, he proves he went to the front-line and tried. Now, his house-arrested and this might last a long time again. The same with the MPs who stood with him.

Ugandan politician Bobi Wine arrested today as he was taking part in a peaceful protest against the abduction, torture and murder of his supporters” (Switch Kenya TV, 15.03.2021).

We know that the rule of law is applied only to the opposition and not to the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The NRM can steal, loot and do whatever they want. The SOPs of the COVID-19 regulation is only applied to the opposition and not the ruling regime. So, if they use this excuse. Then they are hypocrites, as we have seen processions, rallies and whatever in regard to this when the yellow bus is around.

That is why we know the law is one for the opposition and another for the ruling regime. It is two Republic’s at the moment. Where one is above the law and the other is oppressed by the same law. That is how the law enforcement is operated.

The opposition was trying to protest the oppression and the answer was actually more oppression. That is impressive and an action in the wrong manner. It shows how the state is run wrong. This was bad when they did it to Besigye and it is wrong when they do it to Bobi Wine.

What value does the Constitution of 1995 have, when some of the articles in it has practically no value? What values have the liberties and freedoms in it, when they can be abused and taken away from the public with no consequences?

We can expect the Military and Police Force to surrounding his home in Magere in Wakiso district. The other MPs who participated will be under surveillance too, if not they are house-arrested too. This last for a while now. Especially, when the President yesterday came with the empty claim of destroying the swearing-in in May 2021.

However, there is no proof of this. Only that Bobi Wine wants civil disobedience in general. Which proven by today’s action… will not be allowed and that was to be anticipated by how the state has acted towards the opposition in the past. It was to be expected and how the state acts towards the dissidents. Peace.

Opinion: Gen. Museveni will tell any story that benefits his agenda..

They have been planning that they will stop swearing in of the president. They won’t. They plan all sorts of things including killing their own opposition people to say it is the government”Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni national address on the 14th March 2021

The old man with the hat, the ageing general and self-styled President for Life Museveni told various of stories yesterday. Not that it will amount to anything. It is just more alleged things and allegations pointed in the other direction. That could easily be put towards him.

Museveni knows he couldn’t win this election without intimidation, fear and open bazaar rigging. That is a reality. He has been rigging elections since he lost in 1980. That is what he does and he uses the state machinery to help his cause. This is so evident.

You know your a sinister old man… when you claim the opposition kills itself to make you look bad. Your really the devil, when you who has the army, security agencies and using the state machinery to oppress opposition. Says they are doing suicides to make you look ugly. That is beyond comprehension, but that is what he said yesterday. How come this is a thing?

If you thought that was bad enough.

He put up the ante:

It was Kyagulanyi and the team that cheated massively. Especially here in Kampala , Mpigi, Kyotera and in some parts in the Eastern like Busoga where our agents were weak, a lot of ballot stuffing happened. Thank God we emerged winners. In his petition, Kyagulanyi said he had evidence showing how Ballot stuffing was conducted, intimidation of their voters but when asked of the evidence, he didn’t show anything”Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni (14.03.2021).

This sort of statement is really strange. If the National Unity Platform should rig an election. Why do it only in one region(s) and not the whole nation to get the upper hand in the Parliament and in the Presidential Elections. Therefore… the idea itself is really rich.

This election was far from free or fair. There was no indication of any sincere or truthful about the election. The polls was rigged and the numbers haven’t made sense. The state had the abilities just like the ruling party in 1980 to field candidates everywhere. While the opposition couldn’t manage to do the same, neither campaign or even try to assemble. That’s why its really a giant lie. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) was bound to win and get their majority by gerrymandering and by rigging the polls. While using the security organizations to intimidate and harass the opposition at the same time.

The General is really making it out of his way to make the opposition look bad and point at them everything he himself is ordering and doing. His even thanking God for rigging an election. That sort of God is not the almighty I believe in. My God isn’t a deity who supporters killers and robbers, but who will serve justice to the ones who trespasses others. Which is what Museveni has done…

He knows that he intimidated the voters. The general even arrested activists, poll agents and others in the night ahead of the polls. Therefore, the reality of this is really out of bound with reality. When his forces even passed through the streets of Kampala within hours before the polls. Who is he kidding here?

