Massive arrest of FDC party members is going on nationally; the day before the LC elections tomorrow!

FDC Police in Mbarara 02.02.0216 P1


At Mbarara Police Station:
1. Turyasaba Eric,
2. Novena kizinda
3.Mubagyizi Patrick.
4. Mutatina Jim.
5. Abdul karim.

Now at Ibanda police station.
7. Musiime Vincent
8. Mastiko yasin
10. Rubara lauben
11. Ahimbisiwe Robinson
12. Tibezara Francis Rwabutera
13. Kahima George
14. Mugisha Francis
15. Kushaba Sam.

…… Now at Mbarara police station.
Police are in over drive in Uganda now, arrests are massive.

Why I feel free to drop this:

This here is information dropped and verified from “Ushindi kwa Uganda” who registres violence, arrests and other illegal actions that is happening in Uganda. And the world need to know that the Police doesn’t just arrest the inner-circle of the FDC anymore, they are now taken local mobilizers as well. This here is a worrying escalation! Peace.

Press Statement: Mbarara – Election Violence Alert Message (17.11.2015)

TDA Logo

For the FDC Campaign Team:
This is urgent message,to all our supporters and country at large the regime has embarked on a systematic targeting of our agents through methods of intimidation and outright brutality.

We have been reliably informed that 3 of our FDC youth leaders were kidnaped from Mbarara and transfered to the notorious police in Kireka in a Kampala suburb, there are accurate information that points to them being tortured! Kireka is a renown military torture chamber.

Among the kidnapped include Mr. Mayanja Micheal, he was part of Dr. Besigyes Security team during FDC flagbearer campaigns and also on nomination day, he earns a living as a commuter driver, Mr. Yasin Mastiko from Ruti a Mbarara suburb on Mbarara-Kabale road ,he is self employed and Mr. Bampagyi ,a Boda-boda operator( motor cyclist) in Mbarara Municipality.

We are calling upon the Uganda police, human rights agencies and civil rights advocacy groups to assist us in pursuing the unconditional release of our party agents, it’s elections campaign period and there is no law prohibiting FDC agents from electioneering.

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