Ethiopia: 120 killed since 18th August in Oromia.. [and the state sponsored violence continues]

If you ever thought the guns was silent in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Your wrong. The Prosperity Party and Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy continues to use the army and law enforcement to kill protesters. It is happening so rampantly and so easily. That the lives are taken.

There are reports that a pregnant woman was shot and killed, that kids down to the age of 10 years old as well. This is the sort of state of affairs that is going on in Ethiopia. They are cracking down on opposition, dissidents and civil disobedience. All sort of protest is met with arrests, detaining, torture and killings too. This is the reform that the PM Abiy and his men.

Here is what the numbers of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission been dropping today and its horrific how many fatalities and extra judicial killings being done in the region of Oromia alone. Just look at these grim numbers, who are innocent people who gotten into the firing line, because they protested against the government.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission says there’s have been killings ‘amid protests’ in 13 places in Oromia in past few days.

Other deaths amid protests/communal violence in the past month or so:

– Wolyata (17 deaths)

– Konso (17 deaths)

– Benishangul (14 deaths)” (Kalkidan Yibeltal, 20.08.2020).

Since 18 August 2020:

-Death toll in the Oromia-wide protests is estimated to be above 120

-500+ wounded as hospitals in Hararghe and West Arsi are overwhelmed with civilians.

-Hundreds more citizens detained to quash protests” (Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, 20.08.2020).

That his is happening so easy. That lives are taken without any consideration is worrying. This is the second slaughter for the state in a short amount of time. In early July there was reports of massive amount fatalities and arrests. Therefore, after the protests in July after the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa. Which now continues… and seems like a non-stop brigade of death squads targeting civilians in Oromia.

It is just mere days since the Wolaita Zone and the fatalities there. The PP and the PM is persistent in their ways. They are continuing a destructive behaviour. Still the international silence and lack of response is worrying. Especially, when the head of state is a Nobel laureate. Who shouldn’t kill his own, no one should kill their own, but that is what he does. As the unelected head of state, who has postponed the elections and are using armed forces against his own. That is the sort of man he is.

It is a bloodshed. The amount of deaths are staggering. What is possible, that the numbers are even worse, as there is always some not noted. Also, some are dying later of the injuries made during the protests. Therefore, the numbers are most likely worse, but they shows a pattern and what the state does to its own.

PM Abiy are you proud of killing your own? Prosperity Party is this your legacy and how you want to be remembered? Peace.

Ethiopia: A crackdown on protesters in Wolaita zone [and fatalities on the rise]

On the 9th August 2020 in Wolayita zone, 28 leaders was arrested. After that there been running demonstrations. The Wolaita National Movement (WNM) wants an autonomous state in the Federation, just like Sidama got recently.

Certainly, the Prosperity Party and the Prime Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy have not taken this wish kindly. The PM tried to block Sidama as a state. Therefore, doing it here too, would make sense and be a pattern for the Head of State. Also, the erupting violence and the escalation of soldiers killing civilians. While the authorities are saying its the victims fault and the WNM who are working with TPLF and Querro/OLF. Another pattern of the state. While they are sending trucks of soldiers to Sodo and using violence against civilians. This is becoming a repeating story under PM Abiy.

Where people are standing up against injustice and wants recognition, but the Federal Government answers with guns and arrests of its leaders. The same happen in Oromia, as its happening in Wolayita. This is another zone, but the same results. The same innocent civilians ending up as fatalities in the hands of law enforcement and soldiers.

Recent violence in the region:

In another news, Public Relations of the Walayita National Movement (WNM) Andualem Tadesse said government security forces killed 21 civilians and wounded 105 others amid in the Walayita zone of southern Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said the police used excessive force to disperse the protestors who demanded the release of the zone’s officials. The commission confirmed the death of five people and arrest of 178 people including 26 officials of the zone” (Ezega News – ‘National Army is United, Not Divided, Says Chief of Staff’ 11.08.2020).

Nuso Times today reports that military forces have killed a number of citizens in Sodo, Wolayta and among the dead is a pregnant mother. The death toll has currently risen to 30 with over 179 injured and 56 critically injured” (Ethiopia HRC, 12.08.2020).

TPLF condemns the killing:

Once again, the answer to the people’s questions is kidnapping, arresting leaders who have risen in public demand, persecuting, arresting, and killing forces that believe in legitimate and peaceful politics. The actions taken by the Wolayita people a few days ago, claiming that they will suppress the constitutional demand for self-determination, also stem from this oppressive, unitary dictatorship. He reaffirmed in response to public inquiries that he had been killed, persecuted and arrested” (…) “On this occasion, the TPLF would like to reaffirm our solidarity with the Wolayita and other oppressed peoples in order to immediately put an end to this unconstitutional, anti-democratic and unitary dictatorship’s actions against the Ethiopian people” (TPLF, 11.08.2020).

We are seeing the numbers are rising. This means the possible amounts might run even higher. They are already grim, as the demonstrations came quickly after the arrests of the leaders on the 9th August 2020. Within 3 days there are reports of 30 dead. That is 10 people a day on the watch of the government and with the orders of the same authorities.

This is grim… worrying and should concern people. As the same state killed hundreds during the protests in Oromia during the protests there. Now, the same tactic is used in Wolayita zone, which also wants to become a Federal State too. This is the cost for becoming autonomous, apparently. A deadly wish and the costly protest against the state.

The state have two answers to the ones defying it:

– Arrests, fatalities and injuries

– Blame the victims and hope nobody questions it.

Ethiopia is burning, one zone at the time, apparently. Peace.

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