Update by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) on the “Wannacryptor” Ransomware Cyber Attack (19.05.2017)

Statement by the Director-General of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Mr. Francis Wangusi, on the “Wannacryptor” Ransomware Cyber Attack (13.05.2017)

Uganda: Bird-Flu Outbreak Reported on 15 of January 2017


Press Release: Calls for Vigilance Among Cat Owners in Kenya as Cat Diagnosed with “Cat-HIV” in Nairobi (01.06.2016)

Cat HIV 01.06.2016 P1

Cat HIV 01.06.2016 P2

John Kamara told the truth this week

John Kamara a player for PAS Lamia got suspended by the club for health reasons after travelling to Cameroon. He played for the national team of Sierra Leone against Cameroon. He was supposed to be quarantine against Ebola by the club! Which is so disrespectable.

Therefore he gave the message to them all: ” We are West Africans (with the three West Africa nation’s flag) we are not a Virus”.

The countries that are affected with the virus is Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, also the flags on his T-shirt.



Morris Jr, Sahr – ‘Kamara makes Greek league with a message as Lamia triumph’ (29.10.2014) Link:  http://www.sierraleonesports.com/news/kamara-makes-greek-league-with-a-message-as-lamia-triumph#.VF_vwvmG-So

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