The self-styled President for Life only have a life-line … because of army and not because his “loved” by the people. Peace.

Opinion: Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso states that the “Panda Gari” Operation will continue

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s Military Advisor Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso is quoted by the state friendly internet outlet Chimreports.com. where she have said this:

I don’t think when security personnel is arresting a person they first ask them which party they belong to. We have to get rid of the criminal whether or not there is an election” – Lt Gen Proscovia Nalweyiso

Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso also said that they would carry on with the arrests. This is meaning the state has no plans of stopping the “drones” or “Panda Gari’s” of our time. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and all its security agencies will continue to persist. Especially, when people like she says it so vividly in the government friendly press.

She is a known power-broker in the State House and a trusted aide of the President. Therefore, her words matters. Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso is also the highest ranking official in the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF).

So, when the Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso is supporting and standing behind the ideal of keeping people incommunicado, kidnapped, abducted, tortured and extra judicial-killed. Then you know they will continue to do this. As she knows the hallow halls of power and is a trusted person of the “high above”.

This is the message the State House wants out and also intimidate the public further. The State has decided that these people are “criminals” even without trials, charges or even sentencing. That is alarming, but its fitting the narrative of the President. Which the other day called them “treasonous” and called their acts “treachery”.

Her message today fits that one. As we are supposed to accept the state is arresting opposition members, activists, candidates and leaders an-mass. That is okay, because the state deems these civilians as “criminal” even without any proof or evidence of their supposed criminal activity.

Usually a criminal would be arrested on “criminal intent” or actually have acted criminally. That means a person would have acted upon a criminal conspiracy or done the deed, which is breaching the laws and could be charged for doing so. That would depend on what law the person broke and what sort of charge the person get before getting sentenced and possibly serving time. This should be common knowledge and also a safeguard to not arrest citizens on the whim, but actually with evidence of their crimes or criminal intent. However, in the regard to “drones” and “Panda Gari’s” …. that is all thrown out the window.

The state can deliberately … arrest and do “unlawful” activities without any proof or evidence. They are just organizing these illicit activities to undermine the opposition. The state is not doing this too its own or affiliates with the NRM. No, they are currently tarting the National Unity Platform (NUP) and also the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). This is happening so rampant and people is later deposed off and dropped randomly dead as well. Therefore, life is very cheap in the republic and you doesn’t have any value to them, if you are associated with the opposition. That is proven now by definition of how they are addressing the misuse of law enforcement to detain people in ungazetted “safe-houses” across the Republic.

Lt. Gen. Nalweyiso is defending this and says it will continue. They will violate the rights of the citizens and their liberty. They are not allowed to assemble, to associate or even acknowledge open support of someone who isn’t Museveni. Because, if you do that, the state is allowed to arrest you without any sort of legitimate way or due process. There is no “equal before law” as anyone they take in or abduct is “criminal” and “treasonous”. They are deserving this and the state just acted accordingly. Which is insane but the sad truth here. Peace.

Opinion: Bobi Wine’s plea for answers

It shouldn’t be this hard to get an answer. It shouldn’t be this sort of manner, but they are doing this as a result of the President and his orders. The authorities, security organizations and government is doing it and they haven’t stopped.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine addressed the Parliament today on the 11th March. The campaigns are over, the elections are sealed, but the state is still going after National Unity Platform activists, leaders and supporters. There are so many people who has been abducted, detained, tortured and even extra judicial killed. Therefore, the state cannot just act aloof and like they don’t know. When everyone knows that they know it perfectly well. They are playing ping-pong between the agencies, but we know that they have access to the information and knowledge of the persons missing.

His first vital statement was this:

We wonder if we still have a Constitution in this country. What happened to the requirement to have arrested persons presented before courts of law within 48 hours? What happened to the prohibition against torture, which is a non-derogable right? Why are civilians being tried by military courts? Why are they charged in the absence of their lawyers and relatives, Madam Speaker?” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

This here is what has boggled me that the Uganda Law Society (ULS) and the Judiciary haven’t addressed this. Neither has the Uganda Police Force (UPF) or any of the other Security Agency haven’t taken this to account. The state and the “high above” is fine that these people are losing their constitutional rights. It should have been more of a outcry, but it has only been minor efforts to cry out loud.

He continues:

Madam Speaker, President Museveni has come out and acknowledged that it is on his orders that these, our supporters have gone missing. I want to imagine that all of us, regardless of which political party we belong to, understand that our Constitution provides for the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial. Isn’t it then unfortunate that President Museveni has convicted iur people for terrorism and treason like he has been saying and sentenced them to torture and long periods of detention without trial? Should we sit here comfortably while this continues?” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

By the statement made by the President he claimed without any evidence that the ones who was taken was treasonous. By definition his saying supporting an opposition opponent that he fears is treachery. That is what is happening and is the memo of the affair that Bobi Wine states too. His just pleading about the rights to assemble and be a political in a multi-party democracy, which is part of the constitution, but clearly not abided by the government itself.

What is also striking is that citizens can be charged without a trial, warrants and sentencing, but the President deems these civilians as treasonous. That is injustice and impunity. The state is using unlawful means to do their type of “rule of law”. Museveni clearly doesn’t value “rule of law”. Only that he has total control and doesn’t care about the principal of “equal before law”. The only thing that matters to him is to incite fear and intimidate to stop anyone who oppose him. That is what his doing with these orders towards all the abducted or kidnapped civilians.

In the 1980s, an election was rigged using security forces. President Museveni castigated the courts at the time for being used by President Obote to give his regime a semblance of legitimacy. Ugandans were disappearing and being kidnapped in what was called panda gari. Today in 2021, we are back to this point, or even worse. Even peaceful demonstrations that are within the law have been criminalised and citizens are being treated like armed rebels. This Parliament, under you Madam Speaker, can rise to the occasion and distinguish itself by doing the right thing. This Parliament has an opportunity to stand on the right side of history. But if it does not, the people of Uganda will invoke Article 3 of the Constitution and take these matters upon themselves, and seek to restore constitutional rule” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

Here he brings a history lesson … which is astonishing, but something his not alone to point out. That Museveni is repeating history and doing the same, which was the reason for the bush-war. Just doing it to another generation and youth who never saw the darkness of the past. However, at this moment Museveni is doing it to them. That is the reality of it all and it shouldn’t be a thing.

Part of the ending of the speech was this:

I am not sure how many more times I will be able to address this Parliament as MP, hopefully the next time I address this house, I will be President, but I want to remind this Parliament that the people of Uganda are running out of patience” (Bobi Wine, 11.03.2021).

We know that the MP doesn’t have much time before the 11th Parliament is starting. It is just a matter of months before his term as MP ends. The Presidency will not happen at this given time. There is no uprising and no civil disobedience to talk off. The President and his party can live lavish without any worries. The NRM can be brutal and be horrific without any consequences. They are not paying any price for their actions.

Bobi Wine at this current stage is the Leader of Opposition and his statement will not change that. The International Community will not come to save him. The public is either with him and willing to risk it all or its more “status quo”. Peace.

NRM Malice & Sabotage Team letter to President Museveni – Re: Request for an Intervention in the NRM Party Internal Intrigue of Treachery in Kabale District to the Detriement of NRM Members (03.03.2021)

Opinion: It’s not revolutionary to kidnap or abduct civilians who oppose your leadership

It is has been plenty of times when the National Resistance Movement and its government has called itself a “revolutionary” movement. However, the acts of it isn’t so. The actions made of late. Only proves that its emulating and using the same means of the past. It only has appointed the authorities, security organizations and made new facilities for keeping civilians incommunicado.

The civilians are only taken, abducted, kidnapped, detained, tortured and even killed, because they are associated, members and active as a part of the National Unity Platform (NUP. If not they are part of other opposition parties like the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC). These folks can be gone missing for over 600 days at most and not seen again. People are retuning as bodies in fields and even suddenly left on streets. There are so many souls taken out early. Just because they are affiliated with other parties.

The state is playing a cat-and-mouse game with revelations of the ice-berg. As they have a few numbers of people kept in their dungeons and chambers. The public cannot know the extent of these “Panda Gari’s” or drones, which happens on a rampant basis. There is new stories and people who doesn’t know what has happened to them.

We don’t know how many the army have captured. We don’t know how many the Chieftain of Military Intelligence (CMI) has, neither does we know how many who is detained without charges at SIU Kireka. Neither how many who has been taken to ungazetted “safe-houses” across the Republic. We cannot know how many plain-clothed agents that is involved in this and who is directly ordering this.

For what we know, the Special Force Command (SFC), Crime Preventers, Internal Security Organizations (ISO) or any other state security organization who does this. We cannot know, because this is hidden and the orders are not leaked. The memos or documents showing their activity is hidden. Neither is conversation made between the commanders and higher command out either. Which we know will accept and let it happen, as they are doing the bidding of the “high above”.

The numbers of people taken by the state has been fluid, but we know the small numbers from the state isn’t close to the truth. We know its much worse. They are always downplaying and making the numbers jaded. That is what they have done with murders-in-the-city and with other horrific acts made by the authorities to its own. Therefore, I take the withhold lists of people from CMI and other agencies with a grain of salt. It seems like they acting naive, when they know perfectly well what they do.

This is a deliberate attack on the opposition. Scaring the up-coming generation. That is what this so-called revolutionary government does. A government who has a “freedom-fighter” and “liberator” as Commander-in-Chief, General and President. That government shouldn’t use the tactics of the ones it said it would erase. A “freedom fighter” who promised to never let citizens die in the hands of the government. A president who promised a fundamental change, but is delivering the same sinister acts 30 years later. His vile acts in Northern Uganda will never be forgotten. Neither, how he killed his opposition to consolidate power in the early years in power.

Still, what he does now. Just shows how little he cares about democracy and free speech. When everyone who associate and stands by the opposition is fair game. They are all targets and has a circle on their forehead to be hit. Because, the state is allowing this and doing it systematically.

So, if people call the NRM revolutionary. I’m sorry its not. It is just the same brutality it promised to dismantle. They promised to be different than Amin and Obote, but is doing the same thing. The extent is maybe even much worse, as the Museveni era has lasted much longer than their reign. When the sun suddenly will shine on the atrocities, crimes against humanity and extra judicial-killings. Maybe we will know the damage that the state has done. We will know what rumours have said about what happened in the “safe-houses” over the years. We get to know the pain and suffering that has happened in the dark.

Those acts isn’t revolutionary, its actually tyranny and what he promised to leave behind. The mighty general promised to make a difference, but this is more of the same. Only difference is his PR Team and western backing for peacekeeping missions and deal with their war on terror. While he could terrorize his home at the same time. That is how this story goes.

To many souls and lives been taken so one man can be in power. To many have been detained, tortured and scared for life. Just so one man can rule supreme for life. Peace.

Opinion: Willy comes from the woodworks to save Bobi Wine’s Petition

Now the long-gone Presidential Elections Petition of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine seems to be fetched by former Presidential Candidate Eng. Willy Maymbala. Mr. Mayambala suddenly comes out of nowhere to be the saviour of the day or the useful idiot depending on how you look at it.

Since, the Supreme Court Petition is useless neither way. The Courts will only validate the election and move on. It is all compromised and will not serve in favour of any opposition candidate. A person like Willy is only a pawn in a game chess. This will not change anything.

What is even more striking, is that NBS Television reported this on the man only two or three weeks ago:

“When asked about his financial status post-election on The Morning Breeze show, Mayambala said the elections left him poorer, jobless and down to earth. This is the situation for most politicians after elections, fr those who have lost, it is a double tragedy because they have to deal with the heavy debts without a source of income and for those who win, they have to clear their debts and deal with the pledges they made. It is a catch 22” (Freda Ajok – ‘Former Presidential Candidate Willy Mayambala Broke and Jobless After Elections’ 08.02.2021, NBS Television).

So, a man that is broke and jobless seeks relevance and a paycheck to revive a dying petition. This is clearly an attempt to stay relevant and have some sort of play in the public regard. Willy needs to be seen and get traction. He needs that to stay relevant and have any points of getting validated somewhere. Willy already ran a terrible campaign as an independent and didn’t get anything worth mentioning from election. The only thing he got was debt to deal with. That is surely not the detail he signed up for.

Clearly he does this to get a some traction, but how can a broke man be able to carry the expenses of a court case? How could he even have the funds to campaign and be a Presidential Candidate, when he has nothing when its ended? It is not like he was in the public ahead of the elections and neither been so after it all.

No, this is a publicity stunt and he maybe hopes the State House can bail him out. He has already stated his poverty earlier in the month. A jobless man with no money can clearly not carry a petition like this. Who will be his lawyers and be his attorneys in this case? Who will do that Pro-bono? Aye?

Free Willy, he needs redemption and that quickly. This is not cutting it. It is not funny. Just to breathe life into a dying horse. To validate the election and give Museveni the recognition he needs. So, that he can get the foreign donors of his back. As every “avenue” has been exhausted. Peace.


A Memo on Bobi Wine’s Bulletproof Vehicle

Well, so… Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine got a bulletproof SUV as a gift from the diaspora and well-wishers from abroad. It was a gift given to him, because of how the state uses its security organizations and how they are going after him. This is to ensure the leaders safety and security with one measure at least.

However, what has unfolded since says more about the then it should have. First and foremost, they are probing and investigating who allowed it to happen. Secondly, they are warning that they might impound it and make it government property. However, that is really interfering in the givers and the diaspora’s will to donate to Bobi Wine.

Because, until recently… the state has had no issues with donations, gifts and grants to its enterprises. The state could offer deals for kickbacks and whatnot. So, its not like this is new. The President issued a legal remedy a few years back called “Presidential Handshake” where everyone involved in the Tax case with Heritage and Tullow got some extra “bonuses”. Even the brothers who photo-copied documents got a little fortune for the “hard” work in that case.

This vehicle is only showing how this state operates. There are people involved who have no issues and ensure things comes across borders with no fuzz. That is why it came in the hands of Bobi Wine who is practically very isolated and not allowed to do much in the grand sphere of things. Therefore, the state and its high-ranking officials is scratching their heads of the sudden pictures and thank you note from Bobi Wine.

These sorts of perks are only for the ones closely associated with the President or himself in that manner. The state doesn’t even provide these services to the huge entourage who is all eating on the plate of the Executive.

You could wonder and speculate, but the mere gist of it is… that only Yoweri is entitled to gifts like these. He can have planes, choppers, ranches, estates and businesses in his name all around. His plaque of himself across the Republic from schools to a water-tap. That is just what he does. But nobody else is supposed to do it. That is just for the Fountain of Honour himself.

However, the Fountain of Honour cars haven’t been shot at off late. That has happened to Bobi Wine while he was campaigning. That happened at least twice and was close to hit the passenger beside the driver. There were also shots at his tires in another district. So, its easily to say why he see the need for this vehicle with that equipment. When the state is so trigger-happy and aims at him.

This here is a foolish enterprise. It only shows what sort of state that is at play. Instead of showing maturity or sincerity. The state goes after the opposition who just got scraps. When the state own high-ranking officials is swimming in cash and perks. That is obvious to the naked eye. The double standard and the lack of care.

The vehicle is only showing the symptom of everything wrong with the state at this point. A man shouldn’t need that type of car with those specifics, but because of how the state operates. The man needs that type of car to shield himself from danger. Peace.

Opinion: Nyanzi’s obsession with the Bad Man from Kamwokya [isn’t doing her any good]

It is not long ago Dr. Stella Nyanzi left Kampala for Nairobi as she feared for her life post-election time. Everyone understood this and applauded her for leaving to secure herself and her kids shelter in Kenya. However, now that she is there…

Here activism isn’t fruitful or doing anything good. Only showing that her focus isn’t as clear as it needs to be. Nyanzi needs to either chill or ask for some guidance. Because, her two last poems only seems like a weird obsession. For someone who has been a Besigye fanatic and supporter. She should know what it does and why she joined Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

Nyanzi lost her first election and that to the National Unity Platform candidate for Kampala Woman MP. The two last poems seems like she’s targeting Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. One is about his “bullet proof car” that the diaspora and his supporters abroad bought him. The other is about him sexually withdrawing mid-way from the Supreme Court. This is really her character now.

We know she has used sexuality and vulgar language. That is why she was arrested over “buttocks”. Therefore, this is not shocking… but her ways… now she is targeting Bobi Wine instead of Museveni. Wanting Bulletproof buses and cars for all citizens. Wondering, if she was as infuriate when Besigye made his a fortress and made new security features?

I don’t remember her fury and style of response to it. Maybe she wrote about everyone needed steel-reinforcement over the windows and windscreen. I cannot recollect that, maybe I don’t get the memo or the 16 bars of fury from the good doctor.

Nyanzi have worked for the cause and shown character. She has gone through a lot for her activism. Nyanzi deserves credit for that. Nevertheless, this here is a full wasteland. It is a such a sorry excuse from her. If she thinks this is her bread and butter. Good for her… but it is not doing any good.

It is just making trenches between the FDC and NUP. Instead of being on the same side trying to dismantle and remove a dictator. The Head of State get to see a battlefield between the ones on the other side. Museveni must be grinning and thinking…. Nyanzi couldn’t have served a better cold opening and be more self-destructive then this.

That is why even in a Open Letter on NRM.Co.Ug called her now a “comrade” and that says it all. Nyanzi should be so much better then this… but apparently this is her game right now. Instead of using her platform to advance the “defiance” or “Plan B” or anything else to challenge Museveni. She is busy going after Bobi Wine, because he isn’t acting in manner, which she is cool with.

Nevertheless, Nyanzi is maybe not the Bad Man’s crowd. Nyanzi maybe hope the international supporters will by her poems and next book. God knows what her next stage in her career. As her political gambit didn’t pay-off in the first play. She needs some sort of guidance. This isn’t it… unless, she wants less friends.

Bobi Wine has backers and they will help him out. Just like others have helped Besigye and other opposition candidates. This is just how the game goes. The diaspora cannot afford to shelter everyone. Neither can the backers of the FDC. Therefore, the former academic. Should ask for the safety from the government… who is the reason and the needs for bulletproof car and vest in the first place. The rigged court system and predetermined petition as well. Not like her party would even challenge an Presidential Election. So, why have trouble pulling out? When your man isn’t even trying to get it in the first place? He wasn’t even hitting that with his bare-feet?

Therefore, Nyanzi better call Kasangeti and get some feedback. We all understand why she left and that is within reason. Now, that she did that for her safety. She should be the first to understand why others see it important to safeguard their leader. Just like it was fine when Besigye added features to his own SUV back-in-the-day. It all made sense then and it does now.

Also, why have problems with withdrawal, when you men doesn’t even try to hit a shorty up? Your gang didn’t even join the dance and don’t even want to see if they have a shot in the first place? That’s because they have already been told in the past they weren’t all that in the past. This is why the FDC isn’t doing it.

Bobi Wine did campaign. The NUP did challenge within its capacity and they gotten much more weight in the game. It is not all lost. Neither is it for the FDC. However, they both need each other and can make it stronger. However, this bickering here is only making things weaker.

Nyanzi should know better, but maybe people like are asking to much. Maybe she has had enough and needs to vent indefinitely. Maybe she was scorned by the loss in the Election and blame the head of the party who made it happen. God knows, but I don’t….

Nevertheless… in this instance. Nyanzi is in the wrong and doing no good. Doing no good to herself and neither to her cause. If she want change and wants to make difference. She could be on the barricades, but here she’s throwing stones at a ally. Just because he got a car and shown the world how entangled the judges was with the dictator. However, that wasn’t enough for Nyanzi. Who is safe and sound in Nairobi. Peace